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Options February 16, 2012: Autobiographical Birthday Show (another year older....)

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
The Chameleons  Second Skin   Options John Peel Sessions    0:00:00 ()
Tom Tom Club  Suboceana   Options     0:06:06 ()
Sinead O'Connor  Just Like U Said it Would B   Options The Lion and the Cobra    0:10:38 ()
The Mighty Lemon Drops  Where Do We Go (From Heaven)   Options     0:15:01 ()
The Church  Reptile   Options Starfish    0:20:24 ()
The House of Love  Cut the Fool Down   Options A Spy in the House of Love    0:25:19 ()
The The  This is the Day   Options Soul Mining    0:28:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:33:15 ()
My Bloody Valentine  Soon   Options Glider EP    0:41:06 ()
Ride  Vapour Trail   Options Nowhere    0:47:25 ()
Chapterhouse  Pearl   Options Whirlpool    0:51:37 ()
Blur  Bang   Options Leisure    0:56:31 ()
The Stone Roses  Made of Stone   Options The Stone Roses    0:59:57 ()
Charlatans  Sonic   Options Some Friendly    1:04:13 ()
Happy Mondays  Step On   Options Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches    1:07:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       1:12:49 ()
Sonic Youth  Schizophrenia   Options Sister    1:20:18 ()
Bleach  Wipe It Away   Options Bleach    1:24:59 ()
The Smiths  Barbarism Begins At Home   Options Meat Is Murder    1:28:57 ()
The Cure  Primary   Options Faith    1:35:50 ()
The Bubblemen  The Bubblemen are Coming   Options     1:39:28 ()
INXS  Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)   Options Listen Like Thieves    1:44:13 ()
Michael Hutchence  The Green Dragon   Options Dogs In Space Soundtrack    1:49:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:50:24 ()
Bauhaus  Slice of Life   Options Burning From the Inside    1:57:20 ()
Joy Division  Atmoshere   Options Substance    2:00:48 ()
Sisters of Mercy  Flood II   Options Floodland    2:04:59 ()
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Take Me Back   Options Hyaena    2:12:06 ()
Killing Joke  Love Like Blood   Options 12" 80's Alternative    2:14:38 ()
Nitzer Ebb  Lightening Man   Options Showtime    2:21:16 ()
Ministry  Stigmata   Options Land of Rape and Honey    2:26:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:31:57 ()
Roxy Music  Avalon   Options Street Life- Greatest Hits    2:37:14 ()
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians  Flesh Number One   Options Globe of Frogs    2:41:04 ()
The Ocean Blue  Between Something and Nothing   Options The Ocean Blue    2:43:34 ()
Graham Parker  Get Started   Options     2:47:41 ()
Midnight Oil  Warakurna   Options Diesel and Dust    2:52:52 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/16/12 6:01am Caryn:

Aw, bless! Widdle Meghan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:03am Meghan:

haha! I thought I had posted that one before.... Innocent once..... but only once!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:03am Dave B:

Hey hey hey
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:03am T-Zero:

Happy Birthday! Meghan.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:05am Dave B:

Oh yeah! HMFBD!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:06am Meghan:

awww, thanks guys!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:06am Roy:

Happy Birthday! Keep on the good Vibes Meghan.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:10am pierre:

Bonjour & Joyeux Anniversaire Meghan !!!
We ca sense that you're going to grab the hell out of this cake.

(bonjour listeners, is everybody wearing his brithday hat?)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:12am Nathan:

Good start to the show... and a Happy Birthday Meghan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:13am Meghan:

So many birthdays this month! Happy Birthday to both Pierre and Dave! And Ken's is the day after mine (18th) and Michael Van Laar is today!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:13am Dave B:

The candles won't stay up in the fruitcups
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:14am Caryn:

Happy early birthday, Meghan! Are you currently sitting there in a pink gingham dress with a cake in front of you? You know, to go with the rest of the reminiscing?
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:15am T Hanley:

Good Morning and Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:16am marika:

wwwwoop wwwoooop!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:17am Meghan:

If only I had me a cute gingham dress..... and hell, I'd love to have that cake! Every year my mom made us red velvet cakes for our birthdays (and they were amazing and not like the super trendy red velvet everything now a-days...)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:17am Dave B:

I look at February births being conceived in the passionate lust of May springtime, unlike those April Fool's Day January kids
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:22am pierre:

red velvet… (hmmm another new recipe to me, the french guy that doesn't know a thing about american food culture, but wants to learn…)

@Dave B : our parents knows what's best :)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:24am T Hanley:

Yeah What makes it Red anyway?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:25am Meghan:

it's funny to think there is a food culture here in the States.... When I think of food here I think it's a real mix of all the different cuisines that came here.

The red came from 2 (count them TWO!) bottles of food coloring!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:27am T Hanley:

Nice! At least it's not from the blood of the oppressed! LOL!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:28am pierre:

when i asked my parents, american friends, about things to eat and american specialités, i've been told about cherries from the great lake region, big steack, sea food from the east coast, thing made with corn… a lot of recipes, lots of culture, i'm guessing it's very interesting, the u.s. is so big.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:29am Dave B:

@Tom H - or the non-believers!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:29am Caryn:

@T Hanley: traditionally, the red colour comes from the anthocyanin in cocoa powder reacting with other ingredients, but food colourings are used a lot for a richer red colour (especially as cocoa powder has changed over the years to be less reactive). When certain food stuffs were sparse during WWII, beets were used for colouring.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:30am T-Zero:

Yay! This is one of my favorite songs. (The the)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:30am Meghan:

I think american cuisine is finally coming into focus actually. People are now finally using seasonal items. When I think of American food I think of crappy fast food. It was our horrible culture that started that. And I think of all the obesity here in the states.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:35am T Hanley:

Wow so if you used raw cacao it would probably work?
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:36am Caryn:

@T Hanley: It should, if you have a recipe, where there's an acid/alkali reaction, like buttermilk and vinegar, which was the norm.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:37am pierre:

@Meghan : i kind of see why, in the meantime, i visited an american shop here in paris with my girlfriend (who's american) and she made me discover a lot of stuff, which was really great.
And in a lot of ways, i love the kid of food, and preparations we can find find from across the atlantique.
(btw Meghan, i had you're mail, and everything is taken care of, it's a bit of work, i'm gonna see what i can do) :)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:38am Dave B:

You know your getting old when the music you listened to in high school is being played on "classic rock / oldies" radio stations

Just sayin
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:39am Jennie:

Happy birthday morning Megan!!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:40am Jennie:

Meghan that is :). Silly iPhone
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:41am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Oh god I remember wearing out that The The tape too..
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:41am Dave B:

Is the "server of fruit cups and coffee" up for adoption this year?
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:41am Caryn:

When specific mix tapes go up, will you tell people what kind of music is on it, or are people going to be bidding blind, maybe based just on who did the tape?
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:43am T-Zero:

@Colin: that song was released on their fist album... I wonder why it was renamed That was the Day on their comps...
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:44am northguineahills:

Most awesome wakeup song EVER!
(...and no insomnia this week)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:44am Caryn:

@T-Zero: Because the day was already in the past by the time the comps were released? That would be very meta.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:44am Meghan:

@Pierre Cool Thanks! Thought it was a nice design!

Thanks Jennie!!

Yes it is Dave.... yes it is....

Caryn- I will play tracks off it... so people get an idea of what they are getting..... and I took pics of them, so they will get to see the art work
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 6:45am Meghan:

Hooray for no insomnia! And hooray for My Bloody Valentine wake up
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:46am T-Zero:

@Caryn: LOL I was just pondering that myself when I checked to see if I'd mistyped the title in my dbase or if was named that way on the album.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:48am Dave B:

Just switched over to the website. All I can say is "awwwww, what a cutie"

With the adoption plea you need to use that picture, some really sad music and a V.O. from Sally Struthers "won't you please adopt Meghan. For just fifty cents a day you can ensure she will continue tickling your auditory nerves every Thursday"
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:48am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

@T-Zero It was a big record in 1983-I was a freshman in college...was played a lot in the dorms as recall..I think it charted higher in Canada.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:48am Caryn:

@Meghan: Cool, that way we'll get some idea of what type of tapes they are, even if we don't win them. Looking forward to what some of my fellow (comments) board members have cooked up.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:49am maestroso:

Happy Birthday Meghan!
Love the music, and the photo is adorable!
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:50am Caryn:

@Dave B: yeah! "Thanks to your generous pledge, maybe Meghan can have red velvet cake again some day..."
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:52am northguineahills:

Feliz Cumpleanos! Judging by the playlist, it looks exactly like they played at a certain Einsteins-a-go-go in Jacksonville Beach 1990-1998.
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:53am T-Zero:

@Colin: Where I was, I never heard anyone else play it much, but I loved it. In fact, I like almost all The the albums. (BTW: I was long out of uni by then ;) )
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:53am Dave B:

"she can play in the Theme Park again"
~bwah bwah bwaaaah~
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:55am T-Zero:

Heh, Einstein a go-go. I played that song to death, too, from Landscape's album
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:56am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

@T-Zero Yeah it is nearly perfectly crafted pop music, production values like later Beatles(that more your uni years!? ;)
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:57am Dave B:

That Skooly-D sample was prevalent back then, huh?
  Thu. 2/16/12 6:57am T-Zero:

@Colin: mid 70s
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:00am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

@T-Zero, Not that far behind-the epic age of Steely Dan!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:03am Dave B:

Setting the WABAC machine a question.

What sort of portable picnic play did you have back then to play you fuzzy warbles on?

Me? http://www.walkmancentral.com/products/wm-2

Bonus points if you know the film the question was appropriated from
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:03am T-Zero:

@Colin: Yeah. Pretzel Logic came out when I was a sr in h-school... didn't listen to them too much though
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:04am Caryn:

Meghan's high school soundtrack seems very similar to my 6th grade onwards soundtrack...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:05am Dave B:

picnic play = picnic player

stupid iphone
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:06am Caryn:

@Dave B: in answer to your Clockwork Orange-y question, (depending on the grade) walkman & portable cd player. Can't remember the exact makes, though. (I still have the cd player, though, somewhere.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:10am Meghan:

This is the closest I could find to matching the one I had.... www.walkmancentral.com...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:12am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

@T-Zero- I've only started listening to the mid 70's non punk stuff like Steely Dan and Fleetwod Mac etc.. lately on original vinyl and high end headphones with some errr artificial stimulation-as it was meant to be heard I'm sure...there is so much art in the production of these songs.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:14am T-Zero:

@Meghan: Today's show is a nice gift to us. Thanks!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:14am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Happy Mondays...now this has given me an LSD flashback to Graduate School...thanks Meghan!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:15am Dave B:

@caryn - extra fruit cup for you!

i had and still have this. still works, still portable. NOT walk friendly
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:18am Dave B:

be thankful its "marathon" and not "carousel"
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:19am Caryn:

@Dave B: thanks for the fruit cup! Having gone through the Walkman pages, I believe my dad had a TCM-17, my brother had a WM-2, which he later traded for a WM-B12, and I had a WM-1, which was then replaced by the D-66.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:21am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

You had to be a shoplifter in the golden age of the record industry. I had a special trenchcoat for this purpose.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:21am Chuck:

Zowie, I totally forgot what day it is. Greetings, all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:23am Meghan:

Bad day to forget Chuck! Bad day to forget...... now you have to go back and listen!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:24am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:27am eric:

Just joining! And sad I missed the first two sets! It's like a soundtrack for my college years! I never get tired of the Mighty Lemon Drops.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:27am Meghan:

morning Elwyn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:28am Meghan:

Don't worry Eric..... It will just keep getting better... I promise!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:28am northguineahills:

Yep, this is going to be a set I revisit in the archives.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:31am Caryn:

Aw, my first Smiths album...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:31am eric:

I believe it. I love the Megan autobiography shows!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:32am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Golden oldies for Gen-X! A crack on the head...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:33am Dave B:

Chuck, I gave your fruit cup to Caryn
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:34am Meghan:

I am the end of Gen X. My brother is at the beginning. I hate when media labels the wrong generations Gen X. Read the book assholes, then you'd know! ha!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:35am Elwyn:

The media these days has degenerated to reporting comments from Facebook and Twitter too much.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:36am Caryn:

Aw, sorry Chuck! We can share the fruit cup.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:38am Chuck:

Don't worry about it, Caryn. I'm not awake enough yet to eat...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:38am other david:

Morning all, really loving this show :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:40am Meghan:

hello Other David! haven't seen you in a while! Welcome back!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:41am T-Zero:

@Meghan, now that really causes me to feel old lol... I guess I was born at the end of the baby boom.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:42am Dead Corporate Eyes:

happy birthday, I assume!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:43am Meghan:

Thanks DCE! it's tomorrow, but let's be honest.... it's celebrated all month long!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:44am dirty old man:

Hi Megan and Happy Birthday.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:45am other david:

@Meghan - my days have moved around and cant listen in as often as I'd like, boo-urns I say.

Happy birthday!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:47am Meghan:

Big BOO-urns! Well I am glad you made it today!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:47am Chuck:

Meghan, I'll be down on Saturday for certain. Don't know what time exactly. I have to go to Brooklyn first to drop off resin castings...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:48am eric:

When Meghan does this show, I think she might have swiped my CD collection. I better go check!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:48am Meghan:

early afternoon would be the best for me. planning on going to the gym late morning...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:49am Chuck:

Very well...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 7:49am Meghan:

Oh Eric..... I promise this is my very own! I listened to all of these so many times I know them inside and out!
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:51am Chuck:

BTW, do you know any good Asian markets near you? Need to get the cool ingredients I can't get up here...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:51am Caryn:

Almost thought that was a Jackanory I'd missed...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:55am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Saw the Smiths several times...I was on the bus in Canada for the Queen is Dead tour! Morrissey hit on me. Unforgettable.
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:55am Dave B:

Elwyn - cue you AEA reference
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:55am Chuck:

Michael Hutchence is quite cold now...
  Thu. 2/16/12 7:59am T-Zero:

Yay! Another favorite... (Bauhaus)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:00am Jeff P:

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Wayback Machine!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:00am Meghan:

@Colin- SWOON! so freaking jealous!!!

@Chuck.... do I have Asian grocery stores near me..... boy is that an understatement! Sue used to come down here to go shopping! You want Thai? Korean? Japanese? Indian? I can guide you to many different ones!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:02am Chuck:

All of the above, Meg! I get that info from you when I'm there...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:02am Jeff P:

Did you guys see the story about the Joy Division and New Order master tapes being found in a basement?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:03am Jeff P:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:03am Meghan:

no.... At Factory Records? I wouldn't be surprised
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:03am eric:

Joy Division is a band that I think I like more today than I even did then.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:04am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

@Me3ghan....I'm jealous of me when I look back! I'm not that me anymore. Seems all so fab now. A magic time before the Internet. Being cool was hard then.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:04am Caryn:

@Jeff P: yep! I particularly liked the gold, jewelry and guns found alongside the tapes. Makes it all seem like the results of a heist movie. (let's just ignore the boring bank story)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:05am T-Zero:

@eric: Same here...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:05am Meghan:

Why is there not a picture of this! Stupid Jamie Oliver.... why did you not snap a picture with your cell phone camera.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:06am Meghan:

Yes Colin.... being cool was much harder then... NOW I sound old!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:07am Caryn:

@Meghan: maybe he did but is saving them for the tapes' release? Why give them to NME?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:08am Chuck:

Being cool isn't hard! It just something you have or have not. There is no trying...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:08am eric:

Has anyone ever secretly tried to dance like Ian Curtis just to see what it's like? No? Well, me either...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:08am northguineahills:

Holy Zarathustra! I just listening to Floodland last night! (Been listening to all of my non-mp3 media in alphabetical order since sept 2008.)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:08am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Meghan...yeah I remember a two-hour bus ride from the burbs to get a NME, records, fashion...no instant access. Felt like such a damn hero dressed in black...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:09am kath:

good morning high schoolers! looks good meg!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:10am Davice:

Sounding good this am, Megan. I'm finally starting to wake up.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:10am T-Zero:

lol@ northguineahills ... Guess doing it in alphabetical order makes it easier to keep track... Mine are in total disarray... (except the CDs, which are alphabetized)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:12am Meghan:

I remember taking the train into Boston to get my creepers, go record shopping, thrift store shopping and when you saw a fellow goth/punk kid it was kind of a nod to each other since you didn't see many in your own town. Though, I was lucky, my town did have a fairly cool amount of people there. But you did have to search out new music and dig real deep. I'd love to relive one of those days going into Harvard Square. Smoking cloves, hair in my eyes....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:12am Chuck:

YOU feel old, Meghan? Wait until you get to the fourth decade and scratch you head asking, "How the HELL did I get HERE?"
Yay, Souixsie!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:13am other david:

*pulls curtains, lights cigarette and pours wine*
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:14am eric:

Wait a minute... I was a goth and didn't know it??? Man, I didn't even know how cool I was.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:14am northguineahills:

@T-zero, It's a total against my normal music listening practice (none of the instant cathartic release for that one song you want to hear), but, I've have discovered and rediscovered so many records, tapes, etc. that I didn't like when I first bought them.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:16am Jeff P:

The only thing that's better about getting old is the (normally) greater spending power to get all the stuff you couldn't get when you were younger.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:16am Jessica Amsterdam Holland:

Djeez, great playlist for a grey afternoon in Amsterdam. Thanks and congrats, make it a good year!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:16am kath:

OOOO! One of my most fav songs ever and the first song I officially danced to. (Love Like Blood)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:17am T-Zero:

@northguineahills: Know what you mean, I recently completed a project cataloguing my collection... took forever, as I kept stopping to listen to stuff.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:18am Cheri Pi:

I'm so sad that I can't listen live to this show today Meghan, but i"ll listen to it in the archives as soon as you post it!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:18am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Meghan...you're from my '80s alt/goth tribe! So dorky now that I think about it but I do remember the friendliness of strangers linked only by style, the fast friends in late night dance clubs, wishing I was gay or at least bi so I could be cooler...actually did make a trip to Boston as the Pixies were ascendant so I caught the tail end of your scenester years I think. Maybe saw you at a Pixies show?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:19am Caryn:

Currently not owning any music in MP3 form, I constantly feel old and behind the times.
@eric: with you, dude. Wore lots of black, listened to all this music, never thought about the goth thing... Then again, I listened to such a wide range of music, I don't think I was a goth.
BTW, love how the gif is in beat with the song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:20am Meghan:

AMAZINGLY I never saw the Pixies back in the day. Since they were so local I kept saying- oh next one... I'll see them next time. And then there wasn't a next time. I was heart broken. I have seen them since, but I have now vowed that I will NEVER miss a show and say I'll see them next time
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:21am Jeff P:

@Meghan: I feel the same way about Nirvana. Not as cool, same sentiment.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:22am kath:

Oh another FAV, Lightning Man!!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:22am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Oh god Meghan-oh the humanity! That's the curse of cool stuff being local. Local ant-pride.."if they're from here I can see them any time/they suck anyway." Big mistake!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:23am Dave B:

From an article Patton Oswalt wrote for Wired: "There are no more hidden thought-palaces—they’re easily accessed websites, or Facebook pages with thousands of fans"

  Thu. 2/16/12 8:23am Elwyn:

I'm still annoyed I missed Dean & Britta last year.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:24am Elwyn:

Actually I'm just really cranky tonight. I fell off the non-smoking wagon on the weekend and tonight is my first night back on the wagon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:24am Meghan:

Elwyn you should be more pissed you missed Grinderman. I have seen both and I'd be more pissed about Grinderman
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:24am Cheri Pi:

by gawd I found the alternative streams page!!!Come to daddy!!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:25am Nathan:

I cooked your goose! ... I had a whole dance routine to this song...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:25am weiterso:

the 80th, when 'everybody was death'
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:25am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Dave B: that's right on the money. I remember when Starbucks was cool. Really.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:25am Meghan:

hahahaha! Nice Cheri Pi!

Oh Nathan I wanna see this!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:26am kath:

@E, I was wondering why you were so quiet!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:27am T-Zero:

Holy crap. How do I not have any Nitzer Ebb...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:27am Meghan:

I worked at Starbucks when it was cool. oh back in the days.....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:28am Jeff P:

Heh. For me most of this music is from the early 90's. I didn't really listen to it until I was out of college.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:28am Nathan:

It was great for interpretive dance. My brain started sending the old programming to the muscles but they were just twitching.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:29am Meghan:

T-Zero.... best comment! ha!

Wakey wakey everyone!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:29am Elwyn:

@Kath: Been doing housework while listening. My home is a mess and I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with this weekend. I want to go to Roller Disco on Sat night and a short-film festival Tropfest on Sun night and gym during the daytime of each of those days. Not sure when I'll fit in housework and cleaning the mousecage.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:30am kath:

Meg, HB! Best Show Ever!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:30am Chuck:

Just throw some fresh cedar shavings around, Elwyn. hehe...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:31am Tom:

Ministry is awesome!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:31am Meghan:

I consider myself old Goth..... Where Peter Murphy was king and Siouxsie was queen. Once Marilyn Manson showed up I was long gone
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:31am kath:

Haha @Chuck!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:31am maja:

ah good! i could use some energy over here! hi all
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:32am Dave B:

@chuck - or a python in.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:32am Elwyn:

@Chuck: I've been told that I shouldn't use wood shavings because the fine particules ruin their little lungs. Anyway, whenever I get home, there is the distinct and faint smell of pet mice poop. Cleaning the cage is the best feeling.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:32am kath:

I am a closet Goth myself...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:33am Chuck:

Got a Shoegazer set coming, Meghan?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:34am kath:

I mostly hung out wiith the guys too Meg. So lucky I had Dave B!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:34am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Still like the palate-cleanse of burnt Starbucks coffee and Ministry. Smells like something. Long past Marilyn's time but I would have been along for a ride; in his old turf right now in Palm Beach. Vanilla Ice is one of my neighbours. (for reals!)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:34am northguineahills:

I was a closet goth and a closet hippie. They used to do-si-do in closet until I let them out.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:35am Dave B:

Aw shucks Kath....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:36am Chuck:

I toasted my vinyl copy of "Hyaena". All Siouxsie is on CD now....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:36am Elwyn:

Whoa! You liked hanging out with the evil one? :-)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:37am Dave B:

Hey Meghan, is there a Facebook app/link/badge for Marathon/Carousel?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:38am kath:

Oh Meg, you are killing me today! I love it all!!!! Big Roxy fan too!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:38am Dave B:

Elwyn, my evilness precedes me.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:38am kath:

And Avalon is the ONLY music I can handle when I have a bad headache, so it get's a lot of mileage!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:39am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Oh god this is the 5-am seduction record after clubbing....thanks for all the orgasms Bryan Ferry!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:40am Meghan:


is this what you are looking for Dave?
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:40am kath:

He is the KING of Melancholia, for me anyway...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:42am Chuck:

Yay, Robyn!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:42am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Archduke of Melancholia at least.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:44am Dave B:

Perfecto Meghan!

Gotta bail a little early and find a spot on the other side of the street. Have a great weekend all. I'll see you in Detention Meghan
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:44am Meghan:

See you in Detention!!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:45am Caryn:

Dredged up a memory from my upper-secondary school days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vNk4K3YaIc
Now I'm just left wondering about Harvey Keitel and the finger puppets...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:46am eric:

John Wesley Harding/The Ocean Blue/The Mighty Lemon Drops...what a concert!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:47am Meghan:

saw that concert. The bassist of the Ocean Blue was flirting with me
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:47am kath:

I don't think I ever knew who did this song, (Between Something and Nothing). Meg, can you put some of these in the Drop??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:48am Meghan:

lemme know what you want! I can drop the entire show in there if you want....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:49am kath:

Oh yeah! Put the show, if not too much trouble. My Valentine Party is in my drop right now.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:49am Chuck:

WooHoo, Graham! I shook his hand once and turned into a little girl: "I'm NEVER washing this hand again!"
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:49am mohawkdave!:

Good morning all! Wow-Ocean Blue; this brings back memories.....I can't remember about what though. Great show! Wish I didn't miss most of it! I missed Sisterssssss....urrrrr.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:50am Jeff P:

This show is after your time, Mohawk Dave
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:51am Meghan:

morning Mohawkdave! the archives is where it's at! oh yeah!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:52am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Love to hear some feedback from the cool kids in the Detention room on my OKCupid profile...I'm route66cyclist This is what Goths look like 25 years later!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:54am Meghan:

I would if I could....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:55am T-Zero:

Definitely a show to be bookmarked in the archive! Thanks, Meghan! Hope you have a fantastic b-day.
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:56am northguineahills:

Have a tretastic b-day, this was awesome!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/16/12 8:56am Meghan:

Thanks T-Zero. You could also go back and listen to last years as well. I have an all Boston set and my 4AD set in that one....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:56am other david:

Awesome show Meghan, thank you :)
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:56am Chuck:

This whole show has been drop dead AWESOME, Meghan! Thanks so much!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:57am eric:

Thanks! Awesome show!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:57am Colin from Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Happy Birthday Meghan-you gave yourself a great gift!
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:58am Caryn:

Lovely show, Meghan! Took me back...
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:58am mohawkdave!:

@ jeff p: My time is everlasting....
  Thu. 2/16/12 8:58am hamburger:

waaaow - late - but happy birthday!
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