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Options June 13, 2012: It's all trompe l'oeil

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
David Fair  In Hawaii They Talk With Their Hands   Options Coo-Coo Rockin' Time  0:04:00 ()
The Three Sounds (Gene Harris, piano)  Blues by Five   Options Anita O'Day & The Three Sounds  0:06:22 ()
Ryan James Coyle  The Babes in the Woods   Options Ryan James Coyle  0:11:01 ()
The Brooklyn Instrument Museum  Q   Options Teknotes III  0:14:22 ()
Jeri Southern  An Occasional Man   Options The Very Thought of You: The Decca Years, 1951-1957  0:17:36 ()
Johnny Tillotson  Talk Back Trembling Lips   Options Poetry In Motion: The Best of Johnny Tillotson  0:26:07 ()
The Vaccines  A Lack of Understanding   Options What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?  0:28:32 ()
Van Morrison  Want a Danish?   Options The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions (1968)  0:31:47 ()
Teddybears (feat. Eve)  Rocket Scientist   Options Devil's Music  0:32:30 ()
Led  Good Times   Options Led Zeppelin  0:35:59 ()
Zeppelin  Bad Times   Options Led Zeppelin  0:37:26 ()
Van Morrison  Ringworm   Options The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions (1968)  0:38:48 ()
Industrial Jazz Group  Elmore Was Here   Options Industrial Jazz A Go Go!  0:40:21 ()
Team Me  Show Me   Options To the Treetops!  0:50:25 ()
The Jaunties  Pink Surplus   Options The Jaunties Give You a Myoclonic Twitch in the Key of H  0:55:26 ()
Jeff Lynne  Nobody Home   Options Armchair Theater  0:58:01 ()
Tom Jones  I Don't Think So   Options The Lead and How to Swing It  1:01:52 ()
The Mighty Bop  Infrarouge   Options La Vague Sensorielle  1:07:14 ()
Radio Stars  Nervous Wreck   Options Somewhere There's a Place for Us  1:16:26 ()
Sexton Ming and Billy Childish  Arnie and the Meat Factory   Options Dung Beetle Rolls Again  1:18:04 ()
The Western Brothers  Bad Show, Chaps   Options Brit 78 collection  1:20:14 ()
Van Morrison  You Say France and I Whistle   Options The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions (1968)  1:23:23 ()
Swell Maps  The Graveyard Shift   Options Collision Time Revisited  1:24:40 ()
Craig Elkins  Most of the People   Options I Love You  1:27:40 ()
The Zombies  Brief Candles   Options Odessey & Oracle  1:31:08 ()
Sebadoh  The Freed Pig   Options III  1:39:05 ()
Oren Bloedow  PS69 Days / Suddenly in Some Slumber   Options She Goes With Me to a Blossom World  1:41:55 ()
Soko  I Thought I Was An Alien   Options I Thought I Was an Alien  1:52:03 ()
Lindy Michaels  Nobody Loses All The Time   Options Ragamuffin Child  1:55:05 ()
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra  Le Pretre Vire   Options Bum Bum  1:56:57 ()
Rod Hunter  Apache   Options Music Minus Music: Vintage Voltage Vinyl Compiled by Andy Votel  2:04:02 ()
The Clientele  George Says He Has Lost His Way in This World   Options That Night, A Forest Grew  2:13:33 ()
Neil Young  If I Could Have Her Tonight   Options self-titled  2:16:32 ()
Keith Jarrett  Lisbon Stomp   Options Life Between the Exit Signs  2:18:28 ()
Dinah Washington  Our Love Is Here to Stay   Options The Very Best of  2:24:54 ()
Ruth Etting  Button Up Your Overcoat   Options A Ruth Etting Collection  2:27:24 ()
Van Morrison  The Big Royalty Check   Options The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions (1968)  2:30:35 ()
The Oblique Mystique (Patrick Lundeen)  Do the Mope   Options Good for You Son (7")  2:32:01 ()
Stifling Neglect (or Trench)  Trench (or Stifling Neglect)   Options Teknotes III  2:35:53 ()
Deke Leonard  Nothing Is Happening   Options Iceberg  2:38:35 ()
The Knights  Last Round: First Movement — Movido, Urgente - Macho, Cool, and Dangerous (comp. Osvaldo Golijov)   Options New World  2:42:31 ()
Amy Annelle  My Songbird (comp. Jesse Winchester)   Options field recording  2:48:20 ()
Van Morrison  Blow in Your Nose   Options The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions (1968)  2:51:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/13/12 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Why are you breathless today, O Breathless One?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:07pm Denise in DC:

Hola, all! Listening, but working.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:08pm Listening Out There:

...wondahful, wondahful...
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:09pm kat330:

Before clicking today's graphic, I thought perhaps Bread 'n Puppet. G'day all.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Nice twee little number. Who's the female vocal?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:22pm Sam:

If you lived here you'd be home now
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:29pm Ike:

I would have thought the corn lobby would be much too powerful for that.

If pastrami and corned beef are next, then expect an armed rebellion.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:29pm Orville Redenbacher:

...What he said...
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:30pm keith in VT:

@kat330: Nice to hear the reference to Bread & Puppet, they're just up the road a piece from me, still giving hippies a good name.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Bloombot. A robot sent to make rules to make NYC healthier. But not happier.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:30pm Jiffy Pop:

Shoot da fat people
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:30pm ?:

"A man wouldn't care, and I wouldn't either..." What are you revealing, Mr. DJ?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:31pm Jan:

The mayor's initiative limits our exposure to second hand carbon dioxide; Less belching.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:31pm Droll:

I've visited NYC, but I don't remember people taking most their meals in movie theaters. Did I miss something?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:32pm kat330:

Keith, I worked briefly with Schumann and his theater -- um, ages ago. I lived in S. Woodbury, VT for a couple of years (w/ 6mos. of the second winter in Europe).
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:33pm Jiffy Pop:

In NYC a movie theatre hotdog is considered fine dining
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:33pm slugluv1313:

POETRY IN MOTION!!! :) love Johnny Tillotson!!!
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:34pm keith in VT:

@kat330: Also worked many years with B&P, great folks.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:35pm kat330:

Keith, really! What was your first year doing that, not that I think there's a chance in hell you're as old as I and our esteemed host. :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes Irwin, not enough Johnny Tillotson on WFMU!
And yet, more than enough Miley Cyrus and Shania. Now what is up with THAT???...
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:37pm common:

Thanks for introducing me to that van morrison song.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:38pm keith in VT:

Kat330: I clock in at 56 years; spent 15 of them in a small print shop (the late-great Troll Press) that did the work they couldn't handle on their old Vandercook letterpress. I recall when they had to "go digital." Elka would give us floppy disks covered in flour.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:38pm Denise in DC:

My favorite track from the Contractual Obligation Sessions has been the classic "You've Got Ringworm," but I don't remember hearing "Have a Danish?" before.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:39pm Irwin:

  Wed. 6/13/12 3:41pm kat330:

OK, well, my brief connection was between late '71 - late '73. There was the Jephte Oratorio (in the chorus directed by Larry Gordon), and then Paul Vela had us working with Schumann's group on some strange thing. I remember being underneath a gigantic garbage bag sort of dingus.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:43pm Hugh:

  Wed. 6/13/12 3:43pm Listening Out There:

...[pregnant pause]...
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:43pm keith in VT:

@Kat: Just missed you... I arrived in fall '73. Still plenty of dingus.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:43pm Droll:

Dude -- the break was so long my lighter ran out!
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:44pm Denise in DC:

Irwin, YES! aND tHANK yOU!
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:44pm kat330:

A simple twist of fate, passing ships by a scant few months.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:45pm Denise in DC:

common, how did you like *that* track?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:47pm kat330:

I found it uncommonly fun. Way to stick it to da man, Van.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:49pm Denise in DC:

@kat, Marvin Gaye's "Here, My Dear" was supposedly a similar concept: an album he dashed off in order to satisfy a requirement of a divorce settlement. But I think Marvin's album included actual songs.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:51pm Listening Out There:

...if "You've Got Ringworm" isn't an actual song, I don't know what is... :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:51pm kat330:

[@Keith, a slight recalculation: I arrived in Vermont the fall of '72 and left fall of '74, but the Europe trip was Jan-Jun '74. Was only working an office job in fall of '73. But we did overlap in the area a bit.]
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:52pm kat330:

@Denise: Thanks, I did not know that -- or the Morrison.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

I have all 31 tracks of the VMCO album! Many good ones throughout.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:52pm Denise in DC:

Irwin, are the Sessions available for purchase as a package anywhere that you know of?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

George, the head of Bang Records I believe.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:53pm Denise in DC:

I suspect George may have been Van's contact at Bang!
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:54pm amEdeo:

31 tracks you say?? Yes, more George please. George... George.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:54pm Laura L:

It surprises some people that ringworm doesn't involve a worm at all--it's a fungal infection. Fun facts to know & tell.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:55pm kat330:

Irwin has a definite fondness for you folks in DC, Matt and Denise. :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:55pm cglenn:

Hey bud. I totally agree with you on the voice and songs of Van. He just always has bugged me. Never touched me... well you know what i mean...
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:56pm keith in VT:

Ringworm, a syndrome in need of rebranding. How 'bout roundfung?
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:57pm Denise in DC:

@Keith, "ringworm" is a much prettier name.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:57pm slugluv1313:

YES!!!! i was just thinking of "Here, My Dear" too! heard that he deliberately recorded really crappy songs in order to ensure really crappy sales and therefore, really crappy payments to his ex :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:57pm kat330:

I love Van, voice and all. Moondance and Into the Mystic -- don't know how anyone could hate them. MHO.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:58pm keith in VT:

But agree we don't all have to worship at the alter of Van. Frankly, the ringworm tune is a as good as it gets for moi.
  Wed. 6/13/12 3:58pm Denise in DC:

@Laura: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/ss/slideshow-ringworm
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

In a way, she's fortunate to have gotten ringworm, and not - something else.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:01pm Denise in DC:

@kat, I was a huge fan of the "Incorrect Music" show that Irwin did with Michelle Boule back ten years or so ago. That's where I first heard "Ringworm." They stopped doing the show when Michelle moved to the DC area.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, a "Myoclonic Twitch in the Key of H" -- giving even Songs in the Key of Z a run for its money on insanity!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:03pm Laura L:

@Denise--cat fanciers shouldn't oughta smooch on their cats. And me too re IM and Irwin's Atrocious Music Hour from long ago--Michelle's in Florida these days.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:03pm kat330:

Am I behind in the stream or is Irwin extra speedy uploading to the accu-playlist today?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:05pm Denise in DC:

@Laura: Is Michelle doing radio? Are you in touch with her?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:07pm Laura L:

@Denise, No, she's not doing radio--I'm in sporadic touch with her--she'd be glad to know how often people mention how much they liked the IM show she did w/ Irwin.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:08pm kat330:

IM's too early for archives?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:10pm kat330:

Answering my own question: Found them.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:12pm keith in VT:

Folks seemed to love Tom Jones' performance at QE's diamond jubilee... I missed it, but did manage to catch the rotating ferry boat. Really, as much as my heart could handle.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:14pm kat330:

Wasn't that 360 turn simply *brilliant*! Loved the Daily Show take on the flotilla and esp. Morgan's over-the-top effusiveness.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:16pm keith in VT:

The fact that anyone could get excited about that 360 was one of the more amazing things I'd witnessed recently. It did put a smile on the Queen's face, though.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Don't worry Carmen, it won't stop playing.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:18pm Carmichael:

OK, howdee.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:20pm kat330:

Guess there wasn't a whole lot of excitement otherwise, weather and all.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooo! Why aren't these people actual Radio Stars?!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:23pm Ike:

Yeah, this rerun of Seven Second Delay is *outstanding*. Ken is so obliterated that ANDY is forced to be the straight man and it's hilarious. I guess it will still not be archived? Can anyone record it and share as an MP3 or something?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

How D., Carmichael.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Apparently the MP3 of the Ken Drunk episode was automatically posted, but manually withdrawn shortly after. There is therefore an "official bootleg" that I got from someone before.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh yeah, and that's a hysterical episode as well!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:28pm common:

yes! more Van!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:29pm Matt from Springfield:

No - I'll say France, you whistle.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:29pm keith in VT:

And so soulful!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:29pm Denise in DC:

No, I'll say "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" and you whistle.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:29pm kat330:

I dig it that Van couldn't even be bothered to tune his guitar properly. More noticeable in the previous track though.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:30pm Cheri Pi:

  Wed. 6/13/12 4:33pm Carmichael:

At one point, Andy yells at Ken, "You won't even apologize TO A WITCH!!"
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Zombies...the GOOD kind! Ah, O&O....!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:36pm kat330:

Do like Craig Elkins.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:38pm G:

The Salamander Defense League demanded the deletion of that 7SD. Maybe Ken is gambling that the salamanders are off somewhere busily shedding their skins tonight.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Friend of Jason "Dodge" Caraban!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:43pm Mark:

Isn't playing "The Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions" kind of old?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Tony Shalhoub of "Monk" was a guest. The show had recently wrapped up, and I remember Ken drunkenly squealing how "this is probably the last time you guys will meet!!" or something like that :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:44pm Irwin:

@Mark: God forbid WFMU should play *old* music.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mark: It's not old--it's a CLASSIC! Due for a REVIVAL!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:45pm Mike East:

yes, Mark, I believe its 44 years old, if the DJ's notes are accurate.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:45pm keith in VT:

Quality never goes out of style.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Agree about *old* music to begin with--WFMU selects the best of all time, and plays amazing old stuff every day!

And the Old Codger! He has shoes older than the Bang Records Contractual Obligation Sessions! (And older than Van himself...)
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:46pm Mark:

I meant old as in "it's been done"
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:47pm Mark:

you hear it once have a chuckle and move on
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:50pm Irwin:

And what if new listeners haven't heard it?
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:50pm Mark:

ok then
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:51pm Michael:

like this old pal
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:51pm Irwin:

We must edjumacate the young 'uns, Mark.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:52pm keith in VT:

I know this was a first for me. Thanks Irwin. And I'd hear it again... given half a chance.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:53pm Denise in DC:

I'm old -- er, a longtime listener -- and I don't remember hearing any of the Contractual Obligation Sessions tracks except "Ringworm."
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:53pm Mark:

ok sorry if I offended.
did you ever watch "Dish earth"? it's fascinating
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:53pm Denise in DC:

Of course, I'm heavily-medicated enough that I might have forgotten them all.
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:55pm Maria:

Hi Irwin. I am listening to your radio show and enjoying the sounds. That Sebadoh brought me back. Cheers!!
  Wed. 6/13/12 4:55pm Lizardner Dave:

I want a donut, but I'll have a danish.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:00pm Mark:

I thought I was zombie. Really
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:01pm Denise in DC:

Mark, did you find yourself eating someone's face off?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Lindy Michaels!! Miss Communicable Diseases 1968!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:02pm Denise in DC:

Hey, was that an ee cummings poem?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:03pm Mark:

no, did you know that the autopsy on the guy in Miami found no human flesh in his stomach? which means; not a zombie
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:04pm Carmichael:

It means he spits instead of swallows. Regardless, he chews.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:05pm Irwin:

@Denise: nice catch! Yes, text by eec.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:08pm kat330:

This track brought me from my fish taco prep back to the office.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

In The Moog For Rock And Roll!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: You're right--fish tacos really are "a 7SD mainstay" with you! :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:11pm kat330:

And then the comments board kept me here. Backing up: yeah, Mark, I, too am an oldster who wasn't aware of the whole Morrison sheBang.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:11pm Coffee Cola:

Hi all! Really loving Rod Hunter Irwin.
I had never heard those Van Morrison recordings, and I'm happy I got to, to add my 2 cents to the conversation.
Also really liked Arnie and the Meat Factory and I'm not sure why...
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:12pm kat330:

Or, if it's Wednesday's, it must be fish tacos! :) Probably won't listen to 7SD repeat tonight. It was great the first time around, and we're kinda busy getting ready for travel and all.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for tuning us into that, Duane!
Cheers to Andy "Roach" Votel! (Jeez, making Clay-like puns off of names today...)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:14pm kat330:

@Matt to clarify, I came in from the kitchen for the Andromeda Mega Express.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:18pm Hemp:

Did someone ask for moral fiber?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:18pm Laura L:

Thanks, Irwin!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I like that as a movie title! Good for a remake of a 60s one..
Where are y'all traveling to?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:21pm NYC Trade Promotion Board:

Election filings consistently show the Upper East Side is the highest-giving ZIP code to politicians of both major parties! Running for office? Stuff your pockets with cash on the Upper East Side! Our One-Percenters, are your resource: "Selling out? They're buying in!"
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:23pm UESiders:

These days, while most of the little people are unhappily tapped out, we reckon we can buy influence at bottom dollar. We're only being prudent.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:26pm kat330:

Sorry, Matt, back in kitchen finishing a bitchin' guacamole. To the Kennedy Space Center area.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Dinah Washington! Singing Gershwin! Hooray!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:31pm kat330:

Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah -- mmmm, lovely. Thanks, Irwin.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:31pm Denise in DC:

Heart-thumping. Irwin, you play the best mix of stuff.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:31pm kat330:

If anyone has any special recs for the Cocoa Beach area, send them on.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Holy bitchin' space guacamole! That sounds fun--probably won't be launches to see anytime soon, but I'd like to check out all the history of previous launches: many triumphs and tragedies have happened there.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:32pm Denise in DC:

Speaking of old music . . .
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

And now Ruth Etting! THIS is a blast from the past! These aren't "old", they're CLASSIC!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:33pm kat330:

Oh, yeah, you bet we'll be immersing ourselves at the Cape.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:33pm G:

The Old Codger would approve.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:33pm Denise in DC:

Okay, off to the therapist. Bye all.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:35pm kat330:

C'mon folks, I realize I'm an easy mark, but the Old Codger is like the Snark, yes?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:36pm kat330:

Have a great week and another after that, Denise!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: Ha ha, the timing of your "therapist" comment! ;)
Have a good night Denise!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:36pm Pete:

Wow Van that outta tune guitar almost made me confuse you for Jandek!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:36pm G:

Clarifying: The OC would approve of the two prior spins.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:38pm Patrick:

Awesome buddy! Thanks a lot!!!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:39pm kat330:

G -- I ask my earlier OC question directly of you. And?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:40pm kat330:

Patrick, kudos! Love that title.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:41pm G:

Do we have to write poems about the ugly baby Jesus yet?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:42pm Lizardner Dave:

It's probably too late to request "Nose in your blow" or "Blow in your nose", isn't it?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Re: G's comment: Professor Dum Dum reference :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:43pm G:

@kat: Not sure about the precise thrust of the query, but taking a stab: the Old Codger is often snarky.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:43pm kat330:

So Dum Dum IS the OC (of course, the real OC is south of LA)?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:43pm Irwin:

@LD: Still time.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:43pm G:

Did I ever see you on his comment board, Matt? Or did lurking seem safer? :-)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:44pm Lizardner Dave:

  Wed. 6/13/12 5:45pm G:

It's a marvelous show for a Van Dance,
With the Bang Sessions songs in our ears...
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:45pm kat330:

Oh G, my thrust was foiled? Let me try the epee. But I guess Matt answered IAE. Or not.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:46pm Carmichael:

The Google machine indicates the band is called Stifling Neglect (from Queens).
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:46pm G:

Are you really asking who the Old Codger is, Kat? ;-)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:47pm Clubfoot:

Call him. I know he's home; i saw all his shopping carts ot front.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:47pm G:

[in Bugs Bunny voice:] Sshhhhhh, it's a SECRET
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:47pm kat330:

Um, will something bad happen to me if I say "yes"?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:48pm G:

Ask Irwin :-)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:48pm Clubfoot:

His number is 6. I think we told you that a few weeks ago.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:48pm kat330:

C'mon now, urgente!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Dum Dum's on late, and really not my style, but I do occasionally read through the comments, listen to his speaking segments for a laugh!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:49pm Irwin:

There's pictures of me and pictures of the Old Codger. We look nothing alike. So I can't be him.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:50pm G:

There's your answer, kat O:-)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:51pm Denise in DC:

Hey, I can comment from the iPhone app!

Will the Drunk Ken show be archived *this* time?
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:51pm Laura L:

We all know Irwin's a Young Codger!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:51pm kat330:

Well, Irwin would have been my first thought whenever I first heard it referenced -- though Curmudgeon's a better fit -- but I saw someone (probably a shill) write asking "Please give the OC a show!"
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: If not, I can send a link to whomever wants it!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:52pm kat330:

And just remember, while you're all having a snicker at my expense, Philo and I will be enjoying out-of-this-OC-world fish tacos. Put that in your bong and smoke it. :)
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:53pm G:

puff pass
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:54pm Droll:

The Professor isn't on any more, and neither is Bethany. Irwin is filling in stylistically for both this summer: Orchestral Metal and Black Symphonic Music.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Amy Annelle to finish off again! This Jesse Winchester song was a highlight of her live set here 3 years ago.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Yeah, put fish tacos in your bong and smoke it! Before they make *that* illegal as well! What would they do that? Thomas Jefferson himself enjoyed a smoke of fish taco in his pipe, and a drink of homemade brandy, to ruminate deep thoughts on philosophy.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:56pm kat330:

I never got the straight dope, did I. Ah well. Once in love and still in love with Amy. G'night good folks -- JUST the good folks. ;) Take and give care in the fortnight if I don't see you afore.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

"Black Orchestral Hysteria with Irwin"
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:57pm Lizardner Dave:

Thanks Irwin!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Or, maybe "Nose Your Blow". We'll let marketing worry bout that.
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

And thanks Irwin for the truckloads of the VMCO album!

Have a great night everyone!
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:59pm G:

I first found the Bang sessions songs discussed and linked to on the WFMU blog maybe four or so years ago. I imagine they are still there
  Wed. 6/13/12 5:59pm autumn:

yay--great show!
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