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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options March 13, 2014: Let's go to War!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Groucho Marx  This Country's Going to War   Options Duck Soup    0:00:00 ()
Gene Maltais  Gang War   Options lux and ivy's favorites vol 4    0:03:51 ()
Dick Gaughan  Think Again   Options A Different Kind of Love Song    0:05:56 ()
Billy Bragg  Rumours of War   Options No Pop- No Style- Strictly Roots (Live Bootleg, Phoenix Festival, England 1993)    0:08:38 ()
The Fugs  Kill for Peace   Options Greatest Hits 1984-2004    0:12:09 ()
Bob Dylan  Masters of War   Options The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan    0:14:41 ()
The Who  I've Known No War   Options It's Hard    0:19:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:26:07 ()
This Mortal Coil  I Come and Stand at Every Door   Options Blood    0:30:47 ()
Sinéad O'Connor  Drink Before the War   Options The Lion and the Cobra    0:34:19 ()
Kings of Convenience  Winning a Battle, Losing the War   Options Quiet is the New Loud    0:39:28 ()
Belle and Sebastian  I Fought in a War   Options Fold Your Hands, Child; You Walk Like a Peasant    0:43:21 ()
Cat Power  He War   Options You Are Free    0:47:19 ()
Wilco  War on War   Options Yankee Hotel Foxtrot    0:50:50 ()
10,000 Maniacs  My Mother the War   Options Hope Chest    0:54:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:58:12 ()
Edwin Starr  War   Options     1:02:42 ()
JJ Grey and Moffro  War   Options Country Ghetto    1:05:36 ()
Richard Cheese  War Ensemble   Options I'd Like a Virgin    1:08:59 ()
Adrian Belew  The War in the Gulf Between Us   Options Inner Revolution    1:10:51 ()
The Temptations  War   Options Psychedelic Soul    1:14:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:17:33 ()
Dillinger  Stop the War   Options Studio One Rude Boy    1:23:27 ()
Bob Marley  War   Options Songs of Freedom    1:25:44 ()
Goran Bregovic  Kalasnjikov   Options Angel Snostrom    1:29:13 ()
William Onyeabor  Atomic Bomb   Options Who Is William Onyeabor?    1:33:56 ()
Shark Move  Evil War   Options Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978    1:41:53 ()
Chicco  Papa Stop the War   Options     1:47:35 ()
Anima Sound System  World at War   Options We Strike!    1:52:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:57:19 ()
Hüsker Dü  Terms of Psychic Warfare   Options New Day Rising    1:59:15 ()
Killing Joke  Wardance   Options Chaos for Breakfast    2:01:11 ()
Melvins  Warhead   Options Everybody Loves Sausages    2:04:54 ()
Dokaka  War Pigs   Options The Dokaka Discography    2:09:35 ()
The Ex  New Wars 2   Options Singles. Period.    2:12:32 ()
Suicidal Tendencies  War Inside My Head   Options Join the Army    2:14:09 ()
Black Flag  My War   Options My War    2:17:56 ()
7 Seconds  What If There Was War in America   Options The Crew    2:21:40 ()
Fear  Let's Have a War   Options The Record    2:22:32 ()
Crumbsuckers  The Longest War   Options Life of Dreams    2:24:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:26:46 ()
Jeffrey Lewis & Kimya Dawson  Pirates Declare War   Options AFNY Collaborations Volume 1    2:30:55 ()
Beans on Toast  London at War   Options Standing on a Chair    2:33:16 ()
The Clash  English Civil War   Options Give 'Em Enough Rope    2:36:15 ()
The Black Angels  First Vietnamese War   Options Passover    2:38:50 ()
Japanther  Not At War   Options Rock 'n' Roll Ice Cream    2:42:17 ()
Talking Heads  Life During Wartime   Options Fear of Music    2:46:14 ()
The Big Pink  At War With The Sun   Options A Brief History of Love    2:49:51 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:00am fred von helsing:

Kill'em all. Let Meghan sort'em out.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:01am Matt from Springfield:

War? Ahh, a bunch of Horse Feathers!!

Morning Meghan and Themers!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:02am Meghan:

Good morning all!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:02am Whooda:

Hooray for war! War is Peace!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:03am Matt from Springfield:

Great medley of American tunes, brings the Marx Bros full circle from their vaudeville days to the movies! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:04am fred von helsing:

War is Peace. With Love, Heimland Sekurität
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:04am Matt from Springfield:

War Is Peace! Ignorance Is Strength! Clear Channel Is Freeform!!...
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:06am Matt from Springfield:

Dick Gaughan! Always a great choice, his war song is particularly great!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:08am Whooda:

@Fred I got a blank return results when I searched Heimland Sekurität . Who is that?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:10am bibi:

hi all. beautiful ceiling meghan. i look forward the ground tiling.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:10am fred von helsing:

Some of you know it better as Homeland Security. But it sounds better in the original German.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:11am fred von helsing:

"Clear Channel Is Freeform!!" oh SNAP
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:12am Matt from Springfield:

The Fugs! I thought this was Ed Sanders!! (look up his performance pieces on YouTube and UbuWeb, he's somethin' else! :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:12am Whooda:

haha Yes, Homeland Security, such a nice warm and fuzzy ring that has.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:13am fred von helsing:

I missed the Vietnam draft by three years....
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:13am Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: Rectify with Ingsoc, do goodthink...
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:15am fred von helsing:

I firmly believe in both Sapir-Whorf and the Newspeak appendix to 1984. When discontent becomes inexpressible, it manifests itself in existential unease and psychic boils. Much like contemporary America.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:15am Matt from Springfield:

Great one--one of Dylan's most pointed!
And as early as '63--he makes no doubt which side he's on!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:17am Whooda:

I'be been trying to get my head around what is *really* happening in Ukraine. That is one complicated kettle of fish. Not pure fascist nor purely libertarian. But if America was in Russia's shoes, She'd be all up in Ukraine's business.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:17am Sem Chumbo:

Doubleplus good morning. Ms. M., and all FMU citizens.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:18am Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: Oh wow, "linguistic relativity", there's a scientific theory for that. I agree. So be a poet! A Beatnik! A Filthyhippie! A Rapper! Make your own words faster than the Establishment can get rid of them!! :D

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:18am fred von helsing:

Ukraine article 1: www.lrb.co.uk...
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:19am Matt from Springfield:

Doubleplus good morning! Semchumbo duckspeaks WFMU!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:19am KP:

Underwater Bob Park!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:21am KP:

Ok a Who song I don't recognize. This is an Odd Sod
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:21am Sem Chumbo:

@Matt: it's that or Room 101.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:22am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...from an album even I don't listen to - not bad is it ??
- Guten TZAG Parksters !
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:22am fred von helsing:

fred bellyfeel doubleplusgood war march op-ref Meghan
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:23am Matt from Springfield:

Odds and/or Sods--morning KP! Guten TZAG RRN63!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:24am fred von helsing:

Eastasia is our enemy. Eastasia has always been our enemy.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:25am Sem Chumbo:

Killing it, Meghan. Take no prisoners.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:26am Whooda:

@Fred, as written in Tragedy and Hope: From these studies it would seem that civilizations pass through a process of evolution
which can be analyzed briefly as follows: each civilization is born in some inexplicable
fashion and, after a slow start, enters a period of vigorous expansion, increasing its size
and power, both internally and at the expense of its neighbors, until gradually a crisis of
organization appears. When this crisis has passed and the civilization has been
reorganized, it seems somewhat different. Its vigor and morale have weakened. It
becomes stabilized and eventually stagnant. After a Golden Age of peace and prosperity,
internal crises again arise. At this point there appears, for the first time, a moral and
physical weakness which raises, also for the first time, questions about the civilization's
ability to defend itself against external enemies. Racked by internal struggles of a social
and constitutional character, weakened by loss of faith in its older ideologies and by the
challenge of newer ideas incompatible with its past nature, the civilization grows steadily
weaker until it is submerged by outside enemies, and eventually disappears.
from Tragedy and Hope: From these studies it would seem that civilizations pass through a process of evolution
which can be analyzed briefly as follows: each civilization is born in some inexplicable
fashion and, after a slow start, enters a period of vigorous expansion, increasing its size
and power, both internally and at the expense of its neighbors, until gradually a crisis of
organization appears. When this crisis has passed and the civilization has been
reorganized, it seems somewhat different. Its vigor and morale have weakened. It
becomes stabilized and eventually stagnant. After a Golden Age of peace and prosperity,
internal crises again arise. At this point there appears, for the first time, a moral and
physical weakness which raises, also for the first time, questions about the civilization's
ability to defend itself against external enemies. Racked by internal struggles of a social
and constitutional character, weakened by loss of faith in its older ideologies and by the
challenge of newer ideas incompatible with its past nature, the civilization grows steadily
weaker until it is submerged by outside enemies, and eventually disappears.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:27am fred von helsing:

Starship Troopers flopped in the US cos apparently nobody gets proper antifascist satire :-O
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:28am Whooda:

Congratulations on meeting your goal DJ Meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:28am KP:

Congratulations on making your goal! I did not know that
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:29am fred von helsing:

@whooda But America went straight from spectacular rise to imperial decline without an intervening stage of civilization...
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:30am Whooda:

@Fred Hey, wait a minute, what about the Superbowl?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:31am Matt from Springfield:

TMC--but of course! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:32am fred von helsing:

Back in the 80s SPY magazine had an absolutely classic article about The Sovietization of America. Sadly it is NOT online. It has never been more relevant than now. BHO is indeed a corporate statist, but I will say this for him: he has not started a groundless war in order to prop up support and ram thru an unpopular agenda. Peace: what is it good for ? Children and flowers and other living things.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:35am Whooda:

@Fred He tried to do just that in Syria (the plebs shot him down) with the greater plan of enveloping Iran in war to further destabilize the Middle East for Israel's benefit.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:35am fred von helsing:

@whooda re Super Bowl: If the Bills had won just ONE out of four, I could accept that the Super Bowl was mark of true civilization (in gleefully decadent gladiator/Rollerball form). Sadly, 'twas not fated to be so. FWIW the refs threw at least one of those games.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:36am Matt from Springfield:

Eloquent little motto there.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:36am Matt from Springfield:

"Peace: what is it good for...", that is.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:39am Whooda:

Thanks for playing Sinead O'Connor. DJ Meghan. She is not well represented on FMU me thinks.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:40am fred von helsing:

@whooda Syria - Faced with a bodycount and chemical warfare I think BHO flirted with the idea of an air-only intervention, like actually worked in Bosnia in halting genocide by the Serbs, but yeah people freaked out immediately. After you get rid of the GOP for a few years you set your standards higher. Hooray for new norms of putting diplomacy ahead of war. Are you ready for Rand Paul 2016 ?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:41am bibi:

as whooda just said.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:42am Meghan:

That Sinead album is amazing. There is not a single bad song on it.....
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:43am Whooda:

Paul won the Republican stray poll, as he did last time. But like his dad before him he will be marginalized and demonized by the mainstream media.
Obama knew the chemical weapons attack was a false-flag. I applaud him for having the good sense to hold back the hawks.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:44am bibi:

fred,too many acronyms for bibi. but i still kind of hope & think BHO is not as a corporate statist as most of his predecessors.
belle & sebastian is a great band for war.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:45am fred von helsing:

Metric - Monster Hospital. I fought the war and the war won. Scary good video. Too bad their new stuff has gone all soggy ballad-y.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I hardly feel 'rid of the GOP'.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:46am fred von helsing:

BHO is married to the "deep state" (the term bill moyers is using), I wonder what they have on him. Maybe he killed a guy in Chicago or something.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:47am Whooda:

Rabbit that's because they two party system is a one-party system with not a lick of difference between them.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:48am bibi:

ok GOP is Grand Old Party ?
boys, hard to follow.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:50am fred von helsing:

It's one and a half parties. It's Coke v Pepsi. The frustrating part is that there are real differences. You wouldn't get ACA from the GOP (bibi: the Republicans). There'd be a Middle East war already. If you ignore the differences, you absolutely deserve more George W Bush.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:51am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yes - bibi - the Republican Party in the U.S.
- I understand why people say that Whooda - but no difference between Obama & Duhybya ? How soon they forget ! I say if it *really is* the *lesser* of two evils - then vote for it immediately !! - & Move On from there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- 'one and a half parties' - that's sterling fvh, wow.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:54am bibi:

yep, RRN63, i definitely agree, democracy is in most cases aiming at the 'lesser evil' (great tune by doldrums btw).
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:54am Whooda:

It's the "Deep State" (corporate fascist) that control the government and call the shots. For example, look at the Contitutional crisis of the NSA, and in particular the CIA'a treason against the oversight committee. The NSA is obviously not getting its orders from the US government. They get their orders from Israel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:55am Meghan:

I have to say that both parties have self interest, which does not do anyone any good. I am for any party that isn't getting bribed by corporations and actually works for the people..... but that is my socialist views! The only way to change the system is to kick everyone out and start fresh. No fear mongering!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 6:56am Whooda:

I agree DJ Meghan, we need a clean reset...Now, where did I put that reset bullet..errr, I mean button. Reset button.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 6:57am Meghan:

Sadly that reset button is what will get hit.... and none of us will be here!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:57am fred von helsing:

@bib Yeah Doldrums are cool. Same scene as Grimes eh.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:58am bibi:

ho, some views turn conspirationist in here...
lets start a TAZ (another acronym just for you fred) !
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 6:59am bibi:

the 10000 maniacs singing reminds a lot of smiths era morrissey isnt it ?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:00am fred von helsing:

Oh Christ, Israel's got nothing to do with it. Based on this week's news it's obvious that both the CIA and the NSA are operating illegally and out of sight of oversight. It was bad in the 70s (Church Committee, Ellsberg, etc.) but now the entire Information Society is at stake. TAZ good ! Hakim Bey 4eva !
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:02am fred von helsing:

The mission of the 21st century is to reduce or remove intolerance.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:06am fred von helsing:

hey meghan got country joe and the fish queued up ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:12am Meghan:

Bibi..... same era for those! I'm not getting all hippie dippie today, believe it or not!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:12am Whooda:

@Fred Isreal is an apartheid system. It is fully funded by and politcally supported by the US government (not the citizens paying for it). Why would the US support and finance an Apartied system of government?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:15am fred von helsing:

well heck if you walk 300m from the United States Capitol you see apartheid. It's absolutely begging for a good sci-fi film treatment. Rocket launchers 'n funky laser cannons 'n shit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:16am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I have to make my Comments count because Mgr. Ken F. has 'requested' I limit to eight Comments per show, peoples.

...Ah - don't think you & Dave Emory will be agreeing soon about Israel, Whooda !! I don't automatically side w/ Israel (who *for sure* has nukes in the MidEast? You guessed it.)
- but neither do I buy some Anti-Semitic trip !: I don't like the company it puts me in ! The Jews were prevented from owning things in many places many times - what about that - ?! - & in Medieval Christianity it was a Mortal Sin to lend money - so they had the Jews do it for them - & then scapegoated the Jews when they didn't want to pay it back! - so let's see that for what it is, once & for all. I just can't tolerate Racism - & I fear Anti-Semitism as a dangerous disease in society.

...More parties would be what the U.S. needs you'd think - but third parties right now are only spoilers effectively - whether Pat Buchanan or Perot on the Right - or Nader on the Left (both of these have happened in a big way). But remember that the Nazis were elected - that's right, elected - by a few thousand votes because too many parties divided the vote. That's why I call out this 'Too Cool to Vote' & 'Democrats are just as bad' sentiments whenever it comes up - & fear this Voter Suppression big time.

...Think how ahead of the curve Sinead was tearing up that photo of the Pope in protest of child molestation! - but she didn't communicate that's what it was about - & as a Popular Artist, Communication is kind of what one does - so I've seen that as her basic problem/challenge.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:17am fred von helsing:

how about a film where the Robocop-type character is a Palestinian with a grudge ? Destroyed livelihoods, like that.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:19am bibi:

well, israel 'apartheid' is much more explicit and assumed.
why us support them : i'd say money & geopolitical interest. which is apparently more than enough to ignore the assymmetrical situation down there.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:19am fred von helsing:

@rr63 I'm good with that rap. Yeah the system is rigged against third parties but some localities are getting more experimental with other voting systems. Keep your fingers crossed! Stuff like STV and runoffs can open up the space for more parties.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:19am bibi:

meghan, never tried the amedeo sweaty wrestling contest ?
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:19am Whooda:

I'm not anti-American or anti-semitic. I am anti-fascist
  Thu. 3/13/14 7:20am Alessia:

Hello everybody! Good morning Meghan!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:21am fred von helsing:

Meghan loves the smell of comments napalm in the morning.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:22am Whooda:

haha. I can even hear the surf in the background.
  Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/13/14 7:22am the gp:

Good morning from war torn Glasgow. Blow me away with your playlist Meghan!
  Thu. 3/13/14 7:22am Ahmad:

Whoa. This set and comments here complement Max Blumenthal's set and the Palestine/Israel/apartheid discussion from a few hours ago really well. http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/54788
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:23am Dave B:

Tylenol PM for the sleepful win!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:25am fred von helsing:

Carlin got it right: "shellshock" became "battle fatigue" became "PTSD". Successively drained more and more of all human feeling. OTOH "PTSD" probably best describes its effect on the psyche. I've known two guys who were in Nam and neither would ever talk about it.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:26am fred von helsing:

haile selassie speaks to the united nations
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:26am Chris from DC:

Hoping you've got some Fear ("Let's Have A War") coming.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:27am Meghan:

Next set Chris is up your alley!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:28am fred von helsing:

Did Zappa ever do any songs about war ?
  Thu. 3/13/14 7:28am shmoo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:28am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

We're gettin' heavy - but not a trace of hostility between us here - which is the best ! Go us !
- Yes - we could use more Parties - but I point out how slippery it is. When the Demos didn't need me to win (for sure) - I voted for Nader - should I regret encouraging him - ??
Whooda: Cool - as I say, I'm not reflexively Pro-Israel - by any means! - but I'm extremely wary of Anti-Semitic conspiracy stuff & race prejudice hatred, which anyone ought to be able to understand.
- Meghan - your program was one (of many) it was painful to not have the budget to Pledge to - & I feel quite lame for not doing the Comp Swap - which is unquestionably a brilliant idea.
- Thx fred ! - never knew this !!
- Yeah - find myself thinking of Fear but not hearing them !...
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:29am bibi:

hello glasgow !
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:29am fred von helsing:

"cannon fodder", now that's a phrase for the ages
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:30am Whooda:

@Fred Zappa's Porn War
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:32am Dave B:

FvH - FZ had his fair share. One that immediately comes to mind on name alone is "Porn Wars" from "Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention".

Basically a 15 minute sound collage using the PMRC Senate Hearing as a sound source.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:32am fred von helsing:

@whooda Hah I stayed up one night and watched the tape of Zappa testifying to the congressional committee. (Also Dee Snyder and John Denver.) It was all very awesome. Frank called them on their hyprocrisy in best FZ style.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:34am Dave B:

Whooda- touché!

I think today is Dee's birthday
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:36am Whooda:

Yes, I was shocked at the time to realize that Frank Zappa was an articulate and well dressed. Fortunatly I was able to shake it off and sheik my bootie. (sorry about my spell check not working my computer is nearly destroyed by malware, from, you guessed it, NSA.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Zappa: 'The cover price does not entitle you to a kiss on the foot'...there was that VH1 dramatization about the Tipper Gore Trials...Was 'I Don't Wanna Get Drafted' the b-side of 'Valley Girl' - ? - altho' being Zappa - there's ambiguity (because he's honest)...
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:36am Dave B:

OK Meghan -

Any idea where that top image is from? Looks like a train station. I'm just curious which one.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:38am fred von helsing:

When you think about war, you have to think about all the people that would still be around us but are not, and all their descendants that never had their chance to come into existence. Your neighbor's uncle who no longer lives and breathes and the kids he wanted that never came to be. Yes this view is a bit Romantic because all our days are numbered and nobody's genesis is predestined, but still...
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:38am Dave B:

Shortly after the mothers of prevention is when FZ started doing the circuit. His CNN Cross Fire appearances back in the late 80s were awesome.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:39am fred von helsing:

@daveB Oh those sound good
  Thu. 3/13/14 7:39am Ahmad:

Awwwww I missed B&S.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:40am Whooda:

@Dave B I checked the source code on the photo but no luck on a link. I think those are RAF planes, no? Interesting that the left fuselage is exposed on all craft, maybe to emphasize that real people are in those birds.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:40am Meghan:

it's a library of congress photo. I grabbed it from there a while ago.... I don't remember where it's supposed to be. There was a huge batch of great old photos from WW2 that went up at one point.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:42am fred von helsing:

All in all, tho, even in light of all the horrors of the 21st century, the Me 262 is a frickin' COOL-looking airplane!! There's one hanging in the technical museum in Munich. A goddamn camouflage shark with two big-ass jet engines glued onto it. Dave, the one above the kraut looks like a spitfire.
  Thu. 3/13/14 7:42am Will in Paris:

"Warchild" by Jethro Tull, " Why can't we be friends?" by War (Eric Burden), "Blitzkrieg Bop" by... well, that's obvious, "Holiday in Cambodia" etc,etc,etc.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:42am fred von helsing:

I mean, how many airplanes got a song by Blue Öyster Cult ???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@ fred: 'I Ain't Marchin' Anymore' by Phil Ochs - 'I must have killed a million men & now they want me back again' - one of the heaviest songs ever - altho' 'Kill for Peace' distills the absurdity perfectly.

- Eight Comments & I'm out ! I gotta Werk for a living anyhow. Still listening for a bit. Blessings ! Pray for Peace.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:44am Whooda:

The P-52 Mustang is my all time favorite plane, probably a lot like a Spitfire.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:44am Dave B:

My Uncle Walt (who recently passed away) was a B24 radio operator in the Air Force back in WWII.

Some years back we were all up on Lake George staying at Hans' Guesthouse, for my older brother's birthday.

On the last morning over breakfast, Hans came around to see how the stay was etc, and I recall an exchange he and my Uncle Walt had.

UW: "You Hans?"
H: "Yep"
UW: "We dropped a lot of hardware on you guys in the war"
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:46am Sem Chumbo:

I guess your uncle, peace be upon him, didn't mind mentioning the war:)
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:46am Dave B:

Yea - that dogfight pic is a Spitfire vs an ME-109. The bombers look like Heinkel HE-111s
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:47am Dave B:

Nope. He was, how would you say... A Pip!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:50am fred von helsing:

They shall beat their swords in plowshares, and their Zunes into hair ornamentation.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:50am Meghan:

Dave, check around here maybe?

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:50am fred von helsing:

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:50am Sem Chumbo:

Yes, still hear that expression here.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:52am Sem Chumbo:

War dancing around the room, Ms. M. What a set.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 7:53am Meghan:

doing the War boogie Sem?
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:55am Dave B:

Google Image Search FTW!


The little camera icon in the input field lets you upload images to base your search on.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:56am Chris from DC:

Faulty Towers! Leaving for work (ugh) on a high note.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:57am fred von helsing:

Technically speaking, anything by Warpaint qualifies, yes ?
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:57am fred von helsing:

@daveB Cool!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 7:58am bibi:

oh boy, i was naive enough to think this belliquous ceiling was some post-war critical art view on the vacuity of war.
i was so wrong.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 7:58am Whooda:

Yes, very cool, thanks for the tip Dave B. have never tried an image search before.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:00am fred von helsing:

Speaking of the uses of war... Has anyone else read "Report from Iron Mountain"? Nowadays it's dismissed as a hoax but years ago I talked (emailed) with a guy whose dad was in the group and said it was very much legit. The book does make a lot of sense.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:00am bibi:

yes google is so cool, we have nothing to worry about.
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:03am Brian:

Just read in WSJ how we should give nukes to Poland to show those pesky Russkies. Humans are so stupid. Great playlist!
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:04am Robert:

Was that Husker Du piece an intentional parody of "Fields of Fire"? Or of "Big Country"?
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:05am Dave B:

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:05am fred von helsing:

They say some gals love a man in uniform. Some Hallowe'en I'm gonna go for Science Patrol! skreeonk.files.wordpress.com...
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:07am Whooda:

@Fred This is a long and detailed read, I'm not through it yet, it is a must read for minds such as yours. I quoted from earlier:
Tragedy and Hope - A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley 1966
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:08am PKNY:

Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:10am Dave B:

Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:11am Whooda:

This is fantastic, I was just thinking of War Pigs.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:14am Whooda:

@Fred Free PDF of the book
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:14am Dave B:

Last good book I read:

The Next 100 Years.

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:15am Alessia:

I missed The Ex!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:17am Dave B:

Whooda - that looks like a good read!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:17am fred von helsing:

@whooda Found it here: www.wanttoknow.info...
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:18am Whooda:

@Dave B George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR is an ememy of democracy. He will sell-out his grandmother or a nation state for a buck. Evil, evil man and company. (Stratfor of Wikileaks fame)
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:19am Whooda:

@Fred :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:20am common:

nice to come in on black flag! 70 degrees to 26. and war. it all makes sense.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:21am fred von helsing:

Stratfor - meh. Poor infosec :) The future is hard to predict, esp'ly when it hasn't happened yet. I 'spect we're gonna tweak the genome, then incautiously hack it, and implant comms and bio tech, and in a hundred years we won't necessarily be completely recognisable to our current selves.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:21am Whooda:

@Dave it is an amazingly researched, meticulously presented history that shows the repeatiing patterns in all civilations / societies.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:22am Dave B:

zoinks! was not aware. Still I found the book interesting...

Thanks Whooda: stream1.gifsoup.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:23am common:

LOVE this fear song! thanks meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:23am Whooda:

Fantastic show DJ Megan, you really made my day, and without a scratch on my chinny-chin-chin!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:24am Planet Tyler:

This is such a fantastic way to start the morning!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:25am Dave B:


Nice Meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:25am PKNY:

Ah, the Crumbsuckers! It's been way too long since I've heard this!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:26am fred von helsing:

@whooda If your into these cycles then you might be interested in long-term cycles. Not Kondrieff Waves. Heavier stuff. Hundred-year cycles, four-hundred year cycles. Let me try to dig out a couple of links.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:28am Dave B:

Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:28am fred von helsing:

Wallerstein in the famous name in the area but he's criticized as being too marxist in his approach
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:29am Whooda:

I'll start with Wallerstein. I'll find it. Thanks!
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:31am shmoo:

they sound a lot like Donkey Balls from NC
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:32am Dave B:

Meghan - this is a MUST PLAY next week:


I think I have a version of Brandon Cruz playing it as well...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:35am Andrew Waterloo:

You've gotta play this too: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:37am Meghan:

Yes Andrew!!!! YES!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/13/14 8:46am Cheri Pi:

Morning peeps.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:48am Meghan:

morning Cheri!
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:48am fred von helsing:

at my punk rock bar i play warpigs a couple times in a row. people tolerate it. :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:49am Whooda:

Good morning Cheri Pi, you are booted up a little early today, Five minutes early is my sweetspot.
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:50am Lou:

No Culture Club?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:50am Meghan:

what war song does Culture Club have?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/13/14 8:51am Cheri Pi:

I try to tune in as close to 8:15 EST as possible but this morning I had to write a big important email that required all brain cells. I'm actually tardy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/13/14 8:51am common:

like your new avatarthingy, whooda.
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:53am van:

I love it when a planes come together. Hi Meghan! In for the end
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:54am Lou:

"War is Stupid"
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:55am fred von helsing:

Just remember, y'all! On any given day there is a non-zero chance of all-out thermonuclear war! Today's cheery thought has been brought to you by Crelm toothpaste.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:56am Whooda:

Thanks Common, I grabbed it from BoingBoing yesterday.
  Thu. 3/13/14 8:57am van:

But, but, but, I'm at war with BookFace.
Avatar Thu. 3/13/14 8:57am Sem Chumbo:

Thanks , Meghan, for this morning and this show. Money talks, bullshit walks. See ya next time.
Avatar    Thu. 3/13/14 8:59am Whooda:

NSAFacebook...it's still free!
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