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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

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Options May 8, 2014: Filmed Live at Union Square Park + Old Pidge Audio from WMNF Tampa

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As you'll read at the bottom of this playlist, this show was recorded at Union Square Park with a film crew and was intended to be aired on WFMU live. Unfortunately, technical problems presented themselves and a limited amount of video footage was aired.

In addition, Station Manager Ken provided Samantha (the board operator at the station) with an old Marathon Premium CD of mine to be used in the event of problems. So, the pre-recorded Dusty Show stuff you'll hear on this episode was actually old clips from a show I used to do in Tampa called "Mondo Eclectica" on WMNF 88.5. I continued to send the show back to Tampa after moving to LA and then Milwaukee. It wasn't until 2005 that I hooked up with WFMU, courtesy of my old friend The Professor and his Audio Kitchen broadcast. He played Station Manager Ken an epsiode of Mondo Eclectica and SMK was interested in getting the show on FMU.

Here's a link you can use to see all the filmed interviews which took place that day. Hope you enjoy them.



Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/8/14 6:04pm SeanG:

The live video is really choppy right?
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:04pm 12539:

Is for me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:04pm davex:

Very - impossible to hear anything, actually.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:05pm Liz Berg:

We're having bad technical glitchiness, standby!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:05pm drewo:

Looks cool in slow motion.
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:05pm 12539:

And the radio is playing music, not the feed, but you probably know that.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:05pm Dave B:

severe packet loss, or something
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:06pm davex:

Okay, thanks Liz!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:06pm Oscar:

Digi Dusty Fail XIII
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:06pm fleep:

Severe packet loss can lead to dehydration, push fluids.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:07pm davex:

Someone should maybe tell Clay.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:07pm P-90:

Clay in slow motion looks just like David Carradine in the Kung Fu TV show
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:07pm 12539:

It's the video equivalent of wobbly microcassettes.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:08pm vanya moscow:

standing by! what does 25/16155 mean?
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:08pm Oscar:

Should have sprung for that 4G wireless plan
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:08pm P-90:

I love the "Please Stand By" music on the audio stream
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:09pm fleep:

The numbers are current views and total views.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:09pm davex:

Vanya: It means that 25 are now (trying to) watching online and 16155 have watched WFMU videos to date.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:10pm david_:

oh man...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Needs captions.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:10pm Greg from VA:

Surreal, and Clay has this cool Charles Manson look going for him nowadays,… this should be great, perhaps it already is!!!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:10pm Oscar:

I got an MRI... I couldn't tell whether the machine was making noises of if the doc was piping Fabio's show into the MRI machine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:10pm davex:

P-90: Yep, after a while they need to switch over to march music.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Wobbly video packet microcas-stream!
Hey everyone! At least the video is choppy for the others as well. Slow, but I can listen and WATCH from work this way!
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:11pm 12539:

Will the video be archived?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:11pm davex:

Hey Matt! Are you getting any sound at all?
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:12pm P-90:

...only 25 tuning in to watch? Don't tell Clay
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:12pm vanya moscow:

thank you Davex!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:12pm marmalade kitty:

jazzy library music, perfect for tech hitches!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Appears to be bluegrass music of sorts.
Hey davex! Sound goes in and out, video consistent but slow. SPOOKY slo mo dancing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:13pm Liz Berg:

The audio is too crappy to play for you guys! They're going to try another trick soon and hopefully we'll give you something good to watch/listen to.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:13pm davex:

Matt, you're lucky! I'm just getting occasional blup blup blup sounds.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"Off Air" ... back up to where you were standing! You're out of antenna range!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:14pm Marcel M:

AHhhh I thought it was my internet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:15pm davex:

Guys, if you refresh the Ustream page now, you get the marathon show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:15pm Liz Berg:

Good old fashioned restart. They'll try again soon.
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:15pm 12539:

Electric Tannenbaum's first LP was awesome.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm Marcel M:

And these bluegrass guys thought they'd have a big break!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm Greg from VA:

I feel for all of you at FMU who are trying to straighten the situation out, but the current audio is great in itself. Go with the flow, no matter how choppy the seas have become in this spontaneous storm.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm That Bipolar Guy:

Yeah I'm getting that too. The wfmu marathon show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm steve:

oh well... failure is always the first step towards success.
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm 12539:

It works!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm Marcel M:

its working!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm davex:

It's working!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm Mario:

Oscar--- an MRI is the best sound in the world!
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm 12539:

Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm Greg from VA:

It's LIVE!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:16pm sFrances from PDX:

Hi Clay & Pigeons! As I'm unpacking from my move to PDX, I'll say that a childhood thing that I still have is a Little Kiddle carrying case that is also a home w/ mini road. Cheers, back to unpacking...
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Egregious technical errors! Gooooo (strength) failure!

Andddddd...we're BACK! We're "live again"!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm wooden peg:

Video is up :)
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Assisted by Station Kenager Man!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm SeanG:

Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm david_:

here we go!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm Ike:

Can hear countdown! Sounds good.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:17pm Robert:

At least yu guys got something. My OS won't support the Flash version needed to stream the video, and updating the OS may require a shitload of files that will overload this.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:18pm P-90:

Clay's counting backwards, I think they gave him a general anesthetic
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:18pm Liz Berg:

Alright, game on everybody! Video is live and working.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:18pm Oscar:

Looking great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:19pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good work, Liz and technical folks.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:19pm Finbar:

Can you only watch this on your I-phone or android, or can I stream this on my home computer. Listening is great, but it would be nice to watch as well.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:20pm P-90:

also caught a glimpse of Station Manager Ken turning the crank to wind up some video gizmo
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:20pm 12539:

"Does she only know about Wings!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:20pm whiteslice:

This is cool as hell to see him interviewing.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Renaissance Man! I wanted to be a polymath when I grew up. Still working on that (every day!)
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:21pm Night Owl:

Clay Pigeon is on TV! The digi-gods are being generous today! Careful Pidge!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Is there going to be an Archive, or only the parts that made it to the stream?
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:21pm Oscar:

Finbar: you can see it on wfmu.org or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wfmu
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:21pm david_:

radio AND video handshake!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:22pm That BiPolar Guy:

Ok I have the video
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

"Chronic" listener, of the "Dust"y Show! Burning Man!
Thanks Jamie! (hope I can repeat that MOPAL later)
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:23pm Finbar:

Thank you Oscar.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:23pm P-90:

Haha this guy is SO wary of Clay & Ken
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:24pm Oscar:

This guy is awesome!!! Clay is working his random stranger magic
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Andy Warhola, brings us the cola..
Brilliant gem of the Pittsburgh "Ruthenian" American community!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:26pm whiteslice:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:26pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I'm in an office around the corner right now. This is KILLING me!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:27pm P-90:

@ Greg: so run down there and say hi to Clay
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:27pm MenfussMike:

hahaha. let this guy go
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:27pm 12539:

This is great.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Oooof! Sorry to hear, Kirstin! Hope you feel better!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:28pm Oscar:

"we're totally legitimate" uh huh
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:29pm Fredericks:

I'm optimistic because this is being said on the radio.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Nokesville! Virginia brings the Dusty Lovers!
Nokesville, I believe that's the location of a pretty good Italian restaurant...
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:30pm Doug Schulkind:

A hobo in Manhattan. HOW does Clay Pigeon do it?!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Frances, did you jump a freight train to move cross-country? ;)
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:31pm david_:

geography is the key.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Actually I'm impressed with Clay's longtime ability to connect with the homeless in his interviews. I'm impressed with his ability in general! "From the glitterati to the homeless"!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:31pm Oscar:

dump button!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:32pm dale:

no dental care on the rails.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:32pm P-90:

Fascinating, the first two people he grabbed could have been hand-picked for Clay's show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"We're totally legitimate" needs to be one of the blurbs on the daily GIF on the WFMU home page.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:34pm P-90:

"No, really! We're totally legitimate. Really!"
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Aha - I was actually thinking of Giuseppe's, in Haymarket not Nokesville, though they are close to each other. I was surprised that Haymarket, land of new sprawl and McMansions had a "historic downtown" where this is located. They aren't very knowledgable about wine, though their food is outstanding!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:35pm Joey the Sleaze:

Hi Clay! I love your show. You're hair's long. I hope your cigaret quitting goes well. My sobriety hasn't.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:35pm That BiPolar Guy:

Now that I see clay pigeon he looks like a young Chris kristopherson
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

We ARE totally (FCC) legitimate! "Pirate quality, Officially licensed!"
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:35pm Oscar:

losing the stream :(
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:36pm Tim BK:

A hobo worried about bedbugs? He needs a new line of work.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:36pm marmalade kitty:

what lovely people in union square! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:36pm chris:

Scotty, we're breaking up! More power to the NaCells!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@TBG: The *young* Kristofferson?! ;)
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:36pm wild:

Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm Greg from VA:

Clay live on video is a fantastic experience, and once the tech bugs are fixed, this would be a great regular show to have on FMU!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm davex:

Great while it lasted - proof of how interesting random people off the street can be, and how Clay gets them to open up in a hurry.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm david_:

that guy with bedbugs got me itching!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm steve:

call your mom. best advice.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@Kitty: Among Clay's favorite haunts, about half of his street interviews take place there! (I think because his apartment is also nearby).
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:37pm david_:

cheeks stay together!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:38pm P-90:

@ Matt: C'mon, in Nokesville PA you want "knowledable about wine? Well, la de da, I'm off to play the Grahnd Piahno..
Question is: how's the manicotti? is the tiramisu made fresh every day?
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:38pm Big Al:

This might be Clays' finest show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:38pm dale:

call your mom. and eat your roughage.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:38pm steve:

uh oh getting skippy over here again. are you guys having the same problems?
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:39pm marmalade kitty:

lost the stream :((
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:39pm Fredericks:

This is from Mondo Eclectica.
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:39pm 12539:

sk i ii ippppp y.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:39pm Oscar:

It's the word "totally" that makes all the difference.

"We're legitimate" = a concise declaration of trustworthiness

"We're TOTALLY legitimate" = WFMU
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:40pm davex:

steve: It skipped out entirely about 4 minutes ago.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:40pm Greg from Bloomfield:

@Big Al: Agreed! It's a whole different experience. Over the radio I might not have wanted to punch that first guy so bad.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:40pm P-90:

Damn! Gremlins in the machinery. Gotta say, Clay looks very good doing his thing on camera.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:41pm Oscar:

"Are you on a football phone?"
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:41pm P-90:

@ Oscar: LOL!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Stupid sunspots! Messing up the signal.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:43pm That Bipolar Guy:

Actually clay has a good point! When you vomit it feels good after
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:43pm david_:

"we're having some difficulties with our live feed... please listen to this guy having diarrhea and puking while we fix the problem..." i love wfmu!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:43pm davex:

The cord probably got too wet dragging through the Hudson.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Cursèd sunspots!!

@P-90 6:38: Yes, shells pasta very fresh, I'm sure their desserts are homemade to boot! (Although, the Piedmont of VA is increasingly a wine country--if they're not familiar with wines yet, they'd better be soon!!)
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@TBG: The good ol' post-indulgence instant cleanse!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:44pm Greg from VA:

Surreal and skippy, then s k i p . p y, / / / / s u r r . e . a l * * * but still good stuff, which means eventually this will be worked out, and then the street video shows will really be powerful stuff, before you know it, Clay will have his own cable show before moving on to HBO, and we'll all be saying, "Remember when we knew him on FMU in the early days!"
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:45pm david_:

time keeps on slippin... into the future...
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:45pm greek titan:

How do I watch this thing live? I went to the site and it was something that was prerecorded.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:45pm Robert:

I wonder if it was duodenal or only gastric vomiting. Duodenal vomiting, where your pyloris opens and you vomit bile, is the worst. Sounds like he had a bad gastroenteritis where some of the vomiting could've been duodenal.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:45pm That Bipolar Guy:

I never saw clay before he looks like Chris kristoferson
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:46pm P-90:

@ Greg: Know what? I CAN see Clay doing a version of this on HBO, no shit!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:46pm Oscar:

I think it's all over now?
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:47pm david_:

cool to hear a Wisconsin-era dusty show... i've never gotten to these in the archives...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@greek titan - The signal went bad, so the video has gone to marathon reruns for now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:47pm steve:

aww rats. sunspots, voodoo curse, or viking burial ground maybe. im sure Ken will ward off the evil spirits or realign the spinning masses soon enough.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@Greg: YES, HBO show! Live like Bill Maher's, to keep up his current radio vibe! Each week will have the segment "Let's Bother Fabio!" where he calls up Fab and they talk! :)
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:48pm Robert:

I had an enteritis 5 yrs. ago with so much diarrhea I came close to passing out on the toilet from loss of electrolytes.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:48pm Oscar:

oh it's an archive? I was thinking poor Kirsten has a concussion and clay is off in bars kissing other girls... whew
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:49pm Greg from VA:

@P-90 & Matt; I can shed this show running right after HBO's news doc show VICE.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:49pm vanya moscow:

the cool thing (one of them) about clay is the contrast between how he looks and how he sounds
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: "voodoo curse"? Sorry, I just came back from New Orleans, that was probably me. No Tiki statues, so I thought I was free and clear from Brady curses!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:49pm Greg from VA:

I meant to say See, not Shed!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:50pm dale:

HAHHHHH! that spankin' cracked me up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:51pm davex:

Christmas here? I think I saw something having to do with it once or twice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:52pm steve:

oh right Matt, your trip to Nola. good times? and how does one get rid of a voodoo curse anyway?
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:53pm Greg from VA:

@Matt: Ha Ha, I would love to see a segment on Clay's national TV show called "Let's bother Fabio!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who broke the remote signal? FCC or NSA?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:54pm dale:

Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: GREAT times! I promised to toast a Bourbon and muffuletta to you--I did, separately, and then toast you again, both items TOGETHER during Dave Hill on Tuesday night! :D

As for getting rid of a curse, I'm sure it involves paying money to another voodoo practitioner!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:54pm Oscar:

I think this is the paper that the first guy Clay interviewed was talking about: http://www.nber.org/papers/w11783
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/8/14 6:55pm dale:

muffeletta is a euphemism?
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:55pm Night Owl:

Don't tell Clay but here's a bootleg video of him from last year at a small club in Florida with his old band Deloris Telescope...

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:55pm steve:

ha! i totally forgot that. much awesome.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:56pm Oscar:

Wikipedia deleted the Deloris Telescope page for not being relevant :(
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:56pm Greg from VA:

Outside the surreal technical difficulties, the partial show that came through was great, the video that allowed us to see facial expressions and how people look and react to Clay is really raw spontaneous bare bones emotional and powerful good stuff,… I really hope this is tried again and the tech stuff figured out, for this is really a fantastic step for FMU!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:57pm P-90:

@ dale [6:55]: let's hope so, for Matt's sake --couldn't happen to a nicer guy!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:58pm mike east:

I got an amazing muffuletta in Nola last month at Cochon butcher...total hipster joint but goddamn delicious cured meats
     Thu. 5/8/14 6:58pm 12539:

Clay really needs to do this again. And drag Fabio along at least once.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:58pm SeanG:

yeah the up close shots of the interviewees talking directly to the camera were amazing
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:58pm Jeff:

Yeah, it was really interesting to see him work...

I always assume that if I tried to interview people on the street I'd get a beating.
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:58pm That Bipolar Guy:

To quote Monty Python "your a catholic the moment dad came"
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm Oscar:

I think my favorite part was watching Clay coax the random strangers to his microphone. It takes special skills to do that in a busy city. Seeing the awkwardness fade and the person open up is so fascinating.
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm david_:

always remember
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm Fredericks:

I heard Joyce!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm P-90:

Hi Samantha!
  Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm vanya moscow:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Rats...no wardrobe malfunctions!
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90/dale: You muffus! ;)

@Mike: Nice! Beignets and fried oysters are some of the other culinary treats I found there.
  Thu. 5/8/14 7:00pm P-90:

@Ken: tune in next week!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 7:00pm sFrances from PDX:

Loved the video/UStream, another great show! Cheers to remembering always,y'all !
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 7:01pm Greg from VA:

Ken, your zipper was down for just a little while.
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 7:01pm Matt from Springfield:

All right Pigeonnaires! Hope Clay does this again, with the kinks worked out! Thanks Clay, Ken, Liz and WFMU!

Have a good night everyone! Always, Remember...
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 7:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Frances! You've left the Commonwealth (again!) but good luck in Portland! And good to know you're still part of the Dusty family: always remember, to Always Remember! :)
Avatar    Thu. 5/8/14 7:02pm Greg from VA:

Good Night Irene!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 7:07pm sFrances from PDX:

Hey Matt, sorry we never got a chance to meet up! & yeah, native Virginian but absolute Portlandian -- for the 3rd & last time! I'll never leave again!
  Thu. 5/8/14 7:11pm tony from Florida:

My first time catching Clay get in someone's head…my feed went out, grrrrr, but what I saw was REALLY entertaining. I love how personal it gets…MORE, Clay….i love it! BTW, for those of you who don't know, Clay was a local rock hero back here in Florida. Diverse talent, for sure!
Avatar Thu. 5/8/14 8:13pm Clay Pigeon:

Thanks for watching this. Supposedly the footage we shot will be archived before long. Way more than made it on the air. Also, was surprised Ken gave Samantha the old Mondo Eclectica tape to air from my days on WMNF in Tampa. Going waaay back. I loved doing the visual thing and hope to do more in the future. It was exciting and actually much easier to do with a camera and crew than just approaching people with my microcassette recorder. Thanks for your comments! I'm spoiled now. Radio seems limiting. I want .... TV!!!!!
  Wed. 5/21/14 10:58pm Clay Pigeon:

Here's a link where you can watch the interviews as they were filmed sans technical issues.
  Wed. 5/21/14 10:59pm Clay Pigeon:

Here's a link where you can watch the interviews as they were filmed sans technical issues.
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