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Polkatively Yours...

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Options August 1, 2015: Butterflies In Your Tummy

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
The Caterpillars  You Give Me Butterflies   Options    
Fred Rogers  Wake Up   Options   0:17:34 ()
Tarot  Innerstellarmedium   Options   0:48:36 ()
Yma Sumac  k'arawi   Options   1:07:08 ()
Tarot  Innerstellarmedium   Options   1:12:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Crown of Eternity 
TAROT WITH INNERSTELLARMEDIUM 201-209-9368   Options   1:40:51 ()
Crown of Eternity  Ecstatic Har   Options   1:48:08 ()
Brian Eno  Third Uncle   Options   1:53:42 ()
Anna F Jaques  a   Options Sable Ou Sel  2:00:04 ()
Ella Fitzgerald  Blue Moon   Options   2:01:40 ()
Shirley Temple  Good Ship Lollipop   Options   2:05:48 ()
OOIOO  Emerald Dragonfly   Options   2:08:03 ()
The Troggs  Wild Thing   Options   2:15:02 ()
Crown of Eternity  TAROT WITH INNERSTELLARMEDIUM 201-209-9368   Options   2:26:09 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 7/28/15 5:14am neil:

feeling butterflies in ones stomach...time to stop eating butterflies!
Avatar Fri. 7/31/15 12:22pm the Canterbury wood-elf:

frogs in throat likewise!
  Fri. 7/31/15 6:26pm P-90:

"Old five-eyes is back!"
  Fri. 7/31/15 8:54pm MONEYBAG$:

frogs in throat? my throat is bent
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 12:14am JakeGould:

Might not be around for the show tonight. But you should know there was a female Polish badger that drank seven beers, passed out on the beach and then slept for 2 days! i100.independent.co.uk...
  Sat. 8/1/15 1:11am P-90:

"...every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."
-W. Van Draanen, "Flipped" (2001)
  Sat. 8/1/15 2:23am neil:

the second medium ov thee month is thee blue medium.<blue moon>
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:03am neil:

...after thee dj emerges from her chrysalis. beautiful transformations abound.<crystal blue persuasion><where have all thee pupa gone><?>
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:07am lumpyg:

Watching the blue moon and introducing my friend to WFMU streaming to Minnesota
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:09am lumpyg:

Dankon pro la tre stranga muziko

  Sat. 8/1/15 3:13am neil:

i remember ta ta ti ti ta. <like a dream> dont tell me what to do mr rogers!<you dont know me> maybe i was hatched...
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:14am JakeGould:

Good people sometimes say bad things.
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:15am neil:

punish me mr rogers...im a bad boy...<could you do it with ur puppet hand><?>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:16am DJ Stashu:

Oh boy
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:17am coelacanth:

this is hard to stomach.
i'd like the blue-aqua-faced wasp to sting and bite him repeatedly.
-is that a bad thing to think?
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:18am DJ Stashu:

Good people think bad things too
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:19am BEAVO:

Butterflies are creeppy
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:20am BEAVO:

Mr Rogers goes Dada
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:20am BEAVO:

Meow meow
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:24am BEAVO:

Mary's bell
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:25am neil:

yup electro lion. power!
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:26am neil:

again thee death ov pan. animism. thee ways ov thee old. <lost knowledge>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:27am BEAVO:

Yeah but was Cecil a Leo? Many he was born in February?
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:29am amEdeo:

bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey. bababooey.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:29am amEdeo:

<3 <3 <3
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:29am BEAVO:

Call in Amedeo
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:32am BEAVO:

You mean all 5 people listening now?
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:34am neil:

i think everyone is special. no one is better. thee act ov being. thee act ov leaving. as with being and nothingness. all ov thee things not done. much like a sound loop. repeating. repeating.<groovy><put it on shuffle>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:34am amEdeo:

Oh my god! It's Rich!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:34am BEAVO:

  Sat. 8/1/15 3:34am neil:

thats what happened last time. loop looop loooop
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:35am DJ Stashu:

Hi amEdeo! Hi neil! hi BEAVO hi hihihihi
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:36am amEdeo:

ok back to outer space. bopbopbop.
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:37am neil:

did you feel birthday wishes last week amEdeo?
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:41am coelacanth:

if it's raining wine i'm going outside.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:44am coelacanth:

i'm sorry to hear it's still uncomfortable there. it's 64º here,even though it was near 90º earlier. (and i'm only 90 miles from you.)
...it's quite nice here.
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:44am neil:

thee dark arts.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:46am coelacanth:

i have this sound effects record.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:47am DJ Stashu:

It's a good one
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:48am DJ Stashu:

You play it from the inside out
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:49am BEAVO:

Gypsy tears
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:50am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Hey Stashu, I'm going to have to check out once again : (
...but could you ask your guest to talk for a while about The Fool card? This is deeply relevant for me right now - thanks!
Have a good show, have a good week.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:51am DJ Stashu:

Thanks! Will do
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:51am coelacanth:

what? the record? from the middle>out? not mine! i got jipped!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/1/15 3:51am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good demon morning. Listening now, but I'm going outside in a couple minutes to look for the space station passing overhead.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:52am DJ Stashu:

It's also red vinyl?
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 3:57am coelacanth:

no! and i don't remember the cover. it's in storage; but i'd remember if it were red vinyl. i've had it since i was little,& it was old when i got it.
  Sat. 8/1/15 3:57am JakeGould:

Baba Louie!
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:00am neil:

got what i want.<prizes><treasure>
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:04am neil:

not enough sleep...<i like this song>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:04am coelacanth:

Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:06am coelacanth:

is it amEdio?
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:06am neil:

thee call is coming from thee studio.<the deck is on thee phone>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:06am BEAVO:

Like in a Tarkovsky movie
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:07am coelacanth:

sorry,amEdeo...it's not you!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:08am BEAVO:

Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:08am DJ Stashu:

  Sat. 8/1/15 4:13am neil:

its a full moon. there's a whole bunch ov earthquakes going on currently, also lots ov volcanoes blasting!<on an geological level><slow motion changes>
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:15am neil:

ah august.<impressive>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:16am coelacanth:

i'm not gluten-intollerant, and i wont get fat, but i avoid bread. (& my sun sign's aquarius.)
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:18am neil:

deeply buried pressure!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:21am coelacanth:

yes Stashu,i remember when you interviewed Stashu. you sounded nervous.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/1/15 4:22am Ike:

  Sat. 8/1/15 4:23am neil:

ah. zero. nil. <neil> thee wonder! microcosm to macrocosm. revealed. <to thee fool>but does thee fool truly know???
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:25am coelacanth:

Thanks Ike!
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:31am neil:

thee err!
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:32am neil:

over thee err!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:33am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:33am coelacanth:

Stashu,i'm out.Thank you!
beautiful background by the way.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:34am DJ Stashu:

Thanks for being around tonight coel!canth! What does your name mean btw?
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:37am neil:

thee tower. 1 full cup ov moon with a tower on thee side. 2.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:38am coelacanth:

they thought i was gone but i was just in the deep dark,staying the fuck away.

good night!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:38am DJ Stashu:

Oh cool :)
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:40am DJ Stashu:

Good night!
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:43am Tomek:

From what record does this "Tarot with interstellarmedium" track come from?!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:44am DJ Stashu:

Crown of Eternity
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:47am neil:

strange animal things from thee last 2 weeks: i was on a bike ride & looked into a grassy field & saw two foxes mousing. rarely c foxes in thee city. then a few days later i was laying out in a park<sunning> opened my eyes & about 15 feet away a hawk was killing a mouse. thee high summer is thee prime time for thee hunter species. <at least for thee mouse eaters><random story>
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:50am neil:

  Sat. 8/1/15 4:50am neil:

then there was you.
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 4:55am DJ Stashu:

Funny my cat recently killed a mouse. Small wonder. Vicious beast
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:57am neil:

antennae. sensory. feelings.
  Sat. 8/1/15 4:58am neil:

  Sat. 8/1/15 5:01am neil:

scratch that itch!
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:05am neil:

large amounts ov candy...<well in my case, baked goods><baked good>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 5:15am Jay/London:

Hi stashu just tuned in :)
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:15am neil:

  Sat. 8/1/15 5:17am neil:

piles ov cycles. cycle upon cycle.
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:19am neil:

piles ov clues. that's a clue!<mystery><?>
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 5:20am DJ Stashu:

Hi just tuned in!
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:21am JoeRay:

Music is organized sound - Edgar Varese
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:22am JoeRay:

or Tod Docksteader!
Avatar Sat. 8/1/15 5:22am DJ Stashu:

I knew I was onto something!
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:22am neil:

thee man is keeping us down.<oppression>
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:26am Larry:

Could you comment on Tarot as an information system, like Kabbalah or enneagrams, as opposed to its use in fortunetelling or divination? Also enough on the Death card! I once did a reading on someone and Death came up, and I was accused of cursing this fellow! That's not how it works, folks; it's just insight into reality, not an evil hoodoo.
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:38am neil:

thee tower ov babble. <forgotten knowledge>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/1/15 5:53am Ken From Hyde Park:

Bye for now. Have a good week, if it's in the cards!
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:55am neil:

alien. hello.<goodbye>
  Sat. 8/1/15 5:57am neil:

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