2018 DJ Premiums

Presenting WFMU’s 2018 Fundraising Marathon DJ Premiums!

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All DJ Premiums are audio CDs unless otherwise noted.

Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon
6 AM – 9 AM

The Glow-in-the-Dark Wake and Bake T-shirt!
Brand new limited edition t-shirt! Designed by Kirsten Ulve. Blue ink on a heather blue shirt glows yellow in the dark! (Sizes: S M L XL XX)


The Wake and Bake T-shirt
Get airborne with Clay Pigeon in this brand new t-shirt! Designed by Kirsten Ulve. Black ink on 100% grey cotton tee! (Sizes: S M L XL XX)


Glistener’s Gold, Vol. 1
Original songs, musicals, operettas, and sonic ephemera from the mind and bedroom studio of Clay Pigeon.


9 AM – Noon
Surface Noise presents Alternagrrrls: Girls to the Front in the ’90s
In the early 1990s, the music industry was experiencing a boom time as Nirvana and other so-called “alternative” musicians racked up big sales with their mix of rock, punk, and metal. At the same, the Riot Grrrl movement brought girls together to make uncompromising music of their own. On Alternagrrrls, these two strands of ’90s music interweave as we hear strong female-led bands forge their own path in the aftermath of the alternative explosion. Some would sign to major labels and others would remain known only to the cognoscenti, but few of them would achieve the commercial success of the most prominent female-driven bands of the era, the Breeders and Belly. In their bid for recorded immortality, however, many of these bands crafted memorable pop and rock worth revisiting in the 21st Century.


Noon – 3 PM
Three Chord Monte presents In Any Other Language, Vol. 2
If music is the universal language, then how to explain this?! 25 more of your favorite stars singing special versions of their hits in foreign languages. Not cover versions, but the original artists!

3:01 – 6 PM
Scott Williams’ Kraut: Kovered
Many exclusive tracks dedicated to those klassic kosmische musical impulses of the 1970s.


6 – 7 PM
Techtonic presents the Techtonic T-shirt
The first T-shirt from the show about our shift to a digital future. Just look at those USB cables! (Sizes: S M L XL XX)


7 – 8 PM
Vocal Fry’s Yodeling Strictly Forbidden
Joiks, krimanchuli, kulnings, pygmy songs, haulits, and other obscure glottal arts that are 100% guaranteed not to be yodels.


8 – 9 PM
Dance with Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu presents We Love Pierogi
Both listening to and dancing to polka-styled music is the best way to burn calories. It is also a good way to achieve euphoria and miraculous visions of pierogies. So if you love polka and pierogies, this CD is for you! Stashu likes it, try it!


9 PM – MID
Dave Hill presents the Goddamn Dave Hill Incredible 3-Patch Set
Three incredible embroidered patches inspired by The Goddamn Dave Hill Show and designed by the great Danny Hellman. One patch will be a Goddamn Dave Hill Show patch, one will be a Ramen Gang patch, and a third will be something so sweet it will blow your mind out your butt probably, so we can’t even tell you just yet ‘cuz we don’t wanna get sued. Sew these patches on anything to make that thing instantly 1000% awesomer.


MID – 3 AM
The Frow Show presents Hits From the Cloud, v. 4: An All New Frow Show Treasury of Endangered Audio
Even more songs, sounds, earworms, and oddities never released in any physical or commercial form, herein preserved for intrepid freeformers.


3 – 6 AM
Travel Zone presents Rare Collection
A personal vinyl mix by DJ Time Traveler.




9 AM – Noon
Garbage Time with Matt Warwick presents The Heavy Metal T-Shirt
Matt is takin’ a ride wielding a lava lamp on the new Garbage Time T-shirt designed by Rich Hazelton. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)

Noon – 3 PM
Pseu’s Thing with a Hook’s Got Off the Hook
A collection of criminally great but overlooked pop delinquents.


3 – 6 PM
Brian Turner’s Budget Budokan IV
Latest volume of full live sessions of recent years: Senyawa, Faust, Uniform, Wire, Sparks, Feral Ohms, Borzoi, Sumac, Complete, Writhing Squares, more. Dedicated to Sparky/Creature.

6 – 7 PM
Music of Mind Control presents Chakra the Monkey
A brand-new selection of musical attempts made by various worldwide cults, new religious movements, and divinely inspired sentients.


7 – 8 PM
Morricone Island presents …For A Few FMU Callers More!
Devon E. Levins brings you a compilation of his favorite re-workings and re-interpretations of Il Maestro’s film and television soundtrack oeuvre.


8 – 9 PM
Weekly World Blues presents There Are No Words
America’s most unhelpful blues radio program presents a wide assortment of instrumentals. Fidelity and sophistication may vary.


9 PM – MID
Irene Trudel’s Waves of Faves
Favorite live songs from Irene Trudel’s show, rolling in from the past year for 2018’s WFMU Marathon.


MID – 3 AM
Professor Dum Dum’s Lab presents A Vortex of Chaos
Hear the songs that have enchanted you or that you have reviled. More than one musical style is included.


3 – 6 AM
What Was Music? presents Eject the Tape and Turn on the Radio T-Shirt
Another choice T-Shirt to wear while contemplating what music was. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)




9 AM – Noon
Ken’s 100 Ringtones
A data disc (or download) of 100 artisanal ringtones handcrafted by Ken. Fuzz guitar, goats, whistles, howls, and chirps to keep you alert all day long.


Noon – 3 PM
Duane Train presents Feminist Funk
A curated collection of odes to female empowerment that will get you fist pumping the air in funky defiance.


3 – 6 PM
Irwin presents Writersongs
Mostly marginal music about significant literary figures dead or alive. Novelists, poets, historians, philosophers, visionaries, crackpots.


6 – 7 PM
Seven Second Delay’s Six Pack of Beer
Ken and Andy beer can stickers (six, each different), including one for the smoky, autumnal IPA “Go To Hell!” Beer not included.


7 – 8 PM
In Real Life’s “Merit Badge” stickers
A set of stickers designed to look like a hand-stitched merit badge representing your favorite episodes of In Real Life.


8 – 9 PM
Honky Tonk Radio Girl’s Walkin’ the Dog: Honky Tonk Takes on R&B and Soul Records
Surprisingly hip renditions of R&B and soul songs by known and unknown country acts.

9 PM – MID
Evan “Funk” Davies’ Starting With The ’70s V: Quintessential
20 hand-selected, lovingly digitized, personally sequenced ’70s rock/disco/glam/punk crushers from EFD’s own collection!


MID – 3 AM
Nickel and Dime Radio with Small Change presents Guarambembere
A journey into vintage Latin music.


3 – 6 AM
Radio Ravioli’s Do-It-Yourself Ravioli
Twelve freshly made sound collages featuring cheesy dialogue, tender voices, meaty sauce, salt, pepper. You are encouraged to re-mix.




9 AM – Noon
This Is The Modern World presents Qué Quoi
Leave your luggage at home. Fantabulous collection of modern world sounds from the musical stratosphere. Dictionary not required.


Noon – 3 PM
Diane Kamikaze’s Fun Machine presents Diane Kamikaze’s Practical Art!
Practically art, and practical! For this year’s premium, Diane gets down with her painting, design, and drawing skills by creating custom light switch plates. A practical piece of art that won’t clutter up your countertop! Nothing to dust, and no CD will get stuck in your player – these pieces come complete with hardware, so just pop ’em out of their packaging and install. You’ll think of WFMU every day when you turn on the lights!


3 – 6 PM
Strength Through Failure’s The House of Mirth
Works by women pushing the envelope and creating amazing experimental and avant-garde music.


6 – 7 PM
Gig Talk’s Gig Talk Music: Wild Sounds from Gig Pros
A CD of listener submitted music curated by the Gig Talk hosts. Hear new sounds by established and unknown artists! Only the best and brightest sonics will reach the listeners’ ears. Trust the Gig Talk hosts to pick only hot tracks! We are excited to share new music from our fantastic listening audience! Discover new bands you may have never heard of but should know about! Hear unreleased deep cuts from some of your favorite artists who are also listeners that love WFMU and want to contribute to the fundraiser!


7 – 8 PM
Miracle Nutrition presents The Walk
Join Hearty on a walk. A DVD version of Miracle Nutrition.


8 – 9 PM
Sinner’s Crossroads’ Here’s the Church/Here’s the Steeple/Open the Door/Where’s the People?
Gospel Knucklehead T-shirt. Wear the Word! (Sizes: S M L XL XX)




9 PM – MID
Dave the Spazz presents Nutty Knock-offs
You’ve heard the best – now here’s the rest! A mind-numbing collection of doppelgangers that deliver. No covers!


MID – 3 AM
Nick Name’s Now That’s What I Call Music 1983
Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation “Now That’s What I Call Music” with his alternative take on 1983.


3 AM – 6 AM
Stan’s Smoke Shop Stan’s Smoke Shop, The Audio
Something to listen to when you get home with your smoke shop purchase.



9 AM – Noon
John Allen presents the JA in the AM T-shirt
Negate poor fashion and end your week in style with a T-shirt designed by artist/ sound conceptualist Graham Lambkin.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Fc3TbaE6I (Sizes: S M L XL XX)

3 – 6 PM
Sheila B’s Sophisticated Boom Boom presents Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag!:
Sophisticated Boom Boom’s debut tote bag, made of fine threads and girl-pop love.

6 – 7 PM
Shut Up Weirdo presents Another Kick-Ass T-shirt
Collectible, super cool t-shirt from your favorite Friday night ladies. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


7 – 8 PM
Billy Jam’s Put the Needle On the Video 2018 Hip-Hop Mix
An MP4 video version mix of diverse hip-hop tracks from the weekly radio show that frequently does video streams.

8 – 9 PM
Downtown Soulville presents Nonhitsville
After exploring obscure Detroit sounds from the shadows of Motown for five previous premium compilations, Mr. Fine Wine turns his attention to the behemoth that cast those shadows.

9 PM – MID
Daniel Blumin’s 10th Anniversary Wunderschnapps Transmissions T-Shirt!

Blumin celebrates ten years of soundiness unbridled with this wunderschnapps item of saucy haute couture! Drawing and design by Alex Jako, an artist who has worked with the likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Andrew Weatherall, and Damo Suzuki & Art Error Ist (with Jean-Hervé Péron of Faust & Steven Stapleton & Andrew Liles of Nurse With Wound).


MID – 3 AM
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass presents Work
A labor of love about the love of (and the not love of) labor in song, mostly.


3 – 6 AM
Serious Moonlight Sonatas presents Close Encounters of the Lunar Kind: Where Movies, Music And That Crazy Moon Collide!
For this round of seriously moonlit soundtracks, Carol has invited some musical guests to join her in creating their own altered soundtracks for their favorite films! This is something you won’t find anywhere else! Don’t miss out!



6 – 9 AM
Shrunken Planet presents Tapes World
Rare tracks culled from small and private-label cassette releases.


9 – 11 AM
Bob Brainen’s The Alt-tune-iverse
Alternate versions or alternate takes, crazed and/or incongruous covers, obscure originals. Lots from vinyl, many rarities. See: bit.ly/bob-2018


11 AM – 1 PM
Michael Shelley’s Make Your Own Kind Of Music!
An amazing 2CD collection showcasing the widest possible definition of pop music and full of guaranteed #1 hit songs. It’s a mix tape of the best of the best of the melodic, groovy, ear-grabbing, globe-spanning, genre-defying music that listeners of Michael’s radio show have come to demand. A must for all serious freeform music fans!


1 – 3 PM
Fool’s Paradise with Rex presents More Stoopider
More lunkhead rock ‘n’ roll 45s from the Fool’s Paradise archives. 50s/60s dumbbell ditties about inane things.


3 – 6 PM
Todd-O-Phonic Todd’s Todd-O-Phonic Todd T-shirt
Wear the first ever Todd-O-Phonic Todd T-shirt LOUD and PROUD! “Truly WFMU’s most stunning design to date” – GQ


6 – 9 PM
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg presents World Covers!
Unexpected international takes on familiar songs inspired by Rob’s “World Covers” segments on Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon, the WFMU Morning Show.


9 PM – MID
Marty McSorley’s WFMU Side Story (Vol. 1)
A CD dedicated to the lowriders and all those who support WFMU “soul type” hits.


MID – 3 AM
Rolling Motion’s Rolling Motion Shirt
A new, one-time-only print, black-and-white design, limited-edition Rolling Motion T-shirt. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)

3 AM – 6 AM
Zoe’s Women of Kraut
Spaced out tracks—an electronic, psych, avant-garde medley—that feature Kosmische Musik’s finest female composers and performers.



6 – 9 AM
Burn It Down! presents Killed by Mardi Gras
A collection of punk rockers, power poppers, and other junk from New Orleans and its environs, then and now.


9 AM – Noon
Reggae Schoolroom’s By the Rivers of Reggae
CD with music about rivers and water. Let the music flow.

Noon – 3 PM
The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns’ 2018 T-shirt
The latest edition of the collectable shirts of The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns. (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XX)


3 – 5 PM
Teenage Wasteland presents R-R-Real Rock & Roll, Volume 18: Manson Family Values
Morally and cognitively degrading garage rock and power pop filth for connoisseurs.


5 – 8 PM
Samantha presents Glass Sounds
Glass harps, glass orchestras, chamber bowls, and songs about breaking glass.


8 – 10 PM
Gaylord Fields’ Skank Your Lucky Stars: Square Ska & Offbeat Bluebeat 1964-65
For a brief and glorious time after “My Boy Lollipop” became a No. 2 hit in both the U.S. and U.K., the ska bandwagon was brimming with the oddest assortment of trend-chasing musical acts. The 100% certified Jamaican-free riddims collected herein emanate from unlikely sources ranging from washed-up teen idols to hoary old 1940s Big Band leaders to rapidly maturing Disney moppets to a certain angry and bespectacled New Wave artist’s dad.


10PM – MID
Spin Age Blasters presents Do The Limbabwe
Q: How low can you go?
A: 70+ minutes of wild and untamed post-punk clangor from Venlo, Holland circa early 1980s!

Place: Venlo, Holland — a small city near the German border.
Time: Early 1980s.
Scene: A ragtag group of weirdos and art students hungry for new sounds and sensations.
Result: Some of the rawest and finest post-punk of the era.
Product: 70+ minutes of wild and untamed post-punk clangor from the crucial Limbabwe label brought to you courtesy of Creamo Coyl and Spin Age Blasters.


MID – 3 AM
The Avant Ghetto’s Lost Strings
A collection of rare solo guitar music.

3 – 6 AM
Circle Time presents Sounds of a Circular Sensibility
Songs about circles, ovals, wheels, circuits, going round, standing around, anything curved. It’s not as stupid as it sounds.




Global Grease presents The Revolution Will Be Live Volume 2: Words and Sounds to Inspire Revolution
Spiritual, Free, and Black Arts jazz and poetry that enhances equity and the rhetoric of social justice.


If You Lose Your Horse presents Auto-Tune: A Revisionist History
This mixtape is a reevaluation of oft-maligned vocal processor Auto-Tune and the singers from around the world who use it.

Tony Coulter’s Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
Post-punk, No Wave, experimental music, and just plain uncategorizable stuff from pre-Portlandia Portland.


FMA Listening Party presents How To Share Music
An Incompleat Guide: Creative Commons licenses got you confused? Learn how to share and use music online – legally – with this handy-dandy zine!


Continental Subway’s Minority Report
Someone once said that a language is a dialect with an army and navy. This compilation reflects how language is the people’s idiom of song, with tracks in a variety of minority and non-official languages from around the world.


Neighbor’s Noise presents New Bliss
2017 was quite a year for the new new age of transcendental space-out ambient music. This compilation captures ten turned-on tracks made in the last 12 months that will dial in your consciousness to the oneness of all things.


The Long Way Home presents The Best of the First Fifteen Months
Covering the musical bases of soul, funk, and R&B, Kris Holmes pulls together a compilation of favorite tracks from the first fifteen months of The Long Way Home. All tracks taken from original 45s for that extra added mojo! Dig in & dig on!


100% Whatever presents Sugar Spell It Out, Volume 2
Practice your ABCs with these artists who needed to spell out certain words in their songs. It’ll be F-U-N!


Ridgewood Radio presents Noise By People
Inspiring and surprising experiments in music extracted from the Queens and Brooklyn substrate in 2017 by the Ridgewood Radio mining crew. A dozen selections by soloists and small ensembles featuring exotic, electronic, twisted traditional, voices, and other instruments skillfully formed into musical adventures. Wrinkles, tickles, truths, and a touch of history.


Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza presents A Series of Dreams (every path is the right path)
A new collection of Kenzo’s most dazzling sound-collage sample-rich loopscapes, with 35 layered hours of mesmerizing wake-inducing dreamfulness. This second-ever KLERE audio DVD highlights the most remarkable episodes from recent years, plus a few remixed classics. It’s a data disc full of MP3’s, readable by computers, some car stereos, and some home audio and DVD players. Also includes download link! (MP3 DVD & download)


Bodega Pop Live presents Burma Pop
Mind-altering Burmese disco, folk, pop, psychedelic, and synth-pop, including some of the strangest covers you’ve never heard (Bee Gees, Serge Gainsbourg, Led Zeppelin, and more).


Testify! presents Way Out West!
Way Out West! is a look at the intersection of jangle, fuzz, and the beginnings of freakout in the West coast musical hotbeds of the mid-1960s. Folk-rock, pop, and garage punk open the door to lysergic emanations. Way Out West! captures a transitional moment that wouldn’t last very long.


Underwater Theme Park T-shirt
Underwater Theme Park celebrates 10 years of radio with a shirt designed by artist Robert Piersanti. Silver ink on navy blue cotton. (Sizes: S M L XL XX)


Explorers Room presents 3 Taboos (And Other Exotic Motifs)
Obscure and lesser-known exotica – only the best and strangest pearls found hidden in my dusty collection of exotica LPs.


The Cool Blue Flame’s Out Where
Haunted ‘50s and ‘60s country, lovelorn rock ‘n’ roll, borderlands guitar atmospherics, and drones and ambience from out where. Out Where is a pastiche of dust, neon, and small-town streets, lost souls and lonely lovers, the lights at the outskirts and the empty horizons beyond.


Give the Drummer Some with Doug Schulkind presents The Best of Give the Drummer Radio, Volume 2
WFMU’s alternative stream Give the Drummer Radio is home to 20 masterful radiomakers deejaying their hearts out for you every week. I asked each host to share one performance that has some vital connection to their program. This compilation represents their contributions. Gorgeous, thrilling, jawdropping, magnificent – and for all Drummer Stream listeners, hardly a surprise. Enjoy!


Hinky Dinky Time’s Exclamations, Interjections & Ejaculations!
Uncle Michael gives you 28 tracks celebrating uncontainable utterances of unbridled excitement! Let it blurt! Featuring glorious cover art by WFMU graphics stalwart, Greg Harrison.


Play Vertigo with Mayuko presents In Love With Your Enemy: Censored Western Songs from Wartime Japan
Western pop standards listed “To Be Purged” by the Empire of Japan Information Bureau in 1943, covered by Japanese artists from the pre-war era. Download link with a poster created by Mayuko of collage artwork using the bureau’s publications including the list of purged songs.


Destination:Out presents InstruMENTAL: Jazz Versions of Rock and Pop Hits
Vocals? Nah. Marshall stacks? Probably not. Swinging renditions of your favorite chart-topping songs? (::finger snapping::)




What’s Happening?!?! presents What’s Happening?!?! Sings For You Inc.: Younger Than Yesterday
With the jangle-jangle of a tambourine, Matt re-creates classic folk-rock LP singularly!

Crayons to Perfume presents Freak Meow-T
23 mind-bending kittens! Vivid! Vicious! Vivacious!


Fringe Factory presents Fringin’ Faves for Fuzzy Freakouts! Vol 3
Fringe Factory DJ Vikki V doses you yet again with her lysergic mix of ‘60s psychedelic groovers, garage burners and heavy mind-melters… for all you Fuzzheads and Time Travelers!


Make with the Shake’s Oh God, It Hurts!
Agonizing rock and soul hipshakers about pain, illness, affliction, and bodily harm! Hurtin’ never sounded so good – dance yourself sick!


The Whig Out presents Something in the Water
Far-out freak-outs and fuzz from the most southerly beaches of the Sunshine State!




The Eternal Now’s Anechoic Chamber Music
A wild array of mind-bending compositions from today’s experimental vanguard thoughtfully complied by Andy Ortmann.


Simpsons Time presents Radio Bart
Amanda Nazario presents an unforgettable luncheon of remixes, riffs, and audio memes of your favorite moments from The Simpsons, hand-picked from the labyrinthine depths of the Internet. Yes, eat all of our shirts!