2021 DJ Premiums

Wake ‘n Bake

The Wake Record Bag: Cotton tote with the original Wake logo printed in a dark green. Art by Kirsten Ulve.

The Fire-Up The Gremlin T-shirt: Ready, set, and go! White print on dark grey heather shirt. Art by Jethro Haynes.

The NEW Wake Winter Hat is Warm, Wonderful, and Wild! Logo by Kirsten Ulve.

The Wake ‘n Bake Pidge Pin! Tukata-tuk, this pin will bring you luck! Designed by Paul McMahon.


Surface Noise with Joe McGasko presents Nights in White Polyester: Classic rock faves reimagined for the disco.

Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock presents Get Lost! Rock ‘n’ Rollers Who Failed Geography: Bands named for wrong locations, whether through deception or incompetence.

Radio Ravioli with Olivia presents Plant Based Melodies: Music made from houseplants, vegetables, fungi, tree bark, and branches. 

Techtonic presents The Sign-Off T-Shirt: Wear Mark Hurst’s weekly sign-off – “Avoid Amazon” and the rest. Designed by Jethro Haynes.

Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah presents Top of the Charreds: Pop covered with Vocal Fry treatments: throatsinging, yodeling, beatboxing, etc.

Domestic Partner with Faye presents Planned Obsolescence: Catchy rarities from never-reissued tape comps and demos. (CD)

The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow presents Hits From the Cloud 6: Endangered audio for freeform gormandizers.

Polyglot with Jesse Dorris presents Raving Homosexuals: Big rooms, back rooms, and cocktail sounds 1995-1999.


Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents Acoustic Parm: Ingredients: wood, strings, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Feelings with Michele presents NSFWFMU: Tipper Gore would want this CD burned. Parental Advisory, Explicit Content. 😉

Spin Age Blasters presents The Freaking of the 5000: Creamo remixes Crass.

Music of Mind Control with Micah presents Mixed Reality Deepstate Relationship Goals: Radical tantrums and fact free truths for a transcendental getaway.

Morricone Island presents Devon E. Levins Soundtracks In Seven A 2-CD compilation of film, television and library music cues and themes in septuple meter in honor of Morricone Island’s 7th WFMU Marathon!  It’ll have you counting from the very first beat.

A440 with Bethany presents The A440 Analog Notebook – A custom 6×6 spiral-bound notebook designed with space for scribbling down music, composing masterful laundry lists, drafting your magnum opus or orchestrating a heist. 

Ira presents Songs Bugs Bunny Taught Us: also Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn…

DotDash Radio with Tom Dash presents International Post-Punk Dance Party Vol. 2: DJ TomDash continues his series with a new collection of 80s jittery grooves from around the globe – emphasis on beat-heavy, kinetic, frenetic, angular cuts.

DJ Time Traveler presents The Travel Zone Key Chain: Includes its own beam of light!


Ken presents Don’t Miss The Party Girls Remix CD!

Duane Train presents Godly Disco: The funkiest holy spirited anthems to the holy God of the dancefloor.

Scott Williams’ presents Keep It In The Family: The family that plays together…

Seven Second Delay with Ken and Andy present The SSD Face Mask: Rated N12! 

Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash presents Bananas for Pianas: An auspicious assortment of blues pee-anna (red bandana not included).

Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky presents The Honky Tonk T-shirt. Design by Avi Spivak.

Evan “Funk” DaviesBest of Pop Roxx!: 20 choice cuts from EFD’s weekly Wake morning show segment!

Nickel and Dime Radio with small change presents Warp Factor 8: Spacey funky spiritual jazz sounds. (2CDs)

Vortex of Chaos with Bill Zebub presents The Circles of Hell: Musical selections culled with the choicest art.


This Is the Modern World with Trouble presents Moving Forward: Reaching backwards and forwards within the black diaspora – a collection of amazing sounds.

Pseu’s Thing with a Hook presents The Hook or The Crook: Songs that will help you to decide which one.

Strength Through Failure with Fabio presents Plague Failure Tunes: A selection of tracks meant to exorcise the plague demons and inspire regeneration.

The Old Codger‘s 1927 Science & Invention Magazine Calendar (also works for 2022).

Miracle Nutrition presents Blue Beauty and Friends: A Hearty White Story Time CD: All-new story CD perfect for kid or adult bedtime. 

Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt delivereth Pentecostal Pandemonium!: 20-plus tracks featuring the best spirit-possessed repetitive-groove sections.

Dave the Spazz presents Spazzy Duets CD: Seemingly random celebrities pair up to belt out oddball greatness.

What Was Music? with Marcel M. presents Blues From a Gun Vol. 2: Second compilation of live performances from What Was Music?

Stan presents Eureka!: Some great stuff I found while hangin’ out at home.


John Allen presents The Jazz Fanny Pack.

Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.: Sport your support for SBB with a swanky T-shirt designed by Love & Victory. 

Dance With Me, Stanley presents Polka Trail-Mix: Taste the flavor of chaos and let the spiral guide you into the confetti abyss. Your breadcrumbs may help you find your way home out of this whirlwind waltz of two-step tornado but you will never forget the fun you had. Bonus game: find the objects in the image: A BLUE MOON, THREE FRUITS, 2/4, and much more! Don’t miss this hot premium that will not disappoint all your 72 senses that you didn’t even know you had.

Billy Jam’s Put The Needle On The Marathon 2021 Food Mix: Non-stop food-themed music mix. Mmm…food. Tasty!

Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine presents Spoilin’ for a Fight: Male-female duets that aren’t necessarily harmonious.

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton presents Crime and Punishment: Holy Dostoevsky, Batman! Crime does play (at 33, 45, and 78rpm).

Peaceful Solutions with Joe D. presents Sicker Than Your Average – Raps from the Plague Year: A treasury of COVID-themed hip-hop from the worst year of your life.


Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison presents Maple Leaves From Off The Tree: Canadian folk and country music, mostly of recent vintage.

Bob Brainen presents It’s Brainen Cats & Dogs: 26 gems, newly repolished. (bit.ly/bob-2021)

Michael Shelley presents I’m Nuts About Screwy Music: Pop songs that stretch and explore the definition of Pop.

Rex presents the Fool’s Paradise Button Fun Pack: 3 full-color pinback buttons featuring your favorite lowbrow maxims.

Todd-O-Phonic Todd’s Limited Edition 7″ Split Single: “Todd-O-Phonic Todd Show Theme” b/w “The Boss Groover”: 5 (!) versions of Todd’s theme by The Rubinoos b/w “The Boss Groover” by Brower! 

Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents Accordions Rock the World!: Irresistible squeezebox-driven sounds from around the globe.

Marty McSorley presents The Tall Boy Koozie: It’s McSorley time, foo! Get down with this Especial-inspired tall boy koozie. Art by Greg Harrison. 

Darren’s 殺生石音楽: Synth and Death in Nippon Punk: The dark side of DIY Japan ’80-’89.


Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol presents The Serious Black Tote Bag: Perfect for all moonlit occasions! White imprint/Black canvas/Washable.

Reggae Schoolroom with Jeff Sarge presents Sunday Reggae: Every song is about something happening on a Sunday.

The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray BurnsThe Official 2021 T-shirt: This years’ edition of the collectable T-shirt series designed by Tom Hackett.

Suzy Hotrod presents The Rock and Roller Derby *Glittery* Enamel Pin: Roll like rink royalty in this pin worth 91,900 Skee-Ball tickets. 

Therese’s Songs of the Quiet One: Wah-wah about an old brown shoe or something.

Gaylord FieldsJuan, Pål, Jörg & 林檎: From the Fab Four of Finland to the Merseybeat Moptops of Macedonia, this collection corrals songs from 30 Beatlesque bands representing every continent except beat-starved Antarctica! This United Nations of Beat Groups brings forth the “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” in either their own native tongue, or in the Liverpudlians’ own lingo without the benefit of Google Translate. 

Smiling in Stereo presents Bergeys’ Smut CD: A collection of disgusting tracks, too foul for radio waves.

Bedtime Stories with Emily L. presents Killed By Bedtime: Post-punk delicacies selected to delight and shock the system.

Drummer Stream


Irene Trudel presents The Comforts of Cuddling: Guitar tunes to soothe the soul.

Global Grease with Kim Sorise presents “I Shook Up The World” – A Tribute to Muhammad Ali: Compilation of International and domestic jams honoring the G.O.A.T!

Big Planet Noise with Bob and Gina present Meet the Beetles: Dimestore Moptops! Hey, Liverpool Kids!! Welcome to my weird obsession with ’60s-era, cheap-ass, budget records–flimsy, shoddy LPs that usually sold for under a buck in grocery stores. There was an avalanche of this flavor-of-the-day crap available back then (show tunes, country nobodies, soundtrack rip-offs, Bonds, Batmen and Hornets, on and on), but the coolest ones were those that were straight-up made to dupe the buyer into thinking you were getting something that you were not. Especially something Beatle-ish. Beetle-ish. Yep—there were tons of ’em that were deliberately meant to trick your poor, unsuspecting grandma into thinking that she was actually buying you an honest-to-goodness Beatles album to put under the tree—but what you got instead was some sort of strange, Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!, weird-looking something that sounded sort of Beatle-ish, maybe. They were usually noisy, and the jackets would fall apart immediately. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!?!? It does to me!! After spending decades crawling under tables and pawing through filthy boxes ‘n’ crates, my swollen sinuses and knee-torn jeans bring you the reward. Here are 28 of my favorite budget Beatle-ripoffs—the fun ones, the funny ones, and…the terrible ones. Surprisingly even to me, it’s actually really, really fun to listen to!!!


Tony Coulter’s Compact Disc-overies – Lost Gems from the Digital Domain: Fab obscuro tracks from CDs and CD-Rs.

Neighbors Noise with Jesse Kaminsky presents Fresh Wind: Contemporary and unexpected music for the pipe organ.

The Long Way Home with Kris Holmes presents Devastating Deep Soul Heartbreakers Vol.4: 20 aural exemplars of longing and despair to wallow in.


100% Whatever with Mary Wing presents The 100% Whatever Inspirational Bracelet: A slim band of stainless steel, adjustable for most wrists. A reminder to listen to WFMU, of course, but also to your family, to your friends, and to the sounds of nature.  Be present in the moment, rather than distracted.

Your Boy Black Helmet Radio with DJ Black Helmet presents On the Road: Jams From People I Bought On The Road.

Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein presents Jerry Hunt – The Lost Tapes: A musical shaman who used tools from history and the laboratory to conjure mystery and imagination. Jerry Hunt (1943-93) was a master designer/hacker of software and hardware, a virtuoso pianist, and a composer who used numbers and symbols from 16th Century mystical systems. This 1985 concert—recorded at and restored by the New York experimental music center Roulette—captures both the entertaining and chilling aspects of his performance ritual.

Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan presents Al Qadim Thamin (Old Is Gold): 20th century Arabic scorchers!

If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal presents YouTube Chopped N Skrewed: Slowed and throwed classics of the Internet now on CD.


Continental Subway with David Dichelle presents Let’s Do the Time Zone Again: 1971 Edition: A musical journey back in time and around the world, from time zone to time zone.

Testify! With Larry Grogan presents Kaleidoscope Disguise, The Masters of the Now Sound Dig Into the World of the Far Out! 22 tracks of lovingly crafted musical simulacrum, from long hair to longhairs, Dad! The world of the psychedelic passing into the world of cocktails!

Explorer’s Room with Flash Strap presents The Fine Art of Fragments: A mindbending collage of forwards-and-backwards music made from a multitude of psychedelic miniatures.

The Cool Blue Flame with Little Danny presents The Deep End: Wall of sound obscurities, arching spaces, pulsations from other places.


Underwater Theme Park with Meghan presents Under the Basothos – African Covers: Music in Africa was greatly influenced by American music (especially James Brown) and reggae. Here’s a compilation of some covers you may have not heard before!

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents Township Jubilee: Transcendent jump and jive gems from ’50s South Africa. Dive into this massively appealing mix of jazz sizzlers from South African townships of the 1950s. By the middle of the decade, the apartheid monster was demolishing black cultural hubs and replacing them with white suburban enclaves. Neighborhoods like the legendary Sophiatown, located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, were razed driving the joyous music of the nightlife scene into the shadows. But the sensational sounds never stopped, and a multitude of brilliant improvisors, coalesced into small combos producing an outrageous new mashup of American jazz and R&B with African melodies and rhythmic idiosyncrasies. Presenting a surfeit of tracks from rare 78rpm platters—many never previously reissued—TOWNSHIP JUBILEE vibrantly captures this wonderful music in all its thrilling glory!

Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael presents A Child’s Guide to Fine Music – Appreciation Through Animation: For all of us children who’s love of music comes in no small part from the countless hours in front of the television, watching old cartoons.

Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn B. presents We Are The Now Generation!: Far-out downtown show tunes with a rock edge.


Music for a Free World with Dave Sewelson presents Live Duets 2021: Another special collection of host/guest duets curated from live remote encounters on Music for a Free World.

Five Miles to Midnight with The Knave presents Vintage Eastern Beats, Bollywood & Beyond!: Trip through amazing eastern rhythms designed for dance and delight. Action movie themes for driving fast and fighting, Jazz greats to admire, Bollywood funk for the dance floor and psychedelic flavours perfect for sitting in a circle and passing the pipe. Spanning India, Nepal, Pakistan and Iran these tunes have been hand picked to celebrate the fantastic and interesting array of music produced in this area in the 1960’s and 1970’s, with few exceptions tagging along for the ride.


D:O Radio with Jeff Golick presents D:O Radio d:oes S:olo Pian:o: 88s and heartbreak.

The Stork Club with Stork presents Lookit What the Stork Brung!: Compilation roundup of deep cuts by Stork Club birthday celebrants.

Rock ‘n Soul Radio

The Rock ‘n Soul Stream 2021 T-Shirt: Jump into the fifth dimension! Designed by Fringe Factory’s, Vikki V! A 2-color orange and black print on a natural color shirt.

Sheena’s Jungle Room

Sheena’s Jungle Room’s Sheena’s Solar System T-Shirt : Designed By Legendary Listener Franco Twinkie. White print on black cotton t-shirt.