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I'm into jazz, 60s, oldies, female vocalists and pop, including:
Piero Umiliani, Jeff Mills, Joe Dassin, OMFO, Caribou, Underground Resistance, Roxy Music, The Soul Snatchers, Nicolas Jaar, Elvis Presley, Rotfront, Daft Punk, Portishead, Louis Prima, Messer Chups, Thievery Corporation, Billie Holiday, Mount Kimbie, Nina Simone, Girl Unit, Miles Davis, Björk, Thelonious Monk, Jon Kennedy, Burial, Major Lance, John Coltrane, Lamb, Tom Waits, Ray Barretto, La Pegatina, Waldeck, Googoosh, Crystal Castles, Fever Ray, Hidden Orchestra, Mick Harvey, Andy Lewis, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Moby, Buzzcocks, Yonderboi, Mosca, Belleruche, Stereo Total, Louis Armstrong, Sezen Aksu...

Friendly conversations with friends and strange conversations with strangers, late night bars and early morning beds, exotic drinks and exotic foods, music, film, soul food(!), emotional anarchism, writing, leisure time, my mac, city lights in smoky nights, open air breathing, you, me, none of us...

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