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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options August 17, 2009: Hair.

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Elvis Perkins  While You Were Sleeping   Options Ash Wednesday     
Minutemen  Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs   Options What Makes a Man Start Fires     
Clash  Know Your Rights   Options Combat Rock     
Violent Femmes  Prove My Love   Options Violent Femmes     
X-Ray Spex  Identity   Options Germ Free Adolescents     
Bikini Kill  Resist Psychic Death   Options The CD Version of the First Two Records     
PJ Harvey  Hair   Options Dry     
Beck  Devil's Haircut   Options      
Black Flag  Fix Me   Options The First Four Years     
Ramones  Pinhead   Options It's Alive     
Replacements  Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out   Options      
Pixies  Debaser   Options Doolittle     
X-Ray Spex  Germfree Adolescents   Options Germfree Adolescents     
Modern Lovers  I'm Straight   Options Modern Lovers     
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7"    Beastin' Boyfriend Application now available for download at wfmu.org/playlists/KH 
Laura Stevenson  Beets Untitled   Options A Record     
The Old Switcheroo  At A Loss   Options      
Lily Konigsberg  Slowest Song   Options      
June Debris  Scarves and Bowties [feat. Teddy Georgia]   Options June Debris     
The Moi Non Plus  I Lie (The No Remix)   Options      
Gorillaz  Last Living Souls   Options Demon Days     
GSpider and Farah  Blue Color Blue   Options      
The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular  Push and Pull   Options      
Adept  Protection   Options Adept  Wham! Wham! Records   
Ken Ishii  Drums In Friction   Options Flatspin     
Ava Luna  Six Seven (I Want To Hide Away)   Options 3rd Avenue Island     
Bad Credit No Credit  Love Is Blonde   Options Hey, Rube!     
Idgy Dean  Inauguration   Options OK Cadavers!     
Skeleteen  Falter   Options      
Vivian Girls  Where Do You Run To   Options      
Dawa Riley  Mr Tambourine Man   Options      
Crystal Thomas  The Touch Of My Skin   Options      
Menya  Oh!   Options The Ol' Reach-Around     
Cloud  Bomb The System   Options Self Law     
AK Slaughter  Just A Kid (Clean)   Options      
A Sunny Day In Glasgow  Cult Of Cemetery Flowers   Options You Can't Hide Your Love Forever     
Tussle  Animal Cop   Options You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 2     
The Mantles  Secret Heart   Options Don't Lie     
Davila 666  Casi Las 3   Options Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera     
The Oh Sees  In The Shadow Of The Giant   Options In The Shadow Of The Giant  Sub Pop   
Nodzzz  Good Times Crowd   Options True To Life     
Animals & Men  It's Hip   Options Animals & Men     
Radiohead  These Are My Twisted Words   Options      

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/17/09 11:12pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

MinuteMen yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... !!!!!!
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:13pm Danne D:

666 is the Number of the Beast


91.1 is the Number of the Beastin'
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:15pm Danne D:

Prove My Love never fails :)
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:17pm hristo:

so my dad got me these two old simpsons toys from his workplace. somebody left them somewhere on the floor or something, so he cleaned them up and gave them to me. they look like they are from the The Simpsons movie promo from burger king or mcdonalds, whichever one got the rights first. one of the toys is Homer. when you press the button on his back, he raises his hands like he does when he screams WOOO HOOO. the other one is lisa, with a saxophone. the button on her back makes her swing the sax as if shes jazzing out. so im pressing the button over and over again imagining the songs coming out of her sax.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:17pm indygokid:

Hi K!
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:21pm Keili:

Hi everybody!
My dad has madd simpsons toys in his office.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:34pm bettyford300x:

Place mats on vinyl. You're my favorite deejay ever.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:36pm indygokid:

You totally pimpetted your profile on myspace.... Nice
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:38pm Kelly:

Keili...I'm an old lady...I got my one and only tattoo in Venice, CA.the same year that that Pixies record came out. In a Harley repair shop. We're you born yet...I gotta know?!?
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:38pm hristo:

wheres the beautiful voice of yours? thats nearly 40 minutes without it!
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:39pm bettyford300x:

Keep it up and my neighbors are gonna have me evicted.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:40pm Keili:

Bettyford300x, you're my favorite COMMENTOR! :D
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:40pm dave:

what bettyford said. cripes, what an amazing way to start a show. you pretty much hit all the high points.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:44pm Danne D:

Yay Jonathan! :)

Keili you ever check out the e-mail I sent you a couple weeks back? I'll resend it if you want since I'm sure you get tons of fan mail.

Anyhow, thank you for drowning out the awful cacophony at the Starbucks tonight. In the late hours they've gotten into the habit of perpretrate what I call the worst Mash-ups in the world. Basically they play their own music in the back really loud but don't (or can't) turn down the usual Starbucks music leading basically to headaches for me :(
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:47pm Danne D:

Hooray for the Keili Manifesto!
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:51pm Laurie:

I think the story is you're playing all of the songs I listened to when I was in the eighth/ninth grade.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:51pm coalhard:

i'm a former coal miner listening under a cell phone tower--my brain will someday be oil for future generations to listen--the cycle is almost complete
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:52pm Danne D:

LOL Laurie maybe it's the playlist that DJ Mama was piping into her womb when pregnant with Keili :o)

Anyhow, gotta leave Starbucks now, will pick it up in about 40 minutes or so once I'm home.

Coalhard, hold things down for me in the meantime.
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:53pm Keili:

Safe trip home, Danne!
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:54pm coalhard:

i take everything for granet
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:55pm Keili:

Laurie, I AM in eighth or ninth grade. Don't you know how old I am?
  Mon. 8/17/09 11:56pm Keili:

Patrick and Andrew, where are you??
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:01am coalhard:

SECURITY is asleep---laurie will have to INSPECTOR own GADGET
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:04am hristo:

so i got a rush of tiredness and can only do one thing. expect the BF app tomorrow.
there was once a prince and a price. the prince ruled over a kingdom balled Bhurst and the princess over Park. one day, the prince's kingdom was attacked by thieves, who hid in the shadows. the prince had nothing to do. they would never leave under their own free will. they had to be destroyed. he put up wanted signs, he went hunting, to try and pick them all off his land and kill them. but they were persistent and nothing happened. so he decided to burn down his kingdom and live with the princess and they lived happily ever after.
the end. now im off to lay down!! will download the playlist tomorrow
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:11am coalhard:

you can tell when the honneymoon is over when your boyfriends go to bed without you--KIDDING!!!!
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:16am hristo:

  Tue. 8/18/09 12:20am coalhard:

i know--they should ban me--send complaints to coalhard@gmail.com
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:21am Joshua K:

whats all this noise the kids are listening to these days
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:28am coalhard:

we kids like myself--i'm a smidge over 55 enjoy a more listening type of music--did you attend harvard music school or something??
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:30am Joshua K:

WFMU school of rock
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:31am Keili:

JOSHUAAA! HI! You rock!
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:34am Kendall:

do....do I rock?
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:35am coalhard:

joshua--maybe that computer in movie WARGAMES --THAT SET FERRIS BUELLER OFF
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:36am Andrew L.:

Finished listening to your marathon premium CD recently. The 50s High Teens song is wildly great.
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:39am brycepunk:

What was the name of the last drum track you played? I missed you saying what it was and am all confused. it was awesome. Great show tonight, btw.
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:40am Keili:

Ken Ishii- "Drums In Friction" Album: Flatspin
Love Ken Ishii. Check out his other stuff. THANKS YOUZ
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:47am coalhard:

  Tue. 8/18/09 12:48am Joshua K:

Its ramen time. slurrrp
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:54am Keili:

Kendall, you do both. You rock, AND you roll!
Awesome application. You set the bar high.
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:54am coalhard:

is that a noodle on your chin or did you just blow up missippie
  Tue. 8/18/09 12:59am Kendall!:

  Tue. 8/18/09 1:02am Nick K:

Making my night THAT much better, thanks.
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:08am Danne D:

This is a test of the emergency Beastin' system...
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:14am coalhared:

had that been actuall emergency you would have been instructed to place my head between your legs---parachute optional
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:16am Danne D:

*ugh* why drag that straight to the gutter? :(
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:17am Kendall!:

I don't even know what to say to that.
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:17am coalhard:

is ok fat guy was beside me- CRAP--I WENT DOWN IN FLAMES
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:22am fred:

Hi Keili!
Just got your premium last week, it's totally awesome!
And I talked a little about you with Shahin from Oneida/Ex-Models last week, when I was begging him to bring Knyfe Hyts over to Paris (now that's a long shot)
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:24am Keili:

YAY! FRED! That's awesome, I glad you like it! You're awesome~!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:25am coalhard:

had sewage ice buildup on wings--i can see runway but somebody left seat down--abort!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:26am Danne D:

Thanks for pickin' the board back up Fred :)

Btw, Keili - the lyrics for the songs on your premium available anywhere by any chance?
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:30am Kendall!:

Keili I did not get your premium because I hadn't started listening to your show then. But I did get Small Change's premium. And it was awesome, if that helps. Except the part where the last track abruptly ends after 30 seconds. But that is ok.
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:31am Keili:

Fred! I love talking to you! Where'd you go??
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:39am mataro:

This Broadcasting live?
I hear WFMU in Japan at the afternoon.
X-Ray Spex and Dawa Riley,I heard for the first time.
Thank You manymany good music stuff!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:41am Danne D:

I like Fred's style - he keeps it mysterious :D

I'd say Kendall gave me a spoiler on the $mall Change premium (which I put in my car CD player for the first time today) except that I read the part on the label where it says "yeah it's supposed to end like that". Gotta love $c!

Welcome, mataro. The DJ is live, sometimes she has live music on as well. Keili is awesome and a legend. There's lots of archives of her past shows too if you'd like to check them out :)
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:45am fred:

I usually listen to the archives now, I can only catch the last hour or so live, My crazy upstairs neighbor would call the cops if I tuned in before 7am.
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:48am Keili:

Kitteita, arigatou gozaimashita!
Hai, ima raibu da neee.
Mae no shigatsu atashi ha nihon ni kite, juu nichi iro iro na shi ni sundeimashita. Kaeritakunakatta! Chou kirei!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:51am Danne D:

See what I mean? A true legend! I only know Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto and that's about it!

Keili you never cease to impress and amaze :D

And with that I bid you good night. Have a great week everyone!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:53am coalhard:

religion is rearing it's ugly head in schools across country--help stop GOD-BEFORE HE HURTS HIMSELF
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:53am Keili:

Goodnight! Thanks for listening!
  Tue. 8/18/09 1:58am mataro:

Hi! Keili.
you are good at Japanese and surprised.
My Message from Hyogo Prefecture.
Goodnight! Oyasuminasai!!
  Tue. 8/18/09 3:43pm siheun:

Thanks for playing Ava Luna!!! xoxo
  Wed. 8/19/09 9:13am cloud:

thanks for playing me too.
  Fri. 8/21/09 4:36pm PMD:

Listening on archives. Great show!
  Sun. 8/23/09 9:04am KD:

Germfree Adolescents followed by I'm Straight. Bliss! Liked the Ken Ishii and Ava Luna too.
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