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All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted.


9 AM – Noon
Surface Noise presents What’s Your Sign, Girl?: Zodiac Soul, 1969–1979
My name’s Joe. I’m a Capricorn. I’m into soul music and you, baby.

Astrology experienced a massive increase in popularity during the late 1960s that carried well into the 70s, especially for swinging singles. The phrase “What’s your sign?” became as widely heard as “Where are you from?” and “What are you into?” at pick-up bars across the nation. Soul songwriters of the era weren’t immune to this trend, and it was an out-of-step R&B band indeed that neglected to list its members’ star signs next to the instruments they played on the back covers of their albums. This star-struck period in soul music is the focus of this compilation, which features popular as well as more obscure soul songs about the zodiac and other astrological matters. It makes fine accompaniment for reading your daily horoscope as well as excellent car listening on the way to the singles bar.

Noon – 3 PM
Three Chord Monte presents Celebrities at Their Best – Vol. 5!
By popular demand, another volume of recordings by your favorite classic rockers, actors & game show hosts before their talents were dumbed down for mass consumption.

3:01 – 6 PM
Scott Williams’ first ever Sticker
It’s round, you can stick it anywhere you like, and it’ll stick! Beautiful full-color art by Greg Harrison.

7 – 8 PM
Vocal Fry’s Buttons
Accessorize with the uber-chic Vocal Fry button 5-pack! Your boss will want to be you, dogs will yodel when you walk by, and strange birds will start to beatbox in the bushes outside your home.


8 – 9 PM
Dance with Me, Stanley presents Das Beste Aus Den Polka Vol. 1
Dance those blues away and two-step your way into a happy land of rainbows, flowers, sparkles, and Polkas. Just pop this into your player when you feel a frown starting up and the music is bound to get you back on the giggle train to wonder-town.


9 PM – MID
Dave Hill presents the Goddamn Dave Hill Pin
Let the world know your favorite (well, one of) radio show and make yourself more easily identifiable to fellow Hillians with this super classy yet ultimately unholy Goddamn Dave Hill Show pin that looks like goddamn fine jewelry or something designed by the great Danny Hellman!


MID – 3 AM
The Frow Show presents Hits From the Cloud, v. 3 – A Frow Show Treasury of Endangered Audio
Preserving songs and sounds never released in any physical or commercial form. Oddities, earworms, and audio detritus from across space and time.

3 – 6 AM
Samantha’s Songs Recorded in Strange Places
Music recorded in tanks, tunnels, pyramids, and other unusual places.



9 AM – Noon
Garbage Time presents ENOugh
Take this premium (by strategy). Compilation of covers of an artist we can’t name, but you can probably figure out.

Noon – 3 PM
Liz Berg’s Nom Nom
Songs about nachos, pizza, eggs, meat, ice cream, fondue, sandwiches, and other delectable edibles. Antacid not included.

3 – 6 PM
Brian Turner’s BT Tee
Svelt new tee with artwork designed by Brian himself. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)

6 – 7 PM
Sportsy Talk presents the Official Sportsy Talk Condom
Yeah Jeets! From the Most Trusted Team in Sports Talk Radio Today™ comes the Least Trusted Condom ever! The next time someone yells “Batter up!” make sure you’re ready with this lowest common denominator prophylactic.


7 – 8 PM
Morricone Island’s Original Soundtrack T-Shirt
We interrupt this scheduled program to report that the Governor has declared a State of Emergency. The National Guard can no longer control the situation. In every borough of the City, from Brooklyn to Manhattan from Staten Island to the Bronx and Queens, the Dead have risen to the sounds of the living. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


8 – 9 PM
A440 with Bethany Ryker presents En Garde! Epic Battle Scenes from Music and Film
The chase, the steely clang of clashing swords, the bloody victory…revved-up with brassy orchestras and killer sound effects.

9 PM – MID
Irene Trudel’s Starlight in the Studio: Sparkling Performances from Irene Trudel’s Show
A lot of brilliant musicians have played live on Irene Trudel’s show and here is a collection of this year’s brightest.

MID – 3 AM
Wm Berger’s My Castle of Quiet presents Shrieks
Music and cinelogue from the fringes of horror and cult cinema. Not available on pricey vinyl reissues. Wm. Berger’s curated selections, ripped from home video. Moments of gaiety and terror, and some good grooves.


3 – 6 AM
What Was Music? presents Marcel M’s Dead T-Shirt
Join the undead and show your support of not knowing what music is anymore. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)



9 AM – Noon
Ken’s The GIFs Ken Doesn’t Want You to See
The best GIFs from Ken’s show which are only shown before 9am lest they crash everyone’s browser. (Data Disc)

Noon – 3 PM
Duane Train presents Disco fights the Power!!
Various Dancefloor Anthems of social awareness that will keep you both your mind and feet moving. To quote First Choice, “I’ve got something for your mind your body and your soul”. Lovingly curated by the Duane Train, you’ll find anthems of pure solidarity.

3 – 6 PM
Irwin’s Cass-CD: Artifacts from Irwin’s Cassette Era, 1974-1997
I have hundreds of cassettes containing thousands of sonic artifacts accumulated from around 1975 to 1997. They’re stacked forlornly on wooden shelves I constructed decades ago. They deserve to be played and heard. Here’s a sampler. WFMU air bits, bogus commercials, found sounds, montages, rarities, interview outtakes, school bands, foolishness and fakery—with analog tape hiss retained.


6 – 7 PM
Second Delay’s Not Quite Matching Ken & Andy Pillowcases
Perfect for muffling the sound of a gun, or our next trainwreck. Okay for sleeping, too.

7 – 8 PM
In Real Life presents “gIRLs on fire” patch
A one-of-a-kind, very special, limited edition IRL “Girls on Fire” patch! Put it on your stuff!


8 – 9 PM
Honky Tonk Radio Girl’s Sixteen Tons of Preachin’ Talk: A Country Popcorn Collection
A sound straight outta Belgium! A batch of creepy midtempo numbers with a dancing beat and a country bent.

9 PM – MID
Evan “Funk” Davies’ Make Your Own Mayhem: The Final Chapter
A new collection of 20 punk / post-punk / power-pop rarities hand-selected from EFD’s personal stash and carefully digitized for your listening pleasure! All tracks from the late 70s & early 80s… you may know some, but you won’t know them all. Many unavailable elsewhere!

MID – 3 AM
Nickel and Dime Radio presents Show Me The Way Back Home
$mall ¢hange brings you a compilation stax’d with some favorite 45s I’ve picked up over the years. Top notch soul / funk selections in a myriad of styles, deep, sweet, gritty, hard hitting and even a few oddballs. Let’s get back to our roots. Lets go home. Dancing shoes recommended.



9 AM – Noon
Imaginary Radio presents Death-Grind From Japan: From The Late 90’s Early Noughts Cause That’s Kinda When They Really Hit Their Stride
Classic brutality and hidden germs from the prime era of the eclectic Japanese Death Metal / Grindcore / etc. scene.

Noon – 3 PM
This Is the Modern World presents Dance with Me
A collection of songs that will force you to immediately drop what you are doing and dance, dance, dance. Sounds from the past present and future; many languages for every hip bone.

3 – 6 PM
Strength Through Failure’s Inward Bound
Sounds that open a door to an alternate reality!


6 – 7 PM
The Dusty Show presents Clay’s Classics Nine!
One action CD power-bloated with 30 PidgePix, PLUS a bonus CD force-fed with 78-minutes of fabulous filler. A “coo”d’état! CC9!

7 – 8 PM
Miracle Nutrition presents My Dinner with Hearty
A DVD of Hearty having dinner with you! An hour of Hearty sitting across the table from you and talking.


8 – 9 PM
Sinner’s Crossroads presents Stealing The Devil’s Tunes
Twenty-plus amazing 1970’s style gospel reworkings of Heathenistic, Sinful and Worldy rock and roll trash. Sign, sealed and delivered so you can fly like an eagle.


9 PM – MID
Dave the Spazz presents Demos To Spazz By
Nascent noodlings from future hit-makers crammed into one incredible compilation.


MID – 3 AM
Nick Name’s Now That’s What I Call Music : Gone But Not Forgotten 2016
Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation “Now That’s What I Call Music” with a tribute to deceased artists of 2016.


3 AM – 6 AM
Stan’s Smoke Shop T-shirt
Black T-shirt with steel blue lettering on a storefront. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


9 AM – Noon
Marty McSorley’s Tall Boy Koozie
Start your weekend of right and keep your tall boyz chillin with Marty McSorley’s tall boy koozie.

3 – 6 PM
Sophisticated Boom Boom presents The Laziest Gals in Town
Sweet n’ soft girl-pop sounds for idle living.

6 – 7 PM
Shut Up Weirdo presents Another Kick-Ass T-shirt
Collectible, super cool t-shirt from your favorite Friday night ladies. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


7 – 8 PM
Billy Jam’s Put The Needle On The Dope on Plastic
A hip-hop mix of weed themed tracks including many golden era dope on plastic cannabis classics.

8 – 9 PM
Downtown Soulville presents I Say No, No More
Impossibly cool soul 45 obscurities—from hard and raw to sweet and smooth—on tiny Chicago labels.

9 PM – MID
Daniel Blumin’s Speak Unless Spoken To: 15 Text-Sound Compositions

This year’s limited edition CD is chock full of compositions that incorporate the voice inspired by the Fylkingen Records’ Text-Sound LP series and the works of such lexical luminaries as Bob Cobbing, Henri Chopin, Sten Hanson, Åke Hodell, and Charles Amirkhanian.

Taking up the mantle and contributing exclusive tracks to Speak Unless Spoken To are: Leif Elggren (The Sons of God), Mats Lindström (EMS/Fylkingen), Dennis Tyfus (Ultra Eczema), Ectoplasm Girls, Reinhold Friedl (zeitkratzer), Jaap Blonk, Adam Bohman (London Improvisers Orchestra), Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant), Lea Bertucci, Alan Courtis, Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek), blackhumour, Bill Kouligas (PAN), and Phil Minton!
What’s more, the compilation includes a bonus out-of-print 1983 text-sound piece from Bruce Gilbert of Wire! Yowza!

MID – 3 AM
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass presents The Cold War
It’s The Bomb! and a cast of millions including spies, dictators, presidents, and those pesky Reds. Mutually Assured Destruction Guaranteed!

3 – 6 AM
Serious Moonlight Sonatas presents Seriously Moonlit Soundtracks
A complementary combination of famous film dialogue sequences and musical soundscapes that will surprise and delight you! It’s a whole new way to listen to your favorite movies! If you’re a fan of both film and music, you will not want to miss this one-of-a-kind production! PLEASE NOTE: Some material may not be suitable for small children or small furry pets (or small furry children, for that matter…).



6 – 9 AM
Shrunken Planet presents Songs of the Phoenix
Contemporary songs and ballads that sound as if they could have been written more than a century ago.

9 – 11 AM
Bob Brainen’s WFMUzac
Offbeat and obscure crazed covers, old oddball ads, action jazz TV themes, other bizarrities. Lottsa rarities from vinyl! See:


11 AM – 1 PM
Michael Shelley’s Super Hits Of The Seventies: Pure Dyn-O-Mite!
A collection of eighteen top forty hits from the 1970s re-recorded exclusively for WFMU by your favorite artists of today. To see the full list of artist & songs and watch the amazing video visit:


1 – 3 PM
Fool’s Paradise presents I’m With Stoopid!! Lunkhead Rock ‘n Roll from the 50s/60s
No-Brow nonsense like “Chocolate-Covered Hockey Puck”and “Ape Stroll” plus “The Irving Gluck Twist”!


3 – 6 PM
Todd-O-Phonic Todd’s Glam Slam!
Twenty Glam Rock Crushers that will have you rushing for your platform boots and heading to the make-up drawer!


6 – 9 PM
Transpacific Sound Paradise presents Electromigration – Global Music on the Move
African music in France… Indian music in England… Latin music in the USA and much more: Expat sounds = essential listening!


9 PM – MID
Prove It All Night presents a Limited Edition Art Print by Matt Leines
Be the proud owner of this framable one-of-a-kind art print by noted artist, Matt Leines! Hand numbered and signed too!

MID – 3 AM
Rolling Motion’s T-shirt
Roll through the motions of your daily life in a limited edition Rolling Motion T-shirt. Prepare to turn heads! (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)

3 AM – 6 AM
Spin Age Blasters presents Klang Klang
Creamo Coyl explores Germany’s fascinating avant-garde post-punk scene of the early ’80s with lost and obscure tracks sourced from cassettes. Like some sort of post-apocalyptic cabaret, the avant-garde art scene in Berlin during the 1980s teetered on the edge of constant collapse. Utilizing cheap, broken, stolen and non-musical equipment, these year zero punks crafted bracing compositions that defied traditional rock n’ roll while mainlining it’s destroy-to-create imperative. Creamo Coyl takes you beneath the surface of the more well-known groups and presents you with a teeming underground of malfunctioning drum machines, obliterated guitars, desperate vocals and even more desperate intentions. Paranoia never sounded so thrilling.



6 – 9 AM
Burn It Down! presents The Killed By Inside Me
Burn It Down! with Nate K. presents a seedy assortment of pulpy paeans inspired by the dames, derelicts, and detectives of vintage noir.


9 AM – Noon
Reggae Schoolroom’s Mr. Reggae
Mister this, Mister that; “Mister” reggae in all different forms.

Noon – 3 PM
The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns – 2017 T-shirt
The latest edition of the collectable shirts of The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


3 – 5 PM
Teenage Wasteland presents That Was Now, This Is Then (R-r-real Rock & Roll, Vol. 17)
More mind bending mindless teenage brain rot.


5 – 8 PM
Faye presents the Hello Children Official Notepad
A blank space decorated by Faye for thoughts & images from your own brain to live in.

8 – 10 PM
Gaylord Fields Presents Fayelord ’66 (Plus 25 Other Bossa Novas From the USA)
A sensational selection of star-spangled soft sambas dos Estados Unidos da América that spans the past half century — and unique to this collection is the exclusive worldwide recording debut of Swingin’ Uncle Sam’s newest, hippest, and most happening Brazilian-style pop outfit: Fayelord ’66! This mad, mod musical sextet, gathered from WFMU’s top tune-weaving talent, transforms a classic bossa nova melody into a whole new bag!


9 PM – MID
Therese’s The Brenda Years
90’s teen angst, California-style. For the beach goth in all of us!

MID – 3 AM
The Avant Ghetto T-shirt
A relatively clean screen printed t-shirt from the Avant Ghetto. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


3 – 6 AM
Circle Time presents a Handsome T-shirt
Classic white-on-black tee, suitable for babysitting, dog walking, and White House state dinners. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)



Global Grease presents The Revolution Will Be Live: Words and Sounds to Inspire a Revolution
The collection complied by Global Grease host Kim Sorise featuring spoken word, soul, and jazz selections that support and enhance the rhetoric of social and racial justice and equality.

If You Lose Your Horse presents God’s House, Mass on the Dancefloor: Several Classics of Religious Dance Music
Dance music is a vehicle for salvation. Baptize yourself in sweat with these sanctified gems of religious dance music.

100% Whatever presents From Cover To Cover—Live!
A buffet of cover songs, performed live by bands and artists who have appeared on 100% Whatever over the years. Collected lovingly by Mary Wing, most of these tracks have not been aired on the program, so they’re super-exclusive!

Tony Coulter’s Subterranean Spain: Spanish Post-Punk & Experimental Music from the ’80s and ’90s
A flamenco-free survey of some of the most interesting and creative sounds from late-20th-century Spain.


Give the Drummer Some presents The Best of Give the Drummer Radio
WFMU’s alternative stream Give the Drummer Radio is home to 20 masterful radiomakers deejaying their hearts out for you every week. I asked each host to share one performance that has some vital connection to their program. This compilation represents their contributions. Gorgeous, thrilling, jawdropping, magnificent. And to all Drummer Stream listeners—hardly a surprise. Enjoy!


Kaminsky Kamoutsky’s Name That Name That
Songs that namecheck their own genre. Standards and outliers, originators and derivators covering a wide gamut of genres.


The Long Way Home presents New Orleans Louisiana Breakdown
Hands down one of my favorite musical cities, both for the music created there & for buying records. On this mix I will choose 20 of my favorite NOLA 45s from my collection & present them to you. The sounds will range from R&B to Soul, from Cajun to Funk, all guaranteed to make you want to do the second line with an umbrella in your hand. Oh & if you happen to wake up in New Orleans & find a street parade, don’t forget to follow the tuba!


Ridgewood Radio presents Distressed, Disturbed, Disrupted & Displayed
A collection of unreleased, unorthodox audio hijinx from adventurous venues, clubs, and galleries across Brooklyn and Queens recorded and collected by the Ridgewood Radio crew in search of unconventional ensembles, instrument builders, circuit benders, software manipulators, and virtuoso noisemakers.


Bodega Pop Live presents Beijing Calling
Rare and classic rock, punk, and noise from the People’s Republic of China, from the 1990s to present.


Nazario Scenario’s The Together People
Hillside-ready anthems that steer the human family toward a bliss of love and communion. Don Draper-approved!

Busy Doing Nothing presents Mood Shirt (70’s do-over)
Covers of ’70s hits in unexpected and/or mutated styles — the true mood of the much-maligned decade finally revealed!


Matt Fiveash’s Give the Drummer None
An assortment of tunes that manage to rock, roll, swing, jump and shuffle despite not having any drums.


Explorer’s Room presents Madness, The Feast of the Drum
Percussive ritual sorcery, imitation voodoo, bongo fetishisms, ethnographic hallucinations, the rare authentic, and throbbing mysteries from exotica’s jungle night imaginary.

The Cool Blue Flame presents ¡Magia Negra!
A dip into the cool blue lagoon of Latin exotica. The ’50s and ’60s were exotica’s moment, the Tiki jazz and Polynesian pops of Martin Denny and Les Baxter selling by the million and radiating postwar America’s misconceptions of non-Western cultures right back at itself. While they’re rarely discussed, Latin musicians took naturally to exotica. From ambitious voodoo suites by popular orquestas to wiggy jungle jazz 45s by local congueros, a discography of mambos, cu-bop, boleros and chas would be rendered in a swirl of bird calls, vibraphones, flutes, percussion and nightclub atmospherics. ¡Magia Negra! is but a sample.

Hinky Dinky Time presents Beyond the Footlights
Showtunes as you’ve never heard them before. Showtunes you didn’t know were showtunes. This is not The Great American Songbook.


Play Vertigo presents Ero Guro Nansensu: Rampant Rebels from Japan 1978-1991
Bloody punk/post punk, goth & noise compilation download link comes with 11”x17” poster illustrated by Mayuko, digitally printed at a local print shop on 100% recycled paper using wind energy.


Destination:Out presents 1984: Freedom Is Jazz — Music from a Dark Era
This compilation collects music released or recorded in that fateful year, showing that art survives even the most f’d up situations. (By which we mean 1980s jazz record producers.)



Matt Marando’s What’s Happening?!?! Sings For You
Your humble disc jockey re-creates some of his favorite 1960s tunes with his one-man band of misfits.

Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves presents Travelin’ Gals
Country western rock ‘n roll records about gals who get around, from DJ Julea of Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves.


The Whig Out presents Flyp Your Lid! Hair Raising Sounds from the ’60s Underground
Twenty hairy hits plus an exclusive track from The Reverberations!


Crayons to Perfume presents Fuzzy Bunnies: 21 Fuzz Laden Felines from the ’60s
Garage, Psych, Sunshine Pop, Ye-Ye … freaky fuzzy female goodness!



The Eternal Now presents Torch The Earth Songs
Eclectic international experimental compilation CD of today’s most intriguing and/or difficult talent! Thoughtfully curated by The Eternal Now’s Andy Ortmann.