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Options August 24, 2009: Cover Show feat. OUTERNATIONAL!

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Artist Track Album
Jay-Z (live @ All Points West Festival)  No Sleep Till Brooklyn   Options  
Chromatics  Running Up That Hill   Options  
TV On The Radio  Heroes   Options  
Flunk  Blue Monday   Options  
Nine Inch Nails  Dead Souls   Options  
Johnny Cash  Hurt   Options  
Ray Charles  Ring Of Fire   Options  
Led Zeppelin  What Is And Never Should Be   Options  
Beastie Boys  She's Crafty   Options  
Coldplay  Fight For Your Right   Options  
Lady Gaga  Viva La Vida   Options  
Chris Daughtry  Poker Face   Options  
??  Can't Get Used To Losing You    
The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain  Wuthering Heights   Options  
Ray Weiss (of Le Rug)  This Charming Man   Options  
The Futureheads  Hounds Of Love   Options  
Steel Harmony  Transmission   Options  
Soulwax  The Stooges & Salt 'n' Pepa - No Fun & Push It   Options  
Siouxsie & the Banshees  The Passenger   Options Twice Upon A Time 
Santogold  My Superman   Options  
Siouxsie & the Banshees  Red Light   Options  
Paul Anka  Smells Like Teen Spirit   Options  
Nirvana  Molly's Lips   Options  
Hole  Pretty On The Inside-Clouds   Options  
Cowboy Junkies  Sweet Jane   Options  
M. Ward  Oh, Lonesome Me (Ft. Lucinda Williams)   Options  
Outernational  Eyes On Fire, Blood On The Streets, Future Rock   Options  
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7" 
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Options  
Patrick & Eugene  Crazy In Love   Options  
Menya  White Houses   Options  
X  Soul Kitchen   Options  
Nirvana  Where Did You Sleep Last Night   Options  
Who  Barbara Ann   Options  
Langley Schools Music Project  In My Room   Options  
Belarus  Here, There And Everywhere   Options  
Rufus Wainwright  Across The Universe   Options  
PJ Harvey  Leaving On A Jet Plane (feat. Bjork)   Options  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/24/09 11:10pm hristo:

got just in time for the 9 minute mark, and to be the first commenter. success!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:11pm claire:

greetings from mexico city
keep up the good work!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:13pm Keili:

Thanks for listening in!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:17pm Keili:

Chido! Que onda Mexico??
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:18pm Tim Serpas:

Keili goes undercover tonight.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:21pm jeremy the listener:

that heros song was hot.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:27pm Keili:

Trust me, Jeremy, this whole shot is gonna be h-h-hot!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:30pm Patrick:

Hello everyone! Great show so far!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:30pm Keili:

'eyyy Patrick!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:30pm Lar:

Fantastic choices.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:30pm dave:

if only Social Distortion had covered a Jay Z song, you could bring this thing full circle.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:32pm Patrick:

Someone call Mike Ness and tell him to cover "Big Pimpin'" ASAP!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:32pm claire:

yes, to dave, yes
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:34pm Patrick:

Hello, Keili!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:34pm jeremy the listener:

you've not played a sucky song yet. will be hard to top led zepplin, btw. except with another led zepplin song.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:35pm Keili:

Gee, Jeremy, thanks.....I'm not sure if thats a compliment..? hahaha
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:36pm Keili:

How's that for topping it, Jeremy??
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:37pm dave:

.... aaaaaand, that's how you school the playlist commentariat, 'case you were wondering.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:39pm jeremy the listener:

lol that's awesome. your show is getting me through the next hour or two of a already really long day.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:40pm Patrick:

haha that was a good one.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:41pm Patrick:

But that one was even BETTER!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:41pm Tim Serpas:

  Mon. 8/24/09 11:41pm Keili:

Aw, well I'm glad, Jeremy. Tell me everything, what's up?
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:41pm claire:

  Mon. 8/24/09 11:42pm hristo:

my head hurts a ton and i think im going to go to sleep now, im really sorry but ive just been too active today and it took its toll on me. check your facebook once you get home though!
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:44pm Keili:

Nahh, lol, feel better. Goodnight.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:45pm dave:


just, y'know, wow.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:49pm Kendall!:

A+ covers so far! They are real curveballs.

Keili could I please request that you play William Shatner's cover of Pulp - Common People?
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:50pm Pedro:

I usually only listen to the FMU retro hipsters but this is very hep tonite.
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:51pm jeremy the listener:

work is the issue of the moment. spent 67 hours working last week and probably work the same this week. i do get overtime, so can't really complain, but still tiring. but you wanted everything; looking forward to meeting my next someone kind of sums up the tramatic last 5 months. your tunes are keeping me in a cheery mood tonight, which is much appreciated
  Mon. 8/24/09 11:59pm Patrick:

Allen Ramirez wants to know if he can have Leo's babies
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:00am jeremy the listener:

listening from northern VA
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:01am Patrick:

He specifically called me to tell me to say that
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:01am Leo from Outernational!:

He can only have my first born-- the rest are dear to me.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:03am claire:

I was a little freaked out by the coldplay song, frankly
beastie boys cover
but its been a really interesting show : )
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:03am Patrick:

Allen won't be pleased with that answer. Not at all.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:06am sharilyn:

this cover is melting my forebrain - in a good way!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:08am jeremy the listener:

The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain... i wonder how they came up with that name?
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:08am sharilyn:

i second the request for some Shatner - that cover is a headwrecker.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:08am Patrick:

Leo, I think you should let Allen bear ALL of your children before he takes his frustrations out on me AGAIN.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:09am claire:

thank you so much
i wanted to hear this
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:15am dave:

myself, i want to hear shatner's cover of 'cloudbusting' now.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:17am jeremy the listener:

lucy in the sky with diamonds?
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:18am Michael B:

Lovin the show tonight. The Kate/NewDivision cover matrix is unstoppable.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:18am Kendall!:

This one is so $$$$
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:20am Lar:

How about Shatner's cover of Rocket Man? Or Mr. Tambourine Man for that matter.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:20am Patrick:

Shatner's best work was his spoken word version of Sarah Palin's farewell speech
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:23am Patrick:

Alright, I was hoping to hear this tonight
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:23am Keili:

  Tue. 8/25/09 12:24am dave:

if this wholoe mess doesn't end with kate bush doing 'love will tear us apart' mashed up with diddy's 'come with me', i'm not sure there's a god.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:24am Patrick:

Ditto to which?
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:24am claire:

totally saw the siouxie one coming
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:25am Keili:

Shatner's palin poem was so fucking great.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:25am Patrick:

As did I, but that didn't make it any less fantastic
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:26am Patrick:

hah yes it was, Keili
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:30am Eddie:

Great show Keili! I'm really enjoying this!!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:32am Lar:

Paul Anka?? This is unexpected.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:33am jeremy the listener:

yeah, reminds me a lot of richard cheese.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:33am Kendall!:

Really lovin the Shatner love here
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:33am Patrick:

Paul Anka did "Black Hole Sun" as well...and "Jump" by Van Halen!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:36am Kendall!:

Oh man there is a metal cover of Kelis's "Milkshake" by Goodnight Nurse that I rock out to a lot. I highly recommend it.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:36am Patrick:

YES! Alright! Much love to Kurt Cobain, and much love to the Vaselines
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:37am jeremy the listener:

mmmm hole... LOVE it
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:39am Patrick:

Well, I have to head out now...keep up the greatness, Keili!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:40am jeremy the listener:

please? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYwgTdREf7s
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:42am Joshua K:

I'm just im time for the end of the show. I heard some of the cover connection business in the car.
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:43am Keili:

Joshuaaaa! Haaay!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:46am claire:

you made my night keili, thanks
im out, gotta get t school

c: great show
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:48am Joshua K:

They have school at midnight?
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:53am indygokid:

Great show. Glad I woke up. Oh, check your inbox Fool!
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:53am Danne D:

Hi Keili :)

Lots of scary covers floating in the FMUniverse:)
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:54am Joshua K:

She changed her name to Santigold now
  Tue. 8/25/09 12:57am indygokid:

Oh, was this Outernational thing planned before?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:03am Joshua K:

Oh wait its 1AM, I was thinking it was almost 2AM... silly me
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:04am ?!:

Here's my question, why is Outernational so fucking awesome?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:09am indygokid:

Because they are FUCKING AWESOME!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:10am Lar:

I just might have to hit Maxwell's on Wednesday.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:14am jeremy the listener:

they sound awesome
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:15am sam:

will Outernational be returning to NYC anytime soon?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:17am indygokid:

Will they be touring with Dub Trio again? Please
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:19am fred:

I'm here, not fully awake but getting there.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:21am .:

Serious question... does Outernational get groupies?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:24am jeremy the listener:

how would one get a sticker?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:29am BILL:

  Tue. 8/25/09 1:29am jeremy the listener:

mmmmmm sonic youth
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:29am indygokid:

What up Juno?!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:29am Keili:

Yeah, Bill! The infamous Fred!

And Jeremy, you can write Outernational and they'll send some to you.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:30am Joshua K:

I have this album, its filled with carpenters covery goodness.. oh but it was on some soundtrack too wasn't it?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:32am Danne D:

For those hunting it down, here's a helpful link :)

  Tue. 8/25/09 1:32am Keili:

DANNE D! Thanks for the help.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:33am indygokid:

One of the best shows I EVER went to was Outernational/Dub Trio at DC9 in DC.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:35am esch oder anarchie!:

Like the cheerful show, keeping me perky despite up too late with insomnia working boring doc review. Grazie bella!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:36am Danne D:

LOL - no problem, was tricky to find and I was curious what it had in it.

Now I think I gotta fill one out, though it's sorta like when they let the person too old to try out for American Idol on just to humor them - DJ Mama doesn't need to be getting out the brass knuckles or anything.

Btw shout out to DJ Mama WOOOOOOOOO!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:36am jeremy the listener:

i don't see any shows planned for dc on myspace? they coming to dc anytime? i could be talked into it...
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:37am Leo from Outernational!:

Indygokid- That show was awesome! Do you remember the smoke machine?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:38am fred:

Seconding Danne's shout out to DJ Mama!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:38am jeremy the listener:

outernational doesn’t afraid of anything?
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:40am indygokid:

Keili check out Zoozersadd, he has a myspace page. Kind of Beastie Boys on crack. Love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwsXgM8rGBE&feature=related
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:40am jeremy the listener:

1:40.... ugh work. tomorrow. no. today. i'm out. thanks for the music keili and the tracks outernational
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:40am Keili:

Oh no they doesn't.
DJ Mama says "yo" and "sa va"
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:41am Keili:

Thanks for listening Jeremy!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:42am jeremy the listener:

later yo
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:43am Lar:

YES! Favorite song from Nirvana's unplugged album.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:53am esch oder anarchie!:

husker du sunshine superman. st etienne only love can break your heart. stereo total comme un garcon.
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:54am Plarocks:

Lovin' this Beatles cover!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:57am Danne D:

Now i gotta fill out the application cuz it's too interesting not to. This is a very nice vesion of Across the Universe.

G'night Keili and all denizens of Planet Beastin'
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:58am Keili:

NIGHTZ. Thanks for listening!
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:59am Michael B:

Bowie>>>Rufus in Across the Universe covers, and in general
  Tue. 8/25/09 1:59am Sam:

  Tue. 8/25/09 2:02am indygokid:

Do you still cry when you listen to Céline Dion? Anyhow xoxo to you and yo mama.
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