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DJ Roulette, Pandemic-Style

If you tune in to hear your favorite DJ in the next few weeks and discover another DJ on-air, or perhaps an older episode of the show, don’t be alarmed: The show has not been replaced. WFMU is continuing to broadcast, but not all of our DJs can make it to the studios to do their regular shows. Some DJs will record at home, and others will ask folks to fill in for them, so you may hear some familiar voices in strange places, as well as some new voices, for the next few weeks. Whenever possible, WFMU will present new, live programming for as long as the pandemic lasts, so stay tuned in.

Big Socially Distanced Hugs to Everybody Who Pledged!

Thanks to the many thousands of listeners who donated to our 2020 Fundraising Marathon! We are inching closer towards our goal. If you missed the on-air madness, you can still pledge via this page here. Thanks also to the hundred of volunteers who powered our fundraiser this year. Bills are being sent and swag will start arriving soon. QUESTIONS? Email Joe McGasko at

Stick It To Your Boss Baby!

Will your employer match your donation to WFMU?! Many companies offer matching contributions for donations their employees make to non-profits like WFMU. This is an easy way for you to double your donation (or more!) at no additional cost. More info right here.

Not too late to get some 2020 WFMU Swag and DJ Premiums!!

Donate to our 2020 Fundraiser to pick up some shiny swag like Olaf’s Chiller Die-Cut Bumper Sticker (pictured to the left), WFMU’s Event Horizon T-shirt, WFMUnited Altered States of America Map, and plenty more! AND don’t forget those incredible DJ Premiums which can be yours for a pledge of $75 or more.

Records & CDs for Sale on eBay!

Support WFMU and bid on our items listed on eBay. All the proceeds go to WFMU and the goods go right to YOU. It’s a win, win! More items added often, but you can bid on the following right now –   Kreator “Out Of The Dark…Into The Light” CDThe Traits “Nobody Loves The Hulk” 45, “Record Label Guide for Domestic LPs”





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