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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options February 19, 2014: #11 - Planet Money Honey

Today on the show, how NPR's Planet Money taught me a trick for being better at dating. With advice from Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist Strikes Back, I start asking guys to go on dates with me over Skype. Find out what it takes to woo your host.

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    Today on the show, how NPR's Planet Money taught me a trick for being better at dating. With advice from Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist Strikes Back, I start asking guys to go on dates with me over Skype. Find out what it takes to woo your host. 
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My Interview on Planet Money    Tim Harford on Planet Money 
Tim Harford    The Undercover Economist Strikes Back 
Custodian Of Records  Game Girl (Interlude)   Options Bandcamp 
Laura and Danny    Sizing up guy #1 
Date #1    C-Section Baby 
Date #2    Bad news, but I can't stop flirting 
Date #3    "so tinder's weird, huh?"
"...what's that?"
Sad Rant    What dating means to me 
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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Beat Beat!
Hi there Andrea and Money/Honey fans!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:04pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar    Wed. 2/19/14 7:05pm Slim Pickins:

good stuff so far - this is "cringe-worthy" radio, thats why i love it. cant get this anywhere else but WFMU
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:07pm Matt from Springfield:

How to be *economical* on dates..
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:10pm JakeGould:

Have to admit. I am not genuinely charmed by this show. Although Tim Harford comes off like a snit.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:11pm P-90:

(taking notes) ..."nobody wants to waste a Thursday", mm-hm
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:11pm Matt from Springfield:

That could be problem of mine, trying to look for "perfection" right off--really I'd like to go with any girl who enjoys my company and I hers, but even that can be a tall order.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:11pm JakeGould:

ACK! No! NO! I meant to say: Have to admit. I am NOW (now!) genuinely charmed by this show. Although Tim Harford comes off like a snit.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:12pm P-90:

@Jake: he's an economist, it's his job
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:12pm Ange:

The secret title for this episode is "How Planet Money Got Me Laid" .... this show feels incredibly personal. Like, more of a diary than a radio show. I'm probably going to lose a lot of you by the end of this...
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Thursdays are *meant* to be enjoyed.

@Jake: "Snits, Creeps and Psychos...and Ange!" :)
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:14pm P-90:

"Race to the bottom" now we're getting somewhere
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ange: Hey, WFMU is one long dare to the listeners--and fans are glad to accept the challenge! :)
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:14pm Please:

get a date . your voice is grating.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:15pm P-90:

screen me Baby, screen me
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:15pm JakeGould:

“I'm probably going to lose a lot of you by the end of this...” No. Not. Can’t. You’re good.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Please: don't listen then to shows that are grating you.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:17pm JakeGould:

“He's an economist, it's his job.” Who cares. Snit. But interesting discussion.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

"YES! YES! YES! I WILL date you! Make me the happiest woman, at Red Lobster!"..
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:17pm Ike:

I always enjoy this show, and yet it also makes me a little uncomfortable, because *every* episode seems very personal. But that's also why it's good.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:17pm P-90:

(still taking notes) "dating like the Toyota supply system....hmmm"
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:20pm BadGuyZero:

My experience with dating sites/apps is that the people who appear to be good matches to me are on the other side of the U.S. I'm undateable in Dallas. :rollseyes:
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:20pm P-90:

@Ike: re: "every episode 'seems' very personal"; that's showbiz, that's what's bringing listeners back week to week
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:20pm Ange:

This one feels the worst of all of them to me, because there are real people and feelings involved in the second half of the show.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:21pm BadGuyZero:

So I've taken inspiration from Liz Lemon and now I'm dating Astronaut Michelle Dexter.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:22pm Matt from Springfield:

"As a Lean Six Sigma certified dating specialist, I can overhaul and make efficient the dating system for YOUR behalf! Call 212..."
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:22pm JakeGould:

“Find out what it takes to woo your host.” Woo.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:23pm chuck:

this show has been vectoring toward NPR stuff for weeks now, and the two worlds have converged. it is a bit worrisome for those of us who seek In WFMU an escape from NPRism. Sorry but i keep concluding that this weekly show's premise is narcissistic!! listening to anyone go on and on week after week obsessing over their potential love life, etc., gets TIRESOME
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:24pm JakeGould:

Chuck, just wait until 8:00pm. Dave Emory comes on. You can have your fun then!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:24pm P-90:

BGZ: What? My Michelle is seeing other guys?
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:26pm Skirkie:

Immediately admitting something as weird will only make it more weird.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:27pm JakeGould:

Boerum Hill? Ewww. I lived there for a while. Screw anyone still in that neighborhood.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:27pm BadGuyZero:

Skype makes my computer freeze up. So this introduction method would be a disaster for me.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:28pm JakeGould:

As a C-section baby, my only concern in the world is stuff in this study. www.thedailybeast.com...
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:29pm P-90:

@Chuck: how can you not see that this is a total DEconstruction of an NPR-istic show? It's a reductio-ad-absurdum SATIRE of NPR style narcissism, so you should be loving it. Loosen up maybe?
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:29pm JakeGould:

Chuck is a schmuck. Duck!
Avatar    Wed. 2/19/14 7:30pm Slim Pickins:

@Chuck, I agree somewhat, definitely a little cynical and narcissistic . but a lot of people can agree with some of the subject matter, i still enjoy it.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:35pm like:

like like like
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:39pm Skirkie:

I say date, but I'm also in my 30s.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:41pm mike east:

It's funny, both planet money and freakonomics podcasts had episodes about dating websites from an economic perspective recently
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:42pm P-90:

"Mandarin collar": you mean a Nehru jacket?
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:42pm dear Chuck:

I hear you dude. Just three minutes of the guy and Andrea had me cracking up over the staccato. Telegraphic. Speaking. Style. Has Valley Speak taken over an entire generation?
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:42pm Ange:

Have any of you read "The Game" any of those seduction books?
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:42pm P-90:

creep alert!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:43pm mike east:

...was just listening to one and remembered I can stream fmu on the bus now
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:45pm JakeGould:

Never read, “The Game” because d-bags like this guy are 1,000% obvious. What a horrible con artist this guy is.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:45pm dear Chuck:

As for the fanboys comments. Whatever floats your boat. This show ain't all that to the rest of us.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:45pm Ange:

Can you guys tell I know nothing about drugs? I was like "how often do you trip on acid?"
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:45pm P-90:

Happens every time, the more flesh-crawlingly creepy the guy reveals himself to be, the more giggly and flirtatious Andrea becomes
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:46pm P-90:

"tripping acid" do people say it that way?
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:47pm mike east:

Ange, you are the Carrie Bradshaw of radio
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:48pm BadGuyZero:

I haven't read "The Game." When it came out a lot of talks shows had "pickup artists" on their show. They reminded me of the creepy trenchcoat/ponytail guys trying to pickup girls at comic book conventions [I did work for a convention organizer in the early 90s].
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:48pm JakeGould:

He lives in the flight path of LaGuardia. And was raised by olde fashioned lesbians? Wow. What a catch!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:48pm P-90:

The old "raised by feminist lesbians on a peacock farm" line, old as the hills
Avatar    Wed. 2/19/14 7:48pm Slim Pickins:

@ange, i know people that have, and Ive got to say... they fit the mold of someone who would read that book. some peopel are just hopeless.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:49pm Andrea:

I think I want to edit out my Carrie Bradshaw joke. It totally flopped!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:51pm P-90:

No, it didn't, it was a propos. Aren't you going for a Carrie Bradshaw kind of thing here?
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:52pm BadGuyZero:

@ange: In hindsight, do you question if this guy was from Kansas City? I ask because he seems like the type to read-up on a few places to use them as a "I'm from _______" tool of connecting.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:53pm Ange:

Minus the heels
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:53pm Cliff:

"It's all the microphones, guys" Ha!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:53pm Robert:

So that's what does it--the microphone! Ms. Silenzi sounds so great on it, it figures she couldn't sound that good in real life.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:54pm Robert:

Laura Cantrell's mic should be kept in a safe!
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:55pm P-90:

Why would any of these guys not be curious to go and check out the show as soon as you engage them, and let them know that you have a radio show? ABOUT DATING?
Obviously it's going to be a factor every time, right? No?
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:55pm P-90:

@Robert: Hahaha!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Typical female .. just wants guys to "put out", intentions...
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:56pm BadGuyZero:

Everybody I've met from FMU sounds pretty much the same in-person as they do on-mic.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:57pm JakeGould:

BadGuyZero, maybe that’s because you walk through life with a windscreen on your ears.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:57pm P-90:

BGZ: that's an interesting point
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:58pm dale:

"It's a reductio-ad-absurdum SATIRE of NPR style narcissism" - THIS IS NARCISSIM. npr is intelligent, but if you don't get the subject matter, then it's just seems pretentious.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 7:58pm BadGuyZero:

@Jake: It might be the tinnitus.
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:58pm j-No:

This show should be retitled "Me Oh My!"
  Wed. 2/19/14 7:59pm Robert:

Mood music -- Michael Giacchino minus strings?
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:00pm BadGuyZero:

MENTAL NOTE: If I ever go on a date with Andrea, bring stickers.
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:01pm P-90:

Thanks, Ms. Silenzi! You'll have fun with Faye!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:01pm JakeGould:

Now comes Dave Emory. Fun city ahead!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:01pm Matt from Springfield:

All right! Thanks for "putting out" your intentions, Andrea!
Hope you have great Marathon shows!

Have a good night, everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:02pm BadGuyZero:

We used to hear Faye on Thursday mornings.
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:02pm Robert:

It's funny going from Ms. Silenzi's highly produced segments to her oopsies ending the show. Cute, though.
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:02pm P-90:

@Matt: Alf Weinersame!
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:03pm Ange:

I am good on protools, but less good at hitting the right buttons on time!
Avatar    Wed. 2/19/14 8:03pm Slim Pickins:

Good stuff andrea. lets date
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:03pm Robert:

Jake, I used to take Dave Emory seriously. Recently, however, he talked about people I know, and realized it's BS.
Avatar Wed. 2/19/14 8:03pm Matt from Springfield:

:) P-90
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:05pm Robert:

His voice on his installments is getting better, though, so I guess in real time by now he sounds pretty good.
  Wed. 2/19/14 8:06pm Angele Merkel:

Vatch for my new progrem aboud vat is MY datink life like!
Later, Kiddiez!
Avatar Thu. 2/20/14 1:27pm Greg from Bloomfield:

That was like The Dating Game. Glad you went with Bachelor #1– he was clearly the winner.
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