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Swag For Life Swag For Life Member!

Pledged support to:

WFMU's Marathon 2019
WFMU's Year-End Fundraiser 2018
WFMU's Marathon 2018
WFMU's Year-End Fundraiser 2017
WFMU's Marathon 2017
WFMU's Silent Fundraiser 2016
WFMU's Silent Fundraiser 2015
WFMU's Marathon 2015
WFMU's Silent Fundraiser 2014
WFMU's 2014 Marathon
WFMU's Studio of Tomorrow Campaign
WFMU's 2013 Marathon

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Longtime listener (1991), first time caller, always pledging support. WFMU is one of my favorite things in this life. Long live WfMu!


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