2023 DJ Premiums

Presenting WFMU’s 2023 Marathon DJ Premiums!

  • Pledge $75 – get 1 DJ Premium
  • Pledge $180 or $15/mo3 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $365 or $30/mo5 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $500 or $41/mo10 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $1000 or $83/mo15 DJ Premiums
  • Pledge $5000 or $416/moEVERY DJ Premium!

    CD and DVD premiums are available as downloads or physical copies.
    All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted

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Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon presents:

The Meat of the Tomato Tee: Designed by Glistener Bobby Lapointe.(Sizes: Adult S  M  L  XL  XX / Youth 6/7)

The 1st Wake ‘n Bake Poster: Time to Hang it Up!  Designed by Paul McMahon

The Wake ‘n Bake Coaster: It’s the Moaster! by Kirsten Ulve. Set of 4.


Surface Noise with Joe McGasko presents COWPUNK DELUXE Vol. 2 – The UK: ’80s cowpunk, Brit-style. Back in 2013, Surface Noise enshrined the mid-’80s musical movement known as “cowpunk” in a compilation called Cowpunk Deluxe, which surveyed some of the American artists most associated with the style. It turns out, however, that cowpunk was not only an American phenomenon. This second volume of Cowpunk Deluxe focuses on the many UK artists who combined country music with punk energy  – in other words, cowpunk with a British accent. (Missed the first volume 10 years ago? No worries: This 2 CD set contains both!)

Joe Belock presents Three Chord Monte Trucker Hat: THEE must-have fashion accessory for 2023! Keep on truckin’! 

Radio Ravioli with Olivia presents ☾ ⋆*・゚ Theremagic *✧・゚⋆*★: Celebrating the spellbinding theremin across various genres & styles!

Techtonic with Mark Hurst presents A Simple Desultory Techtonic:A collection of techno-dystopian tunes featuring Si-mark and Scott-funkel.

It’s Complicated with Dave Mandl presents An Audio Guide for the Prog-Curious: A compendium of beloved prog and prog-adjacent tracks.

Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah presents Tongues Faster Than Drums – Indian Vocal Percussion Styles: Konnakol, bols and other voices so fast the words melt.

Daniel Blumin presents Soundy Visitations: Wicked top-shelf electronic sound constructions created especially for this compilation by Ale Hop, Colin Potter, Mark Van Hoen/Locust, Nick Mott, nula.cc, Ka Baird, Mats Bjork, Robert Turman, Matt Wand, Organs Obsolete, Komare, Mark Cetilia, Maurice de Martin, and UAN0021 plus wunderschnapps cover art photography by Dutchess County artist Pete Mauney!

Schizo Sofrito with DJ Mofongo Massacre presents Crisis en la Gran Ciudad: Raw punk and metal from Latin America, old and new.

Polyglot with Jesse Doris presents Cruising Utopias: The contemporary sounds of queer artists at work.


Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents Hot Dog Oasis: Music to help release your inner weenie.

Feelings with Michele presents 🖤 Syd’s Songs Sung 🖤 A collection of 34 songs featuring every song on all three Syd Barrett solo records. 23 tracks created specifically for this comp. Includes amazing bands like MV and EE, Aquarian Blood, Flowertown, Elysian Fields, Silica Gel, Nightshift, and many, many, many more. Full info and track listings can be found on the webpage – > wfmu.org/syd

Spin Age Blasters with Creamo Coyl presents The Debasement Tapes Vol. II: Take another plunge into the static crevasse courtesy of CC’s mitherings.

Bucci presents Ego Blow: A Year of Bucci: Bucci takes you through the highs & lows of a demanding year. An exciting collection of calls, talk and emotional roller coasters. Some are calling it “the best of Bucci vol 1.”

Music of Mind Control with Micah presents Microdosing Wokerock in the Orgonatronic Outhouse: A new compilation designed to activate your third buttcheek.

Morricone Island with Devin E. Levins presents Soundtracks In Five fo(u)r WFMU: Film & TV themes & cues in 5/4 time signatures.

The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow presents Recombobulation in the Frow Zone: A fully melted Frow Show wig-out. Medicinal use only.

Travel Zone with DJ Time Traveler presents the Travel Zone Pin!


Ken’s Diarrhemix!: Listener remixes of The Diarrhea Lady’s epic conversations with her BFF Mildred.

Evan “Funk” Davies’ presents Gimme My Radio!: An all-new collection of cool tunes about your favorite medium!

Irwin presents A Fistful of Gus: Two dozen fragrant Gusts of Wind from the Bodenheim Annex of the WFMU Broadcast Hall of Fame, packaged in a handsome keepsake edition, including exclusive—or intimate, if you will—supplementary segments prepared by “The Sage of Bodenmore.” Features a lurid cover portrait by Gus associate “Chuck” Rockwell.

Dinner at Andy’s presents Ken and Andy’s Andymation Film Festival: A video collection of classic SSD clips, animated by listener-filmmakers. (DVD or Download)

Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash presents There Are No Words Volume 2: More blues instrumentals – assorted flavors.

Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky presents Jungle of Concrete and Stone: An exploration of complicated feelings about bright lights and big cities – Nashville always seems to get a pass. Includes cautionary tales about riding buses, crossing bridges, and walking on the sidewalk.

Therese presents Hubble Bubble: Out-of-this-world pop songs. 

Secret Canine Agents with DJ Perro Caliente presents La Mezcla del Firulais: Bark along to energetic and slow jams in Spanish!


This Is the Modern World with Trouble presents The Trouble with Film: Moody, spacey and ambient tracks worthy of a film soundtrack.

Scott’s Synthaesthesia Vol. 2: 10 years since Vol. 1, let’s hear more synthesizers!

Miracle Nutrition presents Hearty White’s Original TV Show Themes: Thirty new themes to old TV shows. Modern Hearty classics!

Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt presents The Singing Preachers!: A super funky collection of unknown gospel bangers. Too often dismissed by gospel crate diggers, records made by reverends and preachers are some of the funkiest and soulful gospel records waxed. Sinner’s Crossroads presents the evidence: 20 plus numbers mastered directly from unknown beat 45s.

Dave the Spazz: From the scientists at The Spazzintologist Compound who brought you The Shemp Meditation Tape, The Adam-12 Meditation CD: Jack Webb-inspired affirmations to soothe your shattered nerves.

Six Degrees with Alan presents Jersey Covers Jersey: From Newark to Highpoint, remakes of hit songs from New Jersey and obscure covers from performers around the state, a bunch made just for this premium. 

WFMU Lite presents WFMU DARK: Dan Morfitt goes hard AND goes home.


John Allen presents The JA in the AM Jazz 2023 T-Shirt. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Mona presents Sweatin’ to the Spookies Vol. 2: More dark dance music to exercise your demons.

Dance With Me, Stanley with Stashu presents The Polka Bandana or Hanky: Designed by James McNew.

Billy Jam presents Put The Needle On The 1993 Hip-Hop Vol. 2: Sequel to 2013 ‘Best of ’93 Hip-Hop Marathon Mix.

Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine presents Midnight in New Orleans: More Big Easy uneasiness from Mr. Fine Wine’s 45 vaults.

Burn It Down with Nate K. presents Next Stop, Nowhere – 100% Authentic Fake Punk: Clueless cash-ins and cinematic send-ups from the golden age of punksploitation as interpreted by the stars of today. Featuring EXCLUSIVE covers from Yo La Tengo, Ron House, New Buck Biloxi, Alicja Trout, Savak, Retail Simps, Heavy Metal, and many more!

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton presents Library Music Vol. 2: More swingin’ sounds of literature on this overdue compilation.

Sunrise Lamentations with Jeremiah presents Under the Covers: A selection of smooth jazz covers of otherwise popular songs.  


Bad Animals with Jim and Amanda presents PETAPHORS: Poetry to enjoy with your favorite animals.

Double Dip Recess with Roger presents Key Wilde Weekly Songs: Key Wilde Weekly Songs: A double CD set of 54 original songs created for Double Dip Recess (and/or digital download).

Michael Shelley presents Four Ears to Hear You: A double cd set with the same hits in the same order on both discs, but performed by different artists. No hit versions, no original versions, just two great cover versions. With art by listener/illustrator Scottie Baldwin!

Rex presents The Fool’s Paradise Keychain Bottle Opener: FP Faithfuls can finally drink and drive in style!

Todd-O-Phonic Todd presents The Todd-O-Phonic Todd Activity Book: Games, puzzles, illustrations and more! Don’t leave home without it!

Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents Disco Planet: Four-on-the-floor beats collide with global pop styles.

Marty McSorley presents McSorley’s WFMU Liquor Store Locs (Sunglasses): Rocker Foos, Goths, Drunks, Casual Beach Goers and Loc’d Out Set Trippin’ Bangers all agree McSorley’s WFMU Liquor Store Locs are their top choice for liquor store or truck stop sunglasses. These blacker than black shades with Marty’s throwback 90’s WFMU logo on the side hide your eyes and never compromise. Get yours today. 

Radioactivity with Abbie from Mars presents Report from the Scene(s) 2022: Abbie from Mars’ favorites in NYC DIY and beyond.

Currents with Brian D. presents Currents Classics – 2022 Year In Review: The stories and songs of the year.


Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol presents Serious Socks! Get serious and put your feet into a pair of limited edition SMS ankle socks!  Perfect for a cozy night at home or as an accompaniment to your moon boots, these heavy acrylic socks will warm your feet and your soul!  Color: Purple with yellow & white; One size fits most.

Jeff Sarge presents The Reggae Schoolroom T-Shirt. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

The Glen Jones Radio Programme presents The Latest Edition in a series of collectible Tee-Shirts: Artwork by Tom Hackett. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Paul Bruno presents Stalled Out: NYC Bands of the Early Aughts. In the early years of the 21st century, New York City had an abundance of tremendous bands and not just the ones who wanted to meet you in the bathroom. Paul would know. He was there! This collection highlights some of the overlooked outfits from the era.

Darren presents Kyōryū Ongaku – Made a Dinosaur into a Synthesizer: Classic rock songs synthesized and covered in Japan 1977-92.

Rock & Roller Derby with Suzy Hotrod’s Annual Enamel Pin: Designed by Sophie Bushman and featuring Suzy herself. 

Question the Answer with Sara A presents Girls of Slender Means: A further exploration of femmes in punk, post-punk, & beyond.

Jonathan Herweg presents The Blurred and Obscured T-Shirt: Design by world renowned artist Jennifer Bolande. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)

Jim the Poet presents Premium McPremiumface: Weird songs Jim the Poet found to melt your brain.

Give The Drummer Stream

Irene Trudel presents Strings on the Wing: Another flock of string-based instrumentals, plucked from obscurity.

Global Grease with Kim Sorise presents DJ Ms. Sorise’s After School Special, Vol. 2: More fun, funky, and greasy kids stuff from KS’s collection

Big Planet Noise with Bob and Gina presents Galaxy A Go-Go!: The Swinging 60’s Soundtrack Buzz! Awesome, unexpected grooves, super-funky blasts and kaleidoscopic psychedelia from the weirdest and most-fun movies you’ve probably never seen! Expect the groovy unexpected from studio mavens such as Sonny Bono, Stu Phillips, Lalo Schifrin, Dominic Frontiere and a huge, kolorful klatch of other majestic, big-screen noisemakers! Breaks! Bass! Sitars! Farfisas! Fuzz! 20 tracks! Cops! Bikers! Surfers! Swingers! Acid Heads! Gurus! More Cops!

Tony Coulter presents Behind the Curtain: 1980s Post-Punk from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Dark Night of the Soul with Julie presents Chouxu-gaze – Chinese Shoegaze & Dreampop: Transplendent walls of sound and audio ether from China.

Observations of Deviance with David Mittleman presents John Gilmore (Sun Ra Arkestra) and Friends: Legendary tenor sax giant John Gilmore is mostly known for his long association with the Sun Ra Arkestra. Gilmore’s undying devotion to Sun Ra unfortunately overshadows his own accomplishments. Less known is Gilmore’s work outside the Arkestra. While he never released any albums solely under his own name, Gilmore recorded and played with some of the biggest names in Jazz: Art Blakey, McCoy Tyner, Clifford Jordan, Paul Bley and others. To celebrate Gilmore’s towering presence, Observations of Deviance (hosted by David Mittleman) has compiled a selection of key non-Sun Ra tracks that feature Gilmore from original vintage vinyl, unreleased live Gilmore solos with Sun Ra, exclusive Gilmore solo edits prepared by host David Mittleman and rare interview excerpts from Gilmore. Also included are exclusive interview excerpts with musicians who played with John Gilmore (e.g. Charles Tolliver, William Parker) conducted by host David Mittleman. This mix intends to shine a light on a Jazz master who is not as well known as he should be.

The Long Way Home with Kris Holmes presents Southern Northern – A Hard Soul Primer: A collection of uptempo, raw, throat shrapnel soul sounds from the currently oh so unhip Hard Soul genre. South, North, East & West, the 1960s soul scene saw any number of gospel refugees, southern soul belters & raw voiced rhythm & blues wonders laying down hundreds of recordings in an uptempo raw soul style. Today these records lie neglected & ignored, pushed to the background by the oh so hip & smoothed out Northern Soul, Modern Soul & Sweet Soul trends. Hopefully this compilation of fantastic tracks doesn’t suffer the same fate. Lovingly chosen & recorded from all original 45s by DJ Kris Holmes, host of The Long Way Home on WFMU’s Give The Drummer Radio.

The 100% Whatever Inspirational BraceletWing Bling #2: A slim band of stainless steel; adjustable for most wrists.

Your Boy Black Helmet Radio with DJ Black Helmet presents Best of Jam Exploration.

Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein presents Garage Gamelan: Faithful and disruptive traditional and synthetic gamelan tracks by composers from Bali to Scotland to Seattle using bells, gongs, drums, and their digital surrogates in a variety of grooving atmospheres. From ecstasy to melancholy this music transmits a mysterious.

Bodega Pop with Gary Sullivan presents Bourini Records 1968-75: Libyan & Egyptian Bedouin & sha’abi from the Benghazi-based label.

If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal presents Jazz OST: Selections from art house film scores composed by jazz artists.

Continental Subway with David Dichelle presents This is (not) a Folk Song: Reimaginings from the Roud Folk Song Index.

Testify! with Larry Grogan presents Peanutty Goodness: Sounds and songs from the Charlie Browniverse. Music composed for, about and otherwise related to Charles Schulz’s Peanuts.

Kip Brown presents The Discotech Underground’s ’60s Garage Barrage: A fuzzed out, garage-a-delic collection of garage punk bashers, smashers and trashers.

Explorers Room with Flash Strap presents Exotica Acitoxe: Reversed reveries & exotic perfumes from behind the moon.

The Cool Blue Blame with Little Danny presents Ether Island: Surf nocturnes, exotic motifs, ambient flotsam, sea, sand, sound effects.

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind’s Highly Collectable Psychedelic Poster: Regular listeners of Give the Drummer Some treasure the seemingly endless stories host Doug Schulkind tells about the myriad bands he was in during his formative high school years. The bonkers rehearsals! The trashed motel rooms! The debauched groupies! He doesn’t hold back! For all who wish they could have been there to witness the backstage hi-jinx, here is an item more desirable than any all-access VIP lanyard: this limited edition, full-color, psychedelic concert poster exploring the explosive history of Doug’s early years in rock. Created by Listener PAULS from Austin, Texas, this highly collectable 22″x17″ artifact is suitable for framing and a whole lot more!

Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael’s Insulated Grocery Bag! Don’t be a rootypoot. Put savings in your shopping cart.

The Arbitrarium presents Arb Reads SCUM: Arb reads The S.C.U.M. Manifesto over a man-free soundtrack.

Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn Bishop presents Swinging on a Star: Swinging show tunes for you to party like it’s 1929!

Bob Brainen presents 22 from ’22: New favorite songs mostly from new favorite artists. See: http://tinyurl.com/wfmu-bob.

Music For a Free World with Dave Sewelson presents Live Duets 2023: Guest/Host duets unrehearsed, performed spontaneously on the air.

Five Miles To Midnight with The Knave presents Interstellar Disco: A rocket ride through intergalactic disco laced with funk and electronica from Ghana, Spain, France, The Bahamas, Germany, Britain and the USA from the 70’s and early 80’s. You’ll orbit dreamy and seriously sexy grooves, feverish funk and pure electro dance floor heat. Git Down!

D:O Radio with Jeff Golick presents Kind of Kind of Blue: All blues? In this economy? So what!

Electric Lazy Susan with DJ Nogoodnick presents Down the Rabbit Hole: Psychedelic curiosities curated by DJ Nogood Nick.

Rock ‘n’ Soul Stream

The Rock ‘n Soul Stream presents Super Groovy Rock-N-Soul Radio Turntable Mat: Our first RNS slipmat! Designed by Fringe Factory’s Vikki Vaden.

Sheena’s Jungle Room Stream

Sheena’s Jungle Room presents The Groovy Mod T-Shirt: Brought to you by beloved show The Flange and Frigate. (Sizes: S  M  L  XL  XX)