Marathon Info

WFMU's October Silent Fundraiser and Mascot Contest: Oct 1st - 31st!

Will this pet be our mascot?Like any respectable team, WFMU needs a mascot.

Make a tax-deductible donation to WFMU this October, and enter your pet into our first-ever mascot contest! If selected in our drawing at the end of the month, your pet could be named WFMU's mascot for an entire year -- basking prominently on our website and adored by freeform radio fans everywhere.

Your support this fall will allow us to outfit our recently opened performance space, Monty Hall, with some key audio gear and an instrument backline.

With your help, we can turn Monty Hall into a great sounding venue that bands and fans love. We've got tons of live guests and Monty Hall events lined up this month, plus Singles Going Steady Week (Oct 20-26).

We hope you can help us out with a pledge!

Here's how you can help WFMU:

- Make a tax-deductible pledge!

-Help us spread the word about WFMU's Mascot Contest and Silent Fundraiser by posting a badge or insta-pledge box on your website or blog.

- Pursue your company's matching donation program. Check out our list of participating companies.

- Consider making a bequest to WFMU in your will or trust. More information and sample language here.

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