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Options May 1, 2014: Live w/Fabio Taking Calls - Mini-Musical - A Gal from Keokuk - Angry Listener

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Contrived Pushing Match
Alice Cooper  You Drive Me Nervous   Options Killer  Warner Bros.  1972  LP    0:04:45 (MP3 | )
Hanging Out w/Fabio In The Studio
A Kind of Boring Discussion About American Motors based on this documentary that I highly recommend.


Peter Capp  Highway In My Mind   Options   Great World of Sound  ? '70s  45  I want to see this film based on the Great World of Sound label.


Taking calls - VArious Topics - Hostile Listerner ....
52-Minute Mark .... Mini Musical - I Know A Gal ..... by Clay Pigeon

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:07pm V Priceless:

Clay!! Great Alice Cooper Group cut!! Glen Buxton lives!!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:08pm david_:

Fab and Clay find common ground in motor vehicles!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:08pm david_:

I met a shoe salesman...
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:09pm V Priceless:

remember AMC's "so that's a Matador??"
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:09pm david_:

they still make Subaru Foresters.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:10pm dale:

74 hornet hatchback x package in paint code G4 (green) just like this, but with the factory rally wheels.

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:11pm V Priceless:

The Ambassador
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:11pm dale:

how about 'love letters to rambler?'
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:11pm dale:

marlin and barricuda looked very much alike
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:11pm david_:

get out of Fabio's dreams, and into Clay's car.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:12pm V Priceless:

I'm selling my '65 Sunbeam Alpine...anybody?? : )
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:13pm jeff in Puna:

Aloha Fab, Clay, and fellow listeners!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:13pm david_:

Clay and Fabio could replace Frick and Frack in a heartbeat.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:13pm davex:

Sounds like Carsy Talk tonight.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:13pm ironybread:

I realized years ago that if I were a car I'd be a black & burgundy Deux Chevaux (because of "For Your Eyes Only" and that big chase down through the olive grove).
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:13pm coelacanth:

i almost bought a studebaker once.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:14pm david_:

"make it brief"
"well, it all started back in 1971..."
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:14pm V Priceless:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:15pm david_:

Fiat 500 currency
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:15pm cbk:

1969 AMC Javelin SST 289 V8 4barrel 4speed metalic green. Best car I ever had : )
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:15pm dale:

priceless - better post up on hemmings! i have a 62 rambler american in my garage waiting to come back to life someday. has the fully reclining bucket seats so you can - ahem - sleep in it if you need to pull over.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:16pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Evening Clay + Fab + Pigeonnaires!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:16pm coelacanth:

i did buy my ONE of my dream cars,but it was not in great shape & i didn't have the means to restore it.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:16pm V Priceless:

@ dale - cool! got it listed on ebay - lottsa lookers...no bids!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:18pm dale:

post the link priceless - wanna see.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:18pm earrie:

Oh fer fuck's sake--- 'innocent women and children..'
What century is this again?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:18pm V Priceless:

oy vey with this guy!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:18pm Studio B Ben:

these libertarians be cray cray
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:19pm Eric:

Ron Paul has links to neo nazis
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:19pm david_:

what a shocker that dude turned out to be a Ron Paul fan...
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:19pm r i s k y:

Oh man, 'Biggest Crook'... What a silly guy. GWB and Nixon take the cake for sure..
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:20pm V Priceless:

right on, risky!!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:20pm cosmic matrix:

nobody really knows what's going on. why does everyone think they really know what's going on....?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:20pm cosmic matrix:

this song is perdy
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:21pm V Priceless:

Hey Clay..RIP Larry Ramos of The Association!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:21pm drewo:

Don't believe the (fear) hype! Out here in AZ they passed laws 4 years ago allowing people to carry firearms in restaurants and bars. (I do NOT own or carry a gun). Since then there has been no measurable uptick in random shootings in restaurants and bars.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:21pm cosmic matrix:

problem is, it's very easy to deceive with language
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:21pm coelacanth:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:21pm V Priceless:

oooh...nice car calls, Fabio!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:22pm Ron:

I would vote for you, Fab
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:22pm david_:

check out the clip of ron paul on the morton downey, jr. show if you haven't before...
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:22pm common:

you guys talking volvos?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:22pm coelacanth:

(volvo 1800.)
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:22pm r i s k y:

Paul absolutel has dirty ties to the neo nazi south and is a believer of the 'gold standard'. He'a a lunatic.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:23pm coelacanth:

There you are!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:23pm dale:

please, the NSA spying makes watergate look like pin the tail on the donkey. nixon wasn't a huge crook in comparison to today's politicians
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:23pm P-90:

Is the P-1800 tha car The Saint (Roger Moore) drove?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:24pm david_:

i think Ford's just handing over power while he's in rehab...
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:24pm Andrew Waterloo:

He's just going to take 28 days off for rehab
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:24pm V Priceless:

@ P-90 - Yes!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:24pm Andrew Waterloo:

T dot!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:24pm Ron:

He's running for re-election. Doing rehab to get ready for the run.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:25pm coelacanth:

djelrock is occupying far too much space here.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:25pm Night Owl:

Dad took me, mom, and my sister to Roswell, New Mexico in 1967 to see where he was stationed in the Air Force. We took his AMC Rambler station wagon. I was 7 and they had me looking for UFO's pretty seriously. Really had me going. Went to Carlsbad Caverns also. Brought a Horned Toad back to Detroit with me. It lasted a short time. The neighbor kids thought it was awesome.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:25pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Dollars to donuts djerlock is dj from the SUW board. If so: CALL IN, SON.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:25pm dale:

what cars did roger and tony have in the persuaders? i remember that title sequence and the john barry theme was killer
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:26pm gravytop:

Amazed that Canadians will put up with someone like Ford? Why does everyone think that Canadians are smarter/nicer/better than everyone else? Bizarre.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:26pm r i s k y:

Did Fab say "Pussy"? Lmao
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:26pm sibeliuss:

Idiots just can't handle the genius of Mr. Pigeon...
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:26pm P-90:

I disagree, Clay definitely has some self-something.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:27pm cosmic matrix:

yeah, i wouldn't call clay insecure. he is daring and humble. he has great skill with the people and with his musical and dramatic stuff.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm Andrew Waterloo:

The deputy mayor is taking over. He's been running most of the show for the last few months.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm chris:

Clay, you rock, man. I saw you in that clip from the 80's movie you were in. You're timeless, brotha!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm Adrian:

Don't listen to any of this critical jazz clay. You're a great human being and you make my night every Thursday over here in the uk. Keep on truckin!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm coelacanth:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm Greg from VA:

DJelrock is a troll, won't call in or even donate to the station, just a troll, no DJ, no rock, just a dude sitting in a dark room with too much time on his hands,... can't even come up the stature of carrying Clays Jock Strap, which I hear is a rather humungous one!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:28pm dale:

wasn't it his dealer who made the video? if you come forward to collect your dough won't they throw you in jail?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:29pm V Priceless:

@ cosmic...well said!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:29pm cosmic matrix:

@dale, everytime i first glance at your cat picture i think it's some dude from the 70's with long curly hair, or a lady
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:30pm chris:

I'm with you, coelacanth.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:30pm cosmic matrix:

@ v priceless, tanks, and nice pic.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:30pm V Priceless:

haha @ dale/cosmic...you mean its not??
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:30pm dale:

funny cosmic - i had long curly hair in the 70s, and a moustache - looked like doug henning.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:31pm Ron:

It only took 40 years
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:31pm david_:

that was indeed the beginning of the "slide," early 70s... (y'know, when we went off the gold standard ;))
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:31pm r i s k y:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:31pm cosmic matrix:

right dale! that sort of thing...interesting. i just tried squinting at it and it kind of looks like a metalhead!!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:32pm chris:

That caller broke the stereotype about lawyers. Stand up guy, sounded like.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:32pm Greg from VA:

This topic has passed by, but when Clay and Fabio were talking about American Motor cars, they forgot to mention that Mitt Romney's father George, was President of the corporation in the late 50's and early 60's.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:33pm P-90:

It wasn't just using the p-word, it was the spontaneous and apropos way it popped out
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:34pm Bas NL:

Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay...
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:34pm cosmic matrix:

next week clay do it!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:34pm coelacanth:

r i s k y - the wise punk!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:35pm ddd:

you're doing great clay. keep it going.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:36pm dale:

DON'T SING THIS - the station will owe royalties
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:37pm coelacanth:

Fabio,the wise punk,didn't sing!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:37pm cosmic matrix:

actually, i like the mopey self-effacing genius-in-denial shtick. don't tell clay, he might stop pretending to be talentless.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:37pm dale:

cameron - don't chase the almighity dollar - have fun and sex and weed and booze and call in sick alot. live life.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:37pm Kate:

Pull the plug, Clay, and come back to Florida. Think of all the gals whose love you felt in the 80's.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:38pm P-90:

Now everyone's got a Hearty White impression
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:39pm Greg from VA:

Clay, put some Bloodrock on and throw the sound vibrations at the naysayers,... that will drown the folks who just destroy and desecrate instead of creating the beautiful things like you do.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:39pm Kate:

Karma isn't instant.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:39pm drewo:

Clay has the one thing that will carry him through (as applies to aging gentlemen): the hair.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:39pm dale:

too bad clay missed the k-rock era. he coulda been a scott muni
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:39pm cosmic matrix:

[i just coughed my clapper on]
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:40pm coelacanth:

Is this one of Tom Sharpling's actors?
...Or Randy?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:41pm V Priceless:

good one, Kate!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:41pm common:

i love you clay. fabio.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:41pm P-90:

@ Cosmic M.: you're right, and the mopey self-effacing genius-in-denial bit meshes perfectly with the bemused, laid-back hipster bit that Fabio does, it's a classic combo
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:42pm Studio B Ben:

I'm a WFMU Portlander!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:42pm Rich in Washington:

I'm a FMer in Portland!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:42pm common:

wish i were, studio b ben and rich!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:43pm Joey the Sleaze:

Dusty, you mentioned on Fabio's show you've quit cigarets. You've inspired me to get sober. I been smoking and drinking for too long. No more cigs no more booze.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:43pm Rich in Washington:

WFumer. That's a thing.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:43pm dale:

there's a young delivery guy who calls into shut up weirdo - maybe the same guy. hey djelrock - comment on frangry and michelle - frangry will tear you a third hole.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:43pm Carmichael:

Heya Clay! Looks like the troll is back. Just keep on trying to improve.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:43pm common:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:44pm davex:

I suppose questioning the greatness of the show is part of the greatness of the show.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:45pm Carmichael:

Are you wearing your Canadian tuxedo, Clay??
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:45pm V Priceless:

classic!!! River into Rapids!!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:45pm dale:

play some chilliwack!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:46pm Carmichael:

Yeah Dale, Chilliwack!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:46pm common:

@dale: hee hee! chilliwack! my girl!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:46pm sibeliuss:

Here's a good one DJelrock: I seriously doubt that anyone has written a reminiscent blogpost like this about you:

  Thu. 5/1/14 6:46pm r i s k y:

BOOO! Fabio Rules! We love you Fabio!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:48pm Carmichael:

djelrock thinks he Freddy Kreuger, he he ...
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:49pm P-90:

71 seems so young to me, I always think people should live a little longer
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:50pm Studio B Ben:

There's help out there, djelrock. You can make friends, if you really put your mind to it. People who accept and love you for who you are. You don't have to keep the cycle of abuse going.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:50pm cosmic matrix:

yeah, you mean shitheads are just attention-grabbing dummies. get your own radio show.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:50pm chris:

That's awesome, sibeliuss, thanks for sharing that.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:50pm cosmic matrix:

hey djelrock, also, everybody likes different things. hey, whatddyaknow.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:51pm david_:

2 out of 2 lawyers prefer the Dusty Show
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:51pm Carmichael:

Nice PY6UKOH, cosmic matrix. Whatever the hell that is.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm Busty:

Oy vey. Is this show still on?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm Studio B Ben:

This is the same stupid troll from SUW. Go away, man.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm davex:

It's the guy who called to love-hate Shut Up Weirdo last week.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm V Priceless:

Dangerfield: I asked the bartender to make me a Zombie; he said "God beat me to it"!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm r i s k y:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:52pm cosmic matrix:

stereo revvveerrrbbb i think
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm Carmichael:

Fab, tell him Frangry will come kick his ass.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm Marcel M:

Seems like the definition of free form to me... love what you do Clay! Free form means your not always gonna like it.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm r i s k y:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm dale:

let's report djelrock to the i.n.s.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm Studio B Ben:

Wait, he has an issue with Clay going from 70's rock to talk to something else? How long hasn't he been listening? THAT'S WHAT CLAY DOES!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm cosmic matrix:

WHAT??????? bullshit, clay....don't listen to him!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm davex:

Part of the genius of the show is that it's different every week.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:53pm James:

my thoughts precisely!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm cosmic matrix:

  Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm Busty:

Hey Clay. Pack up and go to Portland.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm Carmichael:

He'll never go away, Clay.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm common:

clay. clay. CLAY!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm Marcel M:

I prefer the talking to the music on Clays show so to each his own.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm r i s k y:

Uncertainty is great.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm Marcel M:

Agreed Davex one of my attractions to it.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm cosmic matrix:

you guys think this sucks? you fucking crazy. anyway, i'm done.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm dale:

'a foghat shirt and grandma jeans' - woah.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:54pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Yeah, can we collectively agree to stop indulging this jackass?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:55pm coelacanth:

He's the only one telling HIS truth.
...But,what DID happen to Dusty and -was it Carl?
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:55pm P-90:

Is this Hearty's jug band?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:55pm david_:

nice arpeggio on that guitar!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:55pm Studio B Ben:

@Greg: agreed. Time to just shut him out from comments and calling. The more we feed him, the more he'll come back.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm david_:

mr. pibb reference!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm cosmic matrix:

clay's songs are so fluid....i'm jealous.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm Marcel M:

Mouroun or moron?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm Greg from VA:

Clay, I'm disappointed that you took the criticism seriously, the content of the criticism lacked insight, just taste, and we all have different taste, and if the majority of listeners love the show in all it's creative incarnations, then why listen to someone who just does not get it?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm Rich in Washington:

this song melted my brain..
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm r i s k y:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm dale:

i miss colonel carl too - but sometimes you have to move forward and try new things.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm Marcel M:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm ironybread:

This. On a 7-inch. Do it. Make it.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:56pm common:

everyone is entitled to their own opinion. mine is simply this: admiration for all on fmu -djs and commenters - and what they add to my life!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:57pm zak:

sweet licks Clay!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:57pm chris:

amen, common!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:58pm common:

praise be, chris
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:58pm david_:

missouri loves company!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:58pm ?:

That IS some classy gee-tar work!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:58pm Marcel M:

oh wow is the the DJ that called Shut Up Weirdo? The guy who disapproves of drinking?
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:58pm V Priceless:

Clay you word wizard you!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:59pm Studio B Ben:

Well, dj, the show runners can block you from comments (I've seen it happen), and I'm just voting for them to do that. We'd love to have you if you'd like to be a part of the community and add to the enjoyment of the shows here, but if they're not to your liking, we'd just rather you chose not to contribute.
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:59pm James:

too right!
  Thu. 5/1/14 6:59pm iris:

Rats! Can't hear the lyrics! My husband is snoring so loudly!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 6:59pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

This is my new favorite song.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm common:

this is great, clay! love your tunes!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm Studio B Ben:

Great show Clay!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm Carmichael:

Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm Bas NL:

Now this was great radio.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm Greg from VA:

Most radio stations don't allow call ins and live writing on the station's website, so the troll just found a spot to make his presence known, what an ass!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm chris:

That was awesome, Clay!
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm davex:

Also: Constructive criticism can be great, but when it starts sounding mean and angry, people get turned off.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:00pm cosmic matrix:

  Thu. 5/1/14 7:04pm sibeliuss:

Yeah, all the variety is exactly what makes this my favorite show on WFMU. This stories, the interviews, the crazy music, fabio in the mix sometimes. Its exactly what radio should be. Don't listen if you don't like it and quit bringing all of this negativity to the board. You can't coerce anyone it to being different than they are. peace and love, its that simple.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I was in the grocery store for most of the show. Some caller was whining that Clay flips between music & talk from week to week. That listener can pick something else from the archives. Hundreds of hours per week from this station alone. He could read a book or make his own music if an hour a week isn't exactly what he wants to hear. There's a WFMU t-shirt with the slogan "Consistently Inconsistent," so there.
Avatar Thu. 5/1/14 7:51pm sFrances from VA--2morrowPDX:

Clay, you & The Dusty Show Rule OK! I'll make sure to tune in 3pm PST to enjoy LIVE in Portland & will try not to be so absent online (I still listen!)
Avatar Fri. 5/2/14 3:43pm kat330:

Not one but TWO Indiana city references! Great, fun song, Clay!

@sFrances: Awww, take Philo and me with you to Portland, pretty please??!! :)
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