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The New WFMU Summer Schedule is Coming Soon!

The new WFMU schedule will begin on Monday, June 6th! Some old shows have returned, some shows have taken a break, and some fresh new blood has been injected into our radio veins. Take a gander here to see the longer version that includes full show descriptions. This summer shorty schedule runs until September 12th, 2022.

Looking for an Archive of Syrian Cassettes? Well, Good Thing We Tweet!

WFMU’s Twitter is a must — follow us so you’re the first to get links of life-altering importance, like interviews with Ronnie Spector and Richard Thompson, where to find the entire Dischord Records archive or a dazzling archive of Syrian cassettes, great song picks and upcoming specials from WFMU DJs, and zillions of other fascinating ways to kill your productivity. Thanks to Evan “Funk” Davies for managing this endeavor!

The Swag is Coming. We Promise!

Good news: We’re operating with a very small crew, but we have made much progress in the swag mailing department. Many of you should have gotten your swag, but if you haven’t, you will soon. Hang in there and thank you for your patience! Questions about your pledge? Email Listener Services Director Joe McGasko at pledge (at) wfmu (dot) org.

Check out the WFMU Random Archive Generator!

If you’re hating that god-awful noise coming out of your computer right now, why not throw caution to the wind and give WFMU’s Random Archive Generator a whirl? It will randomly select an archive from somewhere between last week and 2001 and fill your ears with glorious sound (or a different kind of god-awful noise).

Check Out Our NEW Heavily Played Music List!

If you’d like to see / hear all the new music we are playing at WFMU, check out our Heavily Played Lists, which are compiled by Music Director Olivia Bradley-Skill, host of Radio RavioliFollow this link to see what new records we’ve been playing or listen to it via the Spotify playlist. Subscribe to the monthly list here!

From the Archives — Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay radically extended the vocabulary and techniques of playing records on turntables. On March 2nd, 1997, he joined Fabio on Strength Through Failure for an on-air conversation and performance. Listen to this bit of history, recently digitized for your audio pleasure.

Donate Your Old Car or Boat to WFMU

Donate your old car or boat to WFMU and we promise that we will never play the “Kars for Kids” jingle, EVER. Plus, you get a tax credit for the book value of your old beater! WFMU seeks donations of used aquatic and land-based vehicles from any state in the U.S. and in any state of disrepair. Call 1-855-WFMU-CAR (855-936-8227) to arrange for vehicle pick-up. It’s free and it’s painless!

Records & CDs for Sale on eBay!

Support WFMU and bid on our items listed on eBay. All the proceeds go to WFMU and the goods go right to YOU. It’s a win, win! More items added often, but you can bid on the following right now –  “Queen: The Neal Preston Photographs” Book, The Complete Stax Volt Soul Singles Volume 2 CD Box Set


Donate Your Appreciated Stocks and Securities to WFMU!

WFMU accepts appreciated stocks and securities as tax-deductible donations! Take the full appreciated value of your stocks or securities as a tax deduction, and also avoid capital gains taxes at the very same time for a double benefit. It’s like magic! For more information contact Station Manager Ken.

Stick It to The Man Beyond Your Lifetime!

Plan now for a future gift to WFMU, and help us preserve this important cultural resource for many years to come. Consider including a bequest to WFMU in your will or trust. It’s easy, painless, and incredibly flexible, allowing you to continue providing support for a cause you believe in.

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