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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 21, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Pyrolator  Im Zoo   Options Pyrolator's Wunderland  waaah :( 
Michael Lobel  Blast Off! Modern Times   Options Trip-Tych: The Sound Paintings of Michael Lobel   
Vladimir Ussachevsky  Invention on 12 Notes   Options Tape Music: An Historic Concert   
Tom Dissevelt  Intersection (early version)   Options Popular Electronics   
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman  Mist o' the Moon   Options Music Out of the Moon   
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman  This Room is My Castle of Quiet   Options Music for Peace of Mind   
Clara Rockmore  Sérénade Mélancolique   Options The Art of the Theremin  Tchaikovsky 
Bernard Hermann  soundtrack to "Journey to the Center of the Earth"   Options The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann   
    The Conet Project   
Paul DeMarinis  March   Options The Edison Effect: A Listener's Companion   
Neil & Elaine Mills  Number Poem 1 for Voices   Options Count Me In! [Charlie Lewis' 2007 wfmu marathon premium]   
Charles Bernstein  1-100   Options [from ubu.com]   
The VItamin B12  [track B2]   Options    
Strafe Für Rebellion  Not for Radio   Options Santa Maria   
Tom Zé  O Pib Da Pib   Options Jogos de Armar   
The Pointer Sisters  [pinball animation from sesame street]   Options http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgocE-JfWFI   
Vocokesh  [track 1]   Options 3 New Untitled Tracks   
Flower-Corsano Duo  The Beginning of the End   Options The Four Aims   
Brother JT & Vibrolux  I Saw the Eye   Options Dosed & Confused   
Acid Mothers Temple  Diamond Doggy Peggy   Options Magical Power from Mars, vol. 2   
Marble Sheep Meets ○△◽  Love Chant   Options Marble Sheep Meets ○△◽   
Uludag  [side A]   Options Mau Mau   
Achim Knispel  Horch   Options Strapse   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/21/09 12:04pm annie:

  Fri. 8/21/09 12:04pm BSI:

Well it's about time, young man.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:05pm Ike:

Are you trying to summon Tony Coulter?
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:05pm bryce:

helloooooo, youandyouandyou!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:05pm Carmichael:

OK Bryce, stand out there in front of the radiator and start crankin'. I'm ready for the multi-lobe assault.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:05pm bryce:

tony what, now?
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:07pm bryce:

get in the ring-shaped ufo, carmichael.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:07pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 8/21/09 12:09pm scarecrow:

the yellow brick road is nice this time of year...
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:11pm Jed:

Greeting Bryce. Let's paint your head industrial green!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:13pm bryce:

NO!! yuppies will buy me!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:14pm texas scott:

yo,BRYCE....Super Fun Dough!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:17pm bryce:

NO!!!! lubovitcher preschoolers will turn my head into a fluorescent hamentashen!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:17pm Carmichael:

"Super Scientists From Nowhere"

I recognize that ring from my study of string theory.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:18pm bryce:

on second thought, that sounds all right. let's do it.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:21pm Jed:

have you thought about ChiaBryce?
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:22pm BSI:

wait... i've seen this movie... THE BIG "O", right?
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:25pm Carmichael:


About 35 seconds in.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:30pm ?:

mmmmmmmmmm Chia with Chai
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:37pm dragonflyshards:

CHIA BRYCE ! ..I WANT ONE ! .(only if it's still animated.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:39pm steven:

query? is fmu broadcasting the stream on only one channel
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:40pm bryce:

yow, i hope not!

  Fri. 8/21/09 12:41pm Rampler:

I hear it in stereo here in the internet
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:41pm dragonflyshards:

i've gt 2 channels.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:42pm Rampler:

And just tested it on an actual radio. both channels, doin fine
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:43pm bryce:

steven, you're having a stroke — hyperventilate and spin!!!
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:43pm dargonflyshards:

and the AMAZNG ring shaped u f o video sounded awright w the theremin.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:43pm Dean Rispler:

2 channels here, too. Sounds beautiul. Great show, Bryce.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:44pm dragonflyshards:

i mean ZING
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:45pm Ike:

Did somebody say fluorescent hamentaschen?! What makes them fluorescent? Superfund juice? I want some. And some hummus. Or I'll plotz.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:49pm Carmichael:

Bryce, you're hitting all the Hitchcockians here, as well as Rockmore, who allegedly turned down Spellbound. Nice research.
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:53pm bryce:

wow, she was asked to do stuff for spellbound?? did not know! what's the story?
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:57pm ?:

just checking the playlist--no wonder I felt like I was at the multiplex . . .
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:57pm jk:

oddly, this Bernard Hermann is freaking out my coworkers more than anything else you've played
  Fri. 8/21/09 12:58pm dc pat:

YES! Numbers stations, my fave!!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:00pm Carmichael:

Apparently she considered herself a serious theremin musician and looked down upon those who used it to "make spooky noises". She would only play high falutin classical music in a formal concert environment. Hoffman was a little more liberal in his reportoire, could sight read, and was generally much more of a free spirit. So he got the job, and later won an Academy Award for it.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:00pm Kelly:

Hi Bryce! War codes make me feel warm and fuzzy!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:01pm dc pat:

66686 is so rockin.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:02pm whaaaaaaaaaaaat:

where are these numbers coming from??????????
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:03pm Rampler:

Numbers rule!!!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:04pm Marshall Stacks:

The first time I heard a numbers broadcast on shortwave it really scared me. What is it about them that's so chilling?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:05pm dc pat:

google "numbers stations"
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:07pm Rampler:

Bryce is reprogramming the agents in the field, in preparation for...???
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:07pm The Lincolnshire Poacher:

Them what knows doesn't talk, know what I mean, guvnor?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:08pm dc pat:

yeah, they're creepy. I think maybe it's because it is direct evidence that something weird is going on....I mean, what the fuck are they communicating and to whom?? That's scary..
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:09pm texas scott:

i think i'll start my own numbers station...
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:09pm Carmichael:

They're talking about you, Pat. Behind your back, but right in front of you.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:09pm BSI:

you had me at sixty three.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:10pm Rampler:

I hope you have something from The Count from Sesame Street
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:10pm north guinea hills:

i think it's scary that i've heard berstein's "1-100" before..., never thought i'd hear it again.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:10pm jk:

one hundred and one
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:10pm Marshall Stacks:

Oh Charles, you told it wrong.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:11pm jk:

one hundred and two
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:11pm jk:

one hundred and three
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:12pm dc pat:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:12pm jk:

one hundred and five
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:12pm Neil:

And I thought 24 was the biggest number.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:12pm dc pat:

I have a thing about 104. I see it everywhere...
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:13pm Rampler:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:13pm north guinea hills:

Neil, shhhhh....

(we all know there are only 24 people in the world...)
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:13pm zedprophfer:

the smallest weird number
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:13pm Agent 99:

7 8 9, I repeat, 7 8 9. Over
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:14pm Rampler:

smallest weird number = 70
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:14pm zedprophfer:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:15pm Rampler:

Music 70... BOC...
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:16pm texas scott:

3...it's a magic number
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:16pm One:

I am the loneliest
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:16pm Taylor:

The number is 180, and the letter is G.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:17pm zedprophfer:

music has the right to weird numbers
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:17pm dc pat:

nein, nein, 99
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:17pm Taylor:

We're 10-7. Out.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:18pm Number Six:

I am not a number, I am a free man.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:18pm Rampler:

new 209 song coming tonight
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:19pm 420:

heh heh
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:19pm Thx 1138:

May i have a new name?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:20pm zedprophfer:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:20pm Rampler:

Boards of Canada "Aquarius" has a lot of counting in it, come on!!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:20pm Eno:

We are the 801!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:21pm BSI:

goddamn, I loved that pinball machine.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:21pm jk:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:22pm Marshall Stacks:

These guys have been listening to too much Charles Bernstein.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:22pm dc pat:

aw man, can you play "20" from sesame street?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:22pm gbrust:

I have always loved this since I was a kid. My wife and I walk around the house singing it sometimes. 123456789101112! Thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:23pm Kiss me Once:

Kiss me twice, kiss me me once again
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:23pm iggy:

i'm only 5' 1".
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:23pm mrria:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:24pm jk:

bernstein on the beach?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:24pm BSI:

Ben Stein on a beach?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:26pm Taylor:

x=-74, apparently
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:26pm Mewbird:

How about some EVP recordings...
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:27pm Rampler:

I am actually bringing some scary child mannequin heads over to the station later. could try some EVP on them
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:30pm north guinea hills:

nein stein?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:30pm BSI:

i can't believe it's snot buttah!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:35pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/21/09 1:36pm bartelby:

Happy once, happy twice, happy chicken soup with Bryce
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:36pm bryce:

i once had a mannequin, but one.

x-ray burns: there's a man with mannequins.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:41pm Chris:

How about some Bloody Mannequin Orchestra?
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:42pm jeff-m:

hi Bryce. Hope you're doing well. Dosed and Confused :)
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:43pm bryce:

howdy jeffem!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:46pm Chris:

Oh man, my favorite Brother JT.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:49pm Ringo:

I got blisters on my digits!
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:50pm BSI:

this track could go another hour. please?
if not, it should.
  Fri. 8/21/09 1:57pm Chris:

It's like 25 minutes I think,. but I concur nonetheless.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:03pm MAR from Philly Area:

Not sure if the following sad news has made it up to NYC-area. Wayne Hamilton, member of Vibrolux, Suffacox, and other Philadelphia-area bands, took his own life a few days ago. RIP.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:04pm Cecile:

that's terrible. Very sad. MAR, thanks for the update.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:05pm BSI:

play that goddamned thing agin!
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:05pm Ike:

  Fri. 8/21/09 2:06pm Rampler:

  Fri. 8/21/09 2:06pm pseu:

  Fri. 8/21/09 2:07pm jeff-m:

sad news. sorry to hear that
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:09pm Chris:

Awful, Cecile.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:09pm bryce:

MAR— oh my god, i had no idea. that is really really awful.

thanks so much for the news.....
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:11pm Cecile:

I know, Chris. I loved that JT/Vibrolux music
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:11pm Annoying Station ID Monger:

Did you say XHD?
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:13pm bryce:

oh, fuck me up the mic hole!!!

you can't fire me i quit
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:16pm BSI:

You can't quit until you cough up that "backordered" premium CD, sonny.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:17pm Ike:

Damn straight.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:18pm bryce:


it IS on the way. man, it is really hard to get narwahl.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:24pm jeff-m:

hehe hope the premium isn't waiting for that record player I promised to give you
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:28pm BSI:

I've been taking narwhal supplements for years. After the first five months, even tap-water starts tasting like boiled failure in heavy syrup.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:32pm Joe Strummer:

Happy Birthday to me:
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:33pm jeff-m:

what is narwahl? Google won't tell me.
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:34pm jeff-m:

well it told it was a whale actually
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:37pm Devin:

Unicorn of the sea...
  Fri. 8/21/09 2:51pm Rampler:

Narwhals beat Chewbacca
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