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Going on a gift-buying bender? Use this link when you shop on Amazon, and a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to WFMU (aka Auricle Communications). You can also use Giving Assistant to earn money back from your online shopping spree and they’ll help you donate those spoils to WFMU.

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Our Castle of Quiet: A Tribute to Wm. Berger

On December 29th, the noisier spirit of WFMU’s late great Wm Berger will be summoned and honored at the Clash Bar in Clifton NJ.  Featured will be performers Wm championed on his My Castle of Quiet radio program, and whose music he released on his Prison Tatt label.  Proceeds will benefit Wm’s son.  For more info, and a list of performers, visit the FB event page.

Rise William Rise!

The “Wake and Bake” Billboard is Up!

With the recent passing of Charles Manson, we thought it was the perfect time to ceremoniously take down the Rhianna, Bieber and Manson billboard and replace it with something everybody can enjoy, a Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon billboard, designed by Kirsten Ulve!

Check out Station Manager Ken and Clay Pigeon as they visit the toxic field where the Newark billboard lives. As the Manson billboard comes down, Clay and Ken celebrate the moment by singing the Charles Manson song made famous by the Beach Boys- Cease to Exist.

Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers and voters! If you backed this Kickstarter project then you should have received your backer rewards by now. If you have any questions about your Kickstarter rewards please contact Kim Nolan from this page.

Donate Your Appreciated Stocks and Securities to WFMU!

WFMU accepts appreciated stocks and securities as tax-deductible donations! Take the full appreciated value of your stocks or securities as a tax deduction, and also avoid capital gains taxes at the very same time for a double benefit. It’s like magic! For more information contact Station Manager Ken.

Get to Know Moondog, WFMU’s New Mascot

Some key factoids about WFMU’s new mascot: Moondog was rescued at a Farmer’s Market in Maryland by listeners Ann and John. He is nine months old, and lives on John’s farm in Sullivan County, NY. He’s been trained to to “play” the keyboard of a marimba which is strung up by the gate of his pen, as he tends to fight for his food, which he did to survive back in his toddler days. Moondog has grown to twice the size of his supposed pygmy goat status, so his goatly provenance is still a mystery. He enjoys music, cars and long walks in the woods. Lately he’s taken to imitating the neighbors’ dogs by going “woof” when he wants attention. Here is Moondog in action. More videos and photos are coming!

Thank You for Pushing Us Over the Goal for Our Year End Fundraiser!

Thanks to the thousands of kind and generous listeners who pushed us over the goal for our Year End Fundraiser! Your pledges will help carry us through the leanest months of the year, and monthly Swag for Life pledges keep us going all year round. If you are not a Swag 4 Life monthly donor, it’s still not too late – PLEASE join the campaign and bask in the knowledge that you’ve helped WFMU in the best way possible! And if you’re already in the Swag 4 Life program, please increase your monthly donation by whatever amount is doable. (Email Joe McGasko at the email: pledge at wfmu dot org to increase your monthly donation.)

We have two great new tees (including the official reprint on black of the beloved Woof-Moo Cow and Dog logo!)

Coming up at Monty Hall

Don’t miss these upcoming shows at Monty Hall:

Tue Dec 12 – McCafferty / Heart Attack Man | tickets

Fri Dec 15 – Black Marble / YOU. | tickets

Fri Jan 12 – “Danger: Diabolik” Live Score MOVIE NIGHT with The Morricone Youth | tickets

Sun Jan 28 – Long Neck / Adult Mom / Mikey Erg | tickets

Thu Feb 15 – Robyn Hitchcock | tickets

Fri Feb 16 – Robyn Hitchcock | tickets

Thu Feb 22 – Screaming Females | Teenage Halloween  tickets

Fri Feb 23  –  Screaming Females | Snakeskin  tickets

Sat Feb 24  – Screaming Females | Spowder  tickets

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