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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 4, 2009

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Artist Track Album
Organum  Aurora   Options Sphyx 
Jim O'Rourke  [track 1]   Options Scend 
Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi  Thoughts   Options Thoughts Melt in the Air 
Daniel Menche  Flaming Tongues   Options Flaming Tongues 
Lasse Marhaug & Nils Henrik Asheim  Philomela   Options Grand Mutation 
Marcus Fjellström  Planchette   Options Exercises in Estrangement 
Z'ev  Zuid / Zuid Oost   Options Production and Decay of Spacial Relations 
Glenn Branca  Dissonance   Options Lesson No. 1 
Fog  Melted Crayons   Options  
Illitch  Elle Voulait que Je Sois Drôle   Options 10 Suicides 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/4/09 12:07pm Ike:

  Fri. 9/4/09 12:09pm Carmichael:

Aloha, Bryce and listener.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:12pm Chris:

Hello all. This is brilliant stuff. Worth delaying lunch a bit.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:13pm bryce:

hey, all!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:13pm FMM:

AMM after this!! add an AMM day to the Scelsi day...
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:14pm Marshall Stacks:

Good morning from sunny CA!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:15pm Hugo:

This could go on forever ...
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:16pm brainard:

This is very nice. I hope it goes on for another 20 minutes. I am not being sarcastic.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:17pm Mark Williams:

don't suppose you'd like to throw in any of that recent Jackman (Mr Organum to you)/Z'Ev thing?
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:17pm Chris:

I'm about to go mailorder it. Amazing.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:18pm BSI:

Howdy mob...
Forced day off w/o pay... hooray recession thing!
But I still have my droney vitamin audio...
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:18pm jeff_m:

afternoon sir, yummy stuff. settled in and enjoying
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:27pm Jed:

Hi Bryce. Wombly Wambly.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:27pm Carmichael:

@Marshall: how's wine country today?
@BSI: I'm the only one in the entire building. All others are furloughed. WFMU is LOUD!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:27pm annie:

i'm here, but now i'm out the door. get the dog out for a ball-toss... i'll be back.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:30pm north guinea hills:

I am not familiar w/ this jimbo record. interesting.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:32pm bryce:

everyone! you must shop naked!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:33pm Marshall Stacks:

Hey Carm! Things are good here. The smoke has cleared.
Bryce - Consider it done!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:34pm Parq:

I usually wear a jacket, but today I'll shop in short shirtsleeves. That will have to do.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:35pm bartelby:

I'm only at work til 3 eastern so I'm finishing out the week with Bryce's show. On my way home I have to pick up a new mouse but I'll be wearing pasties
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:36pm Marshall Stacks:

Apropos of naked shopping, from yesterday's SF Chronicle:

  Fri. 9/4/09 12:38pm Hugo:

(A)Scend or De(Scend) or something else?
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:40pm bartelby:

  Fri. 9/4/09 12:42pm Jed:

Incidentally, F U C K
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:42pm Ken:

Thanx for the long play!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:44pm texas scott:

never shop naked

naked shopping = clean up on aisle 6
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:45pm Hugo:

Sounds vaguely aquatic ... or, perhaps better, sounds wavely aquatic ...
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:46pm Sultan Pepper:

this is amazing stuff-thanks so much!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:48pm Cecile:

speaking of aquatic
The Necks' Aquatic is a personal favorite, and it's long enough for you to go get a meal.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:49pm north guinea hills:

today's brycetacular set is making me want to take ketamine....
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:50pm mr. ed:

yeah, too bad i gave the last of my ketamine to my pal Trigger
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:51pm Rampler:

Hi Bryce!
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:51pm Hugo:

Yes, Necks tunes are about an hour on average.
  Fri. 9/4/09 12:59pm Hugo:

Music for inducing a state of dissociative anesthesia ...
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:00pm still b/p:

re: shopping
A tweet from my sister a couple of months ago:
"when the helper guy at home depot says "only if you give me that shirt" and you do, he gets way flunnoxed"
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:01pm Cecile:

I love them.
I listen to them on the bus when I feel like whomping on everyone in a four-block radius.
By the time the ride's over, you're quite serene.

DUDE. Did she really?
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:03pm Jed:

please don't talk backwards. It makes my elbows chaffed.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:03pm still b/p:

I'd say there's a good chance. No tellin' what was under. But I didn't get the version that's more than 140 characters.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:04pm Jed:

elbow macaroni
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:04pm Jed:

Bilbo Crap Mahoney
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:06pm annie:

minnie maloney
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:06pm bananafana:

Great Googly Airmo Marconi!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:07pm bryce:

hahahaaaa! your sister's awesome
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:11pm bryce:

jed, your sister's almost unbelievably droll
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:13pm Jed:

my sistuh is a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbermouth. A BLAAAAAAAAAABBERMOUTH.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:16pm baits motel:

If you want me, I'll be ralphing in the kram den.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:17pm Ken:

Bless you Bryce, DANIEL MENCHE!!!!!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:18pm annie:

i was just thinking of him when the show came on!! wow.. i love this..
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:18pm Dave:

Really great show so far.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:19pm Daniel Menche:

This sounds very familiar.......
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:19pm Jed:

yes, this is incredible. I'm blasting it!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:21pm annie:

it IS incredible, i was thinkin i wanted a d menche fix!!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:22pm bryce:

mistah menche! any chance we could convince you to make the next one an 11-inch cd?
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:25pm victim of Menche potato cannon:

  Fri. 9/4/09 1:28pm annie:

thanks for the link. i had lost track since i went off myspace
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:29pm Daniel Menche:

Who's got the 10 and a half!!!! Black Flag style! Oh yes there will be more CDs outa me like the kung fu guillotine master. Loads of exciting new music coming soon.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:30pm annie:

see, something drove me back in to the house today... i am soooo glad for gnats!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:31pm the sheriff:

potato cannons are illegal, mister
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:35pm Chris:

If you outlaw potato cannons only outlaws will have them.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:36pm St. Patrick:

That explains it..
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:38pm Daniel Menche:

Oh wuv shooting them spuds off....yep!...Going to shoot some off today...yep! Who's going to join me!...Portland only...sawry
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:45pm annie:

mr menche, if that's really you, this is genius
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:46pm jk:

agreed, this is awesome
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:48pm Daniel Menche:

I just pinched myself and yep...it's me! I got my coffee ready this morning and opened up my WFMU radio and I say to myself..."This sounds familiar" and had to go to this playlist to actually figure out who the hell I am. I sorta forgot about this album. 4 years old and still some kick to it.
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:49pm ken:

Meester Menche, NYC luvs ya! Pleese bring your sonic sweetness our way soon!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:50pm dead raccoon removal:

dead raccoon removal video on your blog is classic
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:50pm ken:

PS- Daniel, love your little doggie!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:53pm ken:

and BIG fav of mine is cerebic doxology, Mr Menche, more vocal weirdness in the near future??
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:53pm annie:

cecile, anyone.. i just saw an email that is asking for emergency housing for two labs whose owner is leaving the country. they must not be separated.. any one have any ideas?
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:56pm ʇʇoɔs sɐxǝʇ:

¡ǝıuuɐ'ɯǝɥʇ ʇdopɐ
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:57pm Daniel Menche:

Thanks everyone! LOVE to come back to NYC! Have plane ticket will travel! NEW blog post up NOW! Big Muff Autopsy!


Working on getting Cerberic Doxology performed live by the Portland Gay Mens chorus...No LIE!!!...details soon!
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:58pm annie:

ahhh. 'twere it so simple...
  Fri. 9/4/09 1:59pm ken:

OMG!!! Ahhhhhhhh Ummmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,in Gay Chorus, WOW! keep on rocking Mr Menche, YOUR AMAZING!!!!!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:01pm Goyum:

You're a true mensch!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:05pm Daniel Menche:

Wow....From Flaming Tongues to MASSIVE POTATOES!!!! BRYCE you are a GENIUS!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:11pm Sven O:

This is how the ocean sounded on Titan last summer - no joke.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:12pm brock:

Portland noise
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:16pm zedprophfer:

first Flaming Lips then FLAMING TONGUES? what's next!?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:17pm Hugo:

  Fri. 9/4/09 2:18pm Bad Ronald:

Incendiary Esophagus?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:20pm texas scott:

  Fri. 9/4/09 2:20pm doug in DC:

Flaming Teeth
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:24pm zedprophfer:

Flaming Incendiary Esophagus's debut "All I Want For Christmas Is My Flaming Teeth" in stores now! warning: may cause heartburn / mutating grand(mothers)
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:26pm doug in DC:

Daniel: Can you buy that potato cannon, or is it home-made (or from a kit)? I knew someone way back who made one himself. He fired one off from his front stoop that came within inches of hitting the traffic light at the intersection in front of his house.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:29pm Daniel Menche:

Oh you kids with the biology references...Let's look over to the old scool gnostics for the flaming tongues.


And more flaming tongues over here.


So NOW you know where the title came from!

Potato guns for sale?....Hmmmmm....try Home Depot in the PVC pipe section and some good old fashion internet instructions. Go for BBQ lighter switch and you will be shooting potatoes in no time!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:38pm Mark Williams:

doug in DC - i'm Mark in DC. what say you?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's up with all the potato shit today?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:41pm doug in DC:

Hey Mark, how are you? Will you be up in Mt. Pleasant tonight for WFTBO?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:43pm Johnny Mash:

I shot a potato in Hot Grease,
just to watch it fry.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:46pm ken:

supremely great show today Bryce!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:47pm Mark Williams:

why yes I will, though on the early side. Just ordered that Menche. Somehow doubt they'll play that tonight. Join me for a really big plate of fries?
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:49pm bryce:

thanks, ken! we just pushy the buttons.....
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:50pm cornelius:

ok! something off the first AMM... ready... go! great set.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:51pm doug in DC:

Probably not early, i'm recording tonite w/Moon Pie at their house. We're laying down one of the songs we played at Avant Fairfax. But the fries are good at Marx.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:52pm Chris:

Oh, nice. Can't wait to hear that.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:54pm ken:

true bryce, but they are ALL the right buttons!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:56pm doug in DC:

Hey DCers, you know (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope are at the Lounge tonight. Still sitting on the fence about this.
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:58pm Chris:

Thanks Doug, almost forgot about Kaleidoscope!
  Fri. 9/4/09 2:59pm bryce:

you: be well!
  Fri. 9/4/09 3:01pm Daniel Menche:

Daniel Mencheeeee
  Fri. 9/4/09 3:17pm bryce:

ach so! one less name to mangle on public record.

it almost makes me sad.
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