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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options September 30, 2011: Look up now and see your new heavenly bodies!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Miles Davis  On The Corner (Subterranean Channel Mix)   Options Panthalassa: The Remixes  Remix [Reconstruction & Mix Translation] – Bill Laswell  0:00:00 ()
Cristina Navarro  Light Body Activation [English & Spanish]   Options   HEALINGMUSIC  0:15:06 ()
Antimaterium  Healleggio (Beta Mix)   Options     0:38:47 ()
REVOLUTION  Eres De La TRIBU   Options     0:47:44 ()
Lucid  Lovely In Love (Richelle Remix)   Options     0:54:53 ()
Juke Daniels  Sex Channel   Options     1:07:39 ()
TCJ  Where Do You Go   Options     1:09:52 ()
Bleszt & Brick Bandits  We Are The People   Options     1:12:53 ()
Juke Ellington  The river of the ghetto   Options     1:16:01 ()
I Juke U Bounce  WHAT THAT FOOT DO   Options     1:19:47 ()
K'rtoon  I Am crasy   Options     1:24:08 ()
Mowba  Rise   Options     1:28:03 ()
Lucid  Walkingly Jaded (Mister Tweeks Remix)   Options     1:33:33 ()
Richelle  Bendin'   Options     1:39:14 ()
Starfoxxx  Sound Of The Police   Options     1:44:13 ()
DJ Dannyjamz ft Juke Ellington  Goth Juke   Options     1:47:25 ()
Trop Montune   Occupy   Options     1:50:16 ()
Aurastore  Ascension   Options     1:52:21 ()
Holy Other  Touch   Options     2:07:41 ()
Latah Mangeshkar  Thoda Resham Lagta Hai   Options     2:11:52 ()
Slap In The Bass  Egypt (Neki Edit)   Options     2:15:47 ()
Trillville  Neva Eva (Sonora remix)   Options     2:20:16 ()
Banda UO  Shake De Amor / Nao Quero Saber   Options     2:25:02 ()
Tes Uno & DJ Raedawn  Let's Get Better   Options     2:31:17 ()
Deejay Lazer  El Ritmo De La Bota Cuadrada ft DJ Terko & DJ Regio   Options     2:36:09 ()
DJ Klac  Medicina de Amor   Options     2:39:53 ()
Javier Estrada  Voces Del Viento / Ayahuasca   Options     2:42:42 ()
A Tribe Called Red  PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes   Options     2:49:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:06am λɯəɹəɾ:

Morning HR and listeners. Happy friday!
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:06am pierre:

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:09am s. dexter:

woohoo!! hi HotRod...... good morning fellow listeners
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:11am HotRod:

Live FM & Web radio today! Good Morning!
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:12am RobotBoy:

It sounds like Squarepusher was probably influenced by this Miles track.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:13am RobotBoy:

Oh, it's a remix. I thought it sounded kind of modern...
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:13am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:14am Mike:

Sweet , nice to be hearing this on the actual radio :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:15am HotRod:

The original version is not that different...you should check out Miles Davis' Dark Magus...also Live/Evil...
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:15am HotRod:

and of course Bitches Brew...highly influential stuff
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:19am Dave B:

And Laswell did a good job...
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:20am HotRod:

Yes, of course...doesn't he always :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:20am pierre:

I'm feeling the healing process right now
(just spend a night on an improvise wfmu meet up, and if hangover has a evil twin, this what i have)
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:22am pierre:

who's Laswell?
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:25am Dave B:

Bill Laswell - Bassist and re-Mixologist (though not the kind that causes hangovers)
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:27am pierre:

Oh yeah i remember we talked about him while speaking about FFF
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:30am RobotBoy:

Laswell is also involved in the Blood of Heroes project, which I dig. Not very jazzy though.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:30am Dave B:

Yessir... Mad Producer also...

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:34am the anchovy:

Hello HotRooodd!! Hi listeners!
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:35am Dave B:

I find him to be one of the most difficult to categorize. In the mid 80s I briefly worked at Celluloid Records hanging posters and the like. Was exposed to a lot of his production work there - anyone remember "World Destruction" with Johnny Lydon and Afrika Bambaataa?
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:36am pierre:

Who cool Dave B this is really cool, thx
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:38am Dave B:

Pierre - make note of the password in the upper right corner. Some of the archives require it.

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:38am RobotBoy:

Too young to "remember" it at the time, but I know the song, it's neat.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:40am Dave B:

if ever I claim to have a "musical hero/idol" Laswell is it.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:41am maestroso:

Nice hearing Miles on the way to work!
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:42am Dave B:

and HotRod - thank you for your participation in OccupyWallStreet...
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:45am pierre:

yeah thanks for the awareness
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:48am RobotBoy:

True true. Check out the site Zero Hedge for info on financial crime and criminals. Been following that since it was on blogspot or wherever it was.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:49am Topher, Burke and Issy:

Good Morning HotRodlanders!
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:50am λɯəɹəɾ:

tha BASSSSSSSSS is thumpin
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:50am Ozzy Skateboard:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:51am pierre:

my headphone and i, are thanking you for this.
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:51am ausmanx:

i hear twitter and yahoo have been unilaterally blocking Occupy Wall Street communications, in case anyone is thinking of re-assessing those "services"... OWS certainly needs support given the blackout policy of the mainstream media. so thanks for the support HotRod. not so sure about Mr Laswell though, guys... he didn't really get EVERYTHING right, did he? i mean, he rather sucked the life out of Bob Marley...
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:53am HotRod:

Not EVERYTHING...hahaha
  Fri. 9/30/11 6:54am pierre:

  Fri. 9/30/11 6:59am the anchovy:

it feels good^^
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:03am the anchovy:

Thank YOU
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:05am Ozzy Skateboard:

was unable to get flash player to work, error message was unable to connect, after many tries I am using realplayer instead today
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:09am HotRod:

We must learn to control the lower chakras ;)
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:10am ausmanx:

isn't that what last week's crowd sucking discussion was about?
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:10am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:11am s. dexter:

's light body is fuckin activated allright ...... !
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:12am ausmanx:

okay, so let's propose wall street as some kind of gigantic orgone accumulator which will soon explode in a slimy mass and vindicate wilhelm reich...
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:17am Dave B:

Hey Pierre - did you guys gather already?

Hifana (from W+K Tokyo Lab) is at Pompidou tomorrow, in the event you need something to do after getting properly lubricated...

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:18am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:21am Dave B:

and it's HotRod approved!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:23am HotRod:

I played Nampooh during my Listener Hour back on October 14th, 2006, My first time over the air. :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:25am Dave B:

If I know Pierre, Fred and Fred Von H they'll be singing "Mr. Beer"

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:31am Dave B:

bring back the Listener Hour!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:31am pierre:

i met Fred Von H yesterday we share some beers, and that event at Centre Pompidou looks whoawesome i love Hifana !!! that would be great !!! thanks so much Dave B, you're a duke of cool (and if HotRod approve this… there no hesitation…)
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:37am annie:

yep, alright i'm here.. slow starts these mornings for me
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:38am HotRod:

Hey Annie! :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:38am HotRod:

Any new listeners out there???
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39am Isa GT:

finally here! morning everyone!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:39am Dave B:

and those of you with iPhones, ahead of Native Instruments "Maschine" Hifana has this:
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:49am Copper:

More sounds of police:

  Fri. 9/30/11 7:52am the bahai llama:

sliding onto the floor
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:54am Ozzy Skateboard:

I'm using realplayer at the moment but the flash beta pop up player continues to tell me "connection error" maybe another listener could check it to confirm for you.
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:54am the bahai llama:

flash player's pumping in sydney, skateboard
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:55am La Peruana Tetona:

Good morning all! So glad to be listening on FM. Sounds great HR!
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:56am Ozzy Skateboard:

thanks bahai
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:57am HotRod:

Ascension in progress...
  Fri. 9/30/11 7:59am ausmanx:

we heading for the upper chakras now?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:00am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:00am antonia jane:

okay its never too late to start listening i guess........ i'll listen to the archive as i missed the first 2 hours of the show :(
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:05am Isa GT:

oh yes! one more hour!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:06am annie:

whatever happened to little wednesday addams, anyway?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:20am Cheri Pi:

Finally Friday!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28am ausmanx:

something tells me we're not in the upper regions any more, toto... you can only have so much mind, after all
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28am Isa GT:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:28am HotRod:

balance is the key, ausmanx
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:30am La Peruana Tetona:

Such a kick ass start to my Friday!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:32am ausmanx:

sad to say, Annie, that Lisa Loring who played Wednesday Addams was last seen playing a hooker opposite Jerry Butler AND Ron Jeremy in a marvellous film called Layin Down the Law....
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:33am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:39am ?:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:39am Ozzy Skateboard:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:41am Dave B:

whoops... forgot to sign in...
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:42am annie:

she became a soap star with a myriad of husbands..
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:44am yer darling:

best set EVER. thank you for waking me up.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:47am imdb sez:

"Layin' Down the Law (video) 1992
Hooker (non-sex role)"

I sez: !!!
Wednesday's child is full of woe...?
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:48am ausmanx:

goodness, she was MARRIED to Jerry Butler!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:48am La Peruana Tetona:

By the power of three times three, make them see, make them see.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:50am annie:

No more war machine. No more institutionalized division of the masses. No more raping the environment. NO more.
The time we have been waiting for is NOW. The ONEs we have been waiting for are US. Do not hang back and observe. Do not wait for the wave to crest.
RIDE the swell ♥
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:51am the anchovy:

Yes! The power of the natives!
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:52am ausmanx:

i thought you'd gone off message there re Wednesday and Jerry Butler there, annie, until i saw your last phrase...
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:53am HotRod:

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:53am annie:

funny how that pendulum swung, huh..? no pun intended.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:53am Dave B:

@ ausmanx -

good one!

  Fri. 9/30/11 8:56am ausmanx:

to be fair to jerry, his autobiography is the best book ever written on the porn industry (or so i'm told) so we can assume wednesday married him for his literary attributes...
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:57am still b/p:

Maybe we should watch the 1964 episode of Dr. Kildare she was in called Maybe Love Will Save My Apartment House, and remember her....that way. Maybe Dr. Kildare will save our little innocent Wednesday memory.
  Fri. 9/30/11 8:59am Ozzy Skateboard:

happy weekend all :)
  Fri. 9/30/11 9:03am HotRod:

BYE! ;)
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