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Last night (Feb 23, 2013) Honey Kat and I went out to catch the flyover of the International Space Station at 7:59 pm. Scanning the clear sky with no moon in the way (it was behind us, covered by trees) and just a few stars sputtering into sight, we saw what was for both of us the brightest and the longest in duration meteorite ever seen. Looking northwest, Kat spotted a truly fast-moving object and for a second thought it was the station (coming the wrong way), but soon as the thought had passed it was obvious this was not the station. It was a bright sparkling meteorite probably skimming the atmosphere as it made small flashes tumbling across the sky above for what was probably a full 7 seconds or so. It was still visible as it tumbled beyond the visible horizon, managing to cover the full dome above. Perhaps a minute passed when the station then dragged its feet slowly with no trail across the path the meteorite had just passed, marking an X in the skies. It was about as magical an astronomical sight as either one of us had ever witnessed.


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