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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options August 10, 2009: I Hate War

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Cheap Trick  Hello There   Options In Color     
Thin Lizzy  Jail Break   Options Greatest Hits - 1999     
The So So Glos  The Fisticuffs   Options The So So Glos     
Pixies  Gigantic   Options Surfer Rosa     
Archetypes  In My Mind   Options      
Velvet Underground  Foggy Notion   Options VU     
Raveonettes  Hallucinations   Options Lust Lust Lust     
Deerhoof  The Tears And Music Of Love   Options Offend Maggie     
Radiohead  Harry Patch (In Memory Of)   Options     The last living World War I survivor of the UK, Harry Patch, just recently died at age 111. This new Radiohead song is in honor of him, and its lyrics are exact quotes from Patch's emotional radio interview. One of the things he said is that no matter what uniform they wore, they were all victims. 
Radiohead  Reckoner   Options In Rainbows     
Radiohead  All I Need   Options In Rainbows     
Radiohead  I Will   Options Hail To The Thief     
Radiohead  Videotape   Options In Rainbows     
Height  Soldiers   Options Baltimore Highlands     
Blur  Brothers and Sisters   Options      
Dragons of Zynth  War Lover   Options      
The Arctic Circle  Ancestry   Options      
Eats Tapes  Face Shredder   Options      
Rauberhohle  My Heart Bleeps Noisey Beeps   Options      
Starscream  Semper Fi (And Die)   Options Stars//Ghost     
Bit Shifter  Particle Charge   Options      
Nullsleep  Supernova Kiss   Options      
Starscream  Magic Star Ride   Options Stars//Ghost     
Coleco Music  She Appears To Be Offline   Options Confessions In a Chatroom  8bitpeoples   
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7"     
GSpider (feat. Maya Ford)  Death & Jewelry   Options      
Skeleteen  No Fun Intended   Options      
Sigmund Droid  Symbols in the Sand   Options      
The Moi Non Plus  Can I Get You   Options      
Aa  Manshake   Options      
Teeth Mountain  Keinsein   Options      
Dinowalrus  Electric Car Gas Guitar   Options      
The Old Switcheroo  At A Loss   Options      
Lily Konigsberg  Idiosyncrasy   Options      
LMNOP  No Means No   Options      
Eskimeaux  School Lane   Options      
Levi Weaver  Idioteque   Options You Are Never Close To Home, You Are Never Far From Home     
Tada Tata  The Brigade   Options      
Archipelago  Tell Me   Options      
Schocholautte  Gone   Options      
Lemuria  Pants   Options      
Vivian Girls  Where Do You Run To   Options      

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/10/09 11:16pm west coast warbler:

are you playing mp3s or cds or rekkids.

woo hoo!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:17pm Keili:

Uh huh.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:19pm li'l mousy peatmosse:

oh. ah. uh. huh.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:19pm Patrick:

Phil Lynott, Kim Deal AND Cheap Trick?

I love this show.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:20pm Keili:

My show loves YOU, Patrick!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:22pm Patrick:

Well then this is a good ol' hippie love affair we're having here
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:23pm Keili:

Fucking dirty hippies, I hate them.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:24pm Patrick:

It's positivley splendiferous, is what it is!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:24pm Freudy Pantsmouth:

Is this a language? A literature? Here, in the comments? We are poets?
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:27pm Keili:

Daniel. Me loves you.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:27pm Patrick:

lol hippies
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:28pm Patrick:

So how is everyone out there doing
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:37pm hristo:

you should invite them to your show just so you can punch them.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:39pm Patrick:

w00t, shout out
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:39pm Kelly:

Hippies...boo. Hospitals...boo. Keili...rahhhh!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:39pm real patrick:

im not a hippy.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:40pm Patrick:

And now I am fulfilled
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:42pm Li'l Beasto:

hey, my poem is all ruptured and leaky! oh no!!!!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:42pm real patrick:

radiohead are hippies
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:42pm Patrick:

Fucking Poseur! I'm Patrick!
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:43pm Patrick:

tell me something only the real actual Patrick would know
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:43pm jeremy the listener:

i thought this was deerhoof... boy was i wrong.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:45pm Li'l Beefonions:

Patrick is the Deerhoof of the Radiohead Generation
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:46pm real patrick:

well he saw radiohead in 2001 at liberty state park with is friend colin. the people behind him where smoking pot all night. the show was good, but he is not that that into the last 3 radiohead albums. hows that?
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:48pm real patrick:

he also had a WFMU dj as a college professor
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:49pm Patrick:

WRONG Hail to the Thief is actually Patrick's 3rd favorite album
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:49pm Patrick:

What does Patrick frequently mix in with his mashed potatoes
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:49pm Toronto Jim:

I think this "Radiohead" pop group have officially entered into the realm of "let's just test and see if people are really willing to buy absolutely any schlock that we burp into the microphone."
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:50pm Keili:

ALSO WRONG- They didn't play liberty state park in 2001.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:50pm Keili:

  Mon. 8/10/09 11:51pm Toronto Jim:

Oops. Seems our DJ has a Radiohead fetish. Doesn't take much, does it, for people to starrt clamouring.
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:51pm Patrick:

  Mon. 8/10/09 11:51pm Patrick:

One more imposter exposed
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:51pm jeremy the listener:

keili thanks for the radiohead block. digging it *returns high five; wouldnt leave a fmu dj hanging like that*
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:53pm Patrick:

yeah, keep the Radiohead coming
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:53pm real patrick:

sure they did junior...
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:55pm Patrick:

You sir, are a phony. I for one demand you reveal just who you are
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:56pm real patrick:

  Mon. 8/10/09 11:57pm Toronto Jim:

Is this "All I Need" thing supposin' itself to be a song or something?

Wonder how many despondent youths have already decided that they want it to be played at their funeral (to bore their mourners to death)?
  Mon. 8/10/09 11:59pm Keili:

Jim. You're from CANADIA. What would you know?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:00am jeremy the listener:

likely poser patrick has listed that song for his funeral
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:00am Patrick:

"Despondent youths"? Is this the principal in an 80's teen movie?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:01am Patrick:

I'm just hoping 'real patrick' is gone, it was getting a tad annoying
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:02am Toronto Jim:

Keili: Surely you know that, vis-à-vis the North American experience of history, that we up here are most definitely burdened with the darkest of outlooks... (You "Murricans all think the whole earth was made for you, and all that "promise" and everything -- right?)
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:02am fake patrick:

my little gegaw list is lengthening. Ancient Anticon Bra-straps snap in unison!?!?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:03am Toronto Jim:

Patrick: Yes! Despondent youths indeed! They are, just now, milling about under my window and... shrugging and stuff!
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:05am Patrick:

Well you better go catch that Ferris Bueller while he's playing hooky then
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:06am Toronto Jim:

Isn't it funny, Patrick, that John Hughes just died? He has leaked into our collective consciousness, for good or ill (prob'ly ill).
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:09am Patrick:

He wrote & directed Weird Science...that is most definitley 'Ill" in the highest sense of the word
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:10am Andrew Slootsky:

OOPS, i came late. Hope I didn't miss anything good
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:10am Patrick:

Speaking of Science, I'm going to see TV on the Radio tommorrow...that should be fun
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:10am jeremy the listener:

as long as it isn't a 'rock block' i'm good with it.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:11am jeremy the listener:

and it's never 'chime time'
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:11am Toronto Jim:

Slootsky: Nope. You only missed a whole new bunch of bad -- a Radiohead medley.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:12am Asile:

Your set tonight is awesome. Really enjoying it. Alarm clock radio now tuned in to WFMU!
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:13am Toronto Jim:

Not to be too cynical, but poor Harry Patch ought to have said that bit about "all of us were victims" maybe 90 years or so earlier. Took him THAT long to say it, eh?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:14am dave:

i'm beginning to think that thom yorke might've done something really nasty to toronto jim's dog.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:14am Patrick:

It seriously is awesome - This is a fucking perfect show
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:16am Patrick:

but I must go now from this chatroom, I have business to attend to...best wishes to all and continue the greatness you've been playing, Keili
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:16am Toronto Jim:

You're almost right, Dave. You see, my dog ran away from home a few years ago. Something about "making the big time," or whatever. Never came back. I even put up posters: "Please, if you see my dog... Answers to the name "Thome Yorke"... etc etc. No one called.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:17am Toronto Jim:

My dog Thom Yorke was one of those wonky-eyed mutts -- what do you call them? Oh yeah -- an "alternative" breed.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:20am Keili:

Breeders were big back then. Maybe the dog got shot in the eye witha cannonball.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:21am Toronto Jim:

If anybody sees my lost dog, Thom Yorke -- kinda short and fuzzy, got one eye half-shut most of the time -- tell him I've still got his favourite blanket here, and that he left behind an early-generation digital pitch-correction hardware package...
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:22am your dj:

Now you gone too far, Canadia!
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:23am Bob in Fla:

Welcome back Keili! We missed you (and DJ Mama, of course).
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:24am DJ Keili:

BOB! xoxoxo!
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:25am jeremy the listener:

if only all this worlds armed forces would just dance with their sister
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:26am dave:

i'm not really in a position to criticise your pet-rearing skills, jim, but maybe you were expecting a bit too much from fido. just 'cause the chicks down at the dog run weren't quite as impressed with him as your neighbor's dog Bejar doesn't mean he's not a good mutt with some clever tricks.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:28am Keili:

Let's face it, the dog was Canadian. It was a total bore.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:29am Toronto Jim:

Keili, you're closer to the truth about how boring that fekking whiny, lamenting dog was than you've ever been.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:31am Toronto Jim:

Now you got me thinking about my other wayward pet: a howler monkey (pedigreed) called "Tundra's Cold Champion Player" -- but I just called him "Coldplay" for short.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:33am Listener Chris:

was early morning yesterday, i was up before the dawn. And i really have enjoyed my stay, but i must be moving on. Like a king without a castle, like a queen without a thrown, I'm an early morning lover and I must be moving on. Now I believe in what you say is the undisputed truth. But I have to have things my own way to keep me in my youth. Like a ship without an anchor, like a slave without a chain, just the thought of those sweet ladies sends a shiver through my veins, and I will go on shining, shining like brand new.
I'll never look behind me, my troubles will be few. Goodbye stranger, its been nice, hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true. Goodbye mary, goodbye jane. Will we ever meet again? Feel no sorrow, feel no shame. Come tomorrow, feel no pain.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:36am Bob in Fla:

That's bringing back frightening memories, Chris. One of the priests at my Catholic high school made us listen to Supertramp for days on end. It was supposed to teach us moral lessons or something.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:36am Toronto Jim:

That passage evokes another of my misplaced companion-animals: an afghan hound named "Silly's Super-Duper Dog's American Breakfast Trampoline," whom I simply called "Supertramp," back before he decided to make an album and wait in his doghouse for royalty cheques.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:37am dave:

i'm totally reporting tornoto jim to the RSPCA and the CRIA.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:40am Bob in Fla:

Whatever you do, keep those pets of yours away from my goldfish Knyfe Hyts.
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:42am Toronto Jim:

Dave: RSPCA? CRIA? Never heard of those bands. Any good?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:42am jeremy the listener:

i do the robot when i hear 8-bit
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:45am hristo:

rather then a boyfriend application, how about a date application?
fireworks friday at coney island?
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:46am jeremy the listener:

thanks for the show miss dj. jeremy OUT
  Tue. 8/11/09 12:46am Keili:

  Tue. 8/11/09 12:46am dave:

oh, they're not bands. they're my pet rats. i make routine reports to them on the activities of playlist commenters. in return, they promise not to give me the plague.
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:11am Danne D:

Hiya Keili and Keili Nation.
Going through all my swag CDs and this week and had to have Keili lead off the parade of new commuting music. Awesome premium and awesome sequencing (esp. songs 8, 9, and 10) I can just like listen to that part over and over :)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:12am Danne D:

wow missed the whole hippie war at the beginning of the show. Heard X-ray on the weekend proclaiming how proud his son did not grow up to be a hippie :)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:16am indygokid:

better late than never... glad ur ok k.
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:18am indygokid:

Can you play some Radiohead?
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:18am Danne D:

coming soon - the Keili boyfriend application reality show!

Actually we never get to hear any highlights from said applications. Probably could put the best of 'em together and mash 'em up into a good song :)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:21am Danne D:

lol s'ok Keili - I'm a bit worn out today too :)

my prose tends to meander in ways that aren't terribly conducive to clear understand. Thanks for the shout out though :D
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:37am Danne D:

I always seem to arrive just when the comments board is clearing out :(
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:41am Keili:

No! That's not how it is!
Everyone's just quietly awaiting what you have to say.
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:41am prawn:

ah now on to Radiohead covers! very nice. maybe Karma Police by The Bad Plus?
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:43am Keili:

Prawn, I don't know what you're talking about. ;)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:44am Danne D:

lol, if only that were true Keili :)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:54am Danne D:

Thanks for another great show Keili :) Look forward to catching up to the first-half on the archives as it looks awesome (with some excellent sequencing as well ;o)
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:55am tim:

radiohead is the singel worst band ever
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:56am indygokid:

you could end with April March?
  Tue. 8/11/09 1:58am indygokid:

oh, hi Lisa
  Tue. 8/11/09 2:03am tim:

he should kick you out
  Tue. 8/11/09 2:04am Danne D:

Dayum and with that Keili learned the meaning of the phrase "Graveyard Shift" ;o)
  Tue. 8/11/09 2:04am prawn:

thanks for the music
  Tue. 8/11/09 10:04am marcus:

It would be nice if you played love letters on your next show.
  Tue. 8/11/09 10:42am ~JL~:

Hi Keili... I'm a fan of Spartacus who told me you'd play 'Love Letters".. I stayed up all night and didn't hear it at all.. please tell me why, when, who, where, how.. HELP!!!! Thanks from a very tired Spartacus fan....~JL~
  Tue. 8/11/09 3:40pm Kendall:

Like the show so much I stayed up way past my bedtime listening on the radio and now I'm listening to it again at work (tiredly). Gonna fill out that boyfriend application.
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