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The city of Detroit formed me musically. Growing up with Motown and the Blues being the background music for my young life listening to the radio, then came rock and roll. From Question Mark and the Mysterians to Mitch Ryder, to the MC5 and then the Stooges, things were just never aurally the same. The birth of FM underground radio, WABX in Detroit for me (Home of the Air Aces), blasting psychedelia, Jazz, Blues, Spoken Word and anything not on AM with a twist, even containing the sounds and noise of the White Panther Party with John Sinclair. By the mid seventies, rock music became overproduced and bloated,... but Punk became alive, then Patti Smith marries Fred Sonic Smith of the MC5, have a son named Jackson who eventually marries Meg White of the White Stripes, oh yeah, full circle history with the Motor City as a backdrop. FM radio is mostly dead now, much like a lot of music was in the mid-70's, but internet radio has come to the rescue, and WFMU is the cream of the crop. Yes, I'm getting old, eventually my generation will fade away, but not before the foundation and groundwork for stations like FMU continue the legacy of the outsider having a foot in the musical airwaves door, where creativity and individuality will still have a voice that is heard in the cacophony of corporate sameness existing in the musical mainstream. Long live WFMU, so it's time, it's time Brothers and Sisters,... to Kick Out the Jams—Motherfuckers!

... Not to mention a wee dose of Nasmaste too!


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