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how many fingers, Mario?... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Let's Go Away For Awhile   The Beach Boys  "Pet Sounds" Lp (CD)   0:00:00 )  
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   0:10:36 )  
Options I Buried Paul   Bang On A Can  "Renegade Heaven" Lp (CD)   0:16:22 )  
Options The Wine Spot   Orson Wells  "Spoken Gems" compil. Lp (CD-R)   0:21:54 )  
Options Anti Angel Dust Spot   Gil Scott-Heron   PSA (CD-R)   0:25:31 )  
Options Sing The Changes / Travelling Light   The Fireman (Paul McCartney & Youth)   "Electric Arguments" Lp (CD)   0:28:25 )  
Options Slam   Plaid  "Reachy Prints" Lp (CD) *   0:36:21 )  
Options 1986 Collage   FXO collage  fxo mix - mashup (Cassette)   0:39:26 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune / FMU Locked Groove   Tommy Daly  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   0:40:11 )  
Options Kites Are Fun   Mellow  "The Free Design - The Now Sound Redesigned" compil. Lp (CD)   0:44:39 )  
Options Oxen Hope   Mirah  "Changing Light" Lp (CD) *   0:49:01 )  
Options Friday Fish Fry   Kelis  "Food" Lp (CD) *   0:53:47 )  
Options Lakers   Freddie Gibbs & Madlib  "Pinata" (using the tilda sound) Lp (CD) *   0:58:02 )  
Options Electric Ladyland Drum track (with Dave Mason on bass)   The Jimi Hendrix Experience  "The Southeby Auction Tapes" Lp (MP3)   1:03:01 )  
Options Black Rock   James Blood Ulmer  "Jazz Guitars For People..." compil. Lp (CD) *   1:06:51 )  
Options Red   Petra Haden  "Imaginaryland" Lp (CD)   1:10:47 )  
Options 1983 (parts 1 & 2) / Other Dimension World   Paolo Lotti with the Harmonia Ensemble  "Hendrix" Lp (CD)   1:13:57 )  
Options multi collage mixes   more FXO collage  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   1:21:14 )  
Options Aguas De Sorongo   Quantic (featuring ThAlma DeFreitas)  "Magnetica" Lp (CD) *   1:28:48 )  
Options Revolution   See-I (featuring Candice Mills)  "Knowledge Shine Bright" Lp (CD) *   1:34:53 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Here It Comes/ FMU Locked Groove   Freddie Fresh  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   1:38:50 )  
Options I Can't See Nobody (alternate take)   The Bee Gees  "1st" box set (CD)   1:44:42 )  
Options Only One / Killing Me   Little Dragon  "Nabuma Rubberband" Lp (CD) *   1:48:05 )  
Options Spooky Action (At A Distance)   Spaceheads  "Trip To The Moon" Ep (CD) *   1:56:23 )  
Options 70's & 80's   Nightmares On Wax  "N.O.W. Is The Time" Lp (CD) *   2:01:14 )  
Options Wade In The Water   Big Mama Thronton  "DJ Andy Smith's Jam Up" compil. Lp (CD) *   2:05:28 )  
Options Free   Phish  "Billy Breathes" Lp (CD)   2:09:29 )  
Options Jigsaw Puzzle   Rolling Stones  "Beggars Banquet" Lp (Vinyl)   2:12:36 )  
Options Hey, Sophie   Gold-Bears  "Dalliance" Lp (CD) *   2:18:36 )  
Options Stereo Breath   Mr. Scruff  "Friendly Bacteria" Lp (CD) *   2:23:38 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Why?... and We Repeat... Why?   Taj Mahal  "Music Keeps Me Together" Lp (Vinyl)   2:25:26 )  
Options Stereo Breath (return)   Mr. Scruff  "Friendly Bacteria" Lp (CD) *   2:28:54 )  
Options Got To Windowlick It Up   Marvin Gaye Vs. Aphex Twin  DJ Basura mashup (MP3)   2:31:07 )  
Options Regret   New Order  "Republic" Lp (CD)   2:37:12 )  
Options Love Will Tear You Apart   Joy Division Vs. Bauhaus  A plus D mashup (MP3)   2:42:17 )  
Options Smiles Of A Summer Night   Ergo Phizmiz  "The Peacock" Lp (CD) *   2:45:38 )  
Options Anthropocene   Trans Am  "Volume X' Lp (CD) *   2:50:29 )  
Options When I Built This World   Brian Eno & Karl Hyde  "Someday World" Lp (CD) *   2:54:21 )  
Options Step In Or Get Off Cloud   Rolling Stones Vs. Sublime  "Found Sound Around" FXO/fmu 2014 Premium CD (CD)   2:59:53 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein (Score by Franz Waxman)" soundtrack Lp (CD)   3:02:40 )  
Options end theme(s)   Hitchcock (with The Nelson Riddle Orchestra)  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   3:03:42 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:06am fxo:

hello friends. Gotta clear up my throat. I'm fine. 'n you?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:07am fxo:

the microphone sounds funky, though...
  Mon. 7/7/14 6:08am P-90:

Good Morning fxo!
  Mon. 7/7/14 6:12am Jack:

I be tripping now. Y'know, if you hold the Sgt. Pepper album cover up to a mirror and look close...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:14am fxo:

thanks Jack, for the tip. Hello P-90...
  Mon. 7/7/14 6:34am Jack:

Frank, the mic does sound a little distorted.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:36am mauri:

Slight low-mid distortion in ya mic frank but it sounds good.
Good afternoon from sunny Finland! Just swam o boy it felt good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:39am fxo:

mauri, I'm swimming towards you...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:44am mauri:

watch out for the boats!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 6:52am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...beautiful time uh year here - it's short, gotta remember to catch it
...grateful for fxo stylee in thuh mornin'...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 7:00am fxo:

goob mornin', Rev.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:16am kat330:

Mighty Monday, Frank! Hi, everyone!
  Mon. 7/7/14 7:21am 3d-nyc:

Good Morning to all, and 72% and sunny here in Brooklyn-
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 7:23am fxo:

hallo kat. Yo 3d. Glad we're all here...
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:27am Philo Gristle:

Greets Frank & Gang. Lovely sounds as always! Nice 1983 cover; melody sounded soooo familiar, forehead slap when I read the title. Well, back to the grind after a fine long weekend.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 7:31am fxo:

hey Philo, say hello to kat.
  Mon. 7/7/14 7:34am Jack:

btw it's "ThAlma De Freitas.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:38am kat330:

Like the minimal sound of this alternate take.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 7:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah!; love that 1st BGs album - great PopPsych - & 60s BGs generally is deep roots @ my particular vintage (you would hear them on the radio & such)...
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:47am kat330:

@fxo: Philo said "Goodbye, Gracie" and rode off to his other grind on his Twinstar.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 7:54am Jeroen Kuster:

good afternoon all
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:57am kat330:

We enjoyed a documentary about Dr. Feelgood called "Oil City Confidential" yesterday. Recommend it to anyone who enjoyed that 70's music.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:57am glenn:

the sword of damocles? toronto.en.craigslist.ca...
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 7:59am glenn:

the new wilko johnson / roger daltrey album is pretty good, by the way.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:00am kat330:

Hey, glenn! Happy (very) belated Canada Day to you! You should be honored as your country shares its celebration with Philo's b'day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:00am fxo:

thanks Glenn, and hello to Jeroen.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:02am kat330:

@glenn: Wilko is certainly still (in the doc at least) a bundle of tightly wound energy. One of the longer live stage bits they showed was from Finland. (Philo mentioned the Shadows was the first concert he ever attended, taken to it by his dad.)
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:14am kat330:

This Bear singer's a heavy breather.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:16am fxo:

too much oxygen? or not enough?
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:18am kat330:

There's a street in London -- Oxford? -- that has worse air pollution than anywhere in China. Maybe asthma? Maybe his name is "Billy" a la Phish?
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:25am kat330:

True story: Nick Watt for ABC news Sunday evening asked the Manhattan Beach, CA, shark victim: "What was the look in his [the shark's] eyes?" !! Can't even recall what the bitee replied because we were guffawing so loudly over such an asinine question.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:27am fxo:

probably used it ad nauseum at Faux News.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:28am common:

hello, hello!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:30am Ken From Hyde Park:

When under a shark attack, go for the eyes.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:31am kat330:

I immediately submitted it to the Comedy Central email form for both Colbert and Stewart, but I guess they're off for another week. Too old for their return. I started to come up with ideas of what retorts *should* be, but realized whatever their writers come up with would be much more clever. One is"Wonder if you taste as good as you look?" Or "Will you still like me after I bite you?"
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:33am kat330:

Maybe it was a look of pathos, like "Hey man, I'm a shark. This is what I do. I can't help myself."
  Mon. 7/7/14 8:37am 3d-Nyc:

Joy Division/ Bela--a wonderful amalgam from that era-
  Mon. 7/7/14 8:37am Jack:

were it me, I'd try to bite the shark first. Imagine the headline (if I survived): MAN BITES SHARK.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:38am bibi:

hi moments.
im not talkative lately, because of that occupation some call working, but i still have moments to enjoy this show. thx fxo.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:39am 3d-Nyc:

Common, I saw a july 22nd reliese date for a new recording (?)
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:39am kat330:

I don't expect tv reporters to have zoology degrees, but geez loueeez, even Brian Fellow wouldn't ask what sort of "look" a shark had in its eyes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:40am fxo:

cool, bibi.

you know some asshole programmer wold've used the "Jaws" theme.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:41am kat330:

This, the title of a fine Bergman film.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:44am common:

3d-Nyc: i'm not that common. just common. sorry.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:49am 3d-nyc:

regarding Anthropocene:

There is a paper published this month by the Geological Society of America suggests that “plastiglomerate”( its the plastic thats gathering in huge amounts in the oceans)
will someday be part of the fossil record, marking the geological era that some call the Anthropocene, for the human influence.
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:51am kat330:

The UNcommon common, like the UNcola cola.

@3d: Interesting tidbit, thanks.

And thanks, fxo, for the lucky 7/7 sounds today! Bye!
Avatar Mon. 7/7/14 8:52am bibi:

in some ways, this eno/hyde collab could sound like proper fxo mashing work.
  Mon. 7/7/14 8:54am Jack:

I would think that given enough (geological) time (and pressure?) it would revert to coal.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/7/14 8:56am fxo:

3d, thanks for the info.

common is a common word. "Common" is a great mixmaster.

thanks y'all for the great comments. I'll have another webcast, next Monday, same time zone(s). THIS webcast will be archived at my WFMU website, in a few hours. Stay cool everybody.
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