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Polkatively Yours...

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Options July 25, 2015: Channel Surfing
Innerstellarmedium joins us tonight with the wisdom of the Tarot. Feel free to call in. 201-209-9368

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Artist Track Album
Kepler 186-f  Take Me Away To Another Place   Options  
Lady Tigra  Come Alive   Options  
Container  Cushion   Options  
Pig Rider  The Incredible Stan   Options  
Container  Absorb   Options  
Tarot Time  201-209-9368   Options  
Tarot Time  201-209-9368   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Tyondai Braxton 
TAROT WITH INNERSTELLARMEDIUM 201-209-9368   Options Hive1 
Music behind DJ:
Wolfgang Riechmann 
TAROT WITH INNERSTELLARMEDIUM 201-209-9368   Options Wunderbar 
Music behind DJ:
Tyondai Braxton 
TAROT WITH INNERSTELLARMEDIUM 201-209-9368   Options Hive1 

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 7/24/15 3:44pm DJ Stashu:

  Fri. 7/24/15 4:45pm neil:

is thee medium available in large?<or will thee medium shrink in thee wash><!!!>
  Fri. 7/24/15 8:10pm P-90:

Is tonight the seance to contact Richard Simmons?
  Fri. 7/24/15 9:29pm MONEYBAG$:

like a good neighbor, Richard Simmons is there
  Sat. 7/25/15 2:34am neil:

big storms moving in tonite.<thunder lightening 50mph winds>entire neighborhood lost electricity, except me & the next door neighbor. is this a sign?<from richard simmons>i will continue jazzercising...<sweat & shout>
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:01am JakeGould:

NYC/NJ needs thunderstorms.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:05am BadGuyZero:

Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:09am BadGuyZero:

Is it ok to robot dance?
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:11am DJ Stashu:

Of course!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:12am JakeGould:

Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:12am JakeGould:

  Sat. 7/25/15 3:12am neil:

just went outside. still no electricity around. strange. heat index was 116 today so its nice to still have ac...<ok its not that interesting, but conditions may get worse.{& i might disappear}just giving heads up><or duck & cover>YEAH!!! thee planet is rockin'!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:13am Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:13am DJ Stashu:

Heat wave?
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:14am neil:

nice siren. whose invading?
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:14am JakeGould:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:14am Jeff:

That was very blunkita blunkita

Now it's more ticka ticka pew pew
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:15am JakeGould:

Take it under consideration.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:16am JakeGould:

The future is cloudy.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:16am neil:

mildew explosion.<musty>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:16am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ask again later.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:17am neil:

coffee with a chance ov mold.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:17am Jeff:

Concentrate and ask again
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:17am JakeGould:

I want a thunderstorm like that flood storm we had in NYC a week or so back. So cool!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:18am JakeGould:

Concentrate, drink plenty of water and take a nap.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:22am neil:

i hate it when robots steal my mojo.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:25am JakeGould:

@neil: The next Terminator film will have a robot that understands mojo.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:27am JakeGould:

Kepler-452b is the superior of the Kepler’s: www.cnn.com...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:30am JakeGould:

@Stashu: The other planet was maybe Kepler 186f ? “Scientists discover 12 new potential Earth-like planets” www.washingtonpost.com...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:31am BadGuyZero:

With concentrated power comes concentrated responsibility.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:31am JakeGould:

@BadGuyZero: When mixing in the power water of course.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:33am Ken From Hyde Park:

Lots of Kepler info here - kepler.nasa.gov
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:33am neil:

so there i was, astral projecting<minding my own business>when this texas instruments calculator comes over & pilfers my buzz. im like chill out u little computer chip...mind ur own karma...stupid binary code...try & feel emotion...battery based business unit.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:34am neil:

ooh i was gonna ask about energy vampires. serious. karma creeps!!!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:35am JakeGould:

Pluto is groovy and isolated.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:36am BadGuyZero:

Simmons summoned.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:38am BadGuyZero:

You just hung up on Richard Simmons.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:38am neil:

you can do it stashu. we believe in you. <positive>
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:39am BadGuyZero:

My favorite song on the "Yentl" soundtrack is "Caller Can You Hear Me?"
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:40am neil:

more echo on thee operator!!!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:40am Kurt Gottschalk:

i want my tarot read!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:41am JakeGould:

Call in Kurt! I’m going to sleep.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:42am Kurt Gottschalk:

i'm trying!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:42am Kurt Gottschalk:

third time's a charm
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

Kurt isn't currently on the schedule, but he filled in this week.
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:44am neil:

there you go. <more echo>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 3:46am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is there a Mono button that needs to be activated?
  Sat. 7/25/15 3:55am neil:

a gateway?
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:55am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Good morning DJ Stashu! Loving this week's fractal-tastic background. I'm only here for a few minutes but will listen to the archive tomorrow.

Could you ask your guest to talk a bit about the Fool card? This is quite important to me at the moment, so that would be much appreciated. Have a great show, have a great week...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 3:58am Sigurður:

  Sat. 7/25/15 4:00am neil:

  Sat. 7/25/15 4:06am neil:

building energy or using energy. as with a vacation sometimes you need a vacation from ur vacation...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:06am micah:

innerstellar medium 4 prezident
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:09am neil:

pushing thee limits. threshold. power.
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:16am neil:

prismatic filter!!!
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:18am neil:

blind faith from stained glass inspiration.<religious>
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:21am neil:

cathedral lighting. to inspire or to humble...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:27am Sigurður:

why do we scream?
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:27am neil:

thee sun is manna. feel it. grow.
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:28am neil:

did u say exquisite corpse?<dada>
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:33am neil:

surreal. reasons. mystic telephone. <tones>
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:34am DJ Stashu:

We scream for icecream!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:34am Kurt Gottschalk:

ha! hi tom! i recognized your voice immediately!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:36am DJ Stashu:

You're hearing telephone tones?
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:37am DJ Stashu:

You know Tom!?!?!?!?!
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:38am neil:

no telephone twins. thee bell is thee tone. clearing thee air on thee air.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 4:41am ! I X Key !:

Another name ov mine is 5 because ov this Tarot major arcana Hierophant
: o D
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:44am neil:

Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:45am Kurt Gottschalk:

yvonne, that is adorable. be bold! do a show of your sleeptalking!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:48am Kurt Gottschalk:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 4:49am Ken From Hyde Park:

Aries for the win!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 4:52am DJ Stashu:

OMG Great idea
  Sat. 7/25/15 4:52am neil:

sleep talking repressed memories. unconscious unlocking thee block. <ooh nat roe did a sleep talking show, he put a button in his mouth and talked while he fell asleep & recorded it. then did his nat roe chop & skrew thing later> i thought it was super funny, in a good way...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:03am BadGuyZero:

Don't throw in too many cents 'cause then you'll have no cents.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:04am DJ Stashu:

I have no sense for it
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:04am Kurt Gottschalk:

Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:05am Kurt Gottschalk:

c'mon, how awesome is my avatar? i deserve indulgence.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:06am Kurt Gottschalk:

it's all boys calling!
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:07am neil:

2 cents. senses non sense. <the little prince><mr gottschalk>
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:08am neil:

clearing thee air...<the lost call card>
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:08am Kurt Gottschalk:

whoopsie, david drew the dropped call card. that is seriously not good.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:10am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:11am ! I X Key !:

@Kurt I love your avatar!!
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:12am neil:

again tuned in. tuning thee senses. <force thee hand ov chance, first psychic tv album> tune in and drop out.<turn on>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:13am ! I X Key !:

! 70% of YOU is water (o:
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:14am neil:

do not get into thee hermits van.<even if he has candy>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:14am ! I X Key !:

  Sat. 7/25/15 5:15am neil:

!IXKey! i.c.water.<yeah>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:15am ! I X Key !:

I.C. Water
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:16am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:19am ! I X Key !:

! always happy to see some psychic youth activity (o:
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:19am neil:

ha synchronous chat room data<dada>entry. that's how i roll!!! <ultra-center>
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:23am neil:

always. all ways.<psychic>p-radio. rad. io. pan. calling thee Enoch...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:23am Kurt Gottschalk:

instant composers pool
insane clown posse
international center of photography
i called pseu
(last week)
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:24am neil:

  Sat. 7/25/15 5:27am neil:

over thee air. out ov thee atmosphere.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:27am DJ Stashu:

Neil you should call! :) (you don't have to)
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:27am neil:

exploration ov space.<head>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:32am ! I X Key !:

Happy birthday amEdeo!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:33am DJ Stashu:

Happy Birthday amEdeo~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:34am ! I X Key !:

Interstellar Comet Polishing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy birthday, amEdeo; Aries for a day.
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:36am neil:

thats nice. but my head space is best left in my head. i have a strong will & vision ov my future. often i get thee feeling that i am in thee right place @ thee right time. things are good & i dont want to start questioning myself. <thanks> i do see thee value in an others perspective & think interstellarmedium is amazing & interesting!
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:38am marc:

How about a Leo born at the end of the Sign?
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:42am marc:

That's me. Very detailed. Thank you
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:42am neil:

im a taurus. born year ov thee dog. very sure headed & loyal. sticking with thee familiar...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:44am DJ Stashu:

Thanks for question Marc!
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:44am DJ Stashu:

Neil is there anything you would like to know?!?!?! :)
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:47am neil:

question mark.<?> im learning all thee time as for knowledge is time. you should do urs stashu.
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:48am Sigurður:

What of those born on leap years day?
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:50am DJ Stashu:

Good question...
Avatar Sat. 7/25/15 5:51am DJ Stashu:

I think questions of time/years is interesting considering TIME schedules were determined by people... but I don't exactly know how. Let's see what Innerstellar says...
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:51am neil:

as i stated last time interstellarmedium was on i use the moon for psychic guidance. thee knowledge in darkness is illumination...<reflection>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:53am Ken From Hyde Park:

Are there web sites that have tarot card readings? That might be useful for shy people that are afraid to call or otherwise talk to people.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 5:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

I imagine in the future, we might have colonies on the moon or Mars. Would the same astrological factors apply to people born somewhere that is not Earth?
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:57am neil:

yup. constructive energy, and destructive energy. you are not talking too much about thee destructive power ov psychic energy. ie as mentioned psychic vampires. those who take & dont give...
  Sat. 7/25/15 5:59am neil:

much love you two!!! <have a great week>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/25/15 6:52am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Really appreciate how well 'occult metaphysics' were presented here, by both Reader & Host.
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