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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options January 29, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:01pm heartywhite:

Line up!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:01pm charlston heston:

wow heart white. woh shi ni peng yo tooo!!!!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:01pm david:

bonjour, mon ami!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:02pm heartywhite:

hen hao!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:02pm charlston heston:

fei chang hao!!!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:03pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Hearty Hello!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:03pm Devin Gristlecorn:

Well this IS a surprise!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 1/29/13 7:04pm steve:

hej Hearty!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:04pm Devin Gristlecorn:

Helloooo friends of all levels of tangibility!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:04pm Mike East:

good evening, hearty folk.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:05pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hearty White, High Priest of Dada Spirituality!

Howdy Heartyfolk!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:06pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Nasastronauts have Tang ability!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:06pm heartywhite:

Shout out to old lady bathrooms in Haddonfield.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Mr. Gristlecorn!
Thought you were going to a show tonight?
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:06pm david:

are we in the atrium still? is there a self-guided audio tour i can take?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:07pm MuttonChops:

is this live?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:07pm Mike East:

they have separate bathrooms for old ladies? Isn't that agist?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:07pm MuttonChops:

i used to live in Haddonfield!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:08pm Devin Gristlecorn:

I am currently soliciting welcome murals for my next apartment. There will also be a waiting line. My next apartment is a ride at Universal City.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:08pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm listen-watching! I'm listen-watching!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:08pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Hiya Matt! Luck ran out, no dice darnit. Honey's here too, listening in.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:08pm Devin Gristlecorn:

Hiya Hello Matt! A show?? What are you talking about? Have I forgotten something important?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Awww man! At least you have the Rev. Dr. Hearty White tonight!

"Wildwood Flower" :)
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:10pm david:

there's a film on lincoln's train ride to gettysburg that you can watch at the lincoln train museum in gettysburg. they show it in a room that's shaped like a train car.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:10pm Devin Gristlecorn:

I slept for about two hours this morning, and about three the morning prior. My eyes are seeing movement left and right, and my mind feels like someone threw it in a mud pie full of mud.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Don't worry Devin, you didn't miss anything! I thought the Watercorns were going to see...oh, what was it? Mexican bands, I believe, in concert. "Yo La Tengo" and "Calexico" or sumpthing. I guess it was sold out though!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Devin: Incidentally, a Universal Studios ride is the best way to get a high housewarming party guest count!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:12pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

It's double Gristlecorns tonight! Arriba-derci, good mexican bands.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:13pm Fredericks:

Are we still in the museum?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:14pm Fredericks:

Sorry, I got distracted.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:14pm Matt from Springfield:

The Doublegristlecorn Twins! Sharing the same ID tonight, so to speak?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Howdy 'Drix!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:15pm Devin Gristlewater:

What a rube, can't believe I forgot my own name.
Regarding my plans for tonight, I am staying right here at the station. Them Watercorns and I are only theoretically related.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:15pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Saw the Muhammad Ali museum a few months back, was surprisingly fine. No Jeff Koons in there, though.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:16pm MuttonChops:

Is this the audio tour?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Oops! Just noticed your previous slipup, Devin :)
There's always Kettlecorn to use as well...
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:17pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I managed to make mudpies in the garden earlier today, though, and Honey gave some tea for tillerman as thanks.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:17pm Fredericks:

Hey, Matthew.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:17pm MuttonChops:

I just made a mudpie in my pants!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Good idea MuttonChops--Philo, make an audio-only Podcast tour of the Muhammad Ali museum! I'm outside DC, so plenty of museums to make audio-only tours of.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:18pm Devin Gristlewater:

I will be pleading the sleepless nut-job defense. A great chess strategy that'll put even Nabakov to shame.

Re: Universal Studios -- There will also be an engaging and informative video setting up the premise of my apartment, that will play on a loop for the fine people waiting on line.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:19pm Matt from Springfield:

The National Portrait Gallery and National Building Museum would be great for recording audio-only tours!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:20pm sol:

so that's why their chairs are so nice. sublimation
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Howard, Fine & Howard--starting enduring traditions wherever they go!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:22pm Devin Gristlewater:

Wait-- Gristlewater is my last name right? Crisis of internet self. This is what I get for playing with reality.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:22pm Matt from Springfield:

"Hippocampus Gift Shop"! Sounds like a psychedelic album name.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:22pm Fredericks:

Math without numbers.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:22pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Yes, Devin! Grab a hold of thine name, and hold tight!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:23pm Devin Gristlewater:

Matt without numbers.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes Devin -- Gristlecorn + - x / Kettlewater = Gristlewater
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:23pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Used to make book covers for Hippocampus Press.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:24pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Finns have the neanderthal relic occipital bun.... I'm a proud owner of said bump in the back of my skull. Might explain my occasional density.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:25pm Devin Gristlewater:

And fun fact the CORN in in Gristlecorn came from my original last name "Kettlecorn". Then we all started merging names... and adding water's...
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:25pm Matthyou Springwater:

Speaking of Internet names and self-identity...I lost my name after the first post! How'd I do that? Have to get used to this new-fangled Society.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:26pm Matthyou Springwater:

It's beautiful Devin! Micks and mazh!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:26pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Add water and the seeds will grow!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:26pm Devin Gristlewater:

Hah! I just figured you were starting the third wave of Hearty White names. The return to original birth names.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:27pm Devin Gristlewater:

Dif-ferent Toilets! THIS IS A SONG!!!!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:27pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Matthyou, you can set a nickname during the show thus you don't need to retype the darn dingus consistently.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:27pm sol:

fyi, if you peed in duchamp's urinal, it would actually drain back onto you
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 1/29/13 7:27pm steve:

i wonder if Hearty would ever do a call in show... he's an amazing improviser.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:28pm Matthyou Springwater:

Wie man die Toten_ Bilder ...?

How one dead _ pictures...?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:29pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@steve I believe Honey suggested on a Clay show a duel between Hearty & Clay miguel be bundles of fun. I concur.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:30pm MuttonChops:

Is Hearty's brother Whole Wheat?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:30pm Matthyou Springwater:

All RIGHT! Danke schön, Philo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:30pm heartywhite:

Joseph does a terrible job of explaining pictures to a dead hare.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:30pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Matthyou De nada.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:32pm Devin_Gristlewater:

Dueling Underscores. Wait MATT! Maaatt!!! Your words have summoned an idea right into my skull! Will the third wave of Hearty Names be names *with underscores*.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:32pm Fredericks:

Matt w/o numbers?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:32pm Matthyou Springwater:

I'd love Clay + Hearty. Clay + Bronwyn C. is another good idea. And I have various ideas for Triumvirate special configs--Hearty and Clay share a similar niche, so probably wouldn't work as part of a triumvirate but great as a duo. Hell, Clay + anybody is great as a duo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 1/29/13 7:33pm steve:

Philo, i really hope that can happen one day! it could be brilliant.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:33pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Of course my avatar is Salvador's ex-buddy, Bunny-el. No relation to Superman.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:34pm Matthyou Springwater:

W/o numbers? Hardly!
My own name is "Ma++" (computer prog joke :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 1/29/13 7:34pm steve:

Clay and Hearty are both so positive and inspirational... it could be the most uplifting hour in radio history.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:35pm Mike_Underscore_East:

Like this, Devin?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:35pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I like duo_tone. Shoes. They reflect a shifty personality.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:35pm Devin_Gristlewater:

If Matt has no numbers, and the PATH train is traveling at 70 degrees per millisecond at what point will he breach subspace and travel to Hyper-Jersey?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:35pm Matthyou Springwater:

Ah, Louise Bunny L! I was wondering about that avatar.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:35pm Devin_Gristlewater:

You are getting it, Mike_!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:36pm Philo Underpants Gristlecorn:

Let's settle the score.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:36pm Matthyou_Underscore_Springwater:

Wave III, here we crash!!!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:37pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Welcome to Neo-Kentucky, I am your cyber-master.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:38pm Matthyou Springwater:

Not mention my long name, also, is itself Matth.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:39pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Gristlemancer! Now that's a Mark Twain_meets_Burzum sort of name!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:39pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Wave 3 may or may not be dealing with some major cyberpunk nostalgia.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:41pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Hyper-Jerseyians come together!
HypJersCybPunkCon will feature the very best of HypJ cyberpunk nostalgia! The musical act is hometown hero Bruce Springwater_Steen, a distant relative of mine.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:41pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Wave 3 brings back bad flashbacks. Local nbc channel. Shudder. Had a friend in high school who stitched 'cyberpunk' on the back of his denim jacket, and got hassled for being a 'punk.'
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:41pm Matthyou_Springwater:

I don't know either, Hearty! And PROUD of it!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:42pm Fredericks:

1:37 (x)P>M>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:42pm M1k3_3a57:

am I 31337?
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:42pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Or at least some earlier internet nostalgia. I wonder, in 100 years, will right now be lumped into "early internet"?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:43pm Matthyou_Springwater:

@Philo: Back then? What kinds of (prob. sci-fi) influenced the then-nascent genre? Particularly for Finland.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:43pm Fredericks:

Sure are, M1k3.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:43pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Yes. This is the prologue of Internet. Unless the decline of western civilization hits. Then it miguel be the afterword.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:44pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

M1k3_3a57 raises a good point, where HAVE all the 1337 speakers gone? Wouldn't you think there'd be at least one of them on the board?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:44pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Honey and I can't wait to meet you, Hearty!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:44pm Matthyou_Springwater:

@Devin: I think anything that's static, that doesn't interact with you, maybe even stuff that you find instead of seeking YOU out first...will probably be "Early Internet" or "Old Internet".
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:45pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Devin says to Philo>: Was he a REAL cyberpunk, or just a Billy Idol poser?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:46pm Fredericks:

Going to Kentucky, Philo?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:46pm Matthyou_Springwater:

I'm not a 1337-er. What would be 1337 for Mike East Riverwater? :)
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:46pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Matt Yeah, we all read Gibson's Neuromancer when it came out. Big dealio. And Devin, he was, sorta, pre-Billy Idol. Though of course I was a Billy Idol fan before that. He guided me to Velvet Underground, so not all for naught.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:47pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

That is both an slightly alarming but also exciting notion to entertain. I have a lot of faith in the internet. There's a lot of garbage people out there, but a lot of good stuff. GOOD STUFF CLUB!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:47pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Right across from KY! Only thing is if Hearty's currently in KY or FL.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:48pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Matt Actually not quite sure what you meant with the question; Norman Spinrad and Alfred Bester were kind of the precursors to cyberpunks in Finland, and John Brunner.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:49pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Fredricks We're about 10 minutes from KY, on the Indi-yucky side.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:49pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I am just making silly giggle speak, Philo. I must confess, for all my love of cyberpunk I have never finished Neuromancer. I did not really care for the writing.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:51pm Matthyou_Springwater:

@Philo: Yes, I suppose along with "Neuromancer", those are the writers that were early on for the genre--that's what I wanted to know.

@Devin: Good Stuff Club! "Everything That Rises Must Converge"! The Good Stuff shall remain and float us up with it! :D
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:51pm Fredericks:

I went outside I couldn't hear him. Must be in Kentucky.

Philo, you will see him.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:51pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Devin It was big in my teenage years, probably not so much these days. Still love Rudy Rucker though!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:52pm heartywhite:

And I'm going to meet ya too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:53pm M1k3_3a57_R1v3rw473r:

sumfin like this, Matt. I never got too deep in that scene though...I only looked over my friend's shoulder logged into an IRC.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:53pm Marmalade kitty:

thanks uncle Hearty White :)
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:53pm david:

this museum looked bigger from the outside.
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:54pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Let's all go outside and meet each other. Or at least pass by each other on the sidewalk and wonder if the other person saw you and whether or not they recognized you.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:54pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Curiosity is grand!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:54pm Fredericks:

We're you talking to me, Hearty?
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:55pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

"Mystery is the essential element of every work of art." Bunny-el.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:55pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Cousin Marmalade Kitty! Howdy!

Thanks M1k3 :)
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:56pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Honey says "Bye, all!" and continues that she got some quality listening in tonight.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:57pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Heavy, crunchy ending here! I'ma listenin' to this again!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:57pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Time to jack out of Neo-Kentucky. See you all in the future. HAVE A GOOD TIME!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:58pm M1k3_3a57_R1v3rw473r:

l8r, all
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/29/13 7:58pm heartywhite:

Thank you so much, all of you. You make my life rich.
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:59pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Meet in cognito. Thanks Hearty, great to see you on the list! Thanks everyone. Great museum and a grand tour!
  Tue. 1/29/13 7:59pm Marmalade kitty:

Cousin Matt! :)
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 7:59pm Matthyou_Springwater:

Have a good night all y'all Heartyfolk! Those on and off screen!
May we all serendipitously run into each other someday!
Avatar Tue. 1/29/13 8:00pm Matthyou_Springwater:

@MKitty: For the record, your moniker is already a great Hearty White name--and a great avatar for this show as well!
Avatar Wed. 1/30/13 8:35am Honey_U_Kettlewater:

@Devin: "Them Watercorns and I are only theoretically related." Gristlewater was the name you took after we adopted you, Devin. :)

@Hearty: Last night was quality listening for me. I see the quality commenting carried on! Great show and thanks!
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