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You see a blanket on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You can sit on it, or lie on it. It's a flying blanket, and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly anywhere you wish, just by thinking about it. You are the pilot.

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Options October 30, 2012: WFMU-in-exile LIVE from Dan Bodah's living room (no archive available)

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Artist Track Album
Neu!  Hallogallo   Options Neu! 72 
Chambers Brothers  Time Has Come Today   Options  
Boredoms  Two Circles   Options Vision Creation Newsun 
Henry Kaiser  Needle & The Damage Done / Tonight's the Night   Options v/a: The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young 
Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch  Why Don't We Do It In the Road   Options Don't Fear the Reaper EP 
Music behind DJ:
Angelo Badalamenti 
Suite from City of Lost Children   Options Soundtracks 
Sparks  Waterproof   Options Hello Young Lovers 
Omar Souleyman  My Tears Will Make the Stones Cry   Options Jazeera Nights: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria (2010) 
Chris Isaak  Funeral in the Rain   Options Silvertone 
Dr. Strangely Strange  Ship of Fools   Options Kip of the Serenes 
Religious Knives  The Storm   Options The Door 
Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir  Like a Ship   Options Like A Ship (Without a Sail) 
Skeleton Crew  The Washington Post / We're Still Free   Options Learn to Talk 
Music behind DJ:
Dead Guitars   Options Seefeel 
Fela Ransome-Kuti & Africa 70  Water No Get Enemy   Options Expensive Shit 
Genesis  After the Ordeal   Options Selling England By the Pound 
The X-Seamen's Institute  Run Come See   Options V/A Classic Maritme 
The Chinese for Christ Blind Choir  Heaven Came Down   Options His Smile 
Shoko Asahara  Lord Death's Counting Song   Options Sounds of the Japanese Doomsday Cults 
Tamba 4  Chant of Ossanha   Options We and the Sea 
Music behind DJ:
Slow Six 
The Pulse of this Skyline with Lightning like Nerves   Options Nor'easter 
Pram  The Mermaid Hotel   Options The Museum of Imaginary Animals 
Sonic Youth  Halloween   Options Halloween EP 
Laurie Anderson  O Superman   Options 12" 
Mimi Goese & Ben Neill  Blackpool   Options Songs For Persephone 
Music behind DJ:
Terry Riley 
A Rainbow in Curved Air   Options A Rainbow in Curved Air 
Jimi Hendrix  Third Stone from the Sun   Options The Essential Jimi Hendrix 
OOIOO  On An Ocean Amp   Options OOIOO 
Oneohtrix Point Never  Returnal   Options Returnal 
Blind Faith  Do What You Like   Options Blind Faith 

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Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 6:07pm Dan B:

Hallo all! Welcome to WFMU in Exile!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/12 6:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Go Dan go!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, with this Neu! song we can pretend Ken's show is on the stream yet again! :)

Hiya Dan! Thanks for filling-in earlier than usual!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:09pm Carmichael:

Coming through 5 square, Dan!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:09pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Hi Dan! I hope you're getting through everything ok.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:09pm Marmalade kitty:

Hey Dan!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm Ricardo Montalban:

  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm Lorenzo:

Woo-hoo Dan! Sounding good! Flash player working perfecty, wootwoot. WFMU 4EVA.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm Carmichael:

Everyone who can't hear Dan, raise your hand.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm DJelbogen:

I can hear you!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm jamesie:

  Tue. 10/30/12 6:10pm Caryn:

Woo, Dan! The fates have conspired to have you do a show this week.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Hearing fine!
Oh that's right, it's TUESday today, not Monday, I forgot! Good to know there'll be a Best Show rerun tonight.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:11pm Carmichael:

WFMU -- Under house arrest!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:11pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Do you have any idea which Best Show they're re-airing?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:11pm Caryn:

Chris T did do a show for the archives, though. Check it out if you want to!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:11pm Bas, NL:

Yes!!! And what a great and hopeful opening track too!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Does this song ever change chords?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:13pm Lisa:

YES! This is amazing! You rule Dan Bodah!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:14pm William:

Power to WFMU from Copenhagen. POWER!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:14pm Caryn:

Although the Chris T playlist doesn't have a player capability yet. More a conceptual playlist...
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:14pm Carmichael:

@Ken: he he .... No, and it never stops, either!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:15pm the glowing one:

can Hallogallo be considered the wfmu anthem?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:15pm Loren:

Are we in your living room?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:15pm Tony:

The Flash stream doesn't work for me. The MP3 stream works though if you follow the link on the homepage. The regular stream I have saved on iTunes doesn't work.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:16pm DJ Keili:

WFMU rulezes.
And Hi Caryn! Hi Matt! Hi Baaaaas!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/12 6:16pm Liz B.:

We are re-airing the Best Show episode from Aug 14th at 9pm tonight. It's gonna be a living room broadcast kind of night here, go Dan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/12 6:17pm D. Blumin:

All hail, DB! Flash is workin fine over heres!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:17pm Caryn:

Hey, Keili!
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 6:17pm Kenzo (lastever):

Follow the live 128k MP3 links from our website (the playlists, the homepage, etc.). They should all work.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:17pm Sean in Bristol, UK:

Just slightly confused, clocks went back for us last weekend, am I on a four hour time difference instead of five. Glad you all got through the deluge reasonably intact.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Keili! Beastin' the Comments!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:19pm Loren:

<taking virtual shoes off outside before coming in> "Hey, Dan, is this humus still good?"
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

And thanks Liz for filling the Best Show slot!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:20pm Carmichael:

I think our clocks go back next weekend. In the US, time is now a political football (as the Chambers Bros. already know).
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:20pm Caryn:

It's funny, when I tried the flash link at the very top of the WFMU main page, it didn't work, but the link lower down did. I don't know if anyone else having problems with flash might find that helpful, but there you go.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:22pm Loren:

Were the Chambers Bros riffing "little drummer boy?"
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/hoboken-wakes-up-to-flooding-destruction-and-power-outages-after-sandy-ravages-through-town#photo-11954095 (Look at the funny guy riding the bike)
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:23pm Carmichael:

I'm using the Quicktime Player on the 128 stream. I clicked down lower as well.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:24pm dursun:

much as I would like it, time has not come
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:24pm Syl:

Woo-hoo! Glad to have WFMU back! The link in my iTunes works just fine.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:25pm Carmichael:

Oh Dan, the album is The Time Has Come (if you don't have the actual vinyl).
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:25pm Bas, NL:

Hi Keili!! You're all dry and OK??
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:28pm bloopy:

what kind of equipment do u use to broadcast from home???
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:29pm DJ Keili:

Thank you so much for the concern, My family is really lucky, we're at the top of a slope, we still have power and internet and phone service, gluten free dominoes delivery, bacon, etc. Unlike a lot of people in very unfortunate situations, we are very lucky and ready to RAWKKKK
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:29pm Caryn:

Weirded out by the band on the tv right now. All the women on stage look current, while the men look like they've just travelled through time from the 80s. The lead guitarist has semi-Flock of Seagulls hair, while the bassist looks like he's a member of Poison circa 1984. WTF?!?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:30pm Loren:

I have to imagine that you need an aluminum foil head piece, two wire coathangers attaching the head piece to the light fixture on the ceiling, and an old Speak & Spell for style.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:31pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Liz: Thanks for the info. I tweeted and made a Facebook post about the re-aired Best Show and urged the FOT to come hang out in the FOT chat room.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:31pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Caryn: Any idea who it is? 'Cause I'm totally intrigued based on your description.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:32pm Carmichael:

Let us know who the band is, Caryn. Maybe it's half of Abba and half of Menudo.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:32pm Caryn:

@BGZ & Carmichael: no clue, but from the little I gathered, there were some new country music connections going on.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:33pm Bas, NL:

@Keili: So good to hear!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:38pm amEdeo:

Back from the kitchen, gluten free mac and cheese in hand. TIME TO EAT!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:38pm Carmichael:

What was the tv show, Caryn?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Lydia Lunch White Album cover!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:41pm andie:

omg lydia lunch...its been years! thx Dan
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:41pm Marie:

Heading over to Lake Michigan in a little while to check out the 20 (?) foot waves. Must find safe vantage point. (in Chicago). Saw pic. of Ken riding bike through water (like a madman) earlier, on Patch.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:42pm Caryn:

@Carmichael: Letterman, but it was a rerun, and I have no idea from when. Didn't really watch it, it was on mute in the background.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:43pm Bas, NL:

Ruin & Lunch.. nice!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:44pm anne:

@Marie, where on the Chicago/Lake Michigan shore are you?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

The transmitters sit disappointed, no treats for them this Halloween. But it'll take more than Hurricane Sandy to bring WFMU down!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:46pm Marie:

Hi Anne, Chicago.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:46pm andie:

Hi Hazey Silas and Shana! this is sounding a little tom waits-ish!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:47pm Transmitters:

Silly humans. Highly irrational.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:47pm Nate:

Just got a FB notice from Keili. Great to know your back on! Oh, internet! We're would we be without yee! Much love! Listening to your show for the first time Dan. Sounds Great!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:47pm anne:

@Marie, right, where in Chicago? I'm in Hyde Park, was gonna venture out. Sky looks all purpley.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:48pm YETI BOB:

Another Chicago listener here. Tempted to go over to the lakefront and gawk, but all the local media are warning folks to stay away ...
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:48pm penelope:

hi Andie! sorry you're missing the fun!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:49pm Caryn:

The "City of Lost Children" music was kind of appropriate, considering the amount of water-based sets in that movie.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:49pm Tom M:

In the future all radio signals will beam from Flatbush.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:49pm anne:

where you at in Chicago, Yeti Bob?
Thanks for broadcasting, Dan! Hope you and yours are all alright.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:49pm Talking Heads:

Took me to the river, dropped me in the water
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:51pm andie:

i know just a little creeped out walking in the hood after dark post storm :( penelope are you in fact mrs dan?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:51pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@Caryn: I was looking at an index of clips from Letterman shows online. There's a couple of guys in Taylor Swift's band that look like they fit the description. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr9z-lmBCu0
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:51pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Ooh...math answer was 667. Neighbor of the Beast!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:52pm YETI BOB:

anne: near Wicker Park
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:52pm penelope:

the very same :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:53pm penelope:

that Sparks song is Silas' favorite
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:53pm Marie:

Hey Anne, I am downtown, just north of the river, on lasalle. Sky looks purpley? Cool. I am at work and in the office, no western view right now. How far are you from the lake? Hey Yeti Bob, I think we definitely need plans of attack!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:53pm Caryn:

@BGZ: oh lord, that's them. Man, the two guys' hair distracted me so much I didn't even notice Taylor Swift. I would think I would recognise her (even if I know next to nothing about her or her music).
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:53pm cosmic matrix:

WOW this track is definitely amazing. wonder what kind of MIDI controller that is....?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:55pm cosmic matrix:

or synth
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:56pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

So has everybody heard that Disney bought LucasFilm for four billion dollars today? New Star Wars film in 2015.
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:57pm Nate:

Omar is Syrian! Love this! Agreed @cosmic matrix!
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:58pm andie:

Brian Ferry?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:59pm cosmic matrix:

great production... spot on
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:59pm Micky Mouse:

Luke, I am your father. Search your feelings....
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:59pm Tom M:

This track sounds so... Roxy Music. Did Bob Clearmountain engineer it?
  Tue. 10/30/12 6:59pm andie:

ahhhh yes, chris isaak....like velvet!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:00pm Carmichael:

It was Taylor Swift's band? I've gotta go see that.

Chris Isaak is from just up the road here. He's a swell guy, hangs out all over the place and plays a lot of guitar at the drop of a hat.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:01pm Caryn:

@cosmic matrix: well, Souleyman avoids the latest modern technology, mostly releases on casettes, and this album was described as "folk music filtered through electronic instrumentation, yet halting just before MIDI and computer-based modes of production", so I'm thinking more synths than MIDI.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:01pm andie:

do i know you tom m?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:02pm dpcd:

More Neil. Less Omar. Seriously, a pretend Arab can't stand up to a pretend Canadian here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:03pm cosmic matrix:

@caryn...ah-ha! along those lines, those string and electric piano sounds were definitely analog too... elka perhaps?? (me big elka fan) wonder what the scale is called..?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:05pm cosmic matrix:

but of course elka never made a keyboard that could play in that scale..i don't think..
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:07pm Caryn:

@cosmic matrix: apparently, the album is a collection of live performances from 1995-2009. Since I have no idea what year that track is from, it's also difficult to narrow down exact instrumentation.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:08pm cosmic matrix:

@caryn...not to mention it could be an older instrument anyway...but thanks for thinking about it and seein' what you could rustle up
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:08pm the glowing one:

is this Clock DVA?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:09pm Lisa:

This is the best thing to happen to Brooklyn since Jimmy Smits was made King of Celebrate Brooklyn!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:09pm Nate:

Yes! Thx @caryn and @cosmic matrix!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:11pm penelope:

@glowing one, Dan says: it's the Religious Knives. and also that at the time this was recorded, they lived here in Ditmas Park Brooklyn.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:11pm the glowing one:

this sounds exactly like an accoustic version of one of Clock DVA's song from their final album
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:11pm cosmic matrix:

i gotta listen to more souleyman! also he did something with bjork last year apparently! coo
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:15pm Marie:

Hi Anne, YETI BOB, did either of you go to Mr. Fine Wine's meetup at the Reckless records in Wicker Park a couple of weeks ago? I would have if I had known.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:15pm Jett Brando:

Thank you for managing to stay on the air. Hearing your show through my phone is helping to keep me sane without power. Cheers!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:16pm the glowing one:

nah, similar beginning but not the same...

whatever, haven't listened to that record in decades, literally
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:16pm dpcd:

Today is Tuesday, Dan. Hearty and Chris T need to get living rooms as nice as yours, apparently. Thanks for keeping the station on air.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:16pm cosmic matrix:

wow dan you seperated that box just when i was highlighting "Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir" to search for them...nice beat...crazy vocals...and it's for JESUS!...um, i thought i made the box move. maybe it was the SPIRIT
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:17pm Marie:

Out to face the waves!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:18pm G:

Staying in, to face the music.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:18pm Dan B:

LOL this is such a trip. Sorry I stuck on Monday.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:19pm Dan B:

Maybe it's a do-over for Monday in my mind
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:19pm Caryn:

I hear that marching band, I always think of Monty Python or "Animal House"...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:19pm G:

Oh, it was sad when the great ship went down...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:21pm G:

Some bigass pledge just bumped the station over 64%
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:21pm other david:

wow @ whoever just pledged
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:23pm Caryn:

Either that, or it was right on the border, and a small pledge put it over the limit. But I'd like to think it was a big-ass pledge. So, thanks, whoever you are!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:24pm other david:

It appears to have been big ass. Massive ass, even.
Thanks mystery pledger :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:24pm G:

No, I checked a few minutes ago and it was 200something *below* the threshold to 64%. The suddenly someone contributed like 360, or something in that area
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:25pm Caryn:

@od: the JLo of pledges?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:25pm Caryn:

@G: probably a "mouse of the day" pledge, then. 365 bucks.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:26pm other david:

@Caryn: hey, let's not exaggerate here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:26pm Caryn:

@od: okay, the Beyonce of pledges?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:26pm Skirkie:

I think we're at Kardashian levels here.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:27pm G:

Most likely a mouse, but people can contribute odd amounts... Dan just announced the pledge...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:28pm other david:

@Caryn: Beyonce is more accurate, but WFMU needs multiple Kardashian level pledges right now.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:29pm cosmic matrix:

i had a seefeel tape long ways back a friend made for me...i used to love it...it was more "normal" sounding if that makes any sense...same quality though...so good...dan your children are lucky to be exposed to such tasty music
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:30pm Caryn:

@od: true dat. I'll have to see tomorrow if there is any money to pledge over here. Definitely won't be in the Kardashian league, though. Maybe more of a Kylie: smaller, but perfectly lovely.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:30pm cosmic matrix:

shout out to my man chad mellendick! SVA 1993!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:31pm cosmic matrix:

and i used to live aaron augenblick, 1st year roommate...mild digression
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:32pm cosmic matrix:

i meant live -with-
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:32pm Dan B:

Listener David in Brooklyn with Mouse-sized love for WFMU! A dollar a day keeps the repossessors away!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:32pm tomasz.:

hooray! go Dan!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:34pm other david:

@Caryn: yep I made my own Kylie level pledge earlier today, it's as much as I can afford.

I long for the day I'm able to make a gigantic-ass in golden hotpants level pledge.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:35pm Lisa:

This is perfect Dan. Thank you so much! xoxo
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:36pm Caryn:

@od: you and me both...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:37pm Caryn:

But good for you, od! I'm sure WFMU appreciates it.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:38pm Dan B:

We love all donations here folks, thanks so much to all of you who give what you can
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:38pm Dan B:

...which is not to talk down hotpants or anything...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:39pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Dan and all the listeners. Glad that you are safe.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:39pm Caryn:

My mysterious hand scar is tingling. This better be a good sign for WFMU...
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:39pm Rory:

WFMU in Exile! Nothing stops you guys!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:43pm trey:

Can't get ichiban to steam on mobile. Any help?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:44pm Ken:

Sorry Trey, the Ichiban stream is down as well.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:44pm Genesis Fan:

That wasn't from Trick of the Tail... it was from Selling England by the Pound
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:45pm Tom M:

@Andie, could be. Are you half a Miller?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:45pm G:

Ken better watch out. Pretty soon all the DJs are going to be stipulating they get to broadcast from their laptop in their pajamas. Then he'll never get another chore done at the station.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:45pm fartpants:

ummm ... <cough> ... i think you will find 'after the ordeal' is on 'selling england by the pound'
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 7:45pm Dan B:

@Genesis Fan thanx, corrected -- damn mp3s with no album listed
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:45pm Genesis Fan:

Thank you.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:46pm G:

His favorite album is "And Then There Were Three" :-P
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:47pm penelope:

  Tue. 10/30/12 7:49pm andie:

Oh hi Tom....ahhhh penelope zeros in....she is mrs dan
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:49pm Tom M:

@Genesis Fan, keep them mowing blades sharp.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:50pm Tom M:

Yes, penelope is still tied to the mast.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:51pm penelope:

as usual.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:52pm Art Smass:

This Shoko Asahara track's a gas!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:53pm wallowing carrion:

Really enjoying this set!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:53pm penelope:

wheat free oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies in the "studio". wish we could send them over the internet!
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:55pm andie:

save for Jen's tmw am? plz?
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:55pm other david:

@Dan seeing you, Ken, Doug, Scott, Liz & everyone else working your butts off to keep this show on the road - it's another reminder of how special FMU is - and why everyone who loves this place needs to give what they can :)
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:58pm other david:

And I promise, that's my last mention of butts and asses, of any size, for at least 24 hours.
  Tue. 10/30/12 7:59pm penelope:

@andie I will def save some for you
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:00pm andie:

cookies penelope, cookies...save some for jen's tmw am plz!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:00pm andie:

thx penelope
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:06pm disastrogirl:

This sounds like the music from the film Until the End of the World.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:09pm chris:

great to hear WFMU up and running - just heard the news about the best show repeat though. thanks for the stream, dan!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:16pm Bill:

Should I already know about Pram? The name sounds so familiar.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

CNN showing Hoboken right now. No pictures of station manager Ken. Greasy water in the streets, but seems to be receding.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 8:20pm Dan B:

@Bill, absolutely, Pram is an amazing band that should have gotten lots more attention. Very unique sampling and singing. They were on the Too Pure label & based in the UK. Inactive as of now, to my knowledge
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:20pm Mary Wing:

Dan, new email from from Ken says the record fair is cancelled, phooey.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 8:21pm Dan B:

Yeah, just saw that! Crapola. Now we REALLY need those donations for the 31 Days fundraiser
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:22pm mommab:

Hey Dan, Love comin' at you from Saranac Lake! Glad to hear you doing your show! News reports are showing how bad it was and still is down there. Stay safe.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:23pm Bill:

Ah, then I did know them from a Too Pure compilation I got years ago. Thanks for the re-introduction!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:25pm Squirrel Carcass:

You are doing a wonderful thing Dan.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:25pm bobo:

Power restored in Ironbound! We got lucky but our neighbors still suffering.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:25pm Mary Wing:

GOOOOOOOAL met! Great job, Dan! Thanks to everyone who is making a pledge of any amount!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:26pm Lisa:

holy shit this is terrible news about the record fair. WFMU needs pledge money, LOTS of pledge money to make up for the huge financial loss. Dan, you're doing the Lord's work. If there was a Lord, this is what the Lord would be doing - bringing freeform radio to the masses.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:27pm Nat:

Dan's the Man!!!!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:27pm geoff:

there went the warm jets
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:27pm penelope:

Amaaaaazing!! thanks.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:30pm other david:

Excellent tracks as always Dan..damn I miss being able to listen live to your normal slot :(
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:33pm Ernie I:

Congrats on the goal, Dan! Great show tonight.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:40pm tomasz.:

"Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." indeed.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:42pm Mister Obvious:

Extend the pledge period past Nov 1

  Tue. 10/30/12 8:43pm joe b:

does anyone know if/when the F train is running?
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:46pm chris:

yeah, i think this definitely calls for an extension to the october pledge drive.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:47pm Caryn:

I say, follow "31 days of October" with another month of hurricane-related silent fund-raising. I'm sure someone can come up with a catchy, punny name.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 10/30/12 8:47pm Liz B.:

Great job, Dan! Been digging the show tonight!

For anyone who wants to listen to the Best Show at 9pm, you may need to restart/reconnect the stream, as the transitions aren't very graceful in our exiled state of operation.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:48pm Mary Wing:

No trains yet, Joe, but buses are running, as per http://alert.mta.info/:
"The governor also announced partial restoration of bus service at 5 p.m. Buses will operate on a fare-free basis and on a Sunday schedule. A full schedule is expected for Wednesday. Rides will continue to be fare-free."
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:48pm mta.info:


To be determined"

That is all. Don't expect much tomorrow.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 8:49pm Dan B:

@Squirrel Carcass, thanks for all you do for WFMU! Folks, we still need you pledging at the main WFMU page -- we are only at 64% of the station's total goal of $200K -- barely enough to hobble on.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:49pm other david:

thank you for doing this Dan - great show, whatever circumstances.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 8:49pm Dan B:

@joe b == b35 bus already seen on Church Ave Brooklyn, so buses are, indeed, back at least in some cases
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:51pm PMD:

Yay! I can hear now!
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:51pm davefromknoxville:

Great job, Dan, getting a show on in the face of this mess. Thanks so much.
Avatar Tue. 10/30/12 8:53pm Dan B:

Thank you Dave. This has been a blast
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:56pm jmd:

Thanks Dave. Good to hear you and WFMU.
  Tue. 10/30/12 8:59pm neil d:

Just pledged the money I would have spent at the record fair. I guess I didn't really need more CDs anyway...
  Tue. 10/30/12 9:00pm other david:

take care folks <3

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