2024 DJ Premiums

Presenting WFMU’s 2024 Marathon DJ Premiums!

  • Pledge $75 – get 1 DJ Premium
  • Pledge $180 or $15/mo3 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $365 or $30/mo5 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $500 or $41/mo10 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $1000 or $83/mo15 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $5000 or $416/moEVERY DJ Premium!

    CD and DVD premiums are available as downloads or physical copies.
    All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted

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Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon presents:

The Sunshine Superfan T-Shirt: “Highly” recommended! Sunbaked Op-art 100% cotton trip. (S  M  L  XL  XX)

Wavelength Full-Strength Psychic Mindwrap Bandana: It sees all and more! Ask it something! Designed by Kirsten Ulve. 

Clay Pigeon’s Wake and Bake Official Team Patch: To the wearer, glory! Sew it shall be!

Surface Noise with Joe McGasko presents When Day Is Done: Beautiful and rare U.K. folk and folk-rock from the ’60s and ’70s.

Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock presents The Battle of the Band Names!: Forgotten groups that came up with a household name first.

Radio Ravioli with Olivia presents Music as a Dream: For when you’re foggy with sleep and want some company.

Techtonic with Mark Hurst presents Spameater: Techno-dystopian songs featuring Hurst & Ottsc – a tribute to Hall & Oates.

It’s Complicated with Dave Mandl presents Take 17: A collection of music you may have difficulty tapping your foot to. 

Bad Animals with Jim and Amanda presents Katty-oke!: Epic jams with original vocals all done by animals.

Daniel Blumin presents Bass Bins and Curlicues: Exclusive electronic tracks by some of Blumin’s favorite experimental beatslingers. Featuring beautiful artwork by Andy Gilmore and killer previously unreleased music from Soft Pink Truth, Seefeel, Rrose, Jan Jelinek, Simon Pyke (Freeform), Bass Clef, Afrikan Sciences, The Vegetable Orchestra, Sistro, Dr.Nojoke, The Idealist, Eomac & Saint Abdullah, Gunnar Haslam, and Berk Offset!

Travel Zone with DJ Time Traveler presents The Cinch-Up Back Pack.

Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents Sing to me, Robbotto San!: Music that features synthesized vocaloid singing from Japan and beyond!

Feelings with Michele presents The Five-Year Anniversary First Feelings T-Shirt: Let your emotions get the best of you in style. (S  M  L  XL  XX)

Strength Through Failure with Fabio presents Freeform Dive: Hand-picked selections from my personal archives.

Bucci presents The Coolest T-Shirt: Designed entirely by callers in 2023, this shirt has everything. (S  M  L  XL  XX)

Music of Mind Control with Micah presents Uncle Mo’s Transelemental Energy Wave DreckenSchmutz: A hyper-resonant mix to help facilitate universal atrophy.

Morricone Island presents Musica Library Italiana: A compilation of DJ Devon E. Levins’ favorite Italian Production Library Music from the 60s, 70s & Beyond!

Material Eyez with Naomi Shamble presents Plucking Pomegranate: A compilation from the perspective of Queen of the Underworld. An ashen flecked eye to the sky commences Persephone, Queen of the Underworld’s return as she imprints the dewy blanket of vernal splendor. The Queen of Grain, Existential Pain, and Pomegranate Stain, returns to enkindle Spring once more. Her aura smolders as she is bleached by the sun and beaten free by wind at once of two worlds and one mind; a beacon of recrudescence throughout the cosmos.

Ken’s Mashups That Wouldn’t Die: The best recent sampledelic cross-genre masterpieces from the current masters of the form.

Evan “Funk” Davies presents Starting with the ’70s: Pieces of Eight: The 8th collection of buried 1970s treasure from EFD’s own collection!

Irwin presents Slouching Towards Bodenheim: A double-disc set of Gus’s many moods. A Gus Omnibus of his most blasphemous and vituperative radio monologs. An embarrassment of kvetches—uncensored! Includes unaired material. It’s all about the Bodenheims.

Seven Second Delay presents Andy and Ken’s Participation Trophies: Personalized listener trophies that are mathematically ranked based on internationally accepted standards. 

Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash presents Alcoholics Unanimous: A compilation of blues numbers dealing with the joys and/or horrors of the bottle.

Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky presents Car Trouble: Songs about road rage, coffee breaks, and travel on four to eighteen wheels.

Therese presents All Sixteen Dances: Each with built-in choreography!

Secret Canine Agents with DJ Perro Caliente presents The First-Ever Secret Canine Agents Enamel Pin!: Wearing this pin will grant you an outstanding tax refund.

Curated Chaos with Zoe Beatrice presents Sixty Seconds to Uranus: Grooves to make you move in one minute or less.

This Is the Modern World with Trouble presents i think you’ll like this: Trouble strings together something musically wonderful that she knows you’ll love.

Pseu’s Thing with a Hook presents You’ve Got the Look: Heck-ta-slammin’ hooks from the past year. 

Scott presents HIT LIST: Songs that were hits on WFMU – and nowhere else.

Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White presents Songs Your Mother Loves: This past year’s best music and audio theater from your favorite inspirational Dadaist.

Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt presents Sinner’s Crossroads Will Fix It: From soulful, shouting preachers to quartet rockers and soloists, let Sinner’s Crossroads fix it for you. 20 different versions and arrangements of the gospel standard “Fix It Jesus.” CD.

Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz presents Alpha Omega Rock n’ Roll: First and last recordings from your favorite MTSB artists.

Six Degrees with Alan presents Jersey Covers Jersey 2: NJ Artists Cover the TOPIC of New Jersey. Original songs about The Jerse written by New Jersey artists, several made just for this premium.

Cat Bomb Radio with Maggie Hertz presents Maggie’s Mystery Mixtape: A masterfully mixed medley of music made just for you!! (Cassette)

JA in the AM with John Allen presents The Jazz Tote: Formidable / durable enough to hold a short stack of records.

Mona presents Sweatin’ to the Spookies Vol. 3: More macabre music to get your black heart pumping!

Dance with Me, Stanley with Stashu presents Sweet Nothings: Listener-made polkas and whatnots and somethings or others.

Billy Jam presents Put The Needle On 40 Years Of Radio 1984 – 2024: Celebrating forty non-stop years of hip-hop needle droppin’.

Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine presents Too Many Tears: The deepest soul slowies from his 45 vaults.

Burn It Down! with Nate K. presents The Official Record Tote Bag: Emblazoned with the iconic manifesto that kicks off every show. 

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton presents Instrumentals: A no-vocals massage for that old gray matter.

Sunrise Lamentations with Jeremiah presents Under the Covers Again.

Currents with Brian D. presents Currents Classics, Vol. 3 – 2023 Year In Review: The stories and songs of the year.

Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents Self-titled Songs, Worldwide Edition: The idea of singing one’s own praises isn’t limited to rock bands like Bad Company and Bad Religion. A unique collection of self-titled songs from around the world.

Michael Shelley presents A Set of Four Illustrated Coasters!: Four colorful and durable drink coasters with artwork by today’s top artists including Greg From Zone Five, Daniel Kirk, Jordon P. & Julie Wilson.

Rex presents Streak of Madness – A Fool’s Paradise Sick Hick CD: Deranged ‘60s C&W 45s about murder, suicide, and prison.

Todd-O-Phonic Todd presents Todd-O-Phonic Time!: Always be punctual in the 2024 Todd-O-Phonic T-shirt! (S  M  L  XL  XX)

Discobog with Saltzshaker presents Algobog Assemblage: Swamp-tuned AI and boggy mashups from online wetlands.

Marty McSorley presents The WFMU Antenna Topper: The cherry on top of your freeform radio cake.

Radioactivity with Abbie from Mars presents Report from the Scene(s) 2023: Abbie from Mars’ Favorites in NYC DIY and Beyond. A selection of 2023 highlights from NYC-based projects.

Blah Blah Woof Woof with Fox presents The Blah Blah Woof Woof Sticker: Designed by renowned cartoonist Evan Dorkin.

Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol presents Blue Moonies Ankle Socks: Serious ankle socks in a blue tone!

Reggae Schoolroom with Jeff Sarge presents The Ladies Sing: Sweet lovers rock with the ladies moaning and groaning about love sad or sweet, oh yeah the story of love.

The Glen Jones Radio Programme presents The 2024 Edition of the Collectible Jonesey T-Shirt: Designed by Tom Hackett (S  M  L  XL  XX)

Paul Bruno presents The Lasting Concept: Old Alliances of SST Records: If SST Records’ early 80s release schedule was as prolific as their late 80s release schedule, their roster might have looked something like this! From records on labels run by SST artists and associates to groups that shared members with SST acts to bands that were offered contracts but broke up before they could properly record, these are 30 songs worth of 1980s underground rock pulled from the orbit of the boys at P.O. Box 1, Lawndale, CA.

Rock & Roller Derby with Suzy Hotrod’s Annual Enamel Pin: Rockin’ Ratso designed by artist Gina Volpe of the Lunachicks. 

Question the Answer with Sara A presents Sans Issue: Femme-fronted tracks only released as part of a compilation.

Blurred and Obscured with Jonathan Herwig presents Playlist Linchpins: A collection of soundbites, poetry, and field recordings featured on the show.

Irene Trudel presents Songs from the Woods: A wayfaring selection of songs created on wooden instruments.

Wreck Your Own Adventure with Wendy del Formaggio presents Songs in the Key of Cheese: Who knew there were so many songs about cheese?! Wendy did, of course. Here’s her homage to fromage, featuring quintessential queso-related tunes and clips. All killer, no filler. Wendy separates the curds from the whey so you don’t have to.

Global Grease presents DJ Ms. Sorise‘s After School Special Vol. 3: Containing even more greasy, obscure, and jazzy jams for the young at heart.

Big Planet Noise with Bob and Gina presents The Greatest Live Show on Earth!: Concert recordings from the most astounding bands of all time! It’s BEAT-A-MANIA!!! Got Live If You Want It! Big Planet Noise delivers a fidelity-be-damned, Vox-pounding avalanche of vintage live performances from our most rave-fave Brit Invasion artists of all time… Hollies! Animals! Zombies! Sorrows! Pretties! Plus many, many more scream-worthy Top Mop skyrockets! MAKE IT LOUD!!!

Tony Coulter presents Listening to the Hiss: A sampling of great but obscure tracks from cassettes heard on Tony’s “Tape Hiss” program. Hidden gems alert!

Dark Night of the Soul with Julie presents Live, She Cried: More live music from the darkest corner of WFMU.

The Long Way Home presents The Gospel According to Kris Holmes: A collection plate of hard-hitting black gospel 45s. Lovingly hand picked & compiled with sanctifying solidarity in mind. Guaranteed to send your soul to Church for a spiritual moment.

100% Whatever with Mary Wing presents The Best of Three of a Kind, Volume 2: Cover songs, up the wazoo! A selection of the best (or most noteworthy) versions from the beloved 3OAK segment of Mary’s show.

Your Boy Black Helmet with DJ Black Helmet presents Expand Your Sonic Horizons: The best of this past year’s journeys to Jam Town.

Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein presents Jerome Cooper, Multi-Dimensional Drummer: Unreleased solo magic (1988-91) by the veteran of Revolutionary Ensemble, Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton with Indonesian & African polyrhythms and melodies for percussion, balafon, chirimia, organ. Photo: Beth Cummins.

Bodega Pop with Gary Sullivan presents Revolução: Brazilian Rap 1984-97. Eighteen killer hip-hop tracks from República Federativa do Brasil.

If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal presents Adventures in Avant-Accordionics: Expand and compress to these bellowing accordion sounds.

Continental Subway with David Dichelle presents Let’s Do the Time Zone Yet Again – 1974 Edition: Around the musical world of 50 years ago, zone-by-zone.

Testify! with Larry Grogan presents The New Orleans/L.A. Connection: ’60s Crescent City Soul Men Go West (and back again) — An improbable tale starring Dr John. Sonny and Cher, Jesse Hill, King Floyd, Esquerita, Alvin Robinson, Cake, the Chitlins and more!

Discotech Underground with Kip Brown presents Psychedelic Delirium: Sixteen sonic sound sensations from certified psychedelic psychopaths!

Explorers Room with Flash Strap presents Jazz Mutations Vol. 7: Sound insights and wild motifs from the library music world.

The Cool Blue Flame with Little Danny presents Import Expert: Jazz and popular drones from and inspired by India & Southeast Asia.

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents AFREAKA!: A monumental trove of mindblowing funk and soul rarities from the Motherland. 100% dancefloor fillers and killers!

Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael presents Nursery Rock: Pop, rock, country and soul songs inspired by childhood favorites and playground games.

The Arbitrarium presents Dry Humping at Arby’s: A lossless make-out mix by Arb.

Beachcomber’s Buffet with Arlo presents Edible Arrangements: Delectable buffet offerings with food-related titles. As with the weekly show, this is an eclectic array of sumptuous offerings. For the buffet’s inaugural premium, all selections are food themed… or at leased with food related titles. Bon Appétit!

Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn Bishop presents Kurt Weill and His Consequences: Songs that aren’t Weill’s but sound like they should be.

The Radio Is Broken with Rich from Washington presents MUSIC FOR ASSHOLES!: Long-lost patriotic songs from the thrift-store fringes of the USA.

Bob Brainen presents Bark Cat Bark!: New favorite tracks from mostly new favorite artists: http://tinyurl.com/wfmu-bob

Music for a Free World with Dave Sewelson presents 5 Years on the Air: Tracks from his indefatigable guests. Celebrating the life and times of listener and guest Jim Ryan.

Observations of Deviance with David Mittleman presents Spontaneous Culture Personal Transmissions from the Free Jazz Private Press Underground: Thirteen mega-rare, self released, never reissued vinyl tracks from David Mittleman’s extensive collection. Despite their obscurity, the songs feature some of the top Free Jazz musicians – Rashied Ali, Roswell Rudd, Archie Shepp, Sabir Mateen, Jimmy Lyons and Richard Davis among others. Privately issued Jazz albums like these are often accompanied by emotive, commissioned cover artwork. In that spirit, legendary artist, graphic designer and professor Adrian Shanussey volunteered to provide unique cover graphics for Spontaneous Culture. Shanussey is a founding member of Intro Design – a London based design firm known for collaborating with some of the top record labels of the past few decades: Trojan, Verve, Blood & Fire, Mute, Warp, Rune Grammofon, Creation, Spoon and many others.

D:O Radio with Jeff Golick presents ZODIAC? SWEET!: Your guide to the stars from D:O Radio. 

The Stork Club with Stork presents The Unkrautsalat: A weedy, seedy mix, from German culture high and low, older and newer, in German, English, and Denglish, with love from The Stork Club in Münster, Germany.

Ritual Music with Lady Chanticleer presents Sacred Sea Breeze™️: A voyage into the soft center, awash with songs about the sea, lonely sailors, and snippets from adult films set on a boat. Essential cosmic rhythms to guide your journey “into the mystic.”

The Laughing Clock and DJ Peter presents Birdland Broadcasts: Select airchecks from the jazz corner of the world.

Primal Ice Cream with Solo Mon presents Never in the History of Calming Down: Non-relaxing songs about relaxing. The least calming spoken words about staying calm. Help yourself to this self-help mix that evokes a cat-like state of readiness otherwise known as TRUE enlightenment. From the makers of Primal Ice Cream, who are not a cult, but would like you to do their laundry.

WFMU Rock ‘n Soul Radio presents The Rock ‘n Soul 45rpm Adapter: For the record collector in all of us! 

Sheena’s Jungle Room presents Sheena’s Jungle Room’s First Poster: Sjors Vandermeulen has created a tropical wonderland.