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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options January 12, 2012: The Travel Bug has been awoken..... I want another vacation!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Robert Johnson  Travelling Riverside Blues   Options The Gold Collection  0:00:00 ()
James Reyne  The Traveler   Options James Reyne  0:03:13 ()
The Black Keys  Have Love Will Travel   Options The Moan  0:07:10 ()
Hindu Love Gods  Travelin' Riverside Blues   Options Hindu Love Gods  0:09:36 ()
Super Negro Bantous  Travellers   Options Glorious African Music Vol II  0:13:41 ()
Guru  The Traveler   Options Jazzmatazz Vol. II: The New Reality  0:22:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:26:47 ()
Bill Hicks  Summer Vacation   Options Satirist, Social Critic, Stand Comedian  0:31:36 ()
Lindsey Buckingham  Holiday Road   Options   0:32:33 ()
Ratcat  Holiday   Options Insideout  0:34:38 ()
Madonna  Holiday   Options Madonna  0:38:02 ()
Go Go's  Vacation   Options Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's  0:44:05 ()
Johnny Aloha  Vacation   Options Lavapalooza  0:47:01 ()
Monty Python  Travel Agency   Options Monty Python's Previous Record  0:49:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:53:01 ()
Ella Fitzgerald  Holiday in Harlem   Options The Great Ella Fitzgerald  0:58:22 ()
Chris Crofton  Vacation   Options The Alcohol Stuntman  1:01:17 ()
Neil Young  The Last Trip to Tulsa   Options Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968  1:04:05 ()
Black Oak Arkansas  Spring Vacation   Options If An Angel Came to See You...  1:12:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:15:37 ()
Guided By Voices & Airport 5  Travels   Options Selective Service  1:21:00 ()
Cibo Matto  Working For Vacation   Options Selective Service  1:22:26 ()
Björk  Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)   Options Voltaic  1:25:42 ()
Happy Mondays  Holiday   Options Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches  1:30:59 ()
The Dandy Warhols  Every Day Should Be a Holiday   Options Come Down  1:34:22 ()
Frank Black Francis  The Holiday Song   Options Frank Black Francis  1:38:14 ()
Be Your Own Pet   We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol   Options Be Your Own Pet  1:40:34 ()
Weezer  Holiday   Options Weezer (Blue Album)  1:42:29 ()
  Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:45:54 ()
Chris Farlowe  Air Travel   Options The Mod Scene  1:50:32 ()
Chuck Berry  Vacation Time   Options The Chess Years  1:52:33 ()
Ferridays  Summer Holiday   Options Joe Meek- Hidden Gems Vol. 1  1:55:16 ()
Connie Francis  Vacation   Options Where the Hits Are  1:57:28 ()
Neil Diamond  Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show   Options His 12 Greatest Hits  2:01:42 ()
Faron Young  Vacation's Over   Options Classic Years 1952-62  2:03:27 ()
Cliff Richard & the Shadows  Summer Holiday   Options   2:05:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:07:15 ()
The Walkmen  French Vacation   Options Everyone Who P  2:11:11 ()
Air  Universal Traveler   Options Talkie Walkie  2:15:25 ()
The Apples in Stereo  No Vacation   Options Travellers In Space and Time  2:19:43 ()
The Young Veins  Take a Vacation   Options   2:23:32 ()
Gonjasufi  Holidays   Options A Sufi And A Killer  2:25:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     2:30:28 ()
Screeching Weasel  Beginninless Vacation   Options First World Manifesto  2:32:12 ()
Hüsker Dü  Chartered Trips   Options Zen Arcade  2:34:06 ()
Shock  This Generation's On Vacation   Options Bloodstains Across Superpunk  2:37:35 ()
The Ramainz  Rock & Roll Vacation in LA   Options Live in NYC  2:39:22 ()
The Ramones  Endless Vacation   Options Too Tough to Die  2:41:11 ()
Circle Jerks  Paid Vacation   Options Group Sex  2:42:57 ()
The Sex Pistols  Holidays in the Sun   Options Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols  2:44:20 ()
  National Lampoons Vacation Dog Scene     2:48:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:02am Chuck:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:02am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:03am Sir Cliff Richard:

Mean ol' river ain't gon' get me, no!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:04am Adam in Portland:

Sir C, you're still here?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:05am Meghan:

Morning all!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:05am Sir Cliff Richard:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:06am Adam in Portland:

Gets, Meghan! Waise the Woof, Bosco!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:06am Meghan:

all I can think of is "The Young Ones" when I hear the name Cliff Richard.....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:07am Adam in Portland:

Mmmm, Heya, Meghan! Ignore the fly (T9) in the ointment.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:08am Adam in Portland:

All I can think of is flies when I think of Neal.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:08am Meghan:

hehe.... i always make sure my ointment is clean prior to use!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:09am Chuck:

Oh, joy. G'Kar is already being something of a pain this morning. He wants to go out but it's raining. He's gonna pester me all day....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:10am Adam in Portland:

Hound Dog Taylor's ghost wants to challenge the Black Keys to a juke jump duel.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:11am Dave B:

Ointment is another one of those words that makes me chuckle, like moist and gourd
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:11am Robin The Fog:

Good morning all from Jolly Old England! What did I miss?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:12am Meghan:

Ewwww... Dave.... please never use those three words in the same sentence again.....

Morning Robin!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:13am Chuck:

Need to respell it oinkment when it's made from lard...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:13am GG Allin:

Appeasement is a word that makes me fight a crowd and angrily grope.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:14am Robin The Fog:

I see it's business as usual!!!! ;-)
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:14am Dave B:

Hey Meghan, did ya get the the Audio2 working?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:15am GG Allin:

I'm sad, you guys. Anyone got a kind word?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:16am Meghan:

Groping.... not that is fully allowed!

Dave- uploaded it, but was in the middle of trying to pull the library over to the new hard drive..... which isn't easy.... I've had to do it multiple times..... still not over yet.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:17am Meghan:

errr groping is allowed.... need more coffee....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:19am GG Allin:

I just wrote a song, pals! Nine Inch Snail $
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:19am Dave B:

YAY GROPING! \ (-_-) /
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:19am dirty old man:

Morning Meghan, don't forget the Groucho bit.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:20am Meghan:

Groucho didn't make it.... like I told you all weekend long... Going is not traveling!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:20am Dave B:

K - if there's anything I can do to help, lemme know. The iChat app allows for remote support...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:21am dirty old man:

Wrong, wrong, wrong
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:21am GG Allin:

Fracking intrafracks! My number is called Nine Inch Snail!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:21am Robin The Fog:

This Super Negro Bantous track is AWESOME!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:23am Dave B:

that whole "Glorious" collection is really good...

And before I forget - GOOD MORNING - Chuck, Robin, DoM, GG, Cliff, Adam
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:24am GG Allin:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:24am Chuck:

Back at ya, DB!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:24am Robin The Fog:

Good Morning Yourself, Dave! And G.G., Sir Cliff- have you ever considered collaborating?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:25am pierre:

Bonjour parkies,
Bonjour Meghan,

i've to bounce in a few second, but i wanted to make sure that i'd pass a propoer "bonjour" to all.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:25am Dave B:

Guru = smooooove
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:26am Robin The Fog:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:26am Meghan:

a proper bonjour back! I got your art! I got plans..... lots of plans.....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:26am Dave B:

bonjour et bientot, Pierre!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:27am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!

Please pass the fruitcups but not the cheesecake!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:27am GG Allin:

I hate flags! I'm an island! Get me some horse and I'll bed the queen!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:28am Chuck:

Pardon, I'm being somewhat distracted from the comments by a antsy feline. You need "plans within plans", Meg...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:28am pierre:

@Meghan : super cool !
i love a good plan… if you have any corrections, suggestions, needs… don't hesitate, i'm always happy to help
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:28am Dave B:

Hey Elwyn - are you developing a lactose intolerance?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:29am pierre:

@Dave B : à très très vite
(i'm going to work at my co-worker's house, and we'll tune in in the park soon enough hopefully)
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:30am Elwyn:

Oh Frak! You played James Reyne and I missed it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:30am GG Allin:

I just threw a kick drum in the air and it landed on my face. Bliss! Who's on vacation now?!?! Stroke!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:30am Chuck:

Stroking and groping?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:31am Dave B:

Steve Miller - Abracadabra (I wanna reach out and stab ya!)

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:33am Elwyn:

Do we send in an actual mix CD or dropbox the music for you to burn?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:33am Chuck:

Yay, 80s!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:33am GG Allin:

I once mixed some crank with rat poison and spiked it into my neck. The cheesewads that love me loved it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:35am Elwyn:

Oh gawd! This is good cheese! I used to love this song and the first couple of National Lampoon's Vacation movies!!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:35am Robin The Fog:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:35am Meghan:

Dropbox would work!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:35am GG Allin:

Everywhere you go in the room my wild eyes follow!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:35am Dave B:

Meghan - do you still have your Media Fire account? If we do it via the interwebbes, we need it so its only a one way share
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:36am Chuck:

Wow, that's weird! Pete Clark just played this song on his WVKR show last Friday...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:36am Dave B:

or make the share's personal and private
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:37am Meghan:

I do still have it..... somewhere.....

Pete Clark? Related to Clark Grizwald?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:38am Chuck:

Not as far as I know, Meg! hehe...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:38am Dave B:

Last train to Clark Grizwald....

As for the grab bag music swap, I'm all for it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:39am Robin The Fog:

So, we all have to make mixtapes and send them over? I'm well up for that. I'm the mixtape KING!!! (bet no-one else ever says that)
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:40am GG Allin:

I've gotta go whack some 'loupe with my blade! Keep on cluckin'! I'm scumtruckin'! Love/hate, G!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:41am Meghan:

Nice Robin! If you want to send it over as a file, go right ahead! Also, if you want to do your own artwork, go ahead. There are just a few things it would need. If not, I have the art part taken care of!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:42am Meghan:

Oh, I love the sign off as love/hate..... nice....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:42am Chuck:

"The horror, the horror...."
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:42am Robin The Fog:

Meghan, Meghan! I'm a TRADITIONALIST! I'd send you a cassette!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:43am Robin The Fog:

...Though I know you do't like cassettes. Still, tradition dictates...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:44am Dave B:

This Madona song always reminds me of the days of Danceteria circa 82
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:44am Adam in Portland:

Bye, GG! Feel better, Champ!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:44am Meghan:

Oh a cassette! I'll take it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:45am Adam in Portland:

All my vacations ideally end at the "Point of No Return."
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:46am Chuck:

The song reminds me of a joint we would go to called Maximus in the 80s. Lots of funny stories about that place...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:47am Adam in Portland:

Ohhhhhhhh, Jane, call me, we'll party!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:48am Robin The Fog:

Actually, I'm releasing a limited edition cassette of storytelling sound art weirdness next month. You can have a copy of that too if you like. It's a collaboration with one of your countrymen too!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:48am Elwyn:

This set makes me want to dance around in my underwear like a little girl again.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:48am Dave B:

So i was running a little short on grinds for the coffee maker. Looking thru the freezer I found some of that powdery turkish coffee.

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:49am Chuck:

Some how that visual is quite disturbing, Elwyn....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:49am Dave B:


Johnny Aloha!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:50am Adam in Portland:

Elwyn, thank goodness GG has flown the coop.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:51am Meghan:

Oh my.... Elwyn..... scrubs her eyes....
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:51am dirty old man:

@ Dave B: That "powdery" coffee wasn't white was it?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:52am Meghan:

  Thu. 1/12/12 6:53am Dave B:

@DoM - now THAT would kick start the day!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:54am Chuck:

Always count on Python for a mindless tirade!
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:54am Dave B:

what a silly bunt
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:55am Andy in Berlin:

Hi Meghan!

I missed your post this theme on Facebook! Are you going to play V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N by Connie Francis? Or Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:56am Adam in Portland:

Did Cliff Richard purchase WFMU overnight? Hahahaha.
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:57am Elwyn:

Definitely not Christmas Vacation.

The second thing I think of is Christie Brinkley in a Ferrarri. European Vacation had boobies, didn't it?
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:57am Chuck:

Vacation = I don't have any work = I don't have any money = I'm not going anywhere. Sad, but true...
  Thu. 1/12/12 6:58am Adam in Portland:

Vacation had Beverly D'Angelo's boobies.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:00am Chuck:

Does FMU have working cassette decks, Meghan?
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:01am Dave B:

European Vacation - Rusty was getting ready to grope some fraulein's boobies, but got thwarted...

There's another one of those words - thwart. HA HA HA!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:01am Adam in Portland:

Chuck, I believe so. William Berger uses them on Thursday nights.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:01am Meghan:

Of course we have working cassette decks! Well, at least a few of them work...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:03am Chuck:

Don't imagine they get used much, Meg. Cueing is a bitch!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:03am Dumb Bootleg T-Shirt Dude:

"Who Thwarted?"
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:04am Dave B:

The bigger question is can you even BUY the media anymore?

The media is the massage.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:04am Chuck:

Fast forward - rewind, fast forward - rewind!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:04am Meghan:

oh the media massages! I need more media then!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:04am Robin The Fog:

Yeah, but as a 'vessel for weird', cassettes are second to none! I've got three coming out this year!! If all goes according to plan. Which it never does....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:05am dirty old man:

Thwarted is ok, but stay away from Taint.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:06am Chuck:

I haven't made a mixed cassette in many moons. Not sure where to even get blanks anymore...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:06am Dave B:

Taint that a shame....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:07am Meghan:

That is what I was thinking Chuck.... though I think I have a couple stored with my cassettes in the basement...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:07am GG Allin:

I'm firing blanks!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:09am Andy in Berlin:

I still see blank cassettes in the stores. I have one or two I never opened. I still play them though.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:09am Robin The Fog:

Curiously, cassettes aren't too hard to come by in London. Not yet anyway. And you can still get new ones manufactured! Isn't that awesome?!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:10am Chuck:

Radio Shack may still carry them, Meg. But I'm not sure...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:11am Dave B:

set the WABAC machine -

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:11am GG Allin:

You know what would look good on me? All of you!

GG out!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:13am Chuck:

And you can't get the cheap ones. It's gotta be the CrO2 cassettes or nothing!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:13am Meghan:

It rubs the lotion on it's skin....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:14am GG Allin:

Postscript: I like this lady, Nell Young.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:14am Chuck:

Or else it gets the hose again....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:15am Chuck:

Goliath: "Davey... We just got hosed."
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:17am Dave B:

HOLY CRAP! I have two of these from back in the day...

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:18am Dave B:

Talk about 'spensive - $975 for 5 x 90s...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:19am Chuck:

That's INSANE, Dave!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:20am GG Allin:

Hey, record companies, cough it up for WFMU or I'll shake my stick at you, and spread you over a pool table!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:21am Chuck:

I used to like doing collages for cassette art. It was fun!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:23am Meghan:

Yeah!! Listen to GG!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:25am Meghan:

Chuck..... one of my favorite Mountain Dew commercials ever....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:26am Dave B:


  Thu. 1/12/12 7:26am GG Allin:

I used to like doing college girls for cassettes. It was fun!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:27am Chuck:

And I never even saw it, Meg! I just remember you telling me about it and they yanked it before I could get to see it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:28am Dave B:

Thanks for the Wanderlust Meghan!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:28am Meghan:

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:29am Elwyn:

I don't think I ever made a mix tape unless I wanted to go out with the recipient...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:29am Robin The Fog:

Bjork!!! Yay!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:30am Dave B:

here's a $12 version of the USB casette thing...

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:30am Chuck:

HAHAHAHA! Thanks, Meg!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:32am Elwyn:

ThinkGeek always have great products but their shipping to Australia is excessively pricey... I eventually got the Tauntaun sleeping bag when some Australian seller had it at a convention last year. ;-)
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:33am Dave B:

I have a dear friend that I still make mixes for, and she still has all the casettes from back in those days.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:34am Dave B:

Elwyn - they just source stuff... you should be able to find the USB thing closer to home....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:35am Elwyn:

Probably eBay!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:35am GG Allin:

This song makes me wanna do some Skag and Santorum.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:35am Chuck:

I think I would still do it the old fashioned way, Dave. Live recording! So much fun, I think we can all agree!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:36am teethoven:

It's so nice
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:36am GG Allin:

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:36am Elwyn:

@Meghan: Very very nice transition between this and the last song.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:37am Meghan:

Oh Mittens..... http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2012/01/2-percent-voters-thought-mitt-romneys-real-name-mittens/46916/
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:37am Dave B:

I gotta see if I can get my Fostex X-15 working.... Nothing like some primitive multitrack freakouts and pitch shifting...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:37am GG Allin:

GG: hungry like wolf!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:40am Dave B:

@chuck - some normal bias casettes, super cheap too!

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:41am GG Allin:

No bias can capture *my* bias!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:42am Chuck:

Interesting, Dave!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:44am Chuck:

I would have to shift some of my gear around to make a tape though. My turntable is by my computer and my tape deck isn't....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:44am GG Allin:

I'm giving someone the "Aunt Jemima treatment before this day is through.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:46am Chuck:

Hide the spatulas from GG quick!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:46am Meghan:

unless you are Canadian.... I think they like all that maple syrup on them....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:49am GG Allin:

I don't know about no happy mondays! Never had one, never will!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:49am Dead Corporate Eyes:

mix tapes? I have not made one since 1988.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:50am Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's the facebook page?
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:51am GG Allin:

I twirl around in my own mess.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:52am Dave B:

@DCE -

  Thu. 1/12/12 7:52am Parq:

Ah, the Aged Listener has arrived in time for the Aged Cheese.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:53am Dead Corporate Eyes:

thanks, bud
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:53am Chuck:

"Stumblin' and reeling like some broken thang..." More or less my "style" of dancing....
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:54am Caryn:

Hmm, need to check the local shops for casettes today...
Also, just to freak out Meghan: I'm going to put some moist ointment into this gourd. Grossed out yet?
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:55am Chuck:

Yo, Parq!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:55am jeff p:

Good morning everyone! That last set was great to listen to on my way in this morning. Looking at this pepo-bismol background... not so much.
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:56am Meghan:

Ewwww Caryn.... ew ew ew.....

Morning Parq and Jeff P!
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:57am Chuck:

Looks more like Crayola crayon flesh color on my Linux box, Jeff P. Still odd...
  Thu. 1/12/12 7:59am GG Allin:

Chuck, quit teeing me up!

Love/hate, GG
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:00am Caryn:

I suspect the "Young Ones" version of Cliff's "Summer Holiday" might end the show...
Wondering whether Green Day's "Holiday" will show up.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:01am Chuck:

And then all the guy listeners will have their "magic wands" ready for next weeks show, Caryn. hehe.....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:02am GG Allin:

When I touch a fan magically they know they've been touched.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:06am Chuck:

Another fun thing about listening to UTP is just about anything goes on the comments board....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:07am Caryn:

Darn, the vacation's apparently over. Never mind. I suspect the vacation may continue as soon as the next track starts.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:08am Dave B:

UTP = Mayhem in the AM
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:09am Chuck:

Here's an odd bit. One of my uncles was named after Faron Young...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:09am Robin The Fog:

I've never understood the first scene of this film. Cliff manages to convince an entire garage full of mechanics to do three week's unpaid overtime so that HE can go on holiday. Either he was incredibly popular or, more likely, they just wanted shot of him....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:10am Elwyn:

Meghan, are you performing at Hoof and Mouth this marathon?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:11am glenn:

holy pink, batman!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:13am GG Allin:

Who wants my Foul-Ol'-Ween mix?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:13am Dave B:

EPIPHANY! - That Connie Francis song's melody was lifted and used as the theme song to "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians"
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:14am Meghan:

I will be performing at the Hoof and Mouth..... though not sure what song yet.....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:14am Robin The Fog:

Dave! You're RIGHT!!!!! Wow!!!! Well-spotted!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:15am Chuck:

Well, Meghan should do the theme to "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" then for Hoof and Mouth. Don't ya think?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:16am Dave B:

oooh THAT would be wicked!

Or a real time mix up of the two.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:16am Robin The Fog:

...And make it fancy dress. You'd all look great with antennae!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:18am Chuck:

And glitter too, Robin!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:18am glenn:

please, would sir cliff go over and smack g.g. allin really feckin' hard with a cricket bat?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:19am Robin The Fog:

Oh, boy! Bags I get to be the evil gurning one...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:19am Dave B:

"Gold lamé hoof covers and everything"
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:19am GG Allin:

Yes, please!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:20am Chuck:

Now we're talking! Glam the crap out of it!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:21am Dave B:

Just re-reviewing, the Santa song isn't a verbatim rip, but the general theme of the melody is way similar...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:23am Chuck:

I may have to dye my hair purple (again!) to fit the occasion...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:24am jeff p:

I just put in my vacation requests at work until the end of August. I love looking forward to long weekends!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:26am glenn:

(wondering) will the last song be end of a holiday by fairport convention?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:27am Dave B:

@Jeff P - nice. I used to do that years ago...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:32am Dave B:

another H-n-M suggestion "American Woman" renamed "A Merkin Woman"
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:33am Dave B:

A Merkin Woman
Stay away from meeeeee!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:39am GG Allin:

DJ Meghan has really turned my life around for the better this morning. I barely wanna throw everything in the air anymore to see what sticks. She's my old lady, part duh!

Now, have any of you new chums seen my main squeeze, and my brother Merle, and my pants?

Love/hate, Kevin
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:39am glenn:

new english pub - the firkin and merkin.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:40am Chuck:

Noise, noise, NOISE!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:42am Kath:

Yikes! Will jump in on the next tune, headache today... long time mo listen gang!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:43am Chuck:

Lordy, welcome back, Kath!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:43am Elwyn:

Yay! Kath is back! Do we have a fruitcup for her?
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:43am Meghan:

Morning Kath! You are in the metal set.... or noise set.... headache might worsen!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:44am Kath:

UGH! I missed the Neil Diamond! heheh...
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:46am Dave B:




\m/ (>_<) \m/

hey Kath!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:46am Dirty Old Man:

This is painful. What happened to Ella Fitzgerald (
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:46am Chuck:

Oh, yeah!!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:48am Adam in Portland:

G-Great show, Meghan!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:48am Meghan:

DOM..... this is the metal set.... NOT the Ella set.....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:48am Kath:

Well i do like this one, (SP) even with a headache; nostalgic!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:49am Dirty Old Man:

Yes, but I'm in a +55 complex. Had to shut all windows.
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:50am Kath:

Oh, it's just like Mittens and his irish setter on the roof!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:51am Kath:

Headphones, DOM, headphones!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:51am Dave B:

Ëllä Fïtzgëräld

\m/ (>_<) \m/
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:51am Chuck:

Mittens is trying to run for president you know, Kath....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:51am Elwyn:

@Kath: I was thinking that!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:52am Kath:

Nice to hear your voice again Meg!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:52am Robin The Fog:

Hey, you know what? We never got to do any GROPING!!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:52am Kath:

Elwyn, the headphones or Mittens??
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:53am Elwyn:

@Kath: Mittens and his crazy dog handling skills
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:54am Kath:

Ah, Elwyn getting in on our train wreck of a GOP goings on! Good for you!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:54am Dave B:

oh ho ho it's Magic!

Never believe it's not soooooooooooooooooooo!

  Thu. 1/12/12 8:56am Chuck:

Just think it's interesting that the only things the GOP have to offer us is a cat and an amphibian, Kath. Guess humans are unavailable to them....
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:56am Robin The Fog:

Bye Y'all. Lovely hanging out as ever. Hanging out and groping next time?!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:57am Dave B:

hoping for groping!
  Thu. 1/12/12 8:57am Adam in Portland:

Bye, Robin. :-)
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