2022 DJ Premiums

Presenting WFMU’s 2022 Fundraising Marathon DJ Premiums!

  • Pledge $75 – get 1 DJ Premium
  • Pledge $180 or $15/mo3 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $365 or $30/mo5 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $500 or $41/mo10 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $1000 or $83/mo15 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $5000 or $416/moEVERY DJ Premium!

    All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted and available as downloads or physical copies.

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Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon presents:

The SAM T-shirt: Get SAM on! He’s Glistener-drawn! Designed by Listener Butterman. Black ink on a heather blue shirt. (Adult S  M  L  XL  XX / Youth 6/7)

The Peepers T-shirt: Get it on! It’s Glistener-drawn! Yet to be designed, yet sure to blow minds! Designed by Francine G. (Adult S  M  L  XL  XX / Youth 6/7)

The Wake Thermal Lunch Bag: It’s Cool! It’s Hot! Without it, you ain’t got squat! Everyone needs a little T.L.B. Featuring a yummy Taylor Ham Radio Illustration by Lanky Lad James Huryk.

The Wake ‘n Bake Kling Thing Magnet!: Your fridge Wakes and Aches for this 3D magnet that clings to most steels with a pleasant rubbery feel. Designed by Kirsten Ulve. (Size approximately 3 9/16” by 2 3/4”)


Surface Noise with Joe McGasko presents Blue Interlude: Music for melancholy midnight moods and the late-night lonesomes.

Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock presents The Pat Longo T-shirt! Reprint of rare 2005 3CM design by Hoboken legend! (Circle size: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Jim Price presents The “Tull” T-shirt: Listen to Jim’s show for a ton of kick-ass Tull. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Radio Ravioli with Olivia presents Beach Vibes: Audio mixtape version of a piña colada.

Techtonic presents The Techtonic T-shirt: Oblivious smartphone user walking straight off a cliff. Designed by Greg Harrison. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

The Arbitrarium with Arb presents Arbscenity: FCC no-nos, brutalist prose, agitprop, fearsome women, cassette mayhem. (Cassette)

Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah presents Devis: Women’s voices manifesting ultimate truth and supreme power.

Daniel Blumin presents Wunderschnapps Transmissions Poster

Double-Sided 12″ x 18″ Wunderschnapps Transmissions Poster + Exclusive Tracks (Download only)
First-ever Blumin poster created by artist Stephen Byram, who has worked on many album covers that might be in your collection! Stephen designed Gary Lucas’ Gods and Monsters, Slayer’s Reign in Blood, L.L. Cool J’s Radio, Butch Morris’s Dust to Dust and was the art director for Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill! The poster is a two-sided monster, part wunder and part schnapps! 

But hark! You also get an album’s worth of tasty exclusive radio-themed soundiness from some of Blumin’s favorites including: Aki Onda, Heta Bilaletdin, Cody Brant, Tropa Macaca,  The Dictaphone, Harmonious Thelonious, Rien Virgule, Karen Constance, Small Cruel Party, Susje Ristch, Marta De Pascalis, John Chantler, Bob Bellerue, Daniel Menche, and Vulcan Beat Box!

Zoe presents Psy Trance Intuition: Meditations from various practitioners that calm, delight and inspire.

Polyglot with Jesse Doris presents The Future Is Fin de Siècle: Polyglot presents visionary sounds from queer undergrounds 2000-2009.


Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents Mattendo 64:Music from video games throughout the ages.

Feelings with Michele presents The Feelings Denim Tote Bag: Let the world know that WFMU gives you Feelings.

Spin Age Blasters with Creamo Coyl presents The Debasement Tapes: A dizzying descent into sub-level noise and clatter.

Music of Mind Control with Micah presents High Frequency Godfarts of the Starseed Mind: Etheric tunes and dimensional gateways to elevate the anal vortex.

The Old Codger‘s 2023 Wonder Drug & Miracle Cure Calendar: 12 months of radium remedies, toxic tonics, and noxious nostrums.

Morricone Island with Devin E. Levins presents The Dr. Moreau Original Soundtrack T-shirt. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow presents Hits From the Cloud 7: Demos, live tapes, loosies, & other delicious grey-area specimens.

Question the Answer with Sara A presents Personal Anarchy: Celebrating womxn & femmes in punk, post-punk, & beyond.

Travel Zone with DJ Time Traveler presents The 2022 Travel Zone Sticker.


Ken presents the Trust Us, It’s Music T-shirt: Designed in full canine BDSM glory by Daisy Freedman. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Evan “Funk” Davies’ presents Starting With The ’70s: Lucky 7: More obscure ’70s tunes selected from EFD’s personal collection!

Scott presents Cover Girls Vol. 4: Songs men did first, then women did better.

Seven Second Delay presents The Seven Second Delay’s 30th Anniversary Party Video: Recorded live Oct 2021, starring Ken and Andy, and special guest Richard Thompson. (DVD or digital download).

Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash presents Ten Drink Minimum: Live Blues performances, from the alley to the palais.

Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky presents Night Times: Haunted Billies from the HTRG Archives.

Therese presents All the Way Back to the Tippy Back:Therese attempts to recreate childhood trips in the family car.

Nickel and Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange presents Fin’: The End. A playlist of songs to play at the end of the night….

Bucci presents Faded: Stories and songs from an empty nightclub.


This Is the Modern World with Trouble presents The Trouble with Birds: Birds songs, bird sounds, songs with birds. Learn French as you listen to birds being described in a foreign language. Ambient as you can imagine.

Pseu’s Thing with a Hook presents Hooksmart: Low or high listener pop-prehension, all are invited.

Strength Through Failure with Fabio presents The Strength through Failure 2022 T-shirt! That’s right folks, the first STF T-shirt, EVER! Once in a lifetime! (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White presents Lou Register: In Lou of a gift – a CD of the best moments of Hearty White’s Lou.

Mahogany with Bailey presents Mahogany Premium 2k22: A walk around the block w/ Self.

Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt harmonizes with Sang It! A Capella Gospel Church Wreckers: 25 uncomped quartet and congregational masterpieces of blessed breath.

Dave the Spazz presents Dragnet Rock ‘n’ Roll: A lineup of dumb-de-dumb-dumb musical culprits.

Discobog with Saltzshaker presents Disco(bog) Nap: Murky jams and bog sounds to sleep to.

Radioactivity with Abbie from Mars presents Pandemic DIY: Your favorite Martian’s favorite NYC-based projects of the COVID era.


DotDash Radio with TomDash presents Guitar Works: Exclusive new solo tracks from the top shelf of today’s underground.  Ethereal and cosmic musical journeys…acoustic, electric, eclectic. Original cover art by contributor Anthony Pasquarosa.

Bryce presents Pulse Train: Proto-new-wave anomalies from when robots were still our friends.

Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. presents Naughty Girls (Need Love Too): Pleasure seekers and saucy divas from yesterday and today.

Dance With Me, Stanley presents Milk & Cheese join forces with Stashu T-shirt: Illustrated by Evan Dorkin. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Billy Jam presents Put The Needle On The History of Hip-Hop: Billy Jam condenses hip-hop’s illustrious history in this exclusive WFMU 2022 Marathon mix.

Mr. Fine Wine presents The Downtown Soulville T-shirt: Put your soul clothes on! An Avi Spivak-designed tee. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Mona til Midnight presents Sweatin’ to the Spookies, Vol. 1: A darkwave workout mix to get your black heart pumping.

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton presents The Body: Head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ear, mouth, nose, plus a few internal organs.

Sunrise Lamentations with Jeremiah presents The Ladies of Smooth Jazz: Highlighting women who also play saxophone in a male-dominated genre.


Bad Animals with Jim and Amanda presents Animal Traxxx: A beastly collection of animal-voice soundscapes, music, and poetry. Includes a NEW recording of the Bad Animals theme!

Double Dip Recess with Roger presents a new Double Dip Recess T-shirt: Glow-in-the-dark electric blue on a delicious chocolate brown T. (Sizes: Adult S  M  L  XL  XX / Youth 6/7)

Michael Shelley presents Four Heavy Duty Beverage Coasters: Set of Michael Shelley show coasters, for your favorite liquid refreshment.

Rex’s Ghoul’s Paradise Presents Cemetery Stomp: A coffin-full of wondrously rare 50s/60s Halloween weirdies!

Todd-O-Phonic Todd’s The Cavalcade of Stars:Scintillating moments from Todd’s incredible interviews!

Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents Bagpipes International! Bagpipe-driven sounds from Europe, Asia and beyond.

Marty McSorley presents Big Fuzzy WFMU Dice: Perfect for your rearview mirror or a big fuzzy game of cee-lo. 

Darren presents Plague Punk: Late-stage punk for a weird new world 19-22.

Currents with Brian D. presents Currents Classics: All the news that’s fit to hear — songs on deadline.


Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol presents Seriously Soothing Moonlight Relaxation Kit: 1 1 pair Serious “Two Moons” boxers (S, M, L, XL, XXL) + calming ambient Moon Music download, which includes new & unreleased tracks from Alexandra Spence, Daryl Groetsch (Pulse Emitter), Yialmelic Frequencies, Early Fern, Micah Frank, Moray Newlands, The Cyrillic Typewriter, Mark Seelig, Quinn Hanratty, Michael Reiley and more!  All you need to drift into peaceful dreamland!

Reggae Schoolroom with Jeff Sarge presents Let the Spirit Move You: The taste and feel of reggae music.

The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray BurnsThe 2022 Edition of Our Collectible T-shirt: Designed by Tom Hackett and featuring Jonesey, X. Ray Burns, and The Broad. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Paul Bruno presents Strum and Desist: More of the ‘80s American Jangle Underground.

Gaylord Fields presents Don’t Make Me Over: 25 Burt & Hal soundalikes — including a new and original song by WFMU superdupergroup Fayelord ’66 — that are so uncanny they’d even fool Dionne and her psychic friends!

Suzy Hotrod presents The 2022 Rock & Roller Derby Enamel Pin: Designed by Emily Langmade and featuring Suzy’s wiener dog Yoo-Hoo rollerskating & jamming to music. 

Smiling in Stereo with Bergey presents Sample Telephone: A seam-full mix of songs related by various samples.

Six Degrees with Alan presents Brick City: The music of the Newark Rebellion.

Drummer Stream

Irene Trudel presents Instrumental Obscura: Worldly instrumentals rescued from obscurity.

Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza presents Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza’s Conformity (Are you sure that that thing is true?): An attempt to tip the scales / Sound collage for revolutions.

Global Grease with Kim Sorise presents The After School Special with DJ Ms. Sorise: Greasy kids stuff that’s funky enough for the Principal’s Office.

Big Planet Noise with Bob and Gina presents A Sitar for Mom & Dad!: Be comforted by 20 vintage, sitar-laced MOR cuts, hand-picked for the Brandy Alexander crowd!  Cocktails… Moonlight… Fondue… Sitars… Swing and Sway the 1968 Way – you’ve come a long way, baby!  

Tony Coulter presents Mexican Monoliths: Avant-prog and experimental music from Mexico.

Dark Night of the Soul with Julie presents More Kinky Girls: Female artists pay tribute to the Kinks, including special performances recorded exclusively for this compilation!

The Long Way Home with Kris Holmes presents Borracho Baladas: Emotional Mexican-American Songs of the South West.

100% Whatever with Mary Wing presents Whistle While You Work: Music to help you accomplish the tasks of your day.

Your Boy Black Helmet Radio presents Best of 2021 Jam Exploration: Funk, psych and soul jams from the last year that made me drop my coffee.

Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein presents Queens Mix: Curiosities, Visionaries, and Wonders from the Fire Over Heaven concert series curated by Che Chen (75 Dollar Bill) at Outpost Artists Resources.

Bodega Pop with Gary Sullivan presents Korean Freakout: ‘60s & ‘70s K-rock, psych, garage, folk, & funk sounds.

If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal presents Radical Jewish Music: Kosher selections from the avant-garde of the 1990s ­­­— 2010s.

Continental Subway with David Dichelle presents Recognition Road: Music from semi-autonomous nations and underrepresented peoples.

Testify! with Larry Grogan presents Aloners: Crying songs and darkness-bordering 1960s folk.

Discotech Underground with Kip Brown presents Best of the Deep Dive into the Archive.

Explorers Room with Flash Strap presents Fragment Flashes: A mind-bending collage of forwards-and-backwards library jingles.

The Cool Blue Flame with Little Danny presents Slouching Toward Oblivion: Shoegaze secrets and precursors. Haze, harmonies, heavenly noise, bleeding electricity!

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents Best of the Drummer Stream: A mega mix of mind-blowing music! One track contributed by each of the hosts in Give the Drummer Radio’s stable of great DJs.

WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio is home to 30 brilliant DJs broadcasting their radio shows from 5 different time zones across 3 continents. To celebrate the stream’s wide diversity of sonic delights, each DJ has contributed a musical selection that best exemplifies the sound of their program. The result is Best of Give the Drummer Radio, a 2-CD freeform sampler of killer tracks—sweet gems, sizzling grooves, live performances, and deep-dive rarities!

Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael presents Crowdsourced: Selections from the first five years of Hinky Dinky Time’s annual, All-Listener-Request Show. Help kickstart the 2022 marathon! 

Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn B. presents One Night Only: Broadway musicals that closed on opening night.

Cha Cha Heels with Arb and Solo Mon presents RadiOdorama: Scratch-n-sniff cards, scent stories to accompany future shows.

Bob Brainen presents Lockdown Sounds: New, new/old favorites discovered during solitary.

Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson presents Duets 2022 with Dave Sewelson: Spontaneously improvised on the stream.

Five Miles to Midnight with The Knave presents The Ouh La La Lounge: The best lounge room dance party you’ve ever been to.

D:O Radio with Jeff Golick presents D:O Radio Gets Artsy. And only somewhat fartsy.

The Stork Club presents Birds Aren’t Real: They’re reel-to-reel

Electric Lazy Susan presents Timeless Summer: A party-ready mix of contemporary artists and lost jazz-funk / fusion classics.

Rock ‘n Soul Stream

The 2022 Rock ‘n Soul Lava Lamp T-shirt: Feel and look groovy underneath the black light. Designed by Emeline Haston. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Sheena Stream

Sheena’s Jungle Room presents The Album!: Rare and unreleased original tracks recorded by Sheena’s star DJs.


01 Georgy Girl - Welcome
02 Venomous Invisible Amanda [Don Bolles] - Come To The ABBAth
03 The Wuffy Dogs [Mike Rogers] - Things Dogs Do
04 Splogman [Jan Turkenburg] - We Are The Funny People
05 Taylor Jessen [Ironybread] - Small Films
06 Sister Krys O - 88 Lines About 26 Sheena Shows
07 Psychic Weapons [Derek & Babs] - One (Punch) Dub #2
08 Splogman [Jan Turkenburg] - Let's Twist Some More
09 Archie Bleyer - Hernando’s Hideaway (Ursula 1000 Remix)
10 Misty Ginger - The Roadshow Theme
11 Otis Fodder - 15 Second Pop Song
12 Rich In Washington - PSA: Willie Mays Don't Touch Them
13 The Soap Bubbles - A Whole New Feeling
14 Sister Krys O - Out There
15 Dr. Sarcofiguy - My Girlfriend Is On Fire
16 Xtreme Mindz - Safari
17 Rich In Washington - PSA: Radon
18 45 Grave [featuring Don Bolles] - Dream hits
19 The Wuffy Dogs [Mike Rogers] - I Must Be Lou Reed
20 Andy Velvet - Vicious Delicious
21 Bela Kuti and his Astro-Cuban Ensemble [Mr Fab] - Dark Shadows Chachacha
22 Venomous Invisible Amanda [Don Bolles] - Xmas, Bloody Xmas
23 Splogman [Jan Turkenburg] - Zulu Go To Warp!
24 Josh Berwanger - Maraschino Melodrama Theme
25 Escape Mechanism [Jon Nelson of The Wiggle Room] - The House of the Haunted Ink Bottle
26 Darryl Bullock - Sheena Baby 50
27 Taylor Jessen [Ironybread] - Do It
28 The Fish-Heads [featuring Darryl Bullock] - Anatomy #2
29 45 Grave [featuring Don Bolles] - Black Cross
30 Rich In Washington - Henry Rollins, Master Storyteller
31 Krystyna Olsiewicz (with Chris Butler and R. Stevie Moore) - Coming Down To Earth
32 Georgy Girl - Come Again


  • The Wuffy Dogs tracks are from an extremely rare 1983 four-song 7″ that now sells for over $2000.
  • The live 45 Grave tracks are unreleased, from 1982
  • 50, 70: purportedly a tape from perhaps the ’80s found in a thrift store
  • “The House of the Haunted Ink Bottle” is a sound collage consisting of hundreds of vocal fragments that form a reading of pages 182-184 of Finnegans Wake.” The short description is that it’s a cut-up reading of pages from a novel by James Joyce.
  • 66.Rich took Rollins describing his performances with Iggy Pop, removed all the words, and just left in Henry’s sound effects.
  • “Coming Down To Earth” was an instrumental by Raymond Scott, with new lyrics by Chris Butler of The Waitresses, Tin Huey, etc, sung by Krys. It was supposed to be released by Irwin Chusid originally.