2019 DJ Premiums

Presenting WFMU’s 2019 Fundraising Marathon DJ Premiums!

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All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted.

Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon
6 AM – 9 AM

BRAND NEW! Wake ‘n Bake “Ring the Alarm” T-Shirt designed by Greg Harrison! Available only during the Ocotber Hellraiser.

Wake ‘n Bake T-shirt and Bloodshot Bumper Sticker Pack 
New bumper sticker designed by Kirsten Ulve. Brand new t-shirt Designed by Paul McMahon. Bright blue ink on a forest green shirt. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)

The First Wake ‘n Bake Baseball Cap
Wear it forwards. Turn it around BACKWARDS!

Transitions: The Best of Clay Pigeon and Matt Warwick’s Tuesday Morning Transitional Moments
Radio camaraderie, rhymes, Sabbath and Bee Gees from WFMU’s leading weekly transitional moment (Source: Nielsen)


9 AM – Noon
Down That Country Road
Smarting from the chaotic events of the late ’60s and following the ever-influential Bob Dylan’s lead, rock musicians fled the city in the early ’70s and headed for the country, resettling in places like upstate New York, northern California, the Colorado rockies, or more remote climes. Some of them spent a short spell in the sticks and others became permanent residents, but almost all of them wrote songs about the experience. This compilation cherrypicks some of the choicest songs from this creative embrace of the countryside by musicians attempting to “live the simple life” in the early ’70s. Use it as the soundtrack for your own escape from the city!

Noon – 3 PM
Three Chord Monte presents the Three Chord Monte 2019 T-shirt!
Brand new shirt designed by a real rock and roll star, Spencer Alexander of Wyldlife!

3 – 3:01 PM
The Jim Price “I LOVE YOU PENCIL” T-shirt
Good news for people who need a little love. Designed by PGB! Black ink on 100% Cotton Yellow Tee!


3:01 – 6 PM
Scott Williams’ Have You Checked The Children?
Scott swears that these great songs benefit from the inclusion of KIDS; we remain unconvinced.

6 – 7 PM
Techtonic presents the Techtonic Anglerfish T-shirt
The new Techtonic T-shirt shows a menacing anglerfish dangling its bait, a glowing screen. Will you take the bait?

7 – 8 PM
Vocal Fry’s Stirrups and Crickets: Central Asian Throatsinging Styles
Throatsinging styles like uruulyn, turlegt, chylandyk, borbangnadyr, khorekteer, kaï, uzlyau, nur sur from Balochistan to Siberia to Tibet to Mongolia.

8 – 9 PM
Faye presents I Want To Be A Domestic Partner Fanzine
Faye presents a mix CD & mini fanzine featuring audio & visual work from former Domestic Partner guests.

9 PM – MID
Zoe presents Leaving Shire
A dragon synth mix guides us from misty plain to swampy lagoon to dungeon in the hillside. Featuring ethereal wails!

MID – 3 AM
The Frow Show presents New Titans of the Pedal Steel Guitar
Improvisers & space cadets weep their way into the ionosphere.


9 AM – Noon
Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents Lava Lamp Music
The perfect soundtrack to accompany your endless, mindless lava lamp gazing.

Noon – 3 PM
Pseu’s Thing with a Hook’s Hibiscus Surf Tee
Celebrate WFMU and PTWAH in this retro-vintage design Tee by Philip Travisano, in daisy yellow with dark blue print. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)

3 – 6 PM
Creamo Coyl SPIN AGE BLASTERS: the T-shirt!
Designed by artist Jake Kelly, the SAB shirt will put the public’s collective head on a swivel and make you the coolest cat in the room. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)

6 – 7 PM
Music of Mind Control presents I Am A Being of Violet Flambé
A compilation of some of this year’s favorite cuts from the Mind Control archive of musical offerings from cults, new religious movements and spiritual svengalis.

7 – 8 PM
Morricone Island presents…When An Actor Sings!
A 2-CD compilation of Devon E. Levins’ favorite film soundtrack originals and re-interpretations as sung by some of your favorite actors…Every musician’s nightmare becomes real! (2 CDs)

8 – 9 PM
Weekly World Blues presents CRACKERS: Various Whites play & sing the Blues
White people ruined the blues just like they have ruined so many other things. Here are a handful of exceptions.

9 PM – MID
Burn It Down! LIVE!
Nate the K. picks his favorite live, in-studio performances from the first four years of Burn It Down! With rare live tracks from Honey Radar, NOTS, Gino and the Goons, En Attendant Ana, Mr. Airplane Man, and many more.

MID – 3 AM
“What Was Music?” presents The Radio’s Gone Out T-Shirt
Contemplate those silent hedges in the night with another choice T from Marcel M. Join the, “What Was Music?” clique! (Sizes: S, M, XL, XX)

3 – 6 AM
Darren presents Shinkū Ongaku: Pop Gradations from Japan’s 80s Techno Underground
Synth pop, new wave, and experimental rarities from Bubble Era Japan.


9 AM – Noon
The Long Rally with Scott McDowell presents Jazz Realities
Deep jazz cuts and rarities from across the Long Rally stratosphere: psychedelic, spiritual, fusion, free.

Noon – 3 PM
Duane Train presents Dancing in Space!
The host of the Duane Train compiles his favorite Disco tunes about the final frontier and space traveling ..or they could just be about dancing while you’re high on drugs. You make the call:)

3 – 6 PM
Tagged and flagged, marred and scarred, worn and torn, debased and defaced—all bearing WFMU’s handwritten call letters. Over 50 LP covers offering twelve months of surprises, delights, and microaggressions. Size: 12″ x 12″ folded, 12″ x 24″ displayed. Full-color. Also good for 2048 and 2076.


6 – 7 PM
Seven Second Delay presents The 2019 The Show That Loves People… T-Shirt!
A beautiful white cotton t-shirt with a 4 color print. Sport SSD wit at it’s best on your chest! Designed by super listener Reinis Petersons.

7 – 8 PM
In Real Life’s Mystery Forest T-Shirt
Lifers, get ready, Kimzilla and Emily are happy to announce their first ever T-Shirt! Artist Joe Tait, created this woodcut inspired design to share the mysterious world where the Girls on Fire find their special guests.

8 – 9 PM
Honky Tonk Radio Girl’s Forgive Me: Duets from the Depths
Sweet, loving, and demented songs for two from the Honky Tonk Radio Girl catalog.

9 PM – MID
Evan “Funk” Davies’ presents What About The ’80s?
Finally the answer to the question everyone’s been asking! Expect post-punk, new wave, indie, dancey, and maybe just the teensiest bit of hair metal.

MID – 3 AM
Nickel and Dime Radio with Small Change presents Make It Last Forever
$mall ¢hanges selects ‘WFMU and chill’ type slow and sleazy selections for discerning lovers…and ppl too stoned to get off the couch…

3 – 6 AM
Norflax Oxdun Sidetower presents Ninja Lung Ice
Remember Free Speech For Sale? Like YouTube Poops? Later years teenage sleep-dep still a thing in what’s left of your brain? Think of this as kind of a tribute to all that.


9 AM – Noon
This Is The Modern World presents Glow your own
Glimmering sounds of fabulousness, from far and wide.

Noon – 3 PM
Radio Ravioli Alien Americana
Remixed versions and covers of songs by iconic American artists. Playfully spooky. Imaginatively derivative. A glorious mess of contradictions!

3 – 6 PM
Fabio presents Talk-over music from Strength Through Failure (Or, The Bed of Failure)
Capitulating to the basest of impulses: here it is, a selection of my bed music for talk-over used on my show.

6 – 7 PM
The Blind Tourist Visits: The History of The World
Enjoy a soothing and stressful collage detailing highlights from the history of mankind.

7 – 8 PM
Miracle Nutrition presents Shemp Jive: The Best of Butchie
A CD of over an hour of the best Butchie Spinoza moments from Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White.

8 – 9 PM
Sinner’s Crossroads’ Let The Bass Lead You
Feel old Jordan roll with 20 rumbling vintage gospel numbers featuring bass sangers.

9 PM – MID
Dave the Spazz presents Spazzy Sports Legends
Your favorite jocks square off to conquer the world of showbiz in an asterisk filled frenzy of second tier talent!

MID – 3 AM
Nick Name’s Now That’s What I Call Music 1981
Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation “Now That’s What I Call Music” with his alternative take on 1981.

3 AM – 6 AM
Stan’s We’re Off To See The Wizard
Various aural adventures journeying down that yellow brick road while stretching the boundaries of time and space.


9 AM – Noon
John Allen presents Wake Up 1-sided 12 inch EP
The weekly opening theme pressed on vinyl. Composed by Neil Rolnick, two classic pop songs subjected to re-harmonization and rhythmic permutations which gradually become uncanny in their scope.

3 – 6 PM
Sheila B’s Sophisticated Boom Boom presents MANEATER
Songs of murder, cruelty, revenge, and other female delights!

6 – 7 PM
Dance with Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu presents  Sweat With Me, Stanley a workout DVD
Get ready to lift your steins, roll out the barrels, and squeeze your accordions in this exciting polka-work-out-o-rama!

7 – 8 PM
Billy Jam’s Put The Needle On The Hamster Breaks – 25 Year Anniversary DVD
Video version of exclusive WFMU performance & interviews with Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters’ DJs Quest, Cue, Marz, Eddie Def & MC Eddie K.

8 – 9 PM
Downtown Soulville presents the Downtown Soulville T-shirt
Take off your mink stoles and put on your soul clothes: specifically, the 25-year-anniversary Downtown Soulville T-shirt!


9 PM – MID
Daniel Blumin’s Your Song, My Foot! Vol. III: The 1979 Edition
With all material recorded especially for this compilation, Your Song, My Foot! Volume III: The 1979 Edition is brimming with cover versions of tracks found on some of the killerest debut LP’s of 1979!  On cassette for extra wow and flutter, the premium comes with a download code for those in love with modern living!

The humdinger of a drawing is by John Godbert, the very same artist who drew the cover of The Fall’s seminal debut LP – Live at the Witch Trials!

The crackerjack artists doing the covering include: Phew, Tomutonttu, Stuart Chalmers, The Righteous Yeah (Michael Morley of the Dead C), Ed Bear, Mike Cooper, German Army, Natalia Beylis, Strotter Inst., Storm Bugs, The Dead Mauriacs, Infinite Article (Robert Horton & Edward Guerriero), The Pheromoans, Richard Thomas, and Roe Enney!


MID – 3 AM
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass presents Television
Hey! there’s nothing wrong with your ears. We’re controlling transmission, the pitch, and the speed. For the next hour, we control all that you hear. Comedy! Drama! Sci-Fi! Westerns! Game Shows! Cartoons! and more! Must-hear songs of the small screen. The hell with the pride of a peacock, we’re as inflatable as a squirrel.

3 – 6 AM
Peaceful Solutions with Joe D presents TRAPPIN IN JERSEY
A choice selection of phonk and lofi hiphop scoured from the deepest depths of soundcloud. come celebrate the golden age of “chill beats to relax/study to”.


6 – 9 AM
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison presents More Folk Songs About Buildings And Food

A bunch of songs dealing with those two old questions, “where are we?”, and “what’s to eat?”

9 – 11 AM
Double Dip Recess presents We All Read, You All Listen from Roger and Amanda & Friends.
A treasury of kids’ literature, performed by WFMU stars!

11 AM – 1 PM
Michael Shelley’s Super Hits of the Seventies: Super Hit Tsunami!
This amazing collection has 21 guaranteed #1 hit songs from some of the greatest music makers of today covering top forty hits of the 1970s and each one has been recorded EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS COMPILATION! Check wfmu.org/superhits to see the full list of amazing songs & bands!

1 – 3 PM
Fool’s Paradise with Rex presents “Mickey Rat” Fool’s Paradise T-Shirt
4-color original design featuring Mickey Rat strutting down a filthy Jersey City Street. From famed cartoonist and Cheap Suit Serenader Robert Armstrong!

3 – 6 PM
Todd-O-Phonic Todd’s Glam Slam Vol. 2
It’s stomping time again! Here is the long-awaited sequel to 2017’s most popular DJ premium! 20 more thrilling glam pounders!

6 – 9 PM
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents No Borders! Unbounded Sounds From Around the World
A GPS-defying collection of fabulous tracks that can’t be walled in by genre or geography!

9 PM – MID
Marty McSorley’s 90’s Throwback Logo Patch
Official Marty McSorley WFMU 90’s throwback logo embroidered iron on patch.

MID – 3 AM
Rolling Motion’s 2019 T-Shirt
A new, one-time-only print, black-and-white design, limited-edition Rolling Motion T-shirt. (Sizes: S, M, XL, XX)

3 AM – 6 AM
Bronwyn B.’s Love is Only Sleeping presents Songwriters Sing!
Theater songwriters performing their own work, including demos, auditions, and songs that never made it past the cutting room floor.


6 – 9 AM
Serious Moonlight Sonatas presents The Long Sleeve B&B Moon Tee!
Get mooned with a limited edition long-sleeve tee, designed by NY street artist Rupi G. Get serious. Get this shirt.(Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


9 AM – Noon
Reggae Schoolroom’s  All-Time Jamaican #1s
The 20 biggest #1 reggae hits in the history of the Jamaican charts.

Noon – 3 PM
The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns’ 2019 T-shirt
The 2019 edition of this collectible shirt.(Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)

3 – 5 PM
Teenage Wasteland presents Joey Ramone’s Throne (R-r-real Rock & Roll Vol. 19)
Take the plunge into another bowl full of rock & roll trash and treasure. 

5 – 8 PM
Samantha presents Songs Recorded in Cathedrals
Beautiful Echoes, Ancient Organs, Hypnotizing Bells, Haunting Choirs. Featuring exclusive tracks dedicated to this unique sound and space

8 – 10 PM
Gaylord Fields’ WFMU Sells Out
This musical compilation dares to deliberately flout the station’s commercial-free mission, as every song, whether recorded by a famous pop star or a band of unknowns, is pushing a product on you. And as a bonus, please enjoy herein the return of radio station supergroup Fayelord ’66, who have reunited specifically for this project to cheerfully record a soft drink jingle in their heralded bossa nova style — for zero compensation by any party. (Thanks for nothing, WFMU’s noncommercial license!)

10PM – MID
Therese’s Key Party
Musical minor falls and major lifts, for those who like to switch things up.

MID – 3 AM
The Avant Ghetto’s Green Minus Yellow IV
A collection of forgotten, neglected, and undiscovered gems from North American singer-songwriters and rural rockers.

3 – 6 AM
Polygot presents Prick Up Your Ears: Queer Sounds before Silence Equaled Death.
Your Polyglot DJ throws open the closet door to unveil genre-fluid gems made before we had to Act Up.


Global Grease presents The Revolution Will Be Live Vol. 3: More Words and Sounds to Inspire a Revolution
Kim Sorise assembles an ensemble of Spiritual, Soul Jazz, and Poetry rooted in Resistance, Revolution, and Love.

If You Lose Your Horse presents YouTube to MP3: Streaming-Only Oddities Now on CD!
International obscurities ripped from the virtual crates of YouTube captured for posterity on compact disc.

Tony Coulter’s Shaking the Maple Leaf
Canadian Post-Punk and Experimental Music from the ’80s”. A collection of fab obscurities from the Great White North.

Continental Subway’s Translation Station
Train tracks from around the world in all different languages.

Neighbors Noise presents Bogs and Fells, Frogs and Bells
Unprocessed field recordings from around the world featuring frogs or bells or both together.

The Long Way Home presents The South West Tex Mex Sampler
A collection of Cumbias & Boleros straight from the South West Tex Mex diaspora. Recorded from original 45rpm singles.

100% Whatever presents 1989
What does 30-year-old music sound like? Is it still relevant, or merely considered nostalgic? Here’s an exploration of non-hits from the last year of that decade, which you may or may not remember.

Ridgewood Radio presents Equilibrium & Hysteria
A mix of newly captured performances and newly restored archival concert recordings from the global experimental music scene.

Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza presents Unopened Packages (you can make everything)
The newest collection of Kenzo’s most dazzling sound collage sample-rich loopscapes, with 36 layered hours of undefinably mesmerizing wake-inducing dreamfulness. This third-ever KLERE audio DVD highlights 26 more of the most remarkable episodes from recent years, plus a few remixed classics. It’s a data disc full of MP3’s, readable by computers, some car stereos, and some home audio and DVD players. Also includes download link! (MP3 DVD & download)

Bodega Pop Live presents Back in the USSR
State-sanctioned and under-the-radar DIY, folk, funk, psychedelic, punk, rock, and synth-pop, from the early 1970s through the “golden age” 1980s.

Testify! presents Souled Gold
Take a look at 1970s AM Radio gold working its way into the world of soul and funk, with interesting and sometimes surprising interpretations of very familiar songs, originally done by Carole King, Bread, Elton John, Carly Simon, Wings, Melanie, Free, Alice Cooper, ELO, Steely Dan and more.

Explorers Room presents Pagan Fruits & Other Rare Birds
Exotic sounds and modernist tabus (mambo, surf, percussion, jazz, organ music, etc.) from the Explorers Room record library.

The Cool Blue Flame’s Darkest Ours
America in the throes of Watergate-era entropy. Psychedelic downers, heavy soul, biker freakouts, cosmic country, weird vibes. A picture of counterculture ferment and hazy oblivion.

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents Heartmelters
For the past five years or so on Give the Drummer Some I’ve been finishing the show with a signature set of scorching soul, reserving the final spin for the most flamboyantly outrageous—literally show-stopping—performance of the day. Selected from a half-decade of these killer close-outs, Heartmelters offers a powerhouse collection of rare soul ballads of love and devastation, guaranteed to bring your heart to its knees.

Hinky Dinky Time’s Which Way is Far Out?
The times they were a-changin’, and for better or worse, these artists tried to change with it. We don’t judge.

Play Vertigo with Mayuko presents ROCK!
A poster designed by Mayuko with a download link of true rock music: music using rocks as instruments / elements!

Dave Sewelson’s Music for a Free World presents Spontaneous Radio Performances!
Live performances from the show, off mic goings on and things never before heard by human ears. Presenting impromptu improvisations performed with my weekly guests. Hear William Parker, Mara Rosenbloom, Joe Hertenstein, Clare Daly, and other luminaries.

Destination:Out presents D:O RADIO, WITH STRINGS
ZING! ZING! That’s the sound of the strings. ZING! ZING! That’s the sound that they make…on this CD.


Big Planet Noise presents the rare acetates collection • volume one
Producer and label owner Bob Irwin has been unearthing and collecting rare, one-of-a-kind 60’s acetates and lacquers for 30+ years. Several of these rarities have been featured on his show, Big Planet Noise! (Ichiban stream). We’ve collected and assembled 16 of the most interesting performances on this special disc: outtakes, unique mixes and alternate versions sourced directly from Bob’s personal collection of acetates. Featuring artists such as Moby Grape, Gary Usher, Pyramids, McCoys, Cyrkle, Myddle Class, Youngbloods, Association and many others!

What’s Happening?!?! presents Live at the WoofMoo
While looking through the archives, your dj discovered missing live recordings of What’s Happening?!?! Sings For You recordings from 1963 and 1964!

Crayons to Perfume presents Birdy Num Nums
Delicious UK beat dollies from the 1960’s: single sensations from djgirlgroupgirl’s British Beat collection

Fringe Factory presents Fringin’ Faves for Fuzzy Freakouts! Vol 4
Take a TRIP with DJ Vikki Vaden in the Fringe Factory’s Rock-n-Roll Time Machine but be careful! Take a dose of this lysergic mix of 60s Psychedelic Groovers, Garage Burners and Heavv Mind-Melters and YOU MAY NEVER COME DOWN!

Make with the Shake’s Shake After Dark
Slither and shimmy across the dancefloor with this collection of slow grinds, smoky grooves, and minor-key mambos for dark nights.

The Whig Out presents Hairy Hits
Pinnacle Pileous Performances and Hirsute Hits from the toppermost poppermost

The Night Owl presents AI’s Poetry

The Night Owl Show’s AI host reads her most memorable poetry created spontaneously during the shows musical segues.


Sheena’s Jungle Room Logo Coaster
Transform “squares-ville” into Sheena’s Jungle Room by setting your drink down on this, the coolest of coasters.

Greg “Spacebrother” Bishop presents Stop Hitting Yourself Presents Scratchy 78s on laserdiscs
DJ Greg “Spacebrother” Bishop presents a selection of 78 RPM recordings from his collection, recorded direct from his 1928 portable Victrola. Selections will include such gems as post WWII Japanese songs (such as Tokyo Boogie Woogie) and early recordings of Hawaiian music from the 1930s.

Hi-Waisted Modernists  DJ GeorgyGirl presents Tale of the Unexpected
DJ GeorgyGirl mixes ethereal library music with an original spooky short story and sound effects. This production has been cleaned and pressed by hand and checked for nits by Sheena’s Jungle Room in association with WFMU.

Medium Cool with Martinibomb presents Sound Houses
A psychedelic chop suey of Moog synths, organs, fuzzed guitar, oddio folk, and broken toaster music. Fully tested and non-edible but still highly flammable. This production has been rated XN, for Extra Norty, by Sheena’s Jungle Room in association with WFMU.

The Flange & Frigate Show with DJ GeorgyGirl  presents A Collection of Flang & Frigate Crowd Pleasers!
DJ GeorgyGirl collects all the jaw-droppers and OMG tracks from the Flange & Frigate to date and ribs them for your pleasure. Groovy? Yes. Bombastic? Oh yes. Sexy? Oh, God yes. Each one personally licked by Sheena’s Jungle Room in association with WFMU.

Otis Fodder Friendly Persuasion presents Fodder’s Friendly Persuaders

25 Dog-Gone Gems from the land of Creepy Country where the Porno Flexis are pressed, and the Organ Grinders swing free. Forward march to the land of wooden smiles, where Christian Puppets greet you with glee, playing Moog synthesizers on Children’s TV. These are the Fodder Files. This product has been approved by Sheena’s Jungle Room in accordance with WFMU and the number 23.

Rich in Washington and The Cratedigger’s Lung Adventure Hour Presents…It Came from Pacific Northwest Thrift Stores
Thrift stores in the Pacific Northwest can be peculiar affairs; from tiny mom n’ pop shops tucked deep in the woods off offbeat roads in rural counties, to converted single-wide trailers off the Oregon coast’s Highway 101 ran by eccentric old ladies (and overrun by cats!) to tiny junk shops built over U-Haul rental stores, there’s something about the thrift stores in this area and the quality of the records to be found in their bins. Add to that the constant damp of the Pacific Northwest (and cats!), there’s the peculiar hazard to flipping through thrift store bins which inspired my program’s name – Cratedigger’s Lung. With that in mind, I’d like to present to you a selection of records I’ve found in PNW bins, with a heavy emphasis on records that originated in the region. It’s loggers and cowboys and would-be western troubadours, holy rollers and rock n’ rollers, novelty records and serious records, which have by default become novelty records. Gloves and dust-mask not required.