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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options February 24, 2014: Marathon Show #1, with Scott McDowell

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Scott Williams, figure skater  Skates to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"   Options      
Fatback  Gotta Get My Hands on Some (money)   Options     0:05:15 ()
William Onyeabor  Atomic Bomb   Options Who Is William Onyeabor?  it's our 1st prize! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running for this killer 70s/80s Nigerian funk  0:13:14 ()
Mo Tucker  Slippin' and Slidin'   Options I Feel So Far Away: Anthology 1974-1998  it's our current prize!  0:34:16 ()
Swell Maps  The Helicopter Spies   Options Jane From Occupied Europe    0:40:47 ()
Mekons  Where Were You?   Options     0:44:54 ()
RIP Harold Ramis        0:52:46 ()
Throbbing Gristle  AB/7A   Options DOA, Third and Final Report  it's my fave TG, and it's our current prize!!! 2-CD special edition  0:58:53 ()
Dirty Beaches  Elli   Options 12 Years High and Rising, Scott W's 2014 Premium  Dirty Beaches and tons of others live on my show - and it's all on my premium! pledge $75 or more, and IT'S YOURS! Just like that!  1:03:25 ()
Can  I Want More   Options Flow Motion    1:08:06 ()
Max  Mother   Options The 13th Letter (Daniel Blumin's 2013 Marathon Premium)    1:11:57 ()
Neil Young  Flying on the Ground is Wrong   Options Live at the Cellar Door  absolutely stunning piece of the NY archive, high comedy, concept art, and beautiful music -- it's our current prize! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running!  1:25:50 ()
People Like Us  Break Me, Break My Horse   Options Don't think Right It's All Twice  awesome cut-up / collage AND our current prize! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running!  1:43:46 ()
The Ukrainians  Oi Divchino   Options 12" single    1:48:21 ()
Bajm  Nie Ma Wody Na Pustyni   Options Bajm    1:51:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jacho's Story   Options V/a, Mutazione: Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988  amazing 2-CD set - it's our current prize! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running!  2:06:25 ()
Todd-o-phonic Todd  My Pledge of Love   Options WFMU Marathon Finale 2010    2:11:42 ()
Yo La Tengo  Ohm   Options Fade (Deluxe Edition)  my top fave YLT CD in many years, it's soooo good. And now, it's A PRIZE! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running!  2:25:35 ()
Asha Bhosle  Dum Maro Dum   Options     2:31:43 ()
Error Genético  A (Error Genético)   Options V/a, La Ciudad Secreta: Sonidos Experimentales en la Barcelona Pre-Olimpica 1971-1991  amaaaaaazing 3-CD + 288-pg book covering the Barcelonan experimental music scene, it's our current prize!  2:41:26 ()
Pierre Raph  Batterie Fields   Options sdtk, Fascination    2:43:47 ()
Big Star  Ballad of El Goodo   Options Nothing Can Hurt Me: Original Soundtrack  DVD of this most excellent music doc is our final prize of the day!!! pledge 1-800-989-9368 to get in the running!  2:52:03 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:02pm Scott Williams:

LET'S GO, ERRYBODY!! call 1-800-989-9368. Our 1st prize, killer Nigerian funk from William Onyeabor, "Who's William Onyeabor?"
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:02pm DCE:

whooo! Scott Williams skating!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:03pm doca:

haha! great way to start the show
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:03pm doca:

is that really real?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:03pm Scott McDowell:

Scott Williams has ice skates on right now in the studio!!
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:03pm van:

It has a good beat and is easy to skate to
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm Scott McDowell:

Triple toe looooops
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Go figure skater/DJ Scott Williams!
What color was your leotard? Or was it a Butthole Surfers leotard, in respect to Kurt C's fashion?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm Andrew Waterloo:

Still not as good as synchronized swimming to the Susperia theme.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm Whooda:

What a great song, though maybe not as good blasted over a skating rink PA system.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm tim from champaign:

WFMU on ice...it's nice!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:04pm Sem Chumbo:

I gotta know what you're wearing, it's part of the whole figure skating thing.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm rsj:

scott is the ultimate pledge master
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm the glowing one:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm Caryn:

This reminds me of how the NBC commentators during the Olympics went "Apparently they're skating to Motley Crue" during the figure skating. Turns out they were dancing to the song "A Motley Crew". Darn.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm Sem Chumbo:

Tell me it's something plaid and ragged.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm Scott Williams:

oh you bet it's real! there youtubery
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:05pm doca:

figure skating always reminds me of blades of glory.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:06pm joe:

Scott has been asked to refrain from swearing if he is not pleased with his score when it has been announced.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

As mentioned in Irene's playlist, RIP Harold Ramis, age 69.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm Uncle Michael:

Triple toe loop!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm the glowing one:

@Sem Chumbo: it is
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm Sem Chumbo:

@the glowing one: Thx!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

YAYYYYYY Scott Williams!!!
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm paula pc:

it is totally real...here's Scott Williams...http://susanfieldofgold.blogspot.com/2013/04/scott-williams-smells-like-teen-spirit.html
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm DCE:

triple slutz
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:07pm Stanley:

Hordes of teenage girls are throwing themselves at him!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm listener james from westwood:

don't let scott williams be victimized! pledge now!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm Whooda:

*throwing roses onto the ice* swoooon
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

DAMMIT! Stupid project managers making me miss Jim and the beginning of Scott squared...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm doca:

@paula: thanks!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm common:

scott, i never knew.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm Scott McDowell:

Enjoy ice? Pledge ok? We need you.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:08pm northguineahills:

Apparently Nirvana is rock & roll.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Give it to WFMU! Those chicks of yours can wait!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:10pm the glowing one:

So! How's Ken's meth lab going? It's a cool backup plan, I guess.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:13pm listener james from westwood:

so that's what the "first floor performance space" is.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:14pm Caryn:

I can't decide what was the best part of that skating routine: the awesome barrel rolls from 4:10 onwards, or the couple of times when Scott Williams seemed to be putting his wig back in place (which were especially weird, since Scott wasn't wearing a wig).
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:14pm van:

Is that a British cow? Just wondering, as I saw this on the internet so it must be true, and I wonders what it sounds like:

Just like humans, British cows moo in accents specific to their region.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Van: There's significant difference between the accents of Devonshire or Guernsey cows.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:16pm Caryn:

Dogs also bark in regional accents.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:17pm glenn:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:18pm Uncle Michael:

Blame Canadia.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...altho' I've always found it interesting that both U.S. & UK differences between Urban (City) & Rural (Farm) accents are similar - I reckins...they've said the same thing for infant's crying (national differences)...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& altho' dumb Americans think *all* UK accents are 'posh'...because they're dumb...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: In many cases, rural US accents were based off of a corresponding rural UK accent--evolving on different paths afterward but from the same origin!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Those dumb Yanks should watch "Snatch" or "The Firm", see what they think then (or even *if* they can understand what they're sayin...)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...wullll dawgie - yoo sho is a smart feller Matt - I Thanx ya kindly...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:22pm Caryn:

My favourite accent story is about when "The Terminator" was being dubbed into German, and Schwarzenegger asked if he could do the dubbing for his character, being a German-speaker and all. The German distributors said no, because Schwarzenegger spoke with an Austrian accent and "sounded like a farmer" to them. Heh!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:23pm Whooda:

@DJ Scott Williams, Ice skating champion, surfer, Basketball star and Rugby hunk? Where do you find the time?! And can I feel your muscles?
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:23pm van:

10.0! 10.0! 10.0!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:24pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

god, Scott Williams sucks.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: "Sarrie Conn'r? I'm gonna kill ya honey...Inishiatin' kill seekwence..."
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:25pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

The skater.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:25pm Caryn:

I feel like Scott would've gotten better points if he'd had more technical difficulty in his jumps. He had like one double lutz and one weird jump and that's it.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@Van: I didn't see the skating, but I also award Scott W three 10.0s, for a great year of song selections!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:25pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

There's a famous Irish soccer player shares my name.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:26pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

and I'm OK with that..
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:26pm Caryn:

@Matt: You can't really be a convincing scifi villain with a farmer's accent. Thus, we're very grateful James Earl Jones dubbed Darth Vader's voice so that they didn't use Dave Prowse's West Country accent.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Other Irishmen named "Pat"? Well now I've heard everything...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:27pm still b/p:

Ever tried to perform a double Axl Rose?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:27pm the glowing one:

John Turturro died?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:28pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

yeah, go figure...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:28pm tim from champaign:

Scott Williams AND Scott McDowell!!!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Dave Prowse has a reputation all his own in Britain, considering his footballer-turned-Darth Vader career. And I've even seen him in Public Information Films pre-Star Wars!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:29pm steve:

that Onyeabor cd rules so hard
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:29pm Caryn:

@glowing one: nope, that was a hoax. Harold Ramis is dead, though.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:30pm Caryn:

@Matt: yeah, the Public Information Films are awesome! And he was in "A Clockwork Orange", of course.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:31pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

wait, John Turturro and Harold Ramis aren't the same person??
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:31pm the glowing one:

@Caryn: But they are the same person!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:31pm Parq:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:31pm Caryn:

Heh, now I'm imagining Harold Ramis licking a bowling ball... Oy.
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:33pm van:

I think this is appropriate for this effort:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:33pm Matt from Springfield:

I believe that rumor was started when amEdeo finally passed out after 24+ hours awake yesterday, and started joyriding through other people's dreams, thus confusing several Japanese asleep at the time into thinking John Turturro had died. You just need to understand that random dream-self joyriding has a different lexicon.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:35pm the glowing one:

Hm... something's been going on here for a long time
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:35pm Cheri Pi:

back in the saddle, What's good ScottXScott???
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

As for Harold/John being the same person, that probably comes from the shelved film "Rigged Quiz Show Ghost Busters" featuring many composites of New York-ish actors, but that's in development Hell and unlikely to be released.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Great one from Mo!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:40pm Caryn:

@the glowing one: speaking of long times and doubles: www.newageman.co.uk...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Marathon o' th' Scotts!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:43pm Cheri Pi:

Swell Maps are my totem band.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:44pm Scott McDowell:

Pledge Christina on phone 2 is so ready for your phone call 800 989 9368
  Mon. 2/24/14 3:44pm 118664:

yo! pitched in just now. keep on truckin, WOOOOOO!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:44pm Scott McDowell:

My that's a swell map.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:45pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

I just clicked the hell out of this star (can't believe it hadn't been clicked..)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:46pm Cheri Pi:

what DCP@ said.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:48pm SeanG:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:48pm Dominick:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:48pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:48pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:49pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

alright SeanG...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:49pm Cheri Pi:

The Scotts are firing on all cylinders
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:50pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Johnny Langford on drums
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:50pm Scott McDowell:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:50pm DCE:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:50pm Parq:

m'k'ns ...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:52pm Mike East:

2 for 2 !!!!!!! huzzahh!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:52pm Cheri Pi:

congrats Mike!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:53pm steve:

dam, good work Mike
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:53pm Mike East:

Thanks CP! the fates are on my side!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:53pm Mike East:

I fucking love this station
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:53pm Caryn:

You're on a roll, Mike!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:56pm common:

such a bummer about harold.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, is this the original "Appeal for the Dead" that appeared in Kentucky Fried Movie!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Also, with Harold's passing, so many of the classic Lampoon staff have now left the building.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 3:59pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Here Come the Warm BriJets!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:01pm joe:

Great Scotts...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Great TG track, this may be my fave as well! I can never remember this title though...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:05pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:06pm Chris from DC:

...or so I thought. Maybe I don't remember it either.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:09pm Scott McDowell:

Throbbing Gristle up for grabs for a minimum pledge of $15 -- good chances folks
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:13pm Robert:

Matt, I don't think that cut was from "Kentucky Fried Movie", because of the laughs & applause. It might've been from National Lampoon's Radio Hour, although I don't remember anything then that indicated live audience either. So that may have been a bootlegged tape from Second City.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:14pm Caryn:

@Robert: I think Matt meant that that was the original sketch the movie sketch was based on. In the movie, it was Henry Gibson doing the Appeal for the Dead.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:16pm Robert:

Thanks, Caryn, figures you'd know something like that!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:16pm tim from champaign:

Hey Scott W. - How about some "Suicidal Summer" jams to get the pledges coming in?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Caryn, if anyone could clarify it, it's you!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:17pm SeanG:

ice ice baby
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:17pm $mall ¢hange:

olympic thing is so hilarious!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:17pm Carmichael:

Recruiting Sergeant: "Are either of you fellows homosexuals?"
Ramis: "No, but we're willing to learn."
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:18pm Caryn:

Aw shucks, guys. It's nice when my brain full of useless movie trivia comes in handy.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:19pm Caryn:

Prince is doing "aw shucks" on my behalf.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:19pm pierre:

Passing the BONJOUR to the Scotts here and all the great listeners !
(Also next week is my pledge week, and like each year, this will go for this great show!)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:20pm MenfussMike:

that KISS Tom Snyder interview should be required viewing. Hilarious
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:20pm Mike East:

@Carmichael - I paraphrased that quote (cuz its one of my faves) when I was on a radio show manymanymany years ago...it went right over the host's head
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:21pm ScottC:

Just Say No…
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Typical stoners, can't even make the 420 pledge!

Bonjour passed back to ya, pierre!
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:23pm Sandy in Houston:

Hey Scott I just pledged put me in the running for the neil young prize!!!
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:24pm tomasz.:

i pledged because i love ice
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:24pm Caryn:

Hmm, Scott's premium seems awesome, but I'm unsure whether the data disc will work on my equipment. Any info on the system requirements, Scott? Or Scott?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:24pm Andrew Waterloo:

Sometimes I wonder about Tom Snyder. Is he really like that, or is he a brilliant antagonist.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:26pm fred:

@Matt: that's why the aim should be 4:19, as DJ ALF rightly set. We losers are busy at 4:20, you know
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:27pm tomasz.:

the biggest idiot in Jersey City right now has to go back home on the day of the Sinfonia and will thus miss it. what a doofus. clue: it's me
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:27pm Matt from Springfield:

More like "Hoof IN Mouth", that's why it's such a great name!

@fred: Even announce it @4:15, some are slow, and also have to look up the number, and find their keys, and realize they don't need their keys to make a phone call... ;)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:29pm Mike East:

thats funny cuz its true...he'll only play on a 9' Steinway. He used ours.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

This is one of the BEST live Neil tracks ever! Great intro and explanation before as well--but my God, what a beautiful song and performance.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:32pm fred:

@Matt: right on man! I think I ruined all my USB slots trying to fit my key in those. I only wish you'd told me earlier
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:35pm Kevlicki:

In agreement with Matt- incredible track!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:35pm Uncle Michael:

I can think of so many artists that should have covered this song.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:35pm Matt from Springfield:

19 FAVES over many FMU programs--this is a wild hit here!!

@fred: Also not a good idea: pushing credit cards into CD drives when ordering online.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes Kevlicki - glad you love it!

Make that 21 now! :)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:38pm Matt from Springfield:

"Candy" Clouds!
Is Van still on the board? ;)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:38pm Cheri Pi:

do Bootsy! I just went to Guitar Center yesterday and had to listen to Mr. CP the younger doo it.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:38pm fred:

@Matt: I guess that's why Apple retired CD drives. I'm only surprised they haven't put a card reader instead, they are persistent in asking for my card number
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:39pm DCE:

happy to say Chris Forsythe is playing in CLE tonight. Wish it wasn't Monday, though.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:40pm tomasz.:

Flappy Bird?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:40pm Cheri Pi:

Monday shows are tough but someone HAS to do it.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:41pm tomasz.:

yeah Shazam makes a lot more sense on reflection
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:41pm DCE:

I'm doing it!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:42pm efd:

I said that! (re Shazam)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:42pm Matt from Springfield:

That app's not worth it if you're a heavy FMU listener--someone posted that his Shazam/other app only recognized half the tracks on a 3-hour show. As it SHOULD be!

Like Irwin's "stars"--a Google search should return only other Irwin episodes!
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:43pm pierre:

Painting my kitchen right now, and let me tell you, if my hands wouldn't be full of white paint, they'd be in my pockets giving those two Scotts some EUROS !
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@EFD: Sounds like you should hack the app and add Diesel and Nick Gilder to that algorithm--bring it "up to code"! :)
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:44pm Cheri Pi:

Pierre! We'll see you when the paint dries
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:44pm efd:

Every song returns "Got To Get Out." I like it!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Good luck, pierre!
Hope your keyboard/phone isn't covered with paint from typing! ;)
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:45pm tomasz.:

we actually use Shazam quite a lot in my job - i subtitle tv and it comes in handy when there's unknown background music in a show
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:45pm Sandy in Houston:

my pledge was normal amount but I guess it gets weird if you split it between DJs?
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:46pm Kevlicki:

Just did my second pledge of the day. Thanks Scott!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Sandy: You can split a pledge as many ways as you want, as long as at least $10 goes to each show.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:46pm tomasz.:

Vicki is an actual wizard
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:47pm Mike East:

@Matt - I thought it was $15, no?
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:47pm pierre:

@Matt : this s act ally
what's h pp ing..
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:47pm Carmichael:

My kitchen needs painting too, Pierre. Wink wink, nudge nudge ...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:50pm Carmichael:

OK, this is driving me nuts. Hope you're happy, PLU.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@pierre: Ha :)

@Mike: $15 is the minimum for prize eligibility, but they'll take pledges $10 or above. And the pledge page will thus allow splits that have at least $10 per show, when you divide between shows.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Slavic tribute band to Cranes: The You Cranes!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:53pm Mike East:

aha, I see. I'll stick to 15+ each...I plan on winning a prize every time I pledge.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:55pm joe:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 4:57pm Scott McDowell:

Thanks for pledging so far! We have People Like Us & Neil Young CDs still up for grabs. Good odds.
  Mon. 2/24/14 4:59pm Kevlicki:

Screw shazam, another reason why I heart fmu-their playlists and updates. You get to know what they're playing
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Johnny Stall and the Almost Bathrooms will play in celebration when the bathrooms finally open! If, their tour bus toilet doesn't break down (again)...
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:04pm Joe B:

show sounding great guys
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:04pm Sandy in Houston:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:08pm Mdurek(The_Use):

OMG Flying on the ground is wrong is one of my favorite springfield songs!!!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:11pm tim from champaign:

Hey Joe!
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:11pm bipolar guy:

So if we upload a pic how do we see it
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:13pm Mike East:

@bipolar, register or sign in to a friendship society account. Links can be found at the top of the webpage
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:13pm Mike East:

*won't work on the app
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:14pm bipolar guy:

@mike east I'm using the iPad app
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:15pm Mike East:

yeah, won't work. gotta be at wfmu.org
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:15pm Carmichael:

Todd knows how to rock. He is a seasoned professional.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:15pm Mike East:

you could go to the website on your ipad and do it from there, but you can't currently sign in directly from the app
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:15pm Matt from Springfield:

All right Todd-o-Phonic!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:16pm InBrkly:

Channeling Wesley Willis
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:16pm Dominick:

Great !!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:17pm Mike East:

this is classic!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha @Joe Belock, Irwin, Dave the Spazz!! :D
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:18pm bipolar guy:

I just uploaded a pic using the app
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:18pm bipolar guy:

Can anyone see it
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:19pm cold one:

God, this is so irritating… so much for Italian Cold Wave. I was about to pledge too. Switching stations…
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:19pm Parq:

Bipolar guy, I can see both of them.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:20pm Mike East:

no. Unless its just a pic of the words "bipolar guy"
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:20pm Whooda:

What's all the commotion in here? Oh wow it DJ Todd o Phonic Todd!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:20pm Carmichael:

I sure can't see them.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:22pm Carmichael:

God, this is so earfunplaying… so much for Italian Cold Cuts. I was about to pledge my love too. Darlin, darlin, dah ah arlin, to FMU …
  Mon. 2/24/14 5:22pm bipolar guy:

I only uploaded one and it was of a snowy day on my block
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:24pm tim from champaign:

Scott Mc - you weren't aware that mothers always keep tabs on their kid no matter at what age?
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:29pm InBrkly:

the first time I heard/saw the Scott Williams / Nirvana clip was on something called TV Carnage. I wish I could undo the whole dvd from memory....
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Yay YLT and "Ohm" -- resisting the flow!
Help WFMU resist the flow of modern media!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:31pm steve:

i have to go to the bank :( ... someone tell me if Steve from Brooklyn wins anything
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:32pm Carmichael:

I am now called Steve from Brooklyn. If he wins, that is.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:33pm Cecile:

hola, all!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:34pm Parq:

Steve, privately send me your social security number, and I will pick up the prize for you if you win. I may get my uncle from Nigeria to help me.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:34pm Serpico:

Howdy all!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:34pm Scott McDowell:

Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:34pm Whooda:

If has to go to the bank to cover the pledge, I think he should be "Steve from 'Brokeland'.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Hola, Howdy, and MOO! all!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Brimfuls of Asha on the digital stream!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:36pm Scott Williams:

Yay for MOO!!! I really need my doggy's tail waggin - can we get there in 23 minutes?? I THINK WE CAN! 1-800-989-9368
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:36pm Cecile:

I hope you can rock a Biellman spin, Scott.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:36pm Whooda:

Mooove your bovine butt off the couch and get that pledge in
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:38pm Sem Chumbo:

Been a grand afternoon of WOOF MOO madness. Glad to have been listening in and digging. 9.8, easily. Thanks all.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:39pm Matt from Springfield:

"Jonathan from Watertown, Massachusetts" -- good, I called that name for myself earlier! ;)

But seriously, hooray to Jonathan!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:42pm Carmichael:

You got the cow mooving. So far, so good.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:43pm Carmichael:

Payday's coming this week, Scott. I'll throw some cash your way!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:44pm Scott McDowell:

Hey everyone, thanks for pledging! Keep 'em coming, let's finish Scott's first shift on a "high" note.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:48pm Danne D:

Very Proggy :)
Sounds like the Nice a bit.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Give the Drummer and Organist some! Give Scott and WFMU some as well!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:51pm Skirkie:

Just wrap the transmitter in foil.
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:54pm Danne D:

El Goodo!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Ain't no one going to turn WFMU 'round!!
We are El Goodo, and we forge ahead, always!!
Avatar Mon. 2/24/14 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

I drink a (tiny) swig of Scotch in celebration of the "Scotch"! :)

Thanks Scotts, volunteers and pledgers! Great show, 65% after just a week - let's take it past 130% next week!
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