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Options February 9, 2012: Getting Older and none the Wiser

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Mac Wiseman & Osborne Bros  I Wonder How the Old Folks Are   Options   0:00:00 ()
The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters  Old Man Tucker   Options Checkerboard Squares Radio Show Recordings  0:03:21 ()
Fairley Bailey  Papa's Getting Old   Options Hillbilly Bop n' Boogie  0:04:48 ()
Boyd Raeburn  Are You Livin' Old Man   Options Boyd Raeburn  0:07:17 ()
Cats & the Fiddle  One is Never Too Old to Swing   Options Cats & the Fiddle 2 (Hep Cat's Swing)  0:09:51 ()
Harlem Hamfats  My Old Lady Blues   Options Vol. 2  0:12:46 ()
Ernest Tubb  Too Old To Cut The Mustard   Options   0:15:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:18:11 ()
Laura Imbruglia  Older Man   Options The LIghter Side of....  0:23:39 ()
The Raconteurs  Old Enough   Options Consolers of the Lonely  0:25:23 ()
Silversun Pickups  Growing Old is Getting Old   Options Swoon  0:29:18 ()
R.E.M.  Old Man Kensey   Options Fables of the Reconstruction  0:35:02 ()
Modern Lovers  Dignified and Old   Options Modern Lovers  0:39:04 ()
Ian Dury   My Old Man   Options New Boots & Panties  0:41:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:45:15 ()
Bellnotes  Too Young or Too Old   Options Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock 'n' Roll  0:53:05 ()
Blackhawks  Love Me When I'm Old   Options Dazzling Group Sounds  0:55:27 ()
Charmaines  Rockin' Old Man   Options Fraternity 2  1:01:05 ()
Tony Joe White  Old Man Willis   Options The Best of Tony Joe White  1:03:24 ()
Ann Peebles  Old Man With Young Ideas   Options US R&B Hits '69-'79  1:06:29 ()
Penny Goodwin  Too Soon You're Old   Options Funk on Film- '70's Screen Scene Funk  1:09:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:14:39 ()
Tom Lehrer  When You Are Old and Gray   Options The Remains Of Tom Lehrer  1:20:36 ()
Twisting Kings  Old Folks Twist   Options Detroit Rare Tracks 8  1:22:07 ()
Dick Clark  Open Letter to the Older Generation   Options Single  1:24:33 ()
Chucklin' Chuck Sloan & the Dukes of Greenville  Too Old to Rock and Roll   Options   1:27:51 ()
Lightnin' Hopkins  My Grandpa is Old Too!   Options Prestige Years  1:30:27 ()
Dave Bartholomew  I'm an Old Cowhand from a Blues Band   Options Very Best of Dave Bartholomew  1:33:23 ()
Dinah Washington  It's a Mean Old Man's World   Options Back to the Blues  1:35:46 ()
Christine Kitterell  Old Man You're Sleeping   Options A Shot in the Dark- Nashville Jumps  1:38:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:41:53 ()
Fugs  Dirty Old Man   Options The Fugs Second Album  1:48:27 ()
Neil Young  Dirty Old Man   Options Chrome Dreams II  1:51:06 ()
Headcoatees  Dirty Old Man   Options Girlsville  1:54:19 ()
Sonics  Dirty Old Man   Options Introducing the Sonics  1:56:56 ()
Sorry  Dirty Old Man   Options Imaginary Friends  1:59:05 ()
Electras  Dirty Old Man   Options The Scotty Story  2:00:26 ()
Christa Hughes  Dirty Old Man Part 2   Options Carrot Day  2:03:07 ()
Betty Wright  Dirty Old Woman   Options Betty Wright Tracks  2:05:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:09:17 ()
Rodney Graham  Music for the Very Old   Options Rock is Hard  2:14:25 ()
Love  Old Man   Options Forever Changes  2:17:53 ()
Joni Mitchell  My Old Man   Options Blue  2:20:27 ()
Terry Reid  Rich Old Lady   Options Super Lungs  2:23:56 ()
Beau Brummels  I Grow Old   Options San Fran Sessions  2:25:55 ()
Steve & the Board  Now I'm Older   Options Ugly Things  2:28:03 ()
The Attack  Too Old   Options The Attack  2:30:29 ()
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band  Old Fart at Play   Options Trout Mask Replica  2:33:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:35:41 ()
They Might Be Giants  Hope That I Get Old Before I Die   Options They Might Be Giants  2:38:34 ()
Soft Boys  Old Pervert   Options Underwater Moonlight  2:40:11 ()
The Bristols  Old Man Mose   Options Tune in With the Bristols  2:44:01 ()
The Fiery Furnaces  The Old Hag is Sleeping   Options Widow City  2:46:50 ()
The Phantom Limbs  Shut Up Old Man   Options Accept the Juice/ Whole Loto Love  2:49:44 ()
Descendents  When I Get Old   Options Everything Sucks  2:52:20 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/9/12 6:02am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 2/9/12 6:03am Chuck:

Heee's BACK!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:03am Dave B:

Sorry I didn't send any oldee songs your way.

  Thu. 2/9/12 6:03am Dave B:

  Thu. 2/9/12 6:03am Caryn:

Morning, all! And fred's all moved!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:04am fred von helsing:

not yet! living in bimbo limbo
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:04am Chuck:

Cringe if you must!
Nice to have a functional machine again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:05am Meghan:

Morning all! Welcome back Fred and Chuck!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:05am northguineahills:

I've never caught Megan from the 6 o'clock side, usually it's from the closer to the 9 o'clock side.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:05am Robin The Fog:

Morning y'all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:06am Meghan:

Oh Northguinea..... the more fun you shall have! Morning Robin!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:06am Chuck:

Good Morning/evening to all!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:07am Caryn:

So many people here, who normally come later, I'm tempted to make an early bird special joke... But won't.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:09am Chuck:

Was looking over the play lists for the weeks I missed. I'll have all day listening today! YeeeHa!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:10am Meghan:

ha! Do that homework of catching up on the show!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:10am hamburger:

get off my lawn you rotten parkers :D
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:10am northguineahills:

Forgive the typo, it's an insomnia plagued night, at least I don't have to go to work in the morning.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:12am fred von helsing:

this is a repeat but... all faceborgers are invited to join the world domination project A Reference of Female Fronted Punk 1977-1989 https://www.facebook.com/groups/389879717243/
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:13am Meghan:

*shakes her cane at people*

well, yay for insomnia! (at least you are here with us now!)
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:13am Chuck:

Though I've discovered my fingernails need a trim. They're interfering with my typing....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:13am Dave B:

My apartment is under siege. It's gonna be a long weekend of normalization
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:13am fred von helsing:

(in Bob Dole voice) All you kids get off my lawn !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:14am Meghan:

I get my "new" computer back today.... so I get to work work work.... Marathon prep!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:15am Dave B:

@chuck - I just had a vision of one of those Guinness Book record holder guys with the long curly nails, what with you being away so long
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:16am Chuck:

Not quite that long, Dave! hehe....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:17am fred von helsing:

I pity da fool who's up at six without some bad-ass radio to tune in to
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:17am Dave B:

@fred (in that bob dole voice):
Bob Dole wants all of you whippersnappers to get off of Bob Dole's lawn
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:17am Caryn:

"And no, kids, you can't get your ball back! Dagnabbit, my knee's acting up again. Must be rain a-coming... Better put the kettle on."
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:18am Robin The Fog:

Hey Meghan, I sent a dropbox link to that rolly email address. I hope you got it. I also hope you got the actual cassette itself, but I think that might be a touch optimistic!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:18am Chuck:

I always thought that people who speak of themselves in the third person were a bit weird....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:19am hamburger:

eastwood: http://www.imfdb.org/w/images/thumb/a/a5/GT-M1Garand-4.jpg/600px-GT-M1Garand-4.jpg
get off my lawn...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:19am Chuck:

Best way to keep kids off the lawn is to land mine it....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:23am fred von helsing:

Sorry. Only the cheese.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:24am Dave B:

@chuck - claymores, keep the house intact

@Meghan - pray that Bosco doesn't cut the mustard
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:26am Chuck:

The writing on a claymore mine says "Front Towards Enemy". Oh, REALLY!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:27am Meghan:

sadly he has already....

Robin I got the dropbox folder of it... haven't downloaded it yet... keeping fingers crossed for the tape to show up!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:28am Caryn:

Landmines would damage the lawn though. Electric fence might work better.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:29am Dave B:

Oh, if my cassette dubs came out all jacked, I'll provide replacement AIFF files for each side
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:29am Dave B:

I like the idea of a moat, filled with lava
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:30am Meghan:

no electric fences just have stoners and drunks pissing on them and zapping themselves. (seen it with one in Germany with my friend who wanted to run after the sheep... don't ask)
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:31am fred von helsing:

Most of the meats in my fridge are seeking political asylum.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:31am Meghan:

Dave are each packet the same as what you gave me this weekend?
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:31am Chuck:

Could just go the Star Trek route with a force field...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:32am Dave B:

Yes ma'am. Nothing exceeds like excess!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:32am Robin The Fog:

My fingers are also crossed. Which is impeding my typing somewhat...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:33am Dave B:

"phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:34am Meghan:

Just making sure before I rip them all open!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:34am Caryn:

Maybe the Doctor Evil route: a moat filled with sharks with fricking lasers on their heads.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:34am Chuck:

As long as your eyes aren't crossed too, Robin! hehe....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:34am fred von helsing:

Set phasers to pesky rapscallion, Ensign
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:36am Caryn:

Keeping my fingers crossed my tapes turned out alright. About 1/4 of the way through the dub process, the tape deck started making loud screeching noises like a tortured cat, occasionally so loud it drowned out the music.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:37am Chuck:

Eeew, Caryn! That's not good!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:38am Dave B:

Yeah, same tracks, same art. Limited run of 6, since those mini CDs and cassettes came in bundles of 6 pieces. I kept one for myself, and sent one to an old friend
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:38am northguineahills:

Going to have to take a nap soon after REM. Awesome theme park, Meghan! I'll catch the rest in the archive.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:40am Robin The Fog:

Actually, Caryn, I had a couple of minutes left at the end of side A of my own mixtape (due to picking up a C60 by mistake), so I indulged in a little feedback screeching of my own.The results were surprisingly musical, I thought...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:40am Caryn:

@Chuck: yeah, by the time I was near the end I was pleading with the tape deck to keep going for just a few minutes. I promised it I would never bother it with tapes again.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:41am Chuck:

Refresh my memory about the mix tape deal, Meghan. It's been a while since I've been here....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:41am Dave B:

I too am curious on the cassette mixes I did. On the computer it was 45 mins long, but there was still some blank space at the end
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:41am Meghan:

nighty night northguinea!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:42am Meghan:

I am noticing the tape decks in this studio aren't working..... grrrr I wanted a preview!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:42am northguineahills:

I love the Sloan cover of this Modern Lovers track. Night y'all!
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:43am Caryn:

They've decided to act all old and curmudgeonly, like mine, Meghan.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:43am Chuck:

Not sure if my tape deck is working either. Haven't used it in years...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:44am Robin The Fog:

Not sure if the number 80 goes to Euston anymore...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:44am Meghan:

I think it is from when someone spilled beer on this board and shorted out some channels.... so in order to fix I think they took over the cassette one and the mini disc....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:44am fred von helsing:

a sudden craving for eight track
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:45am Dave B:

Speaking of old tapes, a buddy of mine found a box of old Fostex X15 masters. He no longer has his Fostex. I still have mine. This'll be like a 30 year time capsule
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:47am Dave B:

Was the beer spiller publicly humiliated and/or flogged?
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:48am Dave B:

The end is nigh.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:49am Dave B:

Get them into the studio
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:50am Chuck:

What the hell is "Snookie"?
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:50am Caryn:

I think the most horrific tv news I've heard recently was E! announcing that they were going to bring out 4 more Kardashian spin-offs. Oy.
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:50am Dave B:

And why are you orange?
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:52am Chuck:

Frankly, there are many things that I am content to be ignorant of....
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:53am Caryn:

And isn't Snooki pregnant now? I try to avoid any Jersey Shore stuff, but I think The Onion or some such website mocked the pregnancy news. I weep for humanity if those morons start to multiply...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:53am Dave B:

I think a good show would be "reality roulette"

All the stars, a gun and a bullet. Each week someone dies
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:55am Chuck:

Speaking of getting old, every year that passes my tolerance for STUPID decreases...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:56am Dave B:

@Caryn - Idiocracy is becoming real
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:56am Meghan:

I love- What is a Snooki. Exactly Chuck... what is she? And why is she famous? for doing nothing
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:58am Chuck:

"Famous"? Well, I've never heard of her. Hence, I don't give a rats ass who or what she is or does...
  Thu. 2/9/12 6:58am Caryn:

@Dave B: exactly! As if the GOP nominees and Super Bowl commercials didn't make me think that already. And most reality tv contestants. But the devolution will pick up speed exponentially once the Jersey Shore morons start to breed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 6:59am Meghan:

Make it reality stars version of Battle Royale! (the survivor guys would love it!)

  Thu. 2/9/12 7:01am Chuck:

Actually, not giving a rats ass is my general attitude towards "popular culture"....
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:01am Dave B:

@Caryn - the opening sequence, with breeding formula is spot on

  Thu. 2/9/12 7:03am Caryn:

I'm exasperated by anyone getting famous for nothing, but at least some of those people turn out to be entertaining or have interesting personalities. The few brief Snooki appearances I've seen on late night tv have just shown me that she isn't even an interesting trainwreck or colourful personality. Just utterly boring and pointless. I think if I ever met her and tried to talk to her I'd fall asleep in 5 minutes flat.
@Dave B: very true. Mike Judge is the new prophet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 7:03am Meghan:

Chuck, if you hadn't heard of Snooki- A) you're lucky and B) you haven't been linked into any news of the celebrity type... (which I could care less about but I still know who she is and I don't follow that either!)
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:04am Chuck:

Ah, that's it, Dave! In the opening they mention lack of natural predators. That's what we need! A genetically engineered critter that feeds on STUPID!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:05am Dave B:

@Meghan - "Reality Star Safari"

Gather me up and set em loose on the Serengeti, then hunt em down from Land Rovers or Helicopters
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:05am Robin The Fog:

Perhaps a WFMU reality series is what's called for?
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:07am Caryn:

Maybe we could just take them all, put them in a "Big Brother" type house, and tell them we'll be taping their every move for a tv show. Then lock the doors and leave them there to preen for nonexistent cameras until they starve to death.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:09am Chuck:

On the other hand, we may lose out on some really funny stuff if we wipe them all out. There would be a lot less "News of the Weird"....
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:10am Chuck:

But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:12am fred von helsing:

My 12yo niece is into Hunger Games, should I turn her on to Battle Royale or would it traumatise her
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 7:14am Meghan:

well since it's about a 9th grade class killing each other to help with population control..... not sure!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:14am Caryn:

We could keep them around, but just spayed or neutered. And with way less tv and press coverage than nowadays. I mean, if you want to watch those shows, fine. But nowadays, even if you actively avoid them, they are mentioned on the news, discussed in the papers, and referenced on talk shows, scripted shows etc.
@fred: if she's read all the books, she's ready for Battle Royale. (the later books get pretty gnarly on occasion)
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:20am Dave B:

Put them on an island, then ask the pacific fleet to use it for target practice
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:20am Chuck:

The simple solution, Caryn, is to avoid ALL media....
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:21am Caryn:

@Chuck: well, then I'd have to avoid WFMU. Not gonna do it.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:21am Chuck:

Except WFMU, of course...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 7:23am Meghan:

  Thu. 2/9/12 7:23am Caryn:

Yay, Lehrer!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:35am fred von helsing:

Soylent WFMU is not media. It's made of people !
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:37am G:

This is a real good show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 7:37am Meghan:

a good OLD show, is it? Thanks G!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:38am G:

Ha ha. It's perfect. Gets me in the mood.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:41am Chuck:

Da Blues...
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:49am Chuck:

I'm sort of like that with some of the WVKR DJs here. hehe....
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:50am dirty old man:

THANKS from Fla.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:52am Chuck:

Reminds me that once I get my current work load cleared out I should try and "horn in" on a VKR show.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:53am Robin The Fog:

When I'm old, I shall look purple.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:54am Chuck:

I just dye my hair that color now, Robin. Why wait? hehe...
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:55am Elwyn:

Hey fruitcup folks!

I just got home from a gig. It was such an awesome venue in the middle of an industrial suburb.
I can't believe I found out that one of my favourite local jazz musicians was doing a show by reading it on FaceBook only today.
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:56am Chuck:

Yay, Thee Headcoatees!
Hey, Elwyn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 7:57am Meghan:

evening to you Elwyn!
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:57am fred von helsing:

a puh-ROON !
  Thu. 2/9/12 7:57am dirty old man:

@robin: No joke, I'm slowly turning purple. I've got big purple spots all over my hands that are spreading up my arms.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:00am Robin The Fog:

Dirty, thinking of these days as a 'purple patch'!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:03am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Israel, Earth, Milky Way):

My fav Thursday hours. end of work week, Meghan and Jason and then home. sweet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:05am Meghan:

Awww, you are too sweet! Hello Yair!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:05am fred von helsing:

I'm diggin' this song
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:06am Meghan:

part one wasn't as groovy as this one
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:07am Dead Corporate Eyes:

good morning! Lulu had a "Dirty Old Man" with Duane Allman on guitar.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:07am Parq:

All these singers are talking about "dirty old man" like it's a bad thing.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:07am Elwyn:

I haven't seen Christa Hughes perform in ages. She used to be in Machine Gun Fellatio and then they broke up.

I don't think I have ever been to a show where she didn't go topless. These days, I think she MCs circuses and doesn't do the topless thing anymore!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:08am Meghan:

I was amazed at the amount of dirty old man songs there was!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:08am Chuck:

Wait, Meghan, you just wrote "groovy". A clear sign you're getting old. Ha!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:08am Robin The Fog:

Was that the Christa Hughes track that sounded a bit like The Slits?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:09am Meghan:

yes Robin..... it was Groovy Chuck. That isn't old, it just makes you groove!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:09am jeff p:

Dirty Old Woman? Is this a song for Jess?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:10am Meghan:

HA! Yes it is!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:10am Robin The Fog:

Never heard of her before. Am going to investigate further!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:11am PKNY:

Perfect timing on the 'old' theme. I was in NYC last night to see Anthrax...getting home at 1 AM and getting up for work at 5:30 AM is much more brutal than it used to be.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:11am ellesbells:

so much fun musics
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:12am fred von helsing:

DOMs all present and accounted for
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:13am jeff p:

"My Milkshake"?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:14am Robin The Fog:

'My milkshake is not fully out there' still sounds rude....
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:14am jeff p:

"my neck, my back"?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:15am Chuck:

Damn! Now I'm really sad my computer went down. Missed the deadline...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:16am Elwyn:

I'm fairly sure this South African is NOT Dave Matthews... unless Meghan has a deathwish.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:16am Caryn:

I got distracted for a minute, and am now confused about this milkshake discussion...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:17am Chuck:

You don't want to know, Caryn!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:17am Marmalade Kitty:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:18am Meghan:

Thanks Ellesbells!

No Elwyn.... definitely NOT Dave Matthews.... Not even CLOSE! (I'll say he's not even the correct skin tone!)
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:18am Caryn:

@Chuck: hmm, should I take your word for it?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:18am Van in DC:

Yes, good morning!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:19am Dave B:

Back on line (from work)
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:19am Marmalade Kitty:

evening Elwyn! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:19am Meghan:

Morning MKitty and Van!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:20am Elwyn:

Evening Kitty!

Where did evil Brady go during the dirty old man set?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:20am Caryn:

Rodney Graham, not to be confused with old timer & comedic actor (actually, probably the late comedic actor) Ronny Graham.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:21am Chuck:

Trust me, Caryn. But if you're curious enough listen to the archive for the part you missed and the time frame of the comments from that period...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:21am Dave B:

@Elwyn - subterranean travels to the office.

Early morning meetings today
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:22am Elwyn:

@Chuck: I've made substantial progress on my biker scout costume but expect to have delays because they changed the requirements specification to have it as an approved costume. I now need a bunch of clothing made for it.
I can get you enough T-tracks for the blaster rifle for $50 but will probably pay later this month.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:22am Chuck:

Love some Joni!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:23am jeff p:

geez, am I listening to the WFMU-AM Gold show?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:23am Caryn:

"Blue" was the first Joni album I bought.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:24am Elwyn:

@Caryn: Same here... but then, I only own Blue and Heija.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:24am Meghan:

Don't worry Jeff- we got rock coming up
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:24am Chuck:

Okay, Elwyn. No rush, I've had to many problems of late to have even worked on the blaster...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:25am Van in DC:

Same here, regarding "Blue"
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:25am Chuck:

My first Joni was "Ladies of the Canyon"...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:27am Marmalade Kitty:

Is "Blue" good, I've not heard it. I almost bought it, but went for "Court and Spark" instead..
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:27am Dave B:

Chachi had the first Joni
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:28am Chuck:

Both GREAT choices, MKitty! I have both...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:28am Elwyn:

@Chuck: I know things have been tough.

@Kitty: I think "Blue" is easily regarded as one of her best. If you get my mixtape, you'll get one awesome song from "Blue": "River".
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:29am Caryn:

I actually originally bought "Blue" in my youth after it was lauded in several scenes of "ER".
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:31am Chuck:

"The Hissing of Summer Lawns" is another Joni release you should check out everyone...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:31am Dave B:

One sign of aging... Swollen Joints.

  Thu. 2/9/12 8:32am Caryn:

@Chuck: Is "Ladies of the Canyon" good? I've thought about getting it.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:33am jeff p:

Speaking for myself, if I never hear another Joni Mitchel song ever again it will be too soon.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:33am KevinWho:

Attack! Yes!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:34am Dave B:

I'm sorry but "Ladies Of The Canyon" reads like a Russ Meyer movie title, followed up with "Beyond The Ladies Of The Canyon"

(and I'm with ya Jeff P)
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:35am Chuck:

Abso-freakin-lutely, Caryn! It is a very early release from her, like 1970 or so...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:36am Elwyn:

@Caryn: Ah! It's been so long since my music purchases have been influenced by TV.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:36am Chuck:

It's worth it just to get the song "Circle Game"...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:36am glenn:

i don't necessarily need to hear joni again, there are quite a few joni songs by others i like. especially urge for going by tom rush.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:37am Dave B:

@Elwyn - was this your las TV influenced purchase?

  Thu. 2/9/12 8:38am Kath:

Oh crap, I forgot it was Thursday!!!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:38am Chuck:

Unfortunately, my house mate doesn't care for Joni either. She says Joni's voice gives her a headache....
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:39am Cheri Pi:

I look forward to that show Meghan! One of my favorites from last year.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:39am Chuck:

Forgetting what day of the week it is happens to me all the time, Kath! Welcome!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:40am suea:

Joni is one of those acquired tastes. For me, it's like shrimp - just makes me feel icky.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:40am Caryn:

@Elwyn: well, they kept going on about it so much, I figured I'd check it out! TV mainly influences me if they play a good song on a show. But occasionally, the mention of a band or an album intrigues me enough to get me to find out more or sometimes to just buy the album.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:40am Elwyn:

@Evil One: I've never watched that show and only recognise two musicians on that.

Still a little surprised that Enrique did a good cover of Springsteen's "Sad Eyes"...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:41am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Israel, Earth, Milky Way):

what about Jethru Tull's Too Old To Rocknroll?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:41am Dave B:

@sues - for me, tripe...

  Thu. 2/9/12 8:41am Chuck:

I'll take the shrimp for ya, suea!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:42am suea:

@Chuck... There will always be replacements in the ranks. Unfortunately.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:42am Robin The Fog:

I love TMBG soooo much. 'Older' would also have been an appropriate choice...
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:43am suea:

oh chuck! i meant that for your earlier comment. not the shrimp one.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:43am vanya:

@yair - usually they keep it for the encore!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:45am Chuck:

Oh well, suea. Just thought I could get more shrimp!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:45am Angry Samoans:

My Old Man's A Fatso!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:46am Chuck:

WooHoo! The Bristols!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:47am suea:

i am imagining this song being sung by Yo-Landi Vi$$er
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:47am Caryn:

I wonder if any WFMU listener would've asked for Robbie Williams' "I Hope I'm Old Before I Die"...
I actually like Joni more as a songwriter than as a singer. I have to be in the right mood to enjoy her singing. But when I'm in the mood: yay Joni!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:48am Caryn:

Yay, The Bristols! Forgot about this song.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:48am Chuck:

And a brilliant song writer she is, Caryn....
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:49am Caryn:

Damn straight, Chuck!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:50am Chuck:

Now that great song writers have been brought up, has Joan Armatrading ever made it into the park, Meghan?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:52am Chuck:

Or Eric Anderson?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:52am Meghan:

Nope she hasn't

On a side note.... my cold coffee tastes like taco shells.... very odd
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:53am Chuck:

Taco shells? That is so weird!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:53am Caryn:

@Meghan: maybe the remains of yesterday's taco lunacy linger in the studio?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:53am Meghan:

I know! I am getting a distinct corn chip after taste
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:54am siggi:

or is it
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:54am Kath:

Is that an new Starbucks flavor?
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am KevinWho:

Descendents! Wooooooooooooo! Perfect! Thanks!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am Rob:

Fingers crossed for '50 Yr Old Man' by The Fall...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am Meghan:

maybe my coffee cup is made of a taco bowl!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am Kath:

Perhaps Taco Bell has merged with Dunkin Donuts
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am Robin The Fog:

Great show today, Meghan! Let's hope we all grow old disgracefully!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/9/12 8:55am Meghan:

awww, sorry Rob.... this is the last song!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:56am Chuck:

The Park is closing on a smashing note!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:56am still b/p:

We enjoyed the new Wednesday morning feature, Taco Talk, yesterday, and it undoubtedly left plenty of essence and crumblies.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:56am Rob:

Arg! Never mind!
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:57am Dave B:

OK - THIS T-Shirt makes sense...

  Thu. 2/9/12 8:57am Caryn:

Rob, maybe Meghan will include that in the soon-to-be theme show: songs about middle age.
  Thu. 2/9/12 8:59am Caryn:

Well, Dave, it is meant to be "absurdo".
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