Live Podcast Events? Yes, You Can!

Podcasting with a Live Audience, Video Streaming, or Both

WFMU will help bring your live podcasting dreams come true!

WFMU Station Manager Ken Freedman presenting at Skeptech


Monty Hall is the perfect venue for taking an exciting next step for your podcast. Invite your fans to a live theater recording or performance of your next episode. Our 75 seated / 200 standing venue also comes with excellent acoustics, full online audio and video streaming capability, a complete backline for musical performances, a lighting console and an experienced crew ready to make it happen for you.


Comedian Ariel Leaty


Whether your podcast is based around interviews, comedy, panel discussions or musical performance, Monty Hall will without question be your most affordable professional option (starting at $600) for making the leap from an audio only production, to video, live theater or both.




About the Space

  • No Hidden Costs, Pricing Begins at $600 per Event
  • 75 Seated or 200 Standing Capacity
  • Four Camera Video with Blackmagic Switcher
  • Full Music Backline and Multitrack Recording Available
  • Live Audio or Video Streaming
  • Recording Only Also Available (Perform, Edit, then Release)
  • Staffing Available, or Bring Your Own Techs
  • Ticketing Services Available
  • Merch Sales No Extra Cost




Past speakers

  • Douglas Rushkoff
  • Natasha Dow Schull
  • Jon Ronson
  • Aparna Nacherla
  • Jo Firestone



Contact Us for More Information:

Email livepodcast [at]