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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options February 12, 2014: #10 - Get the Message

Today on the show, we're trying so hard to get the message. We hear a middle school memory from Greg Harrison about a grand gesture gone wrong. Our regular guest Randy is furious with me for calling him a liar in Episode 6, and lets me know I made him cry the first time since his salamander was stolen. And the lovely Lina Misitzis explains why, when a dude she's attracted to pays her attention, it can excuse so much bad behavior. She shares a series of drunk voicemails from a past hook-up gone wrong, and we call him, a year later, for the full story.

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    Today on the show, we're trying so hard to get the message. We hear a middle school memory from Greg Harrison about a grand gesture gone wrong. Our regular guest Randy is furious with me for calling him a liar in Episode 6, and lets me know I made him cry the first time since his salamander was stolen. And the lovely Lina Misitzis explains why, when a dude she's attracted to pays her attention, it can excuse so much bad behavior. She shares a series of drunk voicemails from a past hook-up gone wrong, and we call him, a year later, for the full story.  0:00:00 ()
Beex  Beat, Beat   Options Free Music Archive   
Greg Harrison   

A young, emo Greg watching TV. Check out his website, and get excited for your Mighty Goldfinch T-shirts!
Randy    Voicemails  0:09:52 ()
Randy    "Some short people look dumpy, but I thought you looked pretty good."  0:10:31 ()
Randy    "I don't care if they know I got in trouble. I care if they think that I'm a liar. OK? Do you like to be called a liar?"  0:17:07 ()
Randy    "I lied. I told them that I'm her father and she had died."  0:18:56 ()
Randy    "Happy VD Day by the way."  0:20:46 ()
      0:22:02 ()
      0:23:18 ()
      0:23:48 ()
      0:27:48 ()
ROSES FEAT COKIYU  Bottlesmoker   Options Free Music Archive  0:30:33 ()
      0:34:09 ()
      0:34:29 ()
Lina Misitzis    Website  0:39:30 ()
Chastity Bely  Black Sail   Options NO REGERTS  1:00:39 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How oh how did I get here? Wrong time zone?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:01pm hamburger:

hi, oops, early!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:03pm -max-:

Can't believe I got through, to the wrong comments page that is!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:03pm spodiodi:

Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:04pm Danne D:

LOL Not a perfect comment board though :)
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:05pm steve:

anyone else not get an SSD newsletter this week? Ken mentioned it this morning, weirdly it hasn't arrived in my inbox.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:05pm Danne D:

I got it - it was pretty late in the day though
Avatar    Wed. 2/12/14 6:05pm cklequ:

Mine was sent to my spam folder steve.... not sure why.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:06pm Danne D:

(btw board situation fixed on the front page now) let's adjourn to there :)
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:06pm hamburger:

I got it a couple hours ago... hah. we were so eagerly anticipating it :) and why not, it's great!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:06pm -max-:

I received two copies of the SSD newsletter today, one at 1:14 pm and the other at 4:04 pm, Eastern timezone.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 6:18pm spodiodi:

it's hard not to comment here about ssd
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:00pm Danne D:


Time to hit the car and listen online :)
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

OK...now is the right time to be here.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Beep Beep!
Er, I mean, Beat Beat!

Beex Beex??
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:03pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I can comment but I can't listen. This is BULLCRAP.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:03pm Ange:

Sorry for the false start before! Have you guys ever gifted wrong on V-Day?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Texecution - Emo Kids
Early 90s?? It's a good early 90s look if it is!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:05pm Ange:

I'm having a hard time recovering from the 7SD! It was sooooooo goood.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:06pm common:

that was pretty good. feel kinda bad for andy. this is good, though!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:06pm hamburger:

Wonder when the movies will play the 90s with a nostalgic vibe, like Donnie Darko with the 80s :o
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Yeah...ZIGGY fucking sucks!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:08pm JakeGould:

Ziggy doesn’t wear pants. Also, sorry but Randy is clearly a fake.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Randy's triumphant return!
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I hate ZIGGY more than I hate Don McLean...
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:10pm JakeGould:

“While exercising in the condo’s workout room.” So real!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:10pm Callieflower:

Stumpy? Alright :/
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What bar was this?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: That's the thing about Gen-X and its self-aware snark--actual 90s movies are SO 90s, they ARE the nostalgic ones!

Singles, Reality Bites, Airheads, Office Space, etc
And the first Brady Bunch movie in '94--that was from the apex of the grunge movement, and almost captures that the same way it captures the Brady family in the middle of it!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

To impart some of Fabio's vibe - The Failure of Randy
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:13pm JakeGould:

I never understood the hate for “Reality Bites”. It’s not that bad.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:14pm common:

@matt: absolutely! the 90s were...not so good. except for loveless and a few other thiings...in my memory and opiinion.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:15pm hamburger:

hah - that's a good point Matt, though to see it done from a hindsight point of view would be interesting
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:15pm common:

i seem to like the letter i today. lowercase.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: It's a "period piece", and self-aware and a bit conceited about it. But it's a good film and story.

@hamburger: A 2010s movie about making a contemporary 1990s movie--during the 90s. Maybe portray the classic MTV.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

(and yes, for me mid 90s is the "classic" one. Some of you may still remember the 80s MTV before it!)
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Back-Up Bassist? For real???

Was the tamburin player not available???
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:19pm common:

my dad got cable in the 80s the day before mtv 1st came on the air. my sister and i sat in front of snow on the tube until it came on. we didn't back away until 85. i loved the silent art and educational films that would come on randomly. and the same 10 videos. great shit.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:19pm Callieflower:

I'm upset when I'm called a liar. So here's a story about me lying
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Bachelor in English, GPA 2.4.
Yeah....escorting may be the best way to go, financially...
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Also, kudos to whoever started the #IsRandyReal hashtags :)
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

2.4 GPA???

I don't hire prostitutes with less than a 3.5.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:21pm hamburger:

"I'm a gangsta woman" ?! With all this Randy material, I'm kinda expecting a 'moment of clarity' moment from him
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:21pm Mary Wing:

Is this whole show about Randy?
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Randy is entering a world of pain...
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:22pm LilyAbigale:

This guy is dangerous
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:22pm JakeGould:

Mary, I think Andrea got an IUD for better things than Randy.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:22pm Cliff:

You left out a comma: "I'm a gangsta, woman."
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Put Randy in the balloon with Don McLean...
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cliff: But I heard it the same way hamburger did! Randy needs to work on his spacing :)
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm Mary Wing:

Let's hope so, Jake!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm common:

Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm hamburger:

Thanks Cliff, I was, just, so thrown, by finding out Randy is a, GANGSTA!
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm Austarr:

The worst is when Randy and I have things in common.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm some other guy:

Randy makes me feel feelings that I do not enjoy. I'm not exactly sure what they are.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:24pm Ange:

No, only about 10 more mins of Randy! Then we have a great story about a drunk dialer!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@Austarr: Most philosophical comment, FTW!
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:25pm Skirkie:

Whelp, sex just got ruined.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Who's Randy opening for, and where?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm JakeGould:

Randy would have been smacked 9 minutes ago. Just saying.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm Mary Wing:

Retiring Randy? Oh, thank god!
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm Cliff:

Wow, this guy is a psychopath....
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm Ange:

Sex just got ruined! Ha!
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The shower scene in Schindler's List isn't as hot as it could be, you know?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:26pm Studio B Ben:

And now Bubba Gump's is ruined. That's the end of fine dining.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:27pm BruceF:

@Matt from Springfield - Randy is opening for Don Mclean.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:27pm honest question Andrea:

Is this yet another show a la scharpling where we are bombarded with calls that are basically an act? Because if this guy is real it is not a good indicator of your self esteem.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Apparently Bubba Gumps doesn't serve Dr. Pepper--that kinda ruins it right off the bat...
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Piece of Cream Cheese???

Anti-Semitic much???
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Bruce: Ooof! That's brutal, they'll be comparing each others dick autographs for hours...
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:28pm Studio B Ben:

I keep my do-it log on my bedpost like any self-respecting citizen.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:29pm Ange:

Cream cheese is anti-semitic!? I never thought of that. I just thought it was pure nonsense.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:30pm Linder:

Andrea Randy is an emotional abuser! A psychopath, please do not get away from him. It is so disturbing to listen to you being manipulated.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Doesn't Andrea put a notch on her headboard when she does it???
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, live tweets of this!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:33pm Ange:

You'll all hear audio from our dinner at Bubba Gumps on Feb 26th....
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:33pm JakeGould:

Andrea, I thought the cream cheese was a “Last Tango in Paris” reference, but with a schmear instead of butter.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

A pap schmear?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:37pm Matt from Springfield:

"Dr. Papp's Bagels and Schmears: Café and Practice"
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:39pm Matt from Springfield:

The only good bird is a deep fried bird!!!
Koalas? Not so much.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Where do these girls with low standards hang out???
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did he whip his wang out at brunch???
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

My big fat greek bush, right???
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:48pm JakeGould:

So, I think the guy is just a horn-dog. And the reason he came so quickly & then made the pubs comment is because he’s… Oh… I don’t know… Some small dicked asshole?
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:49pm LilyAbigale:

dude is an antirandy
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"Welcome to Netherhair Talk, 201-209-9368..."
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:51pm JakeGould:

If this dude & Randy got in a car crash, I’d feel sorry for the car.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Aww BURN! ZING! :D
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:52pm Ange:

Oh, he didn't come quickly! He just gave up on the sex because he didn't know how to deal.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:53pm JakeGould:

Oh, that is even worse. Like 10 seconds & then he’s like a pube snot? Kinda worse.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:53pm honest question Andrea:

Wow. The man children just get worse and worse. Why this woman would entertain anyone like this is just so… If I were your older brother I would gladly beat this little shit to death. No spoilers but change the number or consider a harassment suit. Order of protection would be a tough call.
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:53pm JakeGould:

“Aww BURN! ZING!” Yeah, that’s exactly what a car burning & exploding sounds like.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:55pm No Patience for Randy:

Sending Peg back to her own cubicle
Listening to the show "in the condo's weight room"

Andrea: I DID hear from a listener who was on a Bolt Bus when the driver pulled over, but that was because the passenger was bothering the driver to "speed up", Randy: that was me too, because we were late

Also watched "Last Tango in Paris" in public, though it was a musical

"I have in front of me a letter from Tulane, "April" graduated Tulane, GPA 2.4" (!)
Andrea: "they don't give out that private info..." Randy: "I told them I was her father and she died"

"I'm a gangsta, woman!"
"You're on the streets of Maryland now, not the gold-plated streets of NYC"

Threatens Andrea because shes "going into dangerous territory", wouldn't hurt anybody but "I have friends that would"

List of songs for making love to includes Simpson's Movie, Schindler's List etc.

"I cried last night for the first time last night, since my pet salamander died"

"You are a simple-minded piece of cream cheese"

Keeps a 'Do-It Log"

Has a regular table at Bubba Gump's

Randy: It takes a big woman to admit she's wrong". Andrea: "...but I'm not a "big woman" Randy:"You're not small!"

Creating a new comic strip, "its a male version of Cathy, it's called New Millenium Blues"

...and so much more! This sounds more than ever like a bit scripted by a comedian. It's like a Wurster routine, down to the hot-headed threats over the phone and a co-worker in the next cubicle nick-named "The Wildebeast"
Also: would he really have to listen to Andrea's show "on a CD my friend burned and gave me". Wouldn't he be able to find it on the web? Wouldn't a narcissist like Randy, described by Andrea as "loving all the attention" from her and a TV crew (?!) have listened to every show he's on, every week, also maybe read the Comments, and had something to say about those, instead of waiting for this CD burn, casually listening while working out, and getting indignant just because Andrea mentioned she was skeptical about some of his stories?
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:56pm honest question Andrea:

You are sorry for this guy and his masochistic tendencies. His sense of rejection? Sorry. The boy is simply scum with a future on a liver transplant list. Lets hope the frat bros turn him down.
  Wed. 2/12/14 7:57pm thatsyourtrouble:

Fantastic show, Andrea!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:57pm JakeGould:

“This sounds more than ever like a bit scripted by a comedian.” Who transcribes what they hate? Oh, the Internet!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:57pm Matt from Springfield:

"Their show will make you smarter, while this one is on WFMU" :P

Chastity Belt, nice band!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Andrea! Always a surreal journey into love life.
Have a good night everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 7:59pm Callieflower:

"I don't know who that is" Oh, okay
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 8:00pm JakeGould:

And now, we get to hear a crazy man talk sincerely for 1 hour. Yay!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 8:00pm Mary Wing:

Station ID, Ange!
  Wed. 2/12/14 8:01pm P-90:

Thamks, Andrea!
Avatar Wed. 2/12/14 8:01pm Ange:

The Station ID happened around 7:57:30! Thanks!
Avatar Tue. 2/18/14 5:53pm TheRapperWithNoName:

Just tuning in for the first full show, catchin the Randy antics. Speechless, jaw agape.
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