WFMU Diversity Statement

WFMU aims to fulfill its educational license by offering artistic programs of educational interest, and by addressing community concerns throughout its programming.

The station emphasizes diversity in its workforce, management, and governing boards, as well as across its program schedule and also within specific programs, stressing radio as a creative medium, and broadcasting information to the community about available private, non-­‐profit and governmental services. Funded largely by listener contributions, WFMU has a special relationship to its audience and community.

By highlighting diversity within programs instead of relying on “coalition-­‐based” scheduling (an approach that most college and community stations choose) and by rejecting the strict classifications of style and genre present in the marketing of music, WFMU hopes to expand listeners’ horizons. If we succeed, then we have achieved our goal of providing an alternative service not only to commercial radio, but to other non-­‐commercial stations as well. WFMU’s workforce, management, and governing boards appreciate and reflect the above stated goals, while our programmers and programming also strive to represent diverse voices.

In recent years, WFMU has welcomed new volunteers, interns, program hosts, Community Advisory Board members, and programs to broaden the station’s diversity. We plan to continue these efforts as well as develop new programs to bring underrepresented voices and music to our airwaves.

Action items –

  • We will continue, and seek to increase, outreach within our local Jersey City community and within communities in our broadcasting range.
  • We will hold open discussions for individuals within our organization to bring up any concerns with management.
  • We wish to commit to greater diversity within our program schedule and staff. In our visiting DJ hour, Radio Row, we celebrate the work of BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA+. We openly invite members of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds to apply to DJ at WFMU.

We are committed to long term work on these issues.

Questions? You can email Station Manager Ken here.