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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 28, 2009

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Artist Track Album Year Comments
Mark Sanders  [track 3]   Options Swallow Chase  2004   
Mark Sanders  [track 4]   Options Swallow Chase  2004   
Mark Sanders  [track 5]   Options Swallow Chase  2004   
Repeat  [track 2]   Options Temporary Contemporary  1998   
Jean-Claude Eloy  [side C]   Options Shanti  1978   
Lê Quan Ninh  Ustensiles Horizontaux   Options Ustensiles  1995   
Fast Forward  Pomp and Circumstance   Options Panhandling  1991   
Het  The Unmoved Mover   Options Het  1984   
ZGA  Imaginary Flaying of a Mechanical Pig   Options (Riga)  1989   
ZGA  Pereicotuum Eze Mestichniosty   Options Zgamoniums  1995   
Biota  Ghost Shirt   Options Tumble  1989   
Azalia Snail  Another Slave Labor Day   Options      
Azalia Snail  Bursting Star   Options      
Hail/Snail  Whirly-Bird   Options   1993   
Pram  Windy   Options   1994   
Asmus Tietchens  Belehrung 2   Options   2000   
Q.R. Ghazala  Valkyries of Asgard   Options Requiem for a Radio  1995   
David Dunn  Chaos & The Emergent Mind of the Pond   Options Angels & Insects  1991  collage of microscopic aquatic insects 
Rod Summers  Forest Story Two   Options De Appel: No 3/1984  1984   
Adam Bohman  Chardonnay Charades   Options Last Orders     
Total  Tapestry / Colloquial Sunset Music   Options Eternity's Beautiful Frontispiece     

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/28/09 12:15pm annie:

nice, morning bryce!!
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:16pm volunteer mike:

  Fri. 8/28/09 12:17pm flandrew:

shim shim shimmery - nice, bryce is on!!!
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:18pm Carmichael:

Aloha, Bryce.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:18pm volunteer stingy d:

oh shit i fucked up.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:20pm bryce:

hi annieeeee hey mike howdy flllandrew aloha carmichael!!!!
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:20pm bryce:

oh, hi stingy d.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:24pm Hugo:

Mark Sanders - saw him this summer in a configuration called Speeq - with Phil Minton, Hasse Poulsen and Luc Ex. I suppose only Minton spoke - if that's the right word for it ...
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:25pm BSI:

ready to have my psychic clock cleaned....
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:34pm north guinea hills:

So, Bryce, what's the dealy-o on the delay of your marathon premium cd comp. (just curious, trying to kill time at work).
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:35pm carmichael:

Mark Sanders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyeYzWiWtyw
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:35pm marshall:

is there an artist by the name jessie evans going to be on your show today?
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:36pm Jed:

gee Cap't Bryce, will you be showin' cartunes?
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:38pm Cecile:

Hi, all! Good stuff, Bryce!
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:39pm Carmichael:

Hi Cecile. How's your Friday?
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:42pm dc pat:


jus kiddin...hy bryce
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:42pm bryce:

geez, hugo, what a lineup. dying to see mark sanders live — he's really something.... thanks for the vid, cmichael!

ngh, deal is.....comically over-ambitious hand-made sleeves mixed with compound life trainwreck. but THEY *ARE* COMING!!
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:44pm bryce:

hahaa, hey dcp & cecile!

marshall, i don't believe it's me....

jed, i don't believe it's you.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:44pm BSI:

I figure no sweat on the Bryce premium. It means there's another Xmas this year...... that, and whenever the locked-groove LP gets birthed.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:47pm Ike:

I demand an hour-long improv monologue on the trainwreck. Fact or fiction. With funny noises.
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:48pm perrin:

tuning in, then dropping out (me and ned are going to burning man (I know, it is not hip anymore, the last time it was hip was 1992 when they still allowed guns..._ what will you be doing monday? I'll be drinking tequila in the hot sun looking at partially to fully unclothed ex dot com employees...)
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:54pm Jed:

I'm not me. I'm a 14th century fisherman from Getaria who has ingested a strange fungus growth from the refuse of a cow in my field. I will be going back there soon, but while I'm here, where's the nearest Arby's?
  Fri. 8/28/09 12:57pm bryce:

perrin— yeah, sounds like its less naked-outlaws-on-lsd now. still, so many folks spend the entire year making huge crazy stuff for the next bm, there's no way it's not fun....

farmer jed, a bacon-n-bleu roastburger awaits at the other end of a st. vitus lapdance.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:02pm dc pat:


jus kiddin....or AM I?...
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:02pm north guinea hills:

Hmmmm..., I've been in a life train wreck before. (not to be confused w/ a live train wreck.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:02pm Carmichael:

Here you go, Pat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skiLDE_AMlg
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:06pm dc pat:

excellent thanks Carm. I definitely will NOT check that out in a minute.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:08pm perrin:

my grandma used to ask me every morning if I had had a good bm. always freaked me out.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:10pm Cecile:

I'm glad you played Le Quan Ninh, he 's great

Perrin, once you get up to a certain age, a day w/o a blockage is a good one indeed.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:10pm your grandma:

And Did you today son?
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:13pm Sister Hairy Hymen:

This beats Rush Limbaugh
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:22pm doug in DC:

The song title is exactly what this sounds like.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:24pm Chris:

Yup, sounds just like Pereicotuum Eze Mestichniosty to me. Oh, wait....
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:26pm BSI:

Polyunsaturated Coitus Ege Bamyasi Con Carne!
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:38pm stingy d:

i wish i was at wfmu. but honestly the only thing that is truly wrong with this day is the lack of pie.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:40pm Cecile:

Yes, I am somewhat pie-deprived myself.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:42pm stingy d:

why aren't there more pie places floating around?
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:43pm BSI:

parrot pie?
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:43pm Carmichael:

I'm thinking about starting a Pie World franchise.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:43pm doug in DC:

Pies are out. It's all cupcakes now.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:43pm Ike:

Fuck pie, I want a chocolate chip cookie. And I wish I was volunteering at WFMU instead of working. Those desires are equally strong.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:44pm Cecile:

four and twenty budgies baked in a pie

Where's budgie?
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:50pm BSI:

Cupcake Dog, we shall never forget you.
...or hell, I won't, anyway.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:54pm stingy d:

naw i had cupcakes yesterday. i want pie because it's raining and i'm drinking coffee at home doing nothing. you wouldn't understand.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:54pm dc pat:

yeah, I'm getting a little tired of all the tan-pants-folks in G-town waiting in line down the street to buy freakin cupcakes. They have nothing better to do??
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:55pm 3.1415926535897932384626433832795:

'You talkin' to me?
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:56pm dc pat:

my mom makes a bitchin derby pie, like a pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate.
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:58pm stingy d:

yea come to think of it, i have seen too many cupcake lines. buncha dandies. not even gentleman of leisure such as myself. just a bunch of airy faerie book readin mary's
  Fri. 8/28/09 1:59pm Chris:


Believe it or not, the blackbery pie at Clyde's is a religious experience. Go while it's still on the menu. Though the derby pie sounds strong.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:10pm stingy d:

see... chris understands what's going on here. cookies are a dime a dozen. cupcakes are nonsense. it's all about pie folks. i'm so sincere.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:14pm Bettie Page:

And this whole time I thought it was about cheesecake.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:17pm stingy d:

i like what i'm hearing bryce. except for the sudden outburst from ms. page
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:19pm still b/p:

Good pie could suffice as the only birthday present required for the rest of my life. But there's nothing as eye-rollingly, endorphin-strokingly, high-cosmic-horsepower-pleasure-crankingly narcotic as a perfect home made chocolate chip cookie. It's a problem.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:19pm dc pat:

Crhis, I will keep that muhfuh in mind....although I don't get out much...
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:21pm bryce:

I'm hosting a cup cake party for my girlfriends and am wondering what some favorite cup- cake bakeries in NYC are. Since NY and cupcakes can become a hot topic, and obviously everyone has their own favorite, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this.
See, at the party, I'm going to buy cupcakes from about 8-10 of the 'best' places in the city. Then, I'm going to place them on numbered plates (and only I'll know what number corresponds to which bakery). Everyone will taste them, fill out a sheet, vote, and we'll see who comes out victorious!
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:21pm dc pat:

I'm going w/ stinj on this one, pie all the way.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:22pm doug in DC:

Chris, the Clyde's downtown, next to MCI Center?
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:25pm Chris:


I was thinking Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville, but I think they have the same menu? You could in theory check on line.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:28pm dc pat:

I have news for everyone: It is definitely NOT "all good"
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:38pm Cecile:

I've heard about the Magnolia bakery and their cupcakes. You should also get some from a grocery store just to see how they stack up.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:42pm stingy pie:

yea magnolia is very much a place with a bunch of no-good panty-wearing male freaks. cucpakes is good though. then there is crumbs. for your over-commercialized cupcakes. and my perosnal favrotie: butter lane.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:45pm bryce:

I haven't been much of a fan of cupcakes since kindergarten - I usually prefer full-size cakes, but this post thead piqued my curiosity. Plus, I can't risk the caloric overdoses of eating whole cakes in one or two sittings like I used to.

I've been waiting and waiting for the results of Stingy's taste test party, and got to the point that I just had to do my own test this past week. (And yes, I do need some Prozac! ; ) )

I made most trips late in the afternoon/early evening (in case the time of day affects the dryness factor). I always tried yellow cake with vanilla icing/frosting, when available, but also tried various other flavors at each place (but no chocolate). I should also point out that I prefer very sweet cake and frosting (never could understand how a cupcake could be described as "too sweet"!), and I generally don't like buttercream frosting.

The results:

(1) Buttercup Bake Shop (UES) vs Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cafe (LES)
- my top rated places in this brief survey
- both had moist (one of the most important factors), tasty cupcakes
- loved the cream cheese-flavored frostings on the spice and pumpkin cupcakes; also liked SSS's pistachio (would have preferred a stronger pistachio flavor though) and Buttercup's red velvet (which I usually don't like at most places)
- carryout service was fine at both (the clerks' advice to keep the cupcakes out of the refrigerator at Buttercup Cafe was charming, well at least on the first visit)
- Buttercup has enough staff working that I never had to wait to be served more than just a minute
- Buttercup's place seemed a little brighter and cleaner and is not too far from my neighborhood, so would probably head there if I had a hankering for cupcakes

(2) Little Pie Company (W 43rd St)
- in the past I've never been able to understand why this place attracted so many rave reviews - always very disappointed by the pies and cake in the past, so I really wasn't expecting much
- turned out the yellow cake with vanilla icing and vanilla cream filling was surprisingly good (but wouldn't send me out of my way for a second take)

(3) Amy's Bread (Hell's Kitchen)
- a little dry; acceptable taste; not particularly memorable flavor; staff very friendly; would visit again if in the neighborhood
- they get extra points for the most inventive approach to packing cupcakes: they pack them in upside down paper cups; on the other hand, this is arguably not the most eco-friendly way to pack food that will in most cases be eaten not too long after the purchase, especially given that there's a plastic lid top for the cupcake to sit on, so the extra wasted resources cancel out the positive convenience factor : (

(4) Crumbs (UES)
- rather dry cupcakes; acceptable but not particularly memorable flavor otherwise

(5) Two Little Red Hens (UES)
- very pretty cakes, lots of icing (maybe too much?); but the cakes were much too dry and the icing very dense and too buttercreamy for my taste
- in particular, didn't care for the lemon cupcake - a bit too tart (not sweet enough to overcome the grimace) for me
- friendly staff

(6) Billy's (Chelsea)
- these cupcakes were very dry and had a rather odd taste that I don't know how to put into words
- I could eat another one if it was given to me, but wouldn't buy one
- the place is bright and seems pretty clean
- staff seemed helpful, but the line was too long; these are just cupcakes - you shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes on line to be served or to even be able to see what's in the display case!

(7) Cupcake Cafe (W 40th St/Port Authority area)
- the most beautiful cupcakes by far that I can ever remember seeing
- but WAAAY too dry - blech! this was such a disappointment (fortunately, I had been somewhat prepared by having read other FMUers' posts describing this)
- and this place is really dark and nasty; unfinished-looking floors, it just looks unclean; I even bumped into and knocked over a rod that was lying up against a wall just outside the door as I was walking in (is some kind of remodeling underway or something?)

(8) Babycakes (LES)
- ah, maybe not quite fair to include this one because I didn't actually taste any
- but I was not about to pay for a single cupcake what I had just paid for 2 very tasty cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which is a 2-minute walk a few blocks over
- I'd be willing to give them a few bonus points for serving gluten-free cupcakes along with their other cupcakes though, assuming that they are edible
- a very small, and not the cleanest looking place I'm afraid, although they do beat Cupcake Cafe in that regard

(9) Magnolia's
- ok, I admit I didn't include this one in this particular roundup; I tried their cupcakes years back and was underwhelmed (esp given the prices and the lines)

One of the reasons I generally ignore cupcakes in bake shops is that I just cannot bring myself to pay so much money (typically in the ballpark of $2-3) for a single tiny cupcake, when for the cost of two of them, I could make a couple dozen cupcakes myself
... or, better still, head over to La Bergamote (are they still open?), Payard's, or (sigh) Fauchon for some really good and pretty pastries ... there's no way I could just whip up a Fauchon cake slice in a couple of hours. Besides, some of the cupcakes served at the places listed above tasted suspiciously similar to cupcakes I have had that I knew were from cakemix packages from the local supermarket (some of which I made myself).
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:46pm stingy pie:

two little red hens gets it poppin. and you might wanna see what dean and deluca has goin on. magnolia is the one sex and the city fawns over. there's some glutenfree joint down in the les on broome or something. ask dave from night people where it is. yr girlfriends gonna be so gay in love with you.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:47pm yo man:

what the fuck with your cupcake documentary and shit up there yo. make me wanna never eat a cupcake again. i'ma read it now though, so shut up.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:54pm stingy d:

motherfather's got it twisted man. iit's about pie. black coffee and damn fine pie. diane, if you're ever in new york city, dismiss all cupcakes, and find yourself a nice slice of pie. sherriff truman will back me up on that one.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:55pm Ike:

Hmmm. Chowhound copy-and-paste jamming.

Damn, those David Dunn and Rod Summers pieces were fine.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:56pm Chris:

This Total has always done it for me.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:57pm stingy d:

the description of those cupcakes is vaguely reminiscent of how i felt about all my friends' mothers growing up.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:57pm Cecile:

I love me some pie. That's the truth.
Wilde Roast makes some of the best ones, and they put them out as little tarts so you. can. eat. a. whole. one. by. yourself! and not feel horrible.
  Fri. 8/28/09 2:57pm bryce:

joe mcgasko's rockwool blondies are to die for, imho. topped with his rich lime tadelakt, you'll swear you're in heaven.

  Fri. 8/28/09 2:59pm bryce:

ta. tatata.
  Fri. 8/28/09 3:00pm stingy d:

oh shit! it's 3! later bryce, a pleasure!!!!
  Fri. 8/28/09 3:01pm Cecile:

Eat pie or die!
  Fri. 8/28/09 3:02pm Ike:

Total = fan-frakking-tastic!

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