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WFMU's Marathon 2020

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4th non-avatar pic is a frame from a short vid of me and my dad Nov 2012. It was a couple of years after his vascular dementia diagnosis. He, my stepmom, and my sister were at my apartment awaiting power restoration after a hurricane. My dad was confused and agitated, unsure why he was at my place for hours. When we got word power was restored at his home, I jumped on yt to play him a song he'd recognize 'Happy Days are Here Again'. Worth my sister recording me being a total goof, to get him to laugh and dance for half a minute.

My father is gone now. Exposed to Covid19 in the memory care home where he lived for almost 2 years. He, and tens of thousands of vulnerable human beings suffered and died after not being given a choice to wear a mask or not, to protect one another or not.

For all the people who never had a chance to say this: Care about other human beings. Wear a mask.


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