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Options June 16, 2016: After Orlando

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Jeff and Friend in Union Square park
Queen  The Show Must Go On   Options Innuendo  Hollywood  1991  MP3  Freddie's last ... 
Trump audio from FOX News
Woman in Union Square Park
Chris at Grand Central Station
David Bowie  This Is Not America   Options Falcon and the Snowman (Soundtrack)  Screen Gems  1985  MP3   
Hillary Furious audio from ABC News
Austinian Gun-Owner
Rufus Wainwright  Across The Universe   Options Poses  SKG  2002  MP3  Love him. 
Chelsea Man
A Young Woman and Friends @ Grand Central
Rod Stewart  The Killing of Georgie (Part 1)   Options A Night on the Town  WB  1976  MP3  This was controversial in '76 when it was released. Rod was ahead of his time. 
Robert @ Grand Central
Christina Grimmie Death Announcement - ABC
Christina Grimmie  With Love   Options     2013     
Matt at Grand Central
Shannon and Dorothy in Chelsea
Swamberger and the Solilloquists of Sound  Orlando   Options     2006  MP3  Scene commentary from 2006. 
President Obama on ISIL (ABC News audio)
Australian Travelers @ Grand Central
More Hillary
Five Eight  Orlando   Options The Good Nurse  Deep Elm  2000  MP3   
Amelia @ Grand Central
Difficult Man (I Regret This Terse Exchange)
Trump Audio from FOX News
The Feelies  Paint It Black   Options Ricki and the Flash (Soundtrack)  Bar None  2015  MP3   
Another Chelsea Man ...
Elizabeth Warren
Cher  You Haven't Seen The Last of Me   Options You Haven't Seen The Last of Me  Screen Gems  2010  MP3  From the "Burlesque" soundtrack 

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:07pm Clay Pigeon:

HELLO ... Hello ..... hello
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:07pm common:

hey clay! everyone!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:07pm marycarnival:

Happy Thurrrrsday, errbody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm cory:

hi all
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm marycarnival:

'sup, common!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm redkayak:

Howdy all :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm Carmichael:

Heya Clay and people of the comments board.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm common:

how goes it, marycarnival?
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:08pm geezerette:

Hi Clay and pals!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:09pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Evening, gang!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:11pm Slick Goldtooth:

Heya Clay
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:11pm stevefromgberg:

hey clay ay y
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:11pm marycarnival:

Finally done with another term--glad I can get my Pidge on live again!
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:11pm A.T.F.:

Make ammo harder to get...Dogs cops..without the smell of urine...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:12pm Polyus:

Howdy Clay. I wish people would back off the "we should keep people with mental health problems from getting guns", when nothing is being said about the level of institutionalized rage in our country, and all the angry/resentful/paranoid people who have them.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:12pm Geoff in Bolton:

Love this Bowie Metheny tune.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:13pm cory:

lol, i thought everyone had mental problems
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:13pm P-90:

Comments ON! I was thinking yesterday, "If Clay goes out and talks to people this week, they're gonna have a LOT to say about this latest pile of shit..."
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:14pm geezerette:

Why have assault weapons been available at Walmart for years?
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:14pm A.T.F.:

My Probation officer let me keep my crossbow..determined person can kill with a stone/brick...
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:15pm marycarnival:

As a person who is not against guns per se, but not overly enthused about them either, I agree that there is a much larger issue of internalized rage that must be addressed...but where to start? So many efforts seem to be ineffectual...things just seem to be getting worse.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:15pm redkayak:

If congress didn't get amped up after Sandy Hook, I don't know what will do it....
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:16pm JakeGould:

I’m not against guns, but it’s easier to get a gun in the U.S. than it is—for example—to get an all-region DVD player that can play non-U.S. DVDs. Think about that.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:16pm marycarnival:

@ A.T.F Right. Any determined individual can wreak havoc.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:16pm JakeGould:

@redkayak: Exactly.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:16pm Kimbers:

...late, but present. Will have to check the archives for the earlier interviews.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:16pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

The gun-nuts are completely delusional, they keep dismissing these massacres as false-flag attacks. How do you talk to people like that?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:17pm cory:

why should we make it so easy though?
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:17pm geezerette:

ASSAULT WEAPONS! Not needed for hunting or self defense.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:17pm marycarnival:

@ JakeGould: Exactly. The same goes for those Kinder Eggs from Europe. Saw a good meme thing about that yesterday.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:17pm A.T.F.:

Bad people dont buy guns from gun dealers...
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:18pm P-90:

I guess you guys have all heard that the family of the late gentleman who designed the AR machine guns, they released a statement that he considered them STRICTLY battlefield weapons for tactical use in warfare by professional soldiers, NEVER to be in civilian hands... They said he would be horrified that anyone can buy one at a gun shop or gun show.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:18pm stevefromgberg:

why do you need an AR-15?
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:18pm JakeGould:

It’s also harder to get missile firing toys into the U.S. (imported from Japan) than it is to get a gun in the U.S.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:18pm Marcel M:

Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:19pm JakeGould:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:19pm cory:

oh, i love this version
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:20pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

And we have consumer drones on the market, and 3D printers.....seems like a great time to get the hell outta Dodge
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:20pm P-90:

@Jake: that's because a kid could accidently shoot himself in the eye with a rubber-tipped Voltron missle.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:20pm A.T.F.:

AR15 is a high powered 22 with a heavy twist..not even desired buy our own warriors/heros?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm cory:

Voltron super-powerful 4 realz
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm redkayak:

With all due respect - it is a gun issue. Repeal/revise the 2nd Amendment....
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm JakeGould:

@P-90: Phew! And now, a kid can just go into their parents closet and just blow their whole head off with a gun they picked up on a whim at Wal*Mart.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm cory:

  Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm Fredericks:

Beautiful choice, Clayton.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:21pm Slick Goldtooth:

@P90 Remember how the original Megatron transformer turned into a legit looking pistol instead of the now normal tank design?
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:22pm MenfussMike:

hahaha you miss him so much you play a cover
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:22pm Clay Pigeon:

thanks fredericks, love you brother!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:22pm JakeGould:

@SlickGoldtooth: Yup! And thanks to toy safety laws the reproduction Megatron toys made after 1988 cannot be legally sold in the U.S. tfwiki.net...
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:23pm P-90:

@Clay: That last interview was the FIRST time since the Orlando thing I've heard anyone in the media discuss the fact that the shooter could have been a repressed, self-hating closet homosexual himself
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:23pm geezerette:

And genetic research possibly leading to pigs with human cells in their brains.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:23pm cory:

poor pigs
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:24pm A.T.F.:

...Walmart has been recording ammo sales for years...60 percent of us shop there
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:25pm Clay Pigeon:

P-90 - Not sure it is a fact. I aired "conjecture" which is probably questionable journalistically.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:25pm cory:

wal-mart records all sales. that's how they decide what to sell
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:25pm JakeGould:

One kid in Georgia in the 1980s choked on a missile from a Battlestar Galactica toy and the whole industry regulates itself. How many real humans have to die from real guns for THAT industry to take responsibility for itself.pleasesavemerobots.blogspot.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:26pm redkayak:

@jake indeed...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:26pm melinda:

I was distracted and missed the conjecture but I'm glad someone brought it up.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:27pm A.T.F.:

Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:27pm JakeGould:

@ClayPigeon: Right. It’s not 100% clear if they guy was just scoping out the gay community in his own odd way. He did seem to have power issues. Wife beating, the fact he’s one of those guys who wears NYPD logo gear yet has 100% no connection to the NYPD. He was a mental case.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:27pm common:

never heard this rod tune. nice
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:27pm geezerette:

Right Jake! Well said.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:27pm Polyus:

I assume at least a few people have read this bit going around, from a guy covering a Trump rally in Greensboro, N.C. - how does all that get put back in the bottle, whether he wins or loses -storify.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:28pm melinda:

Mellow acoustic Rod. I like it.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:28pm marycarnival:

This song--WOW.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:28pm Kimbers:

Thanks for this one, Clay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:29pm redkayak:

@Polyus This is the price paid for pulling the guts out of the middle class for 40 years. Resentment.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:29pm Carmichael:

I can't buy or use bottle rockets in California, but I can legally obtain an AR-15 quite quickly.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:29pm JakeGould:

Correction, one kid in 1978 choked on a toy plastic missile from a Battlestar Galactica toy and the rest is, blah, blah… What I said.
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:29pm geezerette:

Trump's history in Atlantic City.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:30pm A.T.F.:

Most law enforcement has some kind of mental defect .. you only need one shot in the right spot..
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:30pm Kimbers:

this guy must talk himself out of everything
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:30pm JakeGould:

@Carmichael: Bingo! Also, lord help you if you sell bootleg/knock-off designer bags… They’ll lock you up!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:31pm marycarnival:

So sick of people's admiration of how Trump is 'mixing things up'...so did Bernie!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:31pm MenfussMike:

LOL THIS guy doesn't want to go
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:32pm Marcel M:

Wow.. Poly TICKS haha. never heard that.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:32pm Fredericks:

"I think the people will keep him in check" re: nuclear code.

Wishful thinking in this case could be a world disaster.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:32pm sweeks:

These are dark days
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:33pm geezerette:

God,the"News" Media!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:33pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

Thank you Clay for remembering Christina Grimmie too - Scott Williams did something similar, making a connection with Aaliyah and the terrorist attacks a month later in 2001
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:34pm A.T.F.:

We need guns Putin is coming from the north Comrades
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:34pm Carmichael:

Mixing Things Up = Loose Cannon
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:35pm Linda Lee:

good to hear you today Clay. tough week.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:35pm Kimbers:

@A.T.F. - no need to fear the external attack
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:35pm P-90:

@Clay: yes, I referred to it as conjecture: "...the fact that the shooter COULD have been...". But it wasn't journalistically questionable IMO, because your interviews are all about folk's impressions and conjectures, aren't they?
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:36pm drewo:

Thanks Clay. The Christina Grimmie song was very touching.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:36pm melinda:

@carmichael: exactly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:37pm cory:

i don't think he was gay. i think he was scoping out the place. doesn't change a thing though.
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:38pm geezerette:

Clay,grateful for weekly catharsis.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:38pm Smilty69:

Scoping out a bar multiple times? It's not a bank.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:38pm Linda Lee:

.. scoping for 3 years? while drinking? he was a regular! .. more info coming. but those of us familiar with homophobic behavior .. aren't surprised at the possibility.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:39pm A.T.F.:

Your musicial taste is all over the board thats why my pigeon is clay.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:39pm JakeGould:

@Smilty69: How many pictures of Jodie Foster did Mark David Chapman have to collect before deciding to kill John Lennon?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:39pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

I think all hatred starts with self-hatred.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm Linda Lee:

thank you Cliff!
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm geezerette:

Linda Lee & Cliff,yep!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm Carmichael:

Looking For Mr. Goodbar.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm sweeks:

Agreed, Cliff
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm MenfussMike:

why does he continue to refer ISIS as ISIL?
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:40pm Smilty69:

@JakeGould: I don't know? Chapman was crazy.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm P-90:

@Linda Lee: good point, three years isn't "scoping", it's "patronizing regularly."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm cory:

hadn't heard the 3 years thing. the whole thing really bums me out so much it's really hard to read
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm Jim from Brooklyn:

another fine show Clay!!! thank you as always
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm Clay Pigeon:

TY ATF. Appreciate that!
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm A.T.F.:

Check out big bore airguns/WOW
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm Polyus:

Throw a spider at someone, that's gold!
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:41pm Joe stalvey:

Wonder if there are any yay Orlando songs, non-Disney of course.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:42pm Linda Lee:

of course! he was known at Pulse.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:42pm melinda:

I didn't know he was going to the bar for 3 years. Sheesh. Regular patron, indeed.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:42pm Clay Pigeon:

TY Jim!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:43pm Marcel M:

Obama being a joke all over the world is horse shit.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:43pm Linda Lee:

just wait. more information is coming through about Mateen. ..
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:43pm Marcel M:

American coffee in France is espresso topped with boiling water. AMERICANO EYYYYY
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:43pm A.T.F.:

Steel Pulse best reagge bad just sayin.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:43pm Joe stalvey:

Send those Aussies to Think Coffee!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:44pm Linda Lee:

these are the people to talk to about the pointlessness of gun legislation.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:44pm Slick Goldtooth:

Flat Whites are pretty dope though
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm Carmichael:

American Government in general is seen around the world as a boatload of idiots.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm cory:

oh fuck!! you nabbed a celeb!!!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm drewo:

Have seen little talk among our representatives about changing U.S. policy and behavior in the Middle East that has spawned a generation of young men intent on wreaking havoc on the U.S. and Americans.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm Kimbers:

...ha! voiceover talent, unite!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm melinda:

Wow! Surprise voice-over.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm Marcel M:

In my travels I've generally found people dig Obama tho.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm Joe stalvey:

What are rules on emigrating to Australia? Sounds great. Coffee and no gun assholes.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:45pm Geoff in Bolton:

Excellent "in a world" from the dude from down under there. Respect.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm cory:

we've got a boat-load?
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm Marcel M:

Honestly politics are shit in a lot of countries. Maybe not trump level, but Obama and Hillary level.. yes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

Australian PM John Howard wrote a NYT editorial about effective gun control in 2013: www.nytimes.com...
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm Marcel M:

Europe is a big paradise? Please...
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm Linda Lee:

i don't think the degree of corruption here is understood by people outside the US. .. it's barely understood in the US!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm JakeGould:

All I know about Australia is it’s filled with cute animals and nice looking ladies.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:46pm Carmichael:

How are the politics in Amsterdam? There certainly a lot of pluses.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:47pm Linda Lee:

sounds fine to me Jake!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:47pm melinda:

I'd like to meet a koala.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:47pm Carmichael:

Clay: "On the fun 91.1!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:47pm cory:

@Joe stalvey, you have to box three adult kangaroos while black-out drunk. if you survive you're an ozzie (oy,oy,oy), it you win 2/3 you're the PM
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:48pm Kimbers:

that last tune reminded me that I never saw Tilda Swinton in Orlando. wanted to, but it just got away.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:49pm common:

i would too, melinda
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:49pm Slick Goldtooth:

@Marcel . Met and befriended this guy from Denmark in my travels of Chile, and he said despite all the high index ratings and topping "happiness" scales and all that stuff, he said there are still a lot of unsatisfied people and the sheer drop of any violent acts anywhere gets Danes frothing at the mouth and moving towards their extreme right.

A lot of Scandinavia and Northern Europe has the racist nationalist crazies screaming the loudest sometimes.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:49pm Linda Lee:

oh my, this man is out of his mind.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:49pm Marcel M:

Omg this guy... wow.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:49pm Linda Lee:

he's out of his mind.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm cory:

fuck this guy forever
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm FuddingKwazy:

Fuck you buddy. Not you mr. dj, you're cool
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm MenfussMike:

you go Clay!!! Kick him in the balls.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Marcel M:

Damn Clay... sorry you had to deal with that but glad you told him to fuck off at least...
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm marycarnival:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm melinda:

Self-made asshole.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm cosmic matrix:

awww...what a poor asshole...sorry about that clay
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Smilty69:

Another example of "Inspired by"
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Kimbers:

wow - what an unfortunate soul! followed by yet another one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Carmichael:

What a shit for brains.
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm geezerette:

By your own bootstraps buddy.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm V Priceless:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Polyus:

Holy crap man!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm sweeks:

Gun legislations really isn't the issue here. The problem goes so much deeper than that. Have we really looked at the reasons why people do these horrible things?
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm Joe stalvey:

What a fucknutz, good job handling him.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:50pm marycarnival:

What a dick.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm Linda Lee:

precisely the type of man who takes his frustrations out with gunshot.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm P-90:

Hmm. Whatever their opinions, they're usually nicer to Clay.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm Devin B.:

well done Clay!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm Marcel M:

@Slick Goldtooth: I've heard the same from a friend who lived in Denmark. Said the racism and extreme right is frightening
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm A.T.F.:

Clay you need a bodyguard...or bear spray
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm Kimbers:

@Linda Lee - you called it
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:51pm geezerette:

Trump,who the hell talks like that past the age of two?
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Kevlicki:

Cay, that sounds like a really unfortunate reaction! Thankfully it doesn't appear you have too many of those
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Trump should be president of some little island somewhere. Him and some crazies with their guns and walls. The rest of us could watch it play out on TV.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Marcel M:

IF one doesn't accumulate wealth they are a waste. Basically what that dude thinks. Its funny cuz lots of self made rich liberals in NYC.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Carmichael:

What kind of racism exists in Denmark? I thought they were all Nordic types. Are there actually people of color there?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

Check out this Swedish woman standing up to a Nazi rally: www.reddit.com...
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm V Priceless:

yeah, cheers Clay for killing that moron with kindness. Well done.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm jim from Brooklyn:

nice handling that last interview. well said and sincere.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:52pm Linda Lee:

this is the kind of guy Mateen was. hostile, racist, angry, loudmouthed, judgemental, .. exactly. another goddamn lunatic walking around free.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:53pm JakeGould:

@MarcelM: Yup. Self made on the backs of others.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:53pm A.T.F.:

3 shades of black...3..
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:53pm Marcel M:

@Jake: Hah!
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 6:53pm Marcel M:

@Carmichael: Somehow they've heard about other races there tho, not sure how.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:54pm Kevlicki:

Fuck a bunch of "self-Made" nonsense, wealth is the theft of value from someone else. Its takes OTHER people for anyone to make "themself"
Fucking dishonest capitalist mentality
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:54pm Linda Lee:

that kind of behavior toward strangers .. it's mental illness. that degree of hositlity toward perfect strangers.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:55pm Linda Lee:

Mateen barely followed Islam. the emphasis on his Muslim faith is wrong.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:56pm Kimbers:

@Linda Lee - in another era, I believe the behavior would be labeled as "uncivilized."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:56pm Polyus:

@Carmichael - Denmark has been trying extra hard to dissuade immigration from Middle Eastern and North African countries. They passed a pretty severe anti-immigration law early this year.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:56pm A.T.F.:

NYPD is taught to empty weapon....Fact .hang with peter the cop
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:57pm steve:

great show today
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:57pm steve:

i think Feelies are from Bergen County NJ btw
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Kimbers:

Warren is a beast!!!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Devin B.:

great show. thanks, clay.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Linda Lee:

yes, Kimbers. you're right.
throw in some military weaponry & we have Orlando.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Carmichael:

"The Rule of Law" = "We've Always Done It This Way"
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Downtown Fred:

This was the finest profile of the mentality of the US of A that I've heard in a long while. Good job Clay.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm P-90:

You topped my (high) expectations this week, @Clay!
Bravo! and Thank You
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm Cliff (moving to Prague!):

Thank you Clay, you really nailed the zeitgeist from this weekend
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:58pm V Priceless:

It was great hearing her tear Trump a new one...
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm Linda Lee:

X L NT show today Clay! :-)
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm drewo:

Feelies are a New Jersey institution! Long lauded on WFMU. From Haledon I believe.
     Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm geezerette:

Thanks again Clay.
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm P-90:

Liz Warren should have a show on FMU
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm V Priceless:

Thanks, Clay. U rule.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm cosmic matrix:

thanks, clay!!!!
  Thu. 6/16/16 6:59pm Joe stalvey:

Bravo on the interviews, they just keep getting better every week.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm JakeGould:

@MarcelM: When I tell some people that my parents worked in factories in NYC, some are stunned. But that’s not as jaw dropping to me as when I tell people I worked *gasp* food service jobs as a teen… Seriously, there are some people who have never had to work any retail job in their life and are now making high 5 to 6 figure incomes who are not what one would consider typically “rich.” Weird world.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm Clay Pigeon:

Thanks so much all of you! Always remember the Orlando shooting victims and all victims of gun violence.
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm sweeks:

*lighter in the air*
  Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm P-90:

"Wonksy Talk"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm Polyus:

Stirring stuff, thanks Clay.
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm Linda Lee:

too bad she jumped the gun on the endorsement ...
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 7:00pm marycarnival:

Love to you, Clay...and to all the Pigeoneers! AR!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 7:01pm melinda:

Great show, Clay!
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 7:01pm Linda Lee:

we will never see the last of Cher. :-)
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 7:01pm JakeGould:

Maybe we all need lightsabers? You know, for a more civilized time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 6/16/16 7:01pm cory:

thank clay.
  Thu. 6/16/16 7:02pm P-90:

Maybe Liz Warren and Cher could do a show on FMU...
Avatar    Thu. 6/16/16 7:02pm Linda Lee:

P-90, pretty surreal idea there :-D
Avatar Thu. 6/16/16 7:07pm Marcel M:

@Jake: Not sure if you'll see this but I worked in food industry! And my dad used to work at the Domino factory in W Burg. They are well off, but I'm still not ;-)
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