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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options September 23, 2011: EQUINOCTIAL

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Antonio  Ayahuasca Curandera   Options   0:00:00 ()
Vinayak^A விநாயகா  Its Just Your Imagination   Options   0:08:11 ()
  Healing Overtone   Solfeggio :: DNA :: Arpeggio  0:13:33 ()
Le Lion  Aesh   Options   0:14:03 ()
Jawani  Sharmaji   Options   0:19:29 ()
Immortal Egypt  Revolution Dub الثوره   Options   0:24:15 ()
Marko J  Istrian Invention   Options   0:30:48 ()
Deco Child  Pray (Munchi's Destino Solitario Rmx)   Options MUNCHI: "DO YOU HEAR THOSE CRIES?"  0:33:24 ()
Susana Baca  Plena Y Bomba (Featuring Calle 13)   Options   0:40:20 ()
Hermanos Emmanuelli Nater   Alomar   Options   0:45:03 ()
El Nomada  Azucar   Options   0:47:38 ()
Lauryn Hill  Lost Ones   Options   0:52:56 ()
Moombah Jokes  Nobody Listen To Ol' Dirty Bounce   Options   0:57:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Healing Overtone     1:02:58 ()
  Solaris Dun Sun 3     1:10:49 ()
CCC  It's Only Music   Options   1:12:23 ()
M¥rrĦ Ka Ba  Stargate   Options   1:19:04 ()
Equinox  Here We Go Again (Original Mix)   Options   1:23:58 ()
Yosi Horikawa   Passion   Options   1:28:23 ()
DJ Zhao  Mandela Derbuka Mujava   Options   1:33:43 ()
DJ Mujava  Township Funk   Options   1:37:41 ()
شيخة ريميتي  أبو عبد الله محمد ابن تومرت   Cheikha Rimitti - Mohammed Ay Sidi + Roska-Squark  1:43:21 ()
Maya Saguna  Abdul Smooth   Options   1:50:20 ()
DJ Zhao  Conga Kwela   Options   1:54:33 ()
Trestoros  Equinoxio   Options   1:59:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
Healing Overtone     2:01:46 ()
Kaglar Omega  Shivers   Options   2:08:55 ()
Thornato vs Kodo  Okesa Prayer   Options   2:11:53 ()
Butterclock  MlLKY WORDS   Options   2:15:59 ()
Björk  Crystalline   Options   2:19:06 ()
TAINONEGRO  Celestial Star   Options   2:24:10 ()
Oceania  Boom   Options   2:27:29 ()
Tanka  Shackles   Options   2:30:44 ()
CCC  Vibrations   Options   2:36:08 ()
Bowly  Tarot Drums   Options   2:43:27 ()
Freaky Philip  I Found Love   Options   2:52:16 ()
SAUR  Flootahton   Options   2:54:53 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:05am pierre:

Bonjour HotRod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:06am pierre:

it is time for the ayahuasca of the ears.
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:07am s. dexter:

good morning HotRod ...... fellow listeners ....so good to be here
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:07am jamesie:

I vomit in sympathy
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:10am Dave B:

Good. Morning. Everyone.
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:11am pierre:

Salutations fellow listeners !
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:17am Mohak:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:18am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:18am hamburger:

morning - I just wiki'd ayahuasca... holy moly.. guacamole..
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:18am Mohak:

ohm shanti to yall
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:21am jamesie:

Uh, so, basically this is samsara, right? Lets make the best of it.
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:22am HotRod:

The Sun will now cross the celestial equator and head south...
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:27am fred:

Good morning HotRod and listeners! Salut Pierre!
My offices cellmates are late today, so I can listen for a while
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:27am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:27am Dave B:

"It has also been believed that magically it was a good time to enact rituals for protection and security as well as reflect on successes or failures from the previous months."
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:29am T-Zero:

Morning, all.

[Holds out empty coffee cup] More please...
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:30am Dave B:

forgot the link to that quote:
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:33am the anchovy:

Hellooo HotRod & listeners!
Tuning in for the shakiest moment of the week!
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:34am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:35am Ozzy Skateboard:

a coffee for T-Zero :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:35am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:35am pierre:

Salut Fred :)
there you have a gig tonight
(i have also sent you an email about this band and their gigs to come)

salut ancho-boy
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:39am fred:

@pierre: I just saw it. But tonight I have another one @instants and Wednesday I'll go see Zola Jesus. Too bad, I kinda liked that band when I saw them (years ago)
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:41am the anchovy:

hi Pierre, so WWR's playing tonite, good.
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:43am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:43am pierre:

yep @ café de paris, near oberkampf or something.
i'm thinking about going there around 6.30/7 don't be late ancho-man !
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:44am jamesie:

  Fri. 9/23/11 6:46am ans:

hey hotrod........first time I'm running into your show live!
greetings from a sunny holland
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:46am pierre:

@fred: i'm guessing Zola Jesus will be cool.
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:47am maestroso:

Guten Morgan Ms HotRod!
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:47am T-Zero:

Thank you, Ozzy Skateboard
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:49am Dave B:

Man, has it been 21 years since I first had to look up what "bomba" meant?

Jah Wobble opened my ears back then:
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:50am Mohak:

bomba_: l "the drummer has to follow the dancer", i like
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:56am HotRod:

until you do right...all you do will go wrong...
  Fri. 9/23/11 6:58am pierre:

  Fri. 9/23/11 7:02am Isa GT:

good morning everyone, Hotrod!

I've been locked since the start but just now remembered to say hi.

so nice to be here!! sending positive love vibes to you all!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:04am Isa GT:

That photo of the crystals is amazing! love crystals...
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:07am Dave B:

Ah - 7am. Time to switch over to the sound system, and wake the neighbors UP!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:16am Ozzy Skateboard:

BLASTING (2 makie thump 12's and 2 m audio bx5a's that's 1000 watts of crystal clarity baby) bring on fricking sharks with lazers!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:17am Ozzy Skateboard:

just got the thumps they're great!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:18am Isa GT:

hey everyone let me introduce you my dear friend ali guagua who just tuned in!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:21am Isa GT:

nice one Ozzy!!

I've got 2 mackies MR8's but they're about 2 meters from my ears so better be cautious
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:21am ali:

  Fri. 9/23/11 7:22am Ozzy Skateboard:

haha Isa and hello Ali
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:23am HotRod:

HOLA ALI!!! :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:24am ali:

cool music here is 6 30 in the morning yeaaaaaa
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:24am pierre:

  Fri. 9/23/11 7:26am Fabrice:

Myrrh Ka Ba ?? good, i like this
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:26am T-Zero:

NASA's photo of the day:
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:27am Isa GT:

feeling this a lot!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:30am ali:

pura pasion!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:31am Ozzy Skateboard:

wow passion-ate yosi like a fresh wind came in
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:33am ali:

japan tribal!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:37am Dave B:

@T-Zone - in other related NASA news, here's a collection of sound files recently released and ready for remixing!

  Fri. 9/23/11 7:38am Dave B:

They have videos for download too!

  Fri. 9/23/11 7:40am Isa GT:

oh yes!!! HOTROD!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:41am pierre:

@Dave B : this is cool !
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:41am T-Zero:

Thought the photo apropos for today's equinox theme
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:42am HotRod:

Great photos, guys! Beauuuutiful, isn't it???
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:46am Dave B:

Indeed it is T-Zero... indeed it is. I use a similar image as wallpaper on one of the computers.

The universe will provide.
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:46am Ozzy Skateboard:

I thought my eyes went screwy when I saw this title "أبو عبد الله محمد ابن تومرت" by شيخة ريميتي me likey
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:51am Dave B:

Right now I have the stream playing on 3 different devices around the apartment, and the out of sync phenomenon makes it feel like I'm listening to one stream at the bottom of a canyon....
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:53am Isa GT:

trippy dave b!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:57am Isa GT:

ok got hotrod playing on my iphone now so I'm gonna go for a run!

still locked in!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 7:59am Mike East:

Good music to get Friday morning started right. I just got the trucks loaded and everything is looking good for a smooth day (knock wood). Good morning HotRod and all!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:05am ali:

c´mon with the third set!!! awesome!
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:13am Cheri Pi:

I had a dream last night that I was watching a female tuvan throat singing thrash band...weird eh?
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:13am Mohak:

wo love this sone!
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:16am Mohak:

this one...., damn typos
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:17am Mohak:

nice idea for a band actually
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:18am Dave B:

Back TUVA Future: Ondar in Vladivostok

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:20am Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:21am Mohak:

@Dave B: oh my this video is total awesomness
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:22am La Peruana Tetona:

Ahhh... Milky Words. Good morning all! Loving the spiritual cosmic energy flow this AM.
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:22am HotRod:

Let 'em flow, Tetona! ;)
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:24am Mohak:

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:25am HotRod:

Binaural Beats 432Hz
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:26am Mohak:

@HotRod what effect does it have at 432Hz?
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:28am HotRod:

432hz is deeply connected with nature...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:28am Dave B:

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:29am HotRod:

432hz can be experienced in the body at the spine and heart...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:30am Ozzy Skateboard:

especially at 1000 watts hehehe ;)
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:30am Mohak:

wow thanx for the info, am reading now
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:30am Dave B:

Oh, and was just checking email - Biophillia release date pushed back to 10/11/11 in the States. Getting a little tweeked:

"my friend , the incredibly talented music maker leila arab came to iceland with no notice and added some sonic sculpting , especially to the bottom end and the great talented mastering engineer mandy parnell came over as well and helped me give the whole thing more warmth and flesh somehow

i am really happy i did this , seems like biophilia the album has a body

leila also introduced me to "current value" who now has put a new beat into one of the songs

hope you like it

warmth , björk"
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:33am HotRod:

eXPAND your consciousness...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:36am Dave B:

Shackles crushes.....

This is where that personal sub-woofer would come in handy...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:38am Mohak:

now how do you determine the Hz frequency of a tune? haven´t checked yet if ableton has it
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:41am Dave B:

Live 8 has a spectrum frequency analyzer...Not sure if that'll do it.
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:41am Parq:

Been present but keeping quiet. Cool show, cool playlist, as usual.
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:42am Dave B:

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:43am HotRod:

Some type of meter...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:44am Mohak:

ah I see, thanx, will have a look next time I open it
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:47am Dave B:

Gotta get ready to go. Thanks for kickstarting my Friday HotRod.

Have a great weekend everyone!
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:51am annie:

oops... missed the show.. .. went out for a wild night of scrabble.. just getting back..
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:52am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning Annie you wild child you hehehe here is a coffee :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:53am pierre:


I'm just crazy for HOTROD !!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:53am annie:

yup, i showed my friends how to make the coffee extra strong.. ...
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:53am pierre:

freaky philip is really something powerfull
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:54am andrew:

good show hotrod.
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:56am Becca:

Love WFMU and love Hotrod!!! From Savannah, GA
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:57am T-Zero:

You say a wild night of scrabble or scramble? ;-)
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:58am Ozzy Skateboard:

you all have a great weekend, thanks for the show HotRod
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:58am Swami:

  Fri. 9/23/11 8:58am Isa GT:

the giff of the chakras is dope
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:58am T-Zero:

Thanks much for the show today, HotRod.
  Fri. 9/23/11 8:58am Wild Neil:

You rock! Thank you!
  Fri. 9/23/11 9:00am the anchovy:

this day again, great show HotRod, thanks a lot
  Fri. 9/23/11 9:01am Isa GT:

happy equinox everybody!
  Tue. 10/23/12 9:04am suhas:

really unique and the Best
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