Swag for Life – The Best Way To Help WFMU

All Monthly Pledges are Swag For Life Pledges

Monthly credit card pledges ($10/mo. or more) are referred to as Swag For Life pledges, which renew automatically every year (until the person wants to cancel). These folks still get all the swag and dj premiums they are eligible for each year. The Mouse pledge is a very popular swag for life level at $365 annually / $30 a month, but a listener can set a Swag For Life pledge at any amount, as long as it’s $10/mo. or higher.



Are Swag for Life members eligible to win prizes during the marathon?

YES, THEY ARE! Swag For Life members can call in or pledge online to different shows to get in on prize drawings. They can make unpaid basic pledges, via the phone and online, up to their annual pledge amount. If they call, they should mention that they are in the Swag For Life program and the amount of their Swag For Life that they would like to donate. If they pledge online, listeners choose a basic pledge amount and the “Bill Me later” option on the payment page.

Later, behind the scenes, these unpaid pledges that were made to salute DJs or win prizes are “deducted” from the listener’s annual Swag For Life amount. If the listener goes over the annual amount, we bill for the difference.

If a listener accidentally creates a new Swag For Life account, it’s no problem: We can fix it! Just pass along the information to the office staff.

How does a Swag For Life account get renewed?

Swag For Life accounts get renewed automatically every year when the marathon pledge pages go live. S4L members are sent an e-mail where they can pick their swag and allot their pledge to whatever shows they would like. All of this money is added into your total of the DJ’s first marathon show. Since there are almost 4,000 S4L members, the numbers for the first week may be larger than many DJs expect or experienced in the past.

How can listeners increase the amount of their Swag For Life pledge?

If listeners want to increase their monthly Swag For Life pledge, they simply e-mail up@wfmu.org or upyours@wfmu.org with the new amount they would like to pledge as well as their address and phone number.


What if listeners want to call in to up their Swag For Life pledge during a show?

They can call in during a show and tell a phone volunteer they want to up their pledge and by how much. The show’s MC should add that amount into the console and make a note on the card reporting this. Try to put the card at the top of the pile so the office staff notices it! Joe McGasko will take it from there, upping their monthly account with our pledge software.


What are the different Swag for Life pledge levels?

There are seven levels of monthly pledges to unlock new swag. The monthly pledge amounts at which new swag are unlocked are: $10, $15, $30, $41, $83, $200, and $416.

How does one get that WFMU Stay Tuned Forever shirt?!

Only Swag for Life members can get this special shirt. So listeners should all join the monthly Swag for Life program, the best way to support WFMU.

Stay Tuned Forever T-shirt designed by H. Faye Kahn