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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options March 6, 2014: Rise Up! It's marathon time with Joe Belock!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
The Replacements  Bastards of Young   Options Live at Maxwell's Feb 4, 1986    0:00:00 ()
Wall of Voodoo  Back in Flesh   Options Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80's Underground    0:04:01 ()
Magazine  The Light Pours Out Of Me   Options Real Life    0:07:17 ()
Rahid Taha  Rock El Casbah   Options Underwater Theme Park Presents: Musical Tour of Africa (Part 1)    0:11:51 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:16:24 ()
Mattress  They Like You   Options Listener Vincent- The Stigmatician's Workshop    0:28:14 ()
Chain and the Gang  Free Will   Options Listener Danne D- Free For All    0:29:36 ()
Led Zepplin  Bron-Y-Aur Stomp   Options Led Zepplin III    0:48:53 ()
Deep Purple  Hush   Options When We Rock We Rock    0:53:08 ()
Rodriguez  Sugarman   Options Cold Fact    0:57:33 ()
The Guild League  Jet Set....Go!   Options Listener Elwyn- Farewell Sam    1:01:07 ()
Battles  Atlas   Options Listener Cory- Green Plaid    1:05:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gatluak   Options Underwater Theme Park Presents: Musical Tour of Africa (Part 1)    1:11:34 ()
Bomb the Bass  Bug Powder Dust   Options Listener Andrea- GMT +0 prize    1:30:17 ()
Leningrad Cowboys  Space Tractor   Options Listener Claudia- Across the Universe 2    1:37:07 ()
Die Antwoord  Fatty Boom Boom   Options Ten$ion    1:44:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       1:44:31 ()
Roger Damawuzan  Wait for Me   Options Underwater Theme Park Presents: Musical Tour of Africa (Part 1)    2:00:24 ()
The WITCH  Like a Chicken   Options We Intend To Cause Havoc!    2:03:23 ()
Chicco  I Need Some Money   Options     2:06:26 ()
Nick Cave/Chris Coco  Sunday Morning   Options Listener Bill- The Velvet Underground    2:27:46 ()
  Sample of Carl Cryplant's Flowers CD   Listener DDV- Carl Cryplant's 8 CD mix CDs    2:33:27 ()
Sehr Schnell  18 V.V.K.   Options Listener Jenna- Are You Finnished?    2:43:04 ()
Valerie Pascal  Du spielst Immer den Rauberhauptmann (Kaputt Kaputt Kaputt)   Options Listener Guido- Hausputz Teil 2    2:44:48 ()
Lush  Scarlet   Options Gala    2:46:37 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:02am Alessia:

Good morning Meghan! Hi everybody :)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:02am Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, early punk-like Replacements!
Morning Meghan! Morning Alessia and everyone! Let's get down and pledge!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:04am Guido (Cologne):

Good morning Meghan!
Guten TZAG everyone on the globe!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:05am Dave B:

I'm all pledged out this year. But not done helping. I'll be working the phones Sunday
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:05am Matt from Springfield:

Wall of Voodoo!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:06am KP:

morning meghan & joe. What day is it
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:06am Joe B:

Hey everyone! let's see some support for Meghan!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:06am Matt from Springfield:

That's the way to go, Dave B! Thank you--volunteers are always the backbone of WFMU! (Since the DJs and hosts are also volunteers, they're more like EVERY bone, not just the spine...!)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:06am Alessia:

Dave that's nice, if I would be on the part of the ocean I would cook quiches and pie for everybody. Maybe next year!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:07am Caryn:

Hello all! Unfortunately, have to leave after about 20-30 minutes (have an appointment), so will catch most of the show on the archives, but pledge heartily, people!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:07am Guido (Cologne):

Enjoying this early 80ies Underground !!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:08am Dave B:


Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:10am Guido (Cologne):

Just as I discover you're intending to re-offer some of the last week's prices:

What about offering my entire 2CD collection to "****"-level pledgers?

Since the two CDs were designed as a unit, otherwise it would have a totally different sequencing.

I hope i do not make things complicated.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:12am Matt from Springfield:

@Alessia: Quiche and pie :)

That's another thing--volunteers can't thank you enough for bringing in good food to their shifts, that's another way to help out!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:13am Matt from Springfield:

YES! Glad this song made the premium!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:13am Dave B:

flashbacks of Underwater Scheme Park right about now...
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:14am Andy in Berlin:

Hey Meghan!! That Rock The Casbah - great!!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:14am Matt from Springfield:

Thinks it's not - ha-lal!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:15am Andy in Berlin:

...also loved the Magazine - one of my faves!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:16am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan and Joe !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:16am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Yo! Fruit cup, please!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:16am Matt from Springfield:

Bonjour extraordinaire pierre!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:17am Sem Chumbo:

Look at the crowd in here...is there a riot going on?
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:18am Matt from Springfield:

And coffee! Hey Elwyn!

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:19am pierre:

back at you FantastiMatt
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:20am Matt from Springfield:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:21am Guido (Cologne):

Classy 60ies soundtrack-style cover, isn't it?
I LOVE it!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:21am Matt from Springfield:

Medical illustrator! It conveys the heart, pulse, nerves, and SOUL of the continent!
  Thu. 3/6/14 6:28am bipolar guy:

Hey! If I had money? I would pledge. As it stands I'm 3 months behind in rent and my electricity is due to be shut off April 1st
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:31am squiidroc:

Interesting note (perhaps): that Mattress song came from a tape recorded live on WFMU:

Oh and I'm from Philadelphia.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:33am Matt from Springfield:

Working the printer? Oh sure, Joe--get out of those liner notes!!!
  Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/6/14 6:33am the gp:

good morning Meghan, from rainy Glasgow. My Thursday mornings working from home have been transformed. Love the show,kind regards from Keith.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:34am Matt from Springfield:

Ah, Danne succeeded with his all-FMA premium! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:35am Matt from Springfield:

@Vincent: That's cool! Was there another recording of "They Like You", or was the WFMU version their only one?
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:40am squiidroc:

It appears there was another version of "They Like You" on this release:

I have not heard this one though, so I am uncertain if it is a studio recording.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:41am Dave B:

Double Teaming and Sloppy Seconds!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:43am KP:

yo yo yo
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:44am KP:

Hey my cat heard that!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:46am Matt from Springfield:

Danne! :D
  Thu. 3/6/14 6:49am bipolar guy:

Meghan I'm listening to you and you sound like your high. Have you been smoking the wacky weed before you came on the air:-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:51am Meghan:

High on Life baby! HIGH ON LIFE!!!
  Thu. 3/6/14 6:53am bipolar guy:

@meghan well I've been around people who smoke weed and you sure sound like your on your 3rd joint. But it's ok if you are as long as your happy
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:53am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:53am KP:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:54am Meghan:

Well Stan isn't here.... and I am on a cup of coffee....
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:55am Guido (Cologne):

Purple mark one.
  Thu. 3/6/14 6:55am bipolar guy:

Meghan:) actually it sounds like you and joe are passing the joint around back and fourth. That's really cool:-) fmu dj's high on weed while pitching for pledges
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:56am Dave B:

She's doing a QC assessment of the WFMU rolling papers.

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:57am Cory:

morning all! Meghan, you can pull that plastic wrap off my cd if ya want. there's a track listing on the sleeve
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:58am Guido (Cologne):

  Thu. 3/6/14 6:58am bipolar guy:

Meghan it's ok if you and joe are high. You sound like your having so much fun. Wish I was there
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:58am KP:

Plastic wrap personal CD, ooh la la.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 6:59am Guido (Cologne):

have you seen the movie meanwhile?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:59am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Ooooohh! Plastic wrap!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 6:59am Cory:

erm, inner sleeve that is. @KP I almost let my wife (she did the lettering) shrinkwrap it.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 6:59am HarktheUmpire:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:00am KP:

Guido, what movie is that? "IVe seen them all
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:00am HarktheUmpire:

Guido from Cologne!
It's one o'clock!

That means it's time for coffee.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:00am Guido (Cologne):

It's incredible, those manual tape manipolations.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:01am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

That was a good fade on "Sugarman".
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:02am Guido (Cologne):


Colleques going for linch and me having another pot of tea.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:02am Guido (Cologne):

eeek .. for lunch ...
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:03am fred von helsing:

Back from lunch ! What did I miss ? Just EVERYTHING ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:03am Meghan:

We had a big conversation on the air about you!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:03am KP:

Cool song, this Jet Set Go. Nice work Elwyn
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:04am fred von helsing:

OH NOES was it about my beautiful MARATHONG ??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:05am Cory:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:05am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Thanks KP. The lead singer/songwriter of The Guild League, Tali White, was the drummer in a more famous Australian band The Lucksmiths but this was a side-project because he didn't get to write for the Lucksmiths. I also went to a weekend songwriting course by him.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:05am fred von helsing:

Battles !
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:06am KP:

Well he seems like he knows his subject. I hope you will share what you learned.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:07am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I forgot everything.

Heh. I remember this song from the game "LittleBigPlanet".
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:07am KP:

Cory, with the wrap AND price tag! Nice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:08am Cory:

thanks, KP.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:08am HarktheUmpire:

Well, I hope that cup of tea will bring you bliss, Guido.

And I hope my coffee will bring me mayhem and revelatory insight. (That'd be a first)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:09am Guido (Cologne):

$ 4.00 ... hehehe ...
... that's how to grap the future collector's items.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:11am Guido (Cologne):


I hope the blissful white tea will tell me on the spot why my brilliant navigation concepts do not work on adroid phones ... hehehe
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:12am Dave B:

Hey - so what I thought was a torn rotator cuff (from a wipe out on the ice last month) turns out to be a fracture!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:13am Cory:

oh, erm, yay?
  Thu. 3/6/14 7:13am Phillip (In Brooklyn):

Would someone please help me:( my bed has bed bugs! And I don't have $1200 for a new bed. I'll give out my street address if someone sends me a few dollars to get a new bed:-(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:14am Meghan:

ohhhhh not good Dave! eek!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:15am Dave B:

well, no surgery and 6 month recoup needed.

Only thing is, there's not much else to do except take it easy, and PT.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:15am fred von helsing:

"Fractured Barry Tales" !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:16am fred von helsing:

daveB srsly ? ya got 6 months to goof off ? plan on a Scando trip !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:16am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Is the printer on fire?
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:16am Impatient Canuck:

Waiting like a kid for Christmas for the Meghan African premium from last week's pledge. Don't suppose it's in the mail yet, eh?
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:18am Dave B:

nah, no time off. can still work, just limited on the heavy lifting. And Meghan - that's part of the reason why I was "dancing" the way I was at the Scheme Park
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:18am KP:

literally lived in in some cases
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:18am fred von helsing:

KEXP dropped 35K$ on live video streaming, I hope WFMU got off cheaperly !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:19am fred von helsing:

ah OK your overhead-projector-fu is unharmed, unabated
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:19am Dave B:

FvH - if it was a rotator cuff, from time to knife to recovery was projected at six months...

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:20am fred von helsing:

Battles live cranks !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:20am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

@Evil Brady: you're allowed to swear this early in the morning.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:20am fred von helsing:

"Knife to Recovery", that is a catchy song title
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:22am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:23am fred von helsing:

My new label only issues singles that clock in at under a minute. No-one has time for 90 second epics from the Minutemen any more. The label is 4ADHD. D'oh.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:23am Guido (Cologne):

Beggars Banquet Records?
Creation was later.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:24am KP:

Aye, Aye Meghan!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:24am fred von helsing:

I pledged to UwTPwM last week ! Can I get in on a drawing ? Can I ? Can I ? Adjective: "finely-tuned"
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:25am fred von helsing:

adverb: "enticingly"
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:25am fred von helsing:

body parts: femur, rotator cuff
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:25am KP:

Sultry (adjective)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:28am fred von helsing:

plural noun: Wankel rotary engines
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:29am KP:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:30am Cory:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:31am Dave B:

Adjective - Wobble
Plural Noun - octopodes
Adverb - Not
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:32am Dave B:

Body Part - Cochlea
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:34am David L.B. is RRN63:

...of course we've had it in the ear before...
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:35am KP:

And the totals are on the widget. Let's go, go!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:36am fred von helsing:

got a lust for abstract nouns !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:39am fred von helsing:

ah yes, a finnish national treasure...
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:42am Joe B:

this thing on? let's see some support for Meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:44am Dave B:

I gotta scoot. crazy early day today. If after I pay bills/mortgage - if there's any scratch left I send some more FMU-way. Otherwise I'll see some of you Sunday, and the rest next week.

What's the upcoming theme?
  Thu. 3/6/14 7:47am van:

Hey there Meghan.

KATE BUSH!? *just in time*
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:47am KP:

Andrea, nice cover! Kate Bush, Smiths, Suede!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:48am KP:

Claudia, like the Leningrad Cowboys!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:49am bibi:

hi all. did i just miss die antwoord on wfmu ?! argh.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:50am KP:

Time is not on our side. Pledge!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:50am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I split my mouse pledge between you and Keili.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:51am Dave B:

Hey - I moused a pledge last week - can I apply that to adoption, or is it too late?
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:52am KP:

Elwyn split his mouse, ewwwww!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:53am KP:

i got the blotter paper
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 7:53am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Some of those previous mouse pledges were awesome - the night light was fun!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:53am fred von helsing:

someone said blotter
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:53am Dave B:

I prefer windowpane to blotter. much cleaner trips
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:54am fred von helsing:

my half-mouse was four-way. no comment about the window pain.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:54am Sem Chumbo:

@DaveB: my thought as well.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 7:56am bibi:

are you all talking about quartering ? pledging becomes a tough task.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 7:56am Guido (Cologne):

You're heart-tearing!

I'm so sorry, I'd liked to continue encouraging you dark hour DeeJays more!

But I'm already beyond mouse-pledge level and I'm in danger loosing overall ratio.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:04am HEAT:

good morning everybody!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:05am KP:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:06am HEAT:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:06am Joe B:

The Heat Is On!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:08am KP:

Meghan gives so much to this station, you can give a little. Please pledge now.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:08am HEAT:

If I could put a bunch of fire emojis in a row on here I would right now
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:08am fred von helsing:

@bibi It DOES get tough. This year I split a pledge four ways. But if you pledge it all at once in a single block then you don't get in the drawings :-( Caryn is trying to hack it - she pledges lots of 15$'s and then will ask someone to bundle them together so that she hits a higher swag level.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:09am Dave B:

Chicco - Don't be discouraged
The Man he ain't so hard to understand.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:09am KP:

i just signed over my inheritance. it was easy.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:12am KevinfromBayRidge:

Good Morning Meghanites & Belockers. Was enthralled to see the Performance Space and it's legendary ADA bathroom, last night. All this and witnessing Andy gittin tattooed! Doesn't get much better( excepting that we make the $1.2 mil goal!).
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:16am Danne D:

Hey folks :)
Hey Meghan :)
Hey Joe :)

Pledge in honor of Bosco in Heaven everyone!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:16am Guido (Cologne):

I couldn't help but watch the video stream last nicht.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:16am HEAT:

yes thank you Meghan!! you kill it!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:20am KP:

Pierre! Fantastique
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:20am pierre:

You were my gateway show !
And you are fantastique !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:20am Danne D:

Wild Girl
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:20am EzSezz:

The Galleria at Woostah Centah. A world of shopping for you to entah.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:20am KP:

I used to listen exclusively in car driving in to work, the Hound!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:21am Danne D:

I think you're thinking of Wild Girl's Rock and Racing, Meghan.
  Thu. 3/6/14 8:21am van:

I think Julie knows what my Gateway show was for FMU...

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:21am Julie:

I think Wild Girl was longer ago
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:22am fred von helsing:

wfmu was my gateway drug to KHLAM
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:22am Andy in Berlin:

I used to listen to the Hound. Also Ken, and Stacy and Layla... and a bunch of people I have no idea who they were. Oh, and Alan Watts!
  Thu. 3/6/14 8:24am Cubicle Carl:

My gateway dj was Val Sebastiano.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:26am common:

yea. 60%. nick cave, meghan and joe b. and matt, guido, dave, alessia and everyone! good morn.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:27am KP:

Where's my cover!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:27am fred von helsing:

Alan Watts and Dave Emory
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:28am Joe B:

Alan Watts, yeah!
  Thu. 3/6/14 8:29am van:

Eliza Rickman does a fantastic Nick Cave cover. She also makes extraordinarily great muffins. Yum.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:29am HEAT:

cute cover Bill
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:29am Caryn:

Hello all! Back from my errands. Hey, I didn't miss my mix!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:30am Julie:

I haven't tasted mine yet, I stuck them in the freezer for now.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:32am fred von helsing:

trouble made her goal posted her cookie recipe. anyone tried'em ? they sound narcotic. chocolate ginger yum.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/6/14 8:33am Ken From Hyde Park:

The theme park music is good background for the conference call that I'm on.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:33am pierre:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:33am KP:

Laura Cantrell was a big early WFMU draw for me. in those days i listened only in car on way to work and sometimes came in as much two hours early just to sit there on west side and dream of a magic place across the river
  Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/6/14 8:33am the gp:

the skirl o' the pipes!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:33am Guido (Cologne):

The Nice debut
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:34am KP:

Bagpipes? Velvet underground, Nick cave?
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:34am Danne D:

@Julie - nope Wild Girl was part of my listening - and I didn't start really listening until around '95 or so
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:34am fred von helsing:

wow KP that's dedication
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:34am Julie:

this is really good
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:34am KP:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:35am Julie:

I guess I wasn't listening on weekends yet
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:35am KP:

Early Nice was awesome.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:36am Danne D:

The Nice were great :)

Shhhhhhhhhh Don't Tell People It's Prog ;o)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:36am KP:

yes. fred loved it. but didnt have cable internet so it was only way. Irene, id listen to her whole show in car.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:36am fred von helsing:

I used to hear WFMU back in Essex County days early 1980s but didn't quite "get" the freeform bug yet. My soul was not sufficiently fermented.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:37am Caryn:

@fvh: did she post the recipe on the comments board or elsewhere?

Also, does anyone know why yesterday's 7SD is not on the Ustream site, unlike all the other Marathon video feeds? I missed most of it, and am kicking myself if I can never see Andy get tattooed.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:37am Guido (Cologne):

the Nice was 1967 or 68 ... so it is psychedelic not prog.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:37am fred von helsing:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:38am Alessia:

I'm back from lunch! I feel like i missed a lot.. :(
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:38am KP:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:39am fred von helsing:

caryn for chocolate ginger cookie flavr bombs scroll down at trouble's www.facebook.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:39am Alessia:

I did! Just now!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:39am sugarwolf:

yes, I am next to Warwick!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:39am Guido (Cologne):

Underwater European Lunch Time Park.
Kind of fate!
Can someone narrow the big pond a bit?
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:39am KP:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am KevinfromBayRidge:

Thanks Joe, Guess I be the Town(Station) Drunk now! LoL
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am sugarwolf:

and I am a greenish-eyed lady :)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am Sem Chumbo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am Caryn:

Thanks, fvh!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am common:

great joe! i love clay pigeon. that was perfect. sugar loaf.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am Alessia:

Yay! I love you too! And Joe said my name just fine:)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:40am fred von helsing:

a-ha pierre sinks the hook with WFMU !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:41am pierre:

love pledge !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:41am Julie:

Ken wants this prize
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:41am Guido (Cologne):

Cover gallery (+ some info) here:
(click right cover.)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:44am KP:

Thanks to whomever got the VU. There's some WFMU Pizza Underground action on there too.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:45am fred von helsing:

ooh I love this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:45am Caryn:

Come on, pledge, people!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:45am Joe B:

let's go! big push time! 14 minutes to go!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:46am pierre:

This finnish compilation must be soooo great !
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:46am Sem Chumbo:

"kaput, kaput, kaput." Wish I'd written that. Amazing tune.
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:46am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:46am Guido (Cologne):

Ska-schlager ... hehehe ...
the sound libary used is the same as on Residents' Third Reich'n'Roll
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:47am common:

lush!!! me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:47am Caryn:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:47am KP:

It's a fight to the Finnish!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:47am fred von helsing:

and then LUSH, oh man !
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:47am Guido (Cologne):

LUSH !!!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:48am fred von helsing:

that Valerie Pascal is NOT online :-/
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:48am Alessia:

I want a prize, I think I want Guido's mix!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:48am fred von helsing:

meghan knows well that the chatboard melts to SLUSH whenever she plays LUSH
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:50am Guido (Cologne):

I'm going for Finland.
Don't send me my own mix!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:50am Danne D:

Good luck Alessia :}
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:50am common:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:50am KP:

Seventy-two! Within reacH! do it!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:51am fred von helsing:

they put out different colors of'em I think
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:52am KP:

You said Vince sted Vin, he is already coming down there!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:52am Guido (Cologne):

yes ... the early japanese cards covers ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:52am Cory:

c'mon guys, wfmu needs to be around for another year so I can give someone my DOUBLE DISC cover album!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:52am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:53am KP:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 8:53am common:

just talkin bout inxs
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:54am Alessia:

@Danne Thank you! :) Fingers crossed.
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:54am fred von helsing:

guido I forget your FB name ! contact me ?
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:55am KP:

PLEDGE. running out of time!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:56am KP:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/6/14 8:56am Cheri Pi:

Heya KP!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:57am KP:

Within a few hundred of the goal!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 8:58am Danne D:

lol Guido luckily for myself I woke up too late to win my own mix :)

Speaking of which, thanks to all the nice pledgers :)

And if you didn't win - well guess what - everyone wins as you can get the songs on my prize CD here!


Enjoy everyone! Thanks Meghan and Joe! And Congrats on a job well done :) Bosco would be proud I think :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 8:58am KP:

within reach!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 9:00am Guido (Cologne):

Greatings to Seatle!
(got friends there)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 9:00am KP:

Thank you, Meghan, Joe & Julie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 9:01am Caryn:

Congrats to the winners!
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 9:01am Danne D:

Congrats on breaking $3000 Meghan :)
Have a good day folks :)
Sorry you didn't win, Alessia, but check that link and you can win my prize :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 9:01am KP:

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 9:01am Alessia:

A big hug Meghan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 9:02am Caryn:

Bosco is wagging his tail somewhere!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/6/14 9:02am Meghan:

Thanks everyone!!!!! Much love!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 9:02am KP:

Nice, Caryn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/6/14 9:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

Whew...good work. Now you can rehearse for Hoof & Mouth!
Avatar    Thu. 3/6/14 9:03am KP:

I feel good, as James Brown once said.
  Thu. 3/6/14 9:28am van:

grumble grrr...really wanted that mix with KaTe...grrr....

Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 9:52pm Danne D:

Hi archive person who might be reading this :)
Guess what? You can totally help Meghan still make her goal by pledging to WFMU via the widget at the top of this page. It'll be credited to Meghan's wonderful show and you'll feel good :)
Avatar Thu. 3/6/14 9:53pm Danne D:

On a side note, getting Meghan's premium with that great version of Rock the Casbah makes me happy :)
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