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Options January 5, 2012: It's a New Year!.... with Dave B!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Sacred Spirit  A New Dawn   Options Jazzy Chill Out  0:00:00 ()
Jazzanova  Another New Day   Options In Between  0:04:20 ()
Björk  New World   Options Selmasongs  0:09:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     0:13:56 ()
Jerry Harrison  The New Adventure   Options The Red and The Black  0:21:38 ()
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra  Gabe's New Joint   Options Talkatif  0:25:51 ()
Calypso King and the Soul Investigators  Brand New Potatoes   Options Soul Strike  0:29:40 ()
Pigbag  Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag   Options Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag 12"  0:32:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     0:38:11 ()
Jeff Buckley  New Year's Prayer   Options Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk  0:48:25 ()
Yair Yona  The Bright New Year   Options The Bright New Year  0:53:09 ()
Semisonic  Brand New Baby   Options Great Divide  0:54:24 ()
Ponies In The Surf  New Century Program   Options Ponies On Fire  0:58:20 ()
Yellow Dogs  New Century   Options No One Knows About Persian Cats  1:00:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     1:04:09 ()
Neil Sedaka  Nw Year's Greeting   Options   1:11:10 ()
Weatherman and Wobbly  David's New Room   Options KFJC 14 May 00  1:11:37 ()
The Kids Of Widney High  New Car   Options Music From Special Kids  1:13:46 ()
Linda Young and the Silvertones  Good Luck In The New Year   Options Singapore A-Go-Go  1:17:06 ()
Dusty Springfield  Brand New Me   Options From Dusty... With Love  1:19:21 ()
Mae West  My New Year's Resolution   Options Wild Christmas  1:21:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     1:24:30 ()
F.F.F.  New Funk Generation   Options Blast Culture  1:30:09 ()
Fishbone  New and Improved Bonin'   Options Bonin' In The Boneyard  1:33:29 ()
Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX  I'm New Here   Options We're New Here  1:38:02 ()
Living Color  New Jack Theme   Options Time's Up  1:41:33 ()
24-7 Spyz  New Super Hero Worship   Options Gumbo Millennium  1:44:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     1:47:26 ()
Johnny Otis and His Orchestra  Happy New Year, Baby   Options Excelsior Single  1:55:42 ()
The Allen Brothers  A New Salty Dog   Options The Complete Recordings Volume 1  1:58:24 ()
Hopeless Homer  New Way Rockin'   Options Bayou Rockabilly Cats  2:01:22 ()
Lee Denson  New Shoes   Options That'll Flat Git It! Volume 1  2:03:20 ()
The Barbarians  What The New Breed Say   Options Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?  2:05:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     2:07:38 ()
Otis Redding and Carla Thomas  New Year's Resolution   Options Otis! The Definitive Otis Redding  2:13:47 ()
Clarence Reid  Tear You A New Heart   Options Dancin' With Nobody But You Babe  2:17:00 ()
The Universals  New Generation   Options Florida Funk  2:19:49 ()
Itals & Soul Brothers  New Loving   Options Studio 1 Killers Volume 3  2:22:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     2:25:47 ()
Scream  New Song   Options Still Screaming / This Side Up  2:29:02 ()
Hüsker Dü  New Day Rising   Options New Day Rising  2:30:42 ()
Them Crooked Vultures  New Fang   Options Them Crooked Vultures  2:33:01 ()
Rage Against The Machine  New Millennium Homes   Options The Battle Of Los Angeles  2:36:55 ()
Dokaka  New Angel Of Death   Options The Dokaka Discography  2:40:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
RU(bbi)SH     2:43:50 ()
Badluck  Da New School   Options Infinity  2:45:10 ()
The Coup  MindFuck (A New Equation)   Options Pick A Bigger Weapon  2:46:34 ()
KRS-One & Marley Marl  Nothing New   Options Hip Hop Lives  2:50:30 ()
Ice T.  New Jack Hustler   Options O.G. - Original Gangster  2:53:52 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/5/12 6:04am Meghan:

Good Morning Everyone! I'm back!!!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:05am Chuck:

Yes, you are...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:05am Dave B:

Me too!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:06am dirty old man:

Me too
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:07am abby in france:

hi meghan, chuck and dave b
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:08am Meghan:

bonjour Abby!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:08am Chuck:

Wish G'Kar would come back. He's been out all night I'm starting to worry....
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:10am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/5/12 6:12am dirty old man:

Doing the "Stray Cat Strut"
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:15am Chuck:

Isn't the first time he's done this. But it's really cold out even if you do have a fur coat...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:17am Marmalade Kitty:

Hey Meghan & DaveB!!! :D
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:20am Caryn:

Hello all!
G'Kar, come back! I'll borrow a Centauri action figure from a friend that you can bat around!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:21am Caryn:

Did you see the statue of Jimi Hendrix, Meghan?
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:22am Marmalade Kitty:

Hi Caryn chuck abby & dom!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:22am Dave B:

I thought it was Prince...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:23am Dave B:

Morning Abby, DoM, Chuck Marmalade and Caryn!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:23am Chuck:

Good morning to you as well, MKitty and Caryn!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:24am T-Zero:

  Thu. 1/5/12 6:25am Meghan:

Caryn... saw the Phil Lynott statue..... if that is what you are thinking.... posted an image up on the facebook site... http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150669296967729&set=a.372116137728.200485.168483837728&type=1&theater
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:27am Caryn:

Oh yeah, sorry, it's been a little over 6 years since I was there, and all I can remember are the pose and the hair. Hence the confusion :)
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:29am Caryn:

Also saw a life-size Imperial Tie Fighter in one of the modern art galleries... Was hanging out with a university professor friend of mine, who lectures on politics & popular music.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:30am Chuck:

The show seems to have a bit of a jazz lean to it today....
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:34am Caryn:

Well, Geldof did say that the Irish are the black people of Europe. Maybe Meghan is gonna go all jazz/R&B/soul today, because she was inspired. Or maybe I'm talking complete bull. Take your pick.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:34am Dave B:

fear not Chuck... not too jazzy, just somethin NEW!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:34am Chuck:

Pigbag, ay? Like the band name!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:36am Caryn:

Some pigbag with some sodabread = typical Irish breakfast. Once again, I may be talking out of my cloaca.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:36am Meghan:

Well since it's Dave's show.... he was so inspired then!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:37am Caryn:

Oh, you're nudging him along. Admit it, Meghan.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:38am Nathan:

I had a very weird WFMU based dream last night...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:38am Meghan:

I admit NOTHING!!!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:39am Meghan:

Nathan... you and I both! Had the nightmare....
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:40am Elwyn:

Happy Nude Year!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:40am Caryn:

Obviously, Meghan thinks I can't handle the truth... Of course, that would make her Nicholson and me Cruise, which means that she can get dates no matter how old she will get, and I'm a complete loon. Dammit!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:41am Chuck:

Yes, Dave, New Wolrd Man...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:42am Chuck:

Oops, that's World...
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:45am Chuck:

Thanks for the warning, Meg!
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:45am Caryn:

Dave, did you ever read the Star Trek novelization written by Roddenberry? It is awesome, because it includes all this meta commentary on the fans, including a passage on the Kirk/Spock slash fiction, as Spock ponders the rumours that he and Kirk are getting it on.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:45am dirty old man:

Skip the booze talk; any sheep?
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:45am Elwyn:

I tend to fall asleep when I drink too much.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:47am Caryn:

I tend to get drunk if I drink too much.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:47am Jefff:

And don't mix it with alcohol
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:49am Nathan:

It was very vivid involving almost everyone but basically it was some sort of WFMU NYE / XMAS show, i assumed that was the time, where all the dj's and various helpers were setting up for a massive 24 hour show. It took place in an auditorium of sorts, all the dj's were sitting around a central makeshift console of desks and computers pushed together facing inwards... I arrived with my friend Konrad... we arrived early, I believe because we're from London so on a different schedule.. as it was open to the public to come down and hang out. Folks slowly filtered in throughout the early morning.. there was a DJ Breakfast and I sat across from Ken and Scott McDowell. Notably throughout the breakfast, Ken was really quiet, which I pointed out to him. I had expected him to basically own the conversation not letting anyone else get a word in edge wise. Scott McDowell was railing on non-stop. My computer for some reason was next to me, playing a random selection from my music library... it was going along swimmingly until much to my embarrassment a song by some indie band, Low Gold came on while I was away from the computer. Ken quickly forwarded to the next song as I hurried back ashamedly.. saying that I needed to delete that album. I said something about melancholic crap. Scott said, "Melancholic? How is someone playing in D melancholic?" I was even more embarrassed and then I woke up. It was kind've a nightmare.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:50am Elwyn:

Wow. Even Evil Brady's background music is creepy.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:52am Richard from Venezuela:

Happy New Year Meghan.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:53am Dave B:

did you expect anything less Elwyn?
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:54am Meghan:

Wow Nathan! I guarantee that Ken would have been nicer!

My dream was that I had to rush on air but Pseu Braun was in one studio and I had to go to this other studio where Tom Sharpling and Ken were having a meeting and I had to kick them out because I was about to go on air. I get in there and people are filtering in and out talking loudly. I didn't have anything cued up and things kept going on top of each other. It was annoying. I had to kick people out while on mic and more people kept filtering in..... luckily I woke up to come here in the middle of this....
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:56am Meghan:

Caryn.... oh my god you had me giggling at your comment above......
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:58am Nathan:

Ken was nice, I just remembered that at one point during the breakfast he was smoking a spliff. So he was stoned, just staring and smiling most of the time but generally jolly.

Sounds like yours was a classic stress dream Meghan. I had the teeth falling out dream the night before... which was horrible.
  Thu. 1/5/12 6:59am Dave B:


  Thu. 1/5/12 7:00am Nathan:

I could murder a rodeo burger right now.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:01am Meghan:

Now Nathan... your part of the dream does sound like Ken.... hehe.

Yeah, all DJ's here have their DJ nightmare dreams. Usually equipment not working or not having any music.... I was amazed this one had to do with people bothering me in the studio. One dude talking on the phone loudly in another language and got hostile towards me when I told him to leave.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:02am Elwyn:

I'm glad I bought a kebab and felafels before coming home but the shop accidentally only gave me two felafels instead of three and didn't fry them.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:03am Dave B:

So, you have raw chickpeas?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:03am Meghan:

raw falafel?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:07am Caryn:

I'm wondering how the raw falafel is connected with Elwyn's earlier "nude year" comment...
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:07am Elwyn:

I think it was microwaved. I hate microwaved felafels!!!

The other guy at the shop fries them.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:10am Caryn:

@Nathan: I've had the "teeth falling out" dream twice. I still get the creeps thinking about it, since it seemed so lifelike.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:11am Nathan:

@Meghan I generally assume that most of the Dj's partake... well the dreams are spreading to the listeners now and don't you have Dave B in the studio today? Hmmm... ;)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:12am Elwyn:

Meghan is now more qualified!

Is it true that Guinness in Ireland tastes a thousand times better than exported Guinness?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:13am Dave B:

Yep Nathan, I'm here!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:14am Caryn:

I'm not Neil Sedaka, but I can inform you that Neil followed Elwyn's "happy nude year" advice... No matter how much we pleaded with him not to.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:14am Meghan:

I found that pulling of it had a different feel. You could feel the gases mix better. Guinness sends people out into Dublin to make sure that their taps run correctly as well. So yes.... it does taste a bit different
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:15am Chuck:

WFMU needs to have helium tanks handy in the studios....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:16am Dave B:

and/or nitrous!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:17am Caryn:

OMG, Dave, you just had to spring this on us! Of course, it does have "new" in the title, so I should've been prepared.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:21am Dave B:

That Widney High album is excellent!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:22am Elwyn:

Need discussion on Irish cheese now.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:22am Dave B:

They do make a good cheddar.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:27am Chuck:

We don't need no P.C. here....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:27am Caryn:

Funnily enough, the best Italian and Spanish restauranta I've ever been to have both been in Ireland. But any discussion of Irish food (though there's a lot of good stuff, especially seafood) always makes me think of what Denis Leary said: "I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, and I saw a book entitled "Irish Cuisine" and I laughed my balls off, okay? Irish Cuisine? What are we famous for cuisine-wise? We put everything in a pot and we boil it for seventeen-and-a-half hours straight. Until you can eat it with a straw."
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:28am Bobby D:

I think there is less talk on the AM band
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:32am Caryn:

Well, the word "pudding" originally comes from the French word "boudin", which comes from the Latin word for a small sausage, and originally meant encased meats in general. The modern uses of the word are later developments. And in the British Isles, they also use "pudding" to mean "dessert" in general. So they may ask you whether you want any pudding, even if the dessert is ice cream or cake or a fruit salad.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:32am Chuck:

Tip: Don't eat raw seafood and wash it down with gin and tonic. It doesn't work well...
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:32am Meghan:

Bobby..... This is FM.... not AM. And this is WFMU! not crappy boring AM radio. So go back to listening to your AM if you can't handle it! (finds her inner Jack Nicholson)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:35am PKNY:

Just got in the office, and the web stream sounds like static, anyone else having issues?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:36am Dave B:

PKNY - the flash stream sounds OK from here...
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:37am Elwyn:

Web stream sounds ok from Australia other than the high cheese content. :-)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:38am Caryn:

Flash stream fine here too. But maybe you're on one of the other streams?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:39am PKNY:

It's my computer, it was flaking out playing the stream in both iTunes and VLC. Rebooting now, sorry for any false alarms.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:40am Dave B:

Elywn - are you lactose intolerant? Next time I'll go lighter...
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:40am pierre:

Bonjour Dave B !
(Dave "the man" B)

Bonjour FMUers !!

smells like new here !
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:40am Meghan:

PKNY..... calling fire in a crowded theater....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:40am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre!!!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:41am Dave B:

Salut Pierre!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:41am Chuck:

Bonjour, Pierre!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:43am Chuck:

Yay! Living Color!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:43am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan !
Bonjour Chuck !

i'm working, so (once again) the archive will have to do what they do best.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:44am Meghan:

work.... always getting in the way....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:44am Chuck:

Vernon Reid is one the most whacked out guitarists with the way he plays....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:45am Dave B:

When you do Pierre, send me your feedback...
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:45am Dave B:

I caught Living Color on the tour for this album... good stuff.
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:46am Meghan:

And Pierre.... send me that art work..... Hamburger has submitted already! I need to pass in the artwork soon! eek!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:46am pierre:

@ Dave B : i'll totally do it, can't wait to hear your "nouveau" theme

@ Meghan : speaking of work, i've manage to finish the second illustration. Should i send it to you this evening? on the same adress?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:47am Chuck:

Wow, that's a while back now Dave... Have the album myself....
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:47am Meghan:

Same bat channel Pierre..... go for it!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:47am pierre:

@ Meghan : (crossed messages) yeah ! you'll have it tonight. :)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:48am pierre:

(which will be the evening for you)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:48am PKNY:

My bad *puts on dunce hat in corner* b/w 24-7 Spyz! Haven't heard them in a while, saw them play a bunch of times in the 80s/90s
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:50am pierre:

by the way, what did Hamburger do ? Was is an visual for the Jacket, or some t shirt ideas? (can't wait to see it)
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:52am Chuck:

And how about those mystery "ough" words? Consider the words "cough" and "tough". What's going on there!?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:53am Chuck:

How do you get an "f" sound out of that?
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:54am Caryn:

A favourite poem sadistic EFL teachers hand their students. But it is educational: http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2011/12/23/english-pronunciation/
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:58am Chuck:

This line from the poem is exactly my point, Caryn!
Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:58am Meghan:

I posted the image as the new profile image for the UWTP facebook page
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:58am jeff p:

Happy New Year, everyone! Imagine my surprise when I hopped into the car and heard the new background music behind Meghan and Dave!
  Thu. 1/5/12 7:59am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/5/12 7:59am earwax:

ghoti spells fish
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:00am jeff p:

I lol'd. Dave, you magnificent subversive bastard!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:01am Dave B:

Jeff P - i have it as a 7 minute loop on my iphone, and was planning to just sneak it into the mix. but I left the phone at home...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:02am Caryn:

I know, Chuck, right!?! There's so much English pronunciation that is not based on any rule, but just "well, you gotta learn every word individually, you can't infer how things are pronounced via other words". Great for comedians and poets, but tough for foreigners learning the language.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:05am Caryn:

Our translation English classes included lovely discussions on ghoti, and words like bairn and names like Dalziel (pronounced D-L).
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:06am pierre:

@ Meghan : This is so nice (^ >^)
now that i think about it, my pictures, might look a bit dark. But you'll be the judge of that :)
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:08am Chuck:

Proper names don't need any rules either, Caryn....
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:10am Caryn:

No they don't, Chuck, but you need to know how to pronounce them.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:12am Chuck:

True, Caryn. I've had my last name mispronounced more times than I can remember....
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:12am jeff p:

newgrange is very cool
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:13am suea:

when janes addiction came out i requested one of their older songs at an 'alternative' NJ radio station and he said 'no they curse in it' when they got real big i heard that same damn song i wanted with the word beeped out. tthat was around the time i discoverd wfmu
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:13am Elwyn:

Ooooh! Irish mysticism!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:14am Caryn:

There was one Irish and one Welsh kid in our class. The Finnish teachers always floundered when they had to pronounce their names. Felt so bad for them all...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:17am Meghan:

suea- I am amazed they at least gave you a reason! Though I will say, I don't have a bleep button, but a dump button I could use when I am on terrestrial airwaves.... so that is lame. But yay for the discovery of WFMU!!!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:18am Dave B:

speaking of names, a friend of mine in the process of refinancing

attorney: Do you go by any other names?
friend (pauses - looks at wife then back at attorney with a shrug) Shithead?
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:18am Chuck:

Good thing there weren't any kids from Slovic countries. Too many consonants stung together...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:21am Chuck:

Good one, Dave! hehe...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:21am jeff p:

BTW glad to see Jeff got his pic taken with Phil's statue in Dublin!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:22am Caryn:

well, this was in primary school, Chuck. Later on, the teachers were in even deeper trouble, when the Polish, Chinese, Malaysian, Senegalese, Turkish and Hungarian kids showed up.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:23am PKNY:

This Universals track is super tough, thanks for playing!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:23am Chuck:

Ha! The teachers were SCREWED you mean, Caryn!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:23am Chuck:

Not that I would have done any better...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:24am Caryn:

Of course, this name pronunciation business was best summed up by Monty Python: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyQvjKqXA0Y
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:25am Meghan:

Jeff, he had to! he was in search of that before we even went there!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:25am Caryn:

You know it, Chuck! My name didn't help either. It was always written and pronounced wrong, or replaced with different but similar names. My last name is also really rare (only 8 families with this surname in Finland), so the various spellings I've seen of it... oh boy.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:26am Dave B:

Thanks PKNY! That whole album rocks.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:26am Chuck:

Many things were best summed up by the Python troupe. Hehe!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:28am jeff p:

So does anyone have any New Year's Resolutions they want to mention?
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:29am Chuck:

I've resolved to not have any resolutions, Jeff P...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:29am jeff p:

(And we'd travel with you guys any time - plus I can drive stick on the wrong side of the road!)
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:30am Jim Devoid:

  Thu. 1/5/12 8:30am Caryn:

So is the theme "travel" or "holiday"? Because there are plenty of songs with one of those words in the title that have nothing to do with actual travel or holidays...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:31am Chuck:

I think you already did a vacation theme, Meg...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:31am Meghan:

I did on my blog.... not on here
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:31am Cheri Pi:

Nice use of Scream!!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:32am Elwyn:

That movie was based on this guy:
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:32am Jim Devoid:

Been waiting for this - obvious (and good) choice.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:33am Dave B:

Scream is my favorite from the Discord label (Void a close second). Saw them both WAAAAAY back in the day.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:33am Chuck:

Oh, yeah I remember now! It's been so long since either of us did anything with that. I should get back to that since there is a lull on the work scene...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:34am Elwyn:

Oh. Fuck. I should have sent the Robert Palmer cover of this song.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:34am Meghan:

True Caryn..... it is travel/vacation/holiday..... That is why I figured I'd open it up to travel as well as vacation/holiday
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:34am Chuck:

Except now I don't remember any of the passwords...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:36am Meghan:

Chuck.... I still got this mold sitting in my basement that I've been unable to finish...... and still working at Tom's!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:37am jeff p:

mold in the basement is not something you often hear of as a good thing
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:38am Chuck:

So you're saying that you'd like me to finish the mold, Meghan?
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:39am Chuck:

Perhaps we should be spelling it "mould"?
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:39am PKNY:

@Dave - just found that Florida Funk comp on Spotify, just added it to my list of things to check out. Thanks!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:39am Dave B:

still speaking of names, my vice principle in Jr. High was Mr. Mould
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:39am Meghan:

It's that stick mold I told you about. The one that I've had since the end of October!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:40am Chuck:

Yes, I know what you meant, Meghan. Have the folks at Argos called you about it?
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:42am Meghan:

They asked me about it in December and I said that I was working for Tom until the end of the year, but it has been extended indefinitely
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:43am PKNY:

Acappella Slayer? Next level!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:44am Dave B:

Dokaka KILLS!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:45am Chuck:

The trick will be picking it up, Meg. I'm still without a fully functional vehicle. I do need to collect my wax casting gear from you as well...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:47am Meghan:

Yep..... You should get your car fixed!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:49am Chuck:

Agree. The problem is that stupid interlock. Mechanics don't want to deal with it. And, of course, I need $$$ to do the work....
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:49am Dave B:

Here's TADOKAS v2

  Thu. 1/5/12 8:50am Chuck:

Fortunately, I got a call yesterday that the paperwork approval to have the interlock removed is on it's way! Hurrah!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:51am Yair Yona:

Hi Meghan ;)
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:52am Meghan:

Hello Yair! Happy Bright New Year!
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:52am Dave B:

Set 3 Yair, good stuff! Thanks
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:53am PKNY:

Oof. When KRS is bad, he is *really* bad.
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:54am PKNY:

@Dave - that Dokaka reminded me of Nomeansno doing an acappella version of the Dead Kennedys:

  Thu. 1/5/12 8:55am Yair Yona:

happy brighter new year to ya'll :)
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:55am Dave B:

yeah, this was later in his "career".. still it fits the theme.

  Thu. 1/5/12 8:57am Elwyn:

I liked Ice T in his acting career...
  Thu. 1/5/12 8:57am Chuck:

Now I have go and try and find G'Kar. I hope he's okay...
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