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Weekday Mornings

Wake ’n Bake with Clay Pigeon presents:

The Once Upon a Time on Sopwith T-shirt
Art by Gary Leib!

Bakin’ Bits: Clay sprinkles the best Bakin’ Bits on your breakfast: Sam, Wake Traffic, Hazmat Report, more!

Wake ’n Bake Chug Mug: Perfect for hot/cold dark web Sanka, or powdered caffeine.


Surface Noise with Joe McGasko presents Steel Pan-demonium!: Originally developed by the lower classes out of metal junk in the 1930s on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the steel pan, otherwise known as the steel drum, spread throughout the Caribbean after World War II. Musicians hacked off the ends of empty oil drums, tuned the resulting pans with hammers to create notes in the metal, and formed steel orchestras that became popular at carnival time. Because much of the repertoire of the steel drum orchestras was eventually geared to tourists, many popular and classical pieces were adapted for it. Steel Pan-demonium! presents a choice selection of classic and modern steel bands playing classical, pop, rock, soul, and funk music covers, including some that are pretty surprising. Whatever the source material, the steel pan imbues every song with a joyful lilt and transforms it into a celebration. This CD premium is designed for maximum happiness!

Noon–3 PM
Three Chord Monte presents Joe Belock’s Beer Koozie: Keep your favorite beverage cool while rocking out to WFMU!

3:01–6 PM
Radio Ravioli with Olivia presents Futurist Folk: Songs that reinvent electronic, folk, and experimental music.

6–7 PM
Techtonic with Mark Hurst presents Techtonic Tips: A printed guide for surviving the tech age.

7–8 PM
Vocal Fry with Dan Bodah presents Voices for Another World: Difficult-to-find music featuring astounding vocals that prove anything is possible.

8–9 PM
Domestic Partner with Faye presents Canto Disco Revolution: Rare Cantonese ‘80s synth celebrating the cultural legacy of Hong Kong.

The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow presents Hits From the Cloud, Vol. 5: Saving endangered audio specimens to uplift freeform gormandizers.

What Was Music? with Marcel M presents Blues from a Gun, Vol. 1: Live performances from What Was Music?: Thou, Begotten, Sunrot, and more.

3–6 AM
Polyglot with Jesse Doris presents All This Will Begin to Happen: Queer battle hymns from the Plague Years, 1987–1995.


9 AM–Noon
Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents The Mama Mia Pizzeria Tank Top: Designed by Rich Hazelton. (Circle size: S M L XL XX)

Noon–3 PM
Feelings with Michele with one “L” presents The Feelings Guide to Life, Vol. I: Psychic self-defense, well-being, advice, guidance, sex, yelling, laughing, and crying.

3–6 PM
Spin Age Blasters’ SAB Sessions: Creamo Coyl presents selections from 4 years of exclusive Spin Age Blasters live sessions.

6–7 PM
Music of Mind Control with Micah presents Man Is Sick and Nations Have Gone Mad: A curatorial exploration of utter iniquity.

7–8 PM
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins presents When a Director Scores!: A CD compilation of music composed by your favorite film directors.

8–9 PM
A440 with Bethany presents Tempests & Turbulence: Ground-shaking bursts from the sky, squalls at sea, and other stormy orchestral apocrypha.

Burn It Down! with Nate K.’s After Hours: A VU Collection: A Venerable, Unparalleled assortment of rarities and adjacent noise from (V)U know who.

DotDash Radio with TomDash presents International Post-Punk Dance Party!: TomDash selects 80s jittery grooves from around the globe – emphasis on beat-heavy, kinetic, frenetic, angular cuts.

3–6 AM
Travel Zone with DJ Time Traveler presents The DJ Sticker.


9 AM–Noon
Ken’s Remix Treasury: A compendium of sampledelic sounds, sliced, diced, and mashed.

Noon–3 PM
Duane Train presents Covered All Over the World: Duane selects his favorite funky foreign language covers of soul classics.

3–6 PM
Irwin presents 2021 Radio History Calendar: Broadcast Primitivism and Futurism from the past.

6–7 PM
Seven Second Delay’s Cigarettes: For our listeners who smoke, or always wanted to start. (Age 14 and up)

7–8 PM
Weekly World Blues with Matt Fiveash presents Mystery Train Wreck: Train blues from all sides of the tracks.

8–9 PM
Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky’s Twangy Northern Soul: Honky Tonk personalities with tracks appropriate for spins and drops. Keep the faith!

Evan “Funk” Davies presents Starting With the ‘70s: You Are Number 6: An all-new batch of lesser-known ’70s tunes from EFD’s collection!

Nickel and Dime Radio presents Work, Rest, and (Press) Play: $¢ presents a split personality 2CD set of music to balance your life. One mix dedicating to working it to the bone…another for a life of leisure. The choice is yours…you could go with this…or you could go with that…

3–6 AM
Transmission with Sinéad presents Noise (& a lil’ less noise) For The Soul. Wonderful noise, berating rock ‘n’ roll, titillating punk, joyous melodies and everything in between; eclectic aural gems from the ’50s to today.


9 AM–Noon
This Is the Modern World with Trouble presents Trouble a Vivo: Live performances from This Is the Modern World.

Noon–3 PM
Pseu’s Thing with a Hook presents Smoke from the Hookah: Inhale some hits from the new pop-psych scene.

3–6 PM
Strength Through Failure with Fabio presents Premium Failure!: The sound of one’s inner awkwardness made tangible!

6–7 PM
The Blind Tourist with Adriene presents Walking Through Extinction: Music, art, and walking tours through the world as it won’t be.

7–8 PM
Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White presents The Secret Hidden Show: A CD of a special never-aired episode of Miracle Nutrition.

8–9 PM
Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt bestoweth on thee The Mighty Mightys!: 22 1970s style gospel groups with names beginning with MIGHTY!

Dave the Spazz presents All That Spazz: The Great American Songbook as recorded by a rogue’s gallery of MTSB favorites!

Nick Name’s Now That’s What I Call Music 1984: Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation NTWICM with his alternate take on 1984.

3 AM–6 AM
Stan presents Lobotomize: It’s time to get that procedure on your prefrontal cortex taken care of musically.


9 AM–Noon
John Allen presents The JA in the AM T-shirt: You belong to the city when Jazz rests over your heart. (Circle size: S M L XL XX)

3–6 PM
Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. presents AZIZAM!: Female funk, pop, and ballads from Iran, Turkey, Israel, and the Arab world, 1966–2017.

6–7 PM
Dance With Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu presents Save a Polka for Me: Love songs with a bonus valentine just for you!

7–8 PM / March 6 & 13
Billy Jam’s Best of Put the Needle on the Record 2005–2020: Celebrating Billy Jam’s 15 year on-air anniversary.

8–9 PM
Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine presents Deeper in the Shadows of Motown: The best batch yet of Detroit soul obscurities.

Daniel Blumin presents Total Recall: Top-shelf live performances from 25 incorrigible years of DB on the radio!

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton presents The Future: Yesterday’s songs and sounds of tomorrow today.

3–6 AM
Peaceful Solutions with Joe Duffy presents The CIA Is Trying to Kill Me: Conspiracy theory raps for our paranoid age.


6–9 AM
Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison presents Questioningly: Folk, blues, and old-timey songs that petition, wonder, and beseech.

9–11 AM
Double Dip Recess with Roger and Amanda’s Double-Dip T-Shirt: Our first shirt, available in adult and kid sizes! (Circle size: S M L XL XX / Youth 6/7)

11 AM–1 PM
Michael Shelley presents A Set of Four Groovy Coasters, commemorating The Michael Shelley Show, for your favorite liquid refreshments.

1–3 PM
Fool’s Paradise with Rex presents Only The Ugly: Odious odes to the fat and ugly culled from original 45s.

3–6 PM
Todd-O-Phonic Todd Socks It to You!: Get on the good foot with WFMU’s first ever sock! One size fits most!


6–9 PM
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents Switched-On Planet: A global keyboard bacchanal: sublime, absurd, and spectacular international synth/piano/keyboard-driven gems!

Marty McSorley’s 1994 WFMU Arena Parking Lot Bootleg Championship T-Shirt. (Circle size: S M L XL XX)

Hits from the Crypt with Keilidh presents Your Worst Nightmare: Haunted recordings straight from the crypt… ghouls and gals confess their worst nightmares on tape.

3 AM–6 AM
Darren’s Uncanny Music: Guided Listening Through the Sixth Extinction: Post-Earth pop and fifth world weirdness!


6–9 AM
Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol presents Serious Sound Poems: An amazing array of artists have created new one-of-a-kind pieces that combine music & spoken word poetry and verse!  Composed and recorded especially for this compilation CD,   you won’t find these anywhere else!  Including tracks by: P.G. Six, Jessica Moss, Michael Vincent Waller, Daona, Vapor Vespers, Bipolar Explorer, Little Baby Cheeses & more! You’ll want to get your hands on this one! Seriously.

9 AM–Noon
Jeff Sarge presents Reggae Schoolroom’s 2020 Premium.

Noon–3 PM
The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns’ 2020 T-shirt: The latest collectable shirt from Jonesey & X. Ray. (Circle size: S M L XL XX)

A sneak peak at the artist Tom Hackett’s work in progress

3–5 PM
Teenage Wasteland presents R-R-Real Rock & Roll, Vol. 20: The Radio Show Beneath the Boogeyman’s Bed.

5–8 PM
Therese’s CCRCed: Collected Creedence Covers: Because if that’s all there is, my friends, then keep on chooglin’.

8–10 PM
Gaylord Fields’ Mockingbyrds: It’s the jingle-jangle morning after, and these bands come following.

The Avant Ghetto with Jeff Conklin presents Green Minus Yellow V: Another collection of lost/forgotten/rediscovered folk and folk-rock from around the world.

Nowhere Places with SV presents Now That I’ve Come Down: Post-club chillout/morning after music to soothe battered brains.

3–6 AM
Norflax Oxdun Sidetower with Nick the Bard presents OR Lock Co./Cork Loco: Portable Variationables from late night of two styles in one. The best welcome gifts for the ear holder. (MP3 disk)

Drummer Stream

D:O Radio with Jeff Golick presents Freedom Jazz Dance Party: Floor-fillers and/or lease-killers.

Global Grease with Kim Sorise presents 5 Years of Otherworldly Jams—A Foreign & Domestic Compilation: Selections from the show.

Big Planet Noise with Gina Bacon and Bob Irwin presents Messages from…Big Planet Noise, Vol. 2: Rare, forgotten, and previously unheard ’60s recordings!

Tony Coulter presents Lost in Belgium: A collection of Belgian post-punk and experimental music from the ’80s.

Continental Subway with David Dichelle presents Let’s Do the Time Zone: A musical circumnavigation of the globe featuring tracks from 22 different time zones and languages.

Neighbors Noise with Jesse Kaminsky presents Machine Learning: Recordings of funky rhythms by non-musical machines.

The Long Way Home with Kris Holmes presents Queens of Funk: 20 sides from 20 of the funkiest sisters ever strutting into 2020.

100% Whatever with Mary Wing presents The Best of Three of a Kind: Cover songs up the wazoo!

Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein presents Radio Spheres: Radio Spheres: A journey into multi-dimensional transformation guided by musical ghosts and flavors, from an exclusive session with avant-supergroup of Ka Baird, Todd Capp, Che Chen, and Talice Lee.

Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza presents Kenzo’s Surprise Sound Collage CD!: Improvisational risks for ears.

Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan presents Tomorrow: Revolutionary avant, folk, pop, and underground sounds from Hong Kong.

If You Lose Your Horse with Sam Segal presents Lo-Fi Head Cleaner: A Revisionist History: Experimental highlights from the 2010s cassette tape underground now on CD!

Dark Night of the Soul with Julie presents Dark Night Live: Songs from bands visiting the late night early days of DNOTS.

Testify! with Larry Grogan presents Dialing Back: The Roots of ’70s AM Gold.

Explorers Room with Flash Strap presents Deep Exotic Night: Rare and unusual exotica from the Explorers Room archives.

The Cool Blue Flame with Little Danny presents Rose Coral Gold: ’60s psychedelic surf, Baja Bugs, and sun-spray harmonies.

Underwater Theme Park with Meghan presents The Official Underwater Theme Park Molded Magnet: Perfect for hanging up your important papers!

Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents More Heartmelters!: Eschew this powerhouse collection of devastating soul ballads and you’ll eat your heart out.

Hinky Dinky Time’s Musique Hinque Dinque—Selected Samplings from Production Music Libraries: Library Music that Uncle Michael likes!

Acid Jazz Hands with Bronwyn B. presents Musical Marathon: The longest songs in musical theatre history!

Play Vertigo with Mayuko presents Full Steam Ahead with Capt’n Vertigo!: Original sailor hat with a download code for sailing songs compiled by Mayuko.

Music for a Free World with Dave Sewelson presents Twose: Guest/Host duets and unreleased tracks rarely heard by human ears.

Rock ‘n Soul Ichiban Stream

The Night Owl with Owl Sun presents The FUGs Live from Café Wha: Broadcast live during the 1968 WFMU Marathon.

The Whig Out with djgirlgroupgirl and Richard Whig present Teen Beat Titans: Marvel-ous models of mayhem!

Crayons to Perfume with djgirlgroupgirl presents Kittens of the Kindle: ’60s girls in groovy groups.

Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V. presents Fringin’ Faves for Fuzzy Freakouts, Vol. 5: Take another lysergic trip on the Fringe Factory’s time machine to the hard and heavy 60s underground!

Make with the Shake with Pat K. presents Passport to Shakesville: 24 exotic slices of voodoo surf, mambo soul, and zebra-striped grooves!

Sheena’s Jungle Room Stream

Sounds Under 64 Not Allowed, Yes, We Have No Mountains, and Frame Duggy Louder with Jan Turkenburg present Meanwhile in Zwolle: A unique collection of cover songs in various styles from Peppermill Town, The Netherlands.

LoriHajiTura, Hi-Waisted Modernists, and The Flange & Frigate with DJ GeorgyGirl present Frankenshow!: LoriHajiTura vs. Modernists vs. Flange—the ultimate mixed-up, psyched-up, mash-up!

The World’s Worst Records Radio Show with Darryl W. Bullock presents 25 Killer Death Discs: A cherry-picked collection of favorites from the show’s Death Disc of the Week spot.

Medium Cool with Martinibomb presents The Shape of Sounds to Come: SP-404 ¡SMASH-UP! featuring contemporary music with a vintage vibe.

Cannibal Stew presents Turn Off the Century: DJ ARB swings to the other Belgian Popcorn. Off-pitch offbeats from 1955–1965. Ungawa!

Jason Elbogen’s How to Look Back at High School As The Best Four Years of Your Life: In the 1970’s and 80’s, administrators at hundreds–if not thousands–of secondary schools in the United States felt so strongly about the musical worth of their budding adolescents that a decision was made to press vinyl records documenting their students’ efforts. 98% of these albums offer uninspiring renditions of uninspiring songs. ‘How To Look Back at High School…’ focuses on the other 2% that I’ve come across after listening to too many of these lps. This collection of amateurish, exuberant, and occasionally jaw-dropping tracks will save you time, space, and money.