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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options March 29, 2011: Belle Jhum

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
HERMETO PASCOAL  Vai Mais, Garotinho   Options Lagoa da Canoa, Município de Arapiraca  1984  0:00:00 ()
VINKERNOOG/SPINVIS COMBO  The Flying Dutchman   Options Ja!  2006  0:00:23 ()
MEDICATION  Were You Surprised They Believed You?   Options V.A.: Querido Sordo -5 Años de Acuarela  1999  0:07:16 ()
DORLEAC  Kill You   Options Dorleac  2010  0:13:11 ()
COLLAGE  Uni, Tule Silma Peale!   Options Kadriko  1974  0:16:46 ()
ZDENEK LISKA  The Ossuary   Options unreleased film soundtrack  1970  0:19:22 ()
HET  Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan   Options 7"  1965  0:33:22 ()
ERKUT TACKIN  Gitmek Düştü Bana   Options 7"  1975  0:36:28 ()
MAD CURRY  Music, the Reason for Our Happiness   Options Mad Curry  1970  0:39:19 ()
WANDERLEA  Vamos que eu ja vou   Options Vamos que eu ja vou  1977  0:43:21 ()
COLLAGE  Petis pelu   Options Kadriko  1974  0:47:07 ()
N.V. GROEP '65  Dank Zij de Heer   Options 7"  1965  0:50:49 ()
DARYL RUNSWICK  My Family and Other Animals - Title Theme   Options My Family and Other Animals  1987  0:53:57 ()
CLAUDE LOMBARD  Sleep Well   Options Claude Lombard  1970  0:56:48 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Spleen   Options Les Vleurs du Bal  2008  1:06:08 ()
MENSEN BLAFFEN  Mensen Blaffen   Options Mensen Blaffen (12" EP)  1984  1:09:20 ()
AROMA DI AMORE  Gorilla Dans de Samba   Options 7" EP  1983  1:12:07 ()
X-LEGGED SALLY  Quorns   Options The Land of the Giant Dwarfs  1995  1:14:56 ()
HERMETO PASCOAL  Tiruliruli   Options Lagoa da Canoa, Município de Arapiraca  1984  1:18:16 ()
MIAM MONSTER MIAM  La Mysterieuse Aventure   Options L'Homme Libellule  2007  1:19:19 ()
LOS PEKENIKES  Cerca de las Estrellas   Options 7"  1968  1:21:06 ()
CANOVAS, RODRIGO, ADOLFO Y GUZMAN  Carrusel   Options Senora Azul  1974  1:24:47 ()
N.V. GROEP '65  Pipe and You Like It   Options 7"  1966  1:27:38 ()
KID MONTANA  Cabs Ambush   Options V.A.: B9  1981  1:36:59 ()
THE MISZ  Le Joli Jardin (1984)   Options The EE EP (7" EP)  2010  1:40:01 ()
HUMAN DANCE  Hex! (198?)   Options V.A.: The Insanely Happy EP (7" EP)  2010  1:42:22 ()
ACID STOCKS  track 2 [untitled]   Options Acid Stocks  2010  1:45:53 ()
KAA ANTILOPE  Island Girl's Game (1982)   Options VPRO RadioNome – April 2 1982  2009  1:49:35 ()
LUC VAN ACKER  Freezing   Options Taking Snapshots  1982  1:52:43 ()
SATIN WALL  Dans les Profondeurs   Options V.A.: B9  1981  1:54:52 ()
BENE GESSERIT  It's So Hard (198?)   Options Half-Unreleased Madness  2010  1:58:54 ()
LOGOS / <M&M>  Henry Purcell: Dido's Lament (1688)   Options Ancient Music  2009  2:01:07 ()
DOMiNIQUE (DELVAULX)  Sans un Mot / Ecoute   Options Lettre a V.  1977  2:10:21 ()
LOUIS DE MEESTER  Incantations (1958/1962)   Options V.A.: Flemish Tape Music Since 1950  2010  2:17:31 ()
JUMA  Qum   Options Aqua Cosmos  1981  2:24:07 ()
ETAT DES STOCKS  track 9 [untitled]   Options The Final Solution  2010  2:31:29 ()
HUMAN FLESH  Un Matin de Plus (198?)   Options Second-Hand Emotions and Half-Forgotten Feelings  2010  2:42:03 ()
DELETED  Les Sentiments   Options Deleted (cassette)  1988  2:45:22 ()
FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS  Allons a la Piscine   Options Her River Raves Recollections (10")  2009  2:48:07 ()
TRISTES TROPIQUES  Untitled 2   Options V.A.: B9  1981  2:50:21 ()
QUIET STARS  Desequilibre II   Options L’equateur de Quiet Stars  2010  2:51:41 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Death Is Not a Betrayal (1982)   Options Half-Unreleased Madness  2010  2:54:12 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/29/11 12:02pm tonyc:

Hullo dere! I'm back from Belgium with lots of goodies to share with you....
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:04pm Carmichael:

Hi Tony! It took me a moment to find the right combination of comments board and audio feed. Hope you brought chocolate!!
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:05pm tonyc:

Yep -- chocolate records for all! Greetings, Carmichael...
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:07pm Alf from Upstate:

Welcome back Tony!
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:09pm listener james from westwood:

Welcome back, Tony, and deepest condolences on the loss of your cat.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:09pm tonyc:

Thanks, Alf! Welcome aboard...
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:10pm glenn:

i'm sorry to hear about your kitty.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:10pm tonyc:

Thanks very much, James. There will be some gloomy music later on in the show in her memory....
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:11pm Ricardo Montalban:

Welcome back from Belgium, Tony! How were the waffles?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:12pm Ricardo Montalban:

So sorry to hear about your cat pal.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:12pm tonyc:

And thanks, Glen. Waffles were good -- chocolate easter eggs as well. The fries were nothing special, though....
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:12pm Ike:

Hello! I was wondering what happened to you, Tony. Huzzah, you're back. Glad to know you were merely abducted by Belgians rather than Martians.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:14pm Drummer Some:

so glad you're back in the saddle, Tony. I mourn for your furry friend.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:14pm tonyc:

Yep, I was doing hard labor in a Belgian prison, making waffle plates.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:16pm tonyc:

Thanks, Doug. I think her screaming made it on to one of my first Give the Drummer shows...
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:16pm glenn:

it's just easy and simple to blame the belgians for everything. i do.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:17pm Ike:

  Tue. 3/29/11 12:18pm tonyc:

She was deaf, so she didn't miaow, she bellowed, like an opera singer.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:18pm glenn:

except for the stuff i blame on andy breckman. or irwin.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:19pm Drummer Some:

Tony, one of my cats has been audible on several of my streamed shows. Ah, the marvels of broadcasting from home. Your program is num-num for the ears, Tony.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:19pm Holly in NC:

So sorry to hear about Kellie's passing. My thoughts with you.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:20pm glenn:

so, meowserrat catballe then?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:20pm Brian in UK:

19 years is a good age but that doesn't change the fact that.......

How come no one has mentioned BEER. That's the main reason surely.

Where abouts did you go TC? We went to Brugge & Gent last year. Belgians are lovely people, speak more languages than you have fingers and a sense of humour.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:20pm marcury:

Welcome back. Did you manage to have any Moules Frites? Sorry to hear about your kitty.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:20pm tonyc:

Thanks, Holly.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:20pm listener james from westwood:

She'll live forever in memory, and of course through the miracle of Google search and the hallowed FMU show archives.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:21pm Ricardo Montalban:

OMG! Is this The Ossuary?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:22pm Ricardo Montalban:

The playlist is quicker than I am. Blame it on lack of caffeine.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:22pm tonyc:

Yep -- The Ossuary it is. Thanks, James....
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:23pm Ricardo Montalban:

That's my favorite Svankmajer film
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:23pm Ricardo Montalban:

Did you make it to the Sedlec Ossuary when you were in Europe?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:25pm tonyc:

Brian: I horrified every Belgian I met by admitting that I don't drink beer. I'm just glad they didn't kick me out of the country. Marcury: missed out on the moules frites. Glenn: I blame the Belgians for brussel sprouts.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:27pm tonyc:

Didn't make it to Sedlec, no. (Where the hey is Sedlec anyhow?_
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:30pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's in a little town in the middle of the Czech republic called Kutná Hora.
The ossuary is the chief tourist draw, mainly drawing weirdos and ghouls from all over the world. It's really freaky.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:31pm Jon:

Hi Tony. That Zdenek Liska track was terrific. Enjoyed the heck out of that.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:35pm Drummer Some:

I went to an amazing ossuary in Rome 25 years ago (Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini) and I can still see it in my mind plain as day. Freaky fun!
The best restaurant I've visited here in Pittsburgh is a Belgian mussels and frite place. You gotta come here and open a restaurant, Marcury!
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:38pm Brian in UK:

Book me a table boss. Is there a brewery in the basement?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:39pm tonyc:

Drummer Doug: Did you order a cappuccini when you visited that Roman ossuary?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:41pm tonyc:

Mad Curry, playing now, is the first actual full-blooded Belgian band of the show. Much more Belgian music to follow later in the show....
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:41pm Drummer Some:

@Brian in UK
No, but they have a separate menu page just for the Belgian beer selection.

That is exceedingly unappetizing. (Actually, the ossuary did have a gift shop! I still have a mess of postcards showing close-ups of the artful display.)
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:45pm holland oats:

i've been to kutna hora!! wait, why are you talking about kutna hora?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:47pm tonyc:

Mr. Oats: i'll bite: What, pray tell, is Kutna Hora?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:50pm Brian in UK:

Did you see a live music on your travels TC?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:51pm tonyc:

Brian: Well, live after a fashion: I saw the Logos Foundation's robot orchestra, in Gent
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:52pm holland oats:

you and ricardo were just talking about it. the ossuary! the bone church! is that soundtrack shot there or something?
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:53pm holland oats:

  Tue. 3/29/11 12:54pm tonyc:

I'll be playing a Logos robot orchestra track later on in the show.

Holland: I'm a big Svankmayer fan, but I've never actually seen that film, so I'll refer your question to Mr. Momtalban.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:54pm Hugo:

I'm heading for Antwerpen in late May for three days or so. Beer? For sure! Some very fine second-hand record shops in Brussels. Came away with several goodies back in 07.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:56pm tonyc:

Hugo: Yes, Brussels is where I got the bulk of the vinyl I picked up, though there is one very good (if expensive) store in Gent.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:58pm don:

spellbinding, tony.
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:59pm tonyc:

Lots of that Belgian vinyl will be featured in the second half of the show.

Thanks, Don!
  Tue. 3/29/11 12:59pm bryce:

  Tue. 3/29/11 12:59pm Ricardo Montalban:

I recommend that film, currently in print on a couple of DVD compilations of Sjankmajer's works.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:00pm tonyc:

Thanks, Bryce! And hello to you!!
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:01pm bryce:

  Tue. 3/29/11 1:09pm Carmichael:

Her voice is affecting my spleen.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:10pm Drummer Some:

Are you saying she should be spleen and not heard?
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:10pm tonyc:

She actually talks that way, too.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:10pm Hugo:

I'll certainly be on the look-out for stuff in Antwerpen. I've set aside one day for sight-seeing. Knowing myself, a part of that time will be spent in or looking for record shops.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:12pm tonyc:

One interesting thing about visiting Belgium is that you get two countries in one: sort-of-France and sort-of-Holland.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:15pm tonyc:

Hugo: Antwerp was the one place where I didn't have time to record shop, so I can't give you any Antwerper tips, unfortunately
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:16pm Hugo:

And that is also the trouble with Belgium.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:18pm tonyc:

Actually, I realized that Belgium is really lucky they've been unable to form a national government. Not having a government has spared them the kind of austerity cuts happening elsewhere in Europe
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:25pm tonyc:

... which leaves them with more money for waffles, fries, mussels, and records.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:25pm tonyc:

And beer.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:30pm tonyc:

The next set commences the records-I-found-on-my-Belgian-expedition portion of the show.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:42pm tonyc:

Is everyone sleeping off their lunch of mussels and beer? Or perhaps you've booked a ticket for the nearest ossuary?
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:45pm Mark Williams:

just tuned in, Tony. At work, but maybe I can sneak an Orval in and sit back for a while... who's putting out this Insanely Happy EP? Very Gesserit'esqu.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:45pm bryce:

really enjoying the belgians syntheses
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:46pm tonyc:

Thanks, Bryce! Lots more to come -- and you might want to put on your dancing shoes for the next track.
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:48pm tonyc:

Sharp ears, Mark: Human Dance is another Alain Neffe project
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:49pm Carmichael:

I wandered off to actually do some work, but I'm still listening. As long as it's not Spleen Lady ...
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:51pm Mark Williams:

but of course. I just emailed them to get my copy. And here you are playing my favorite KAA Antilope track...
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:52pm jesse:

loved that acid stocks track
  Tue. 3/29/11 1:53pm tonyc:

Hey, Carmichael -- Spleen Lady made me a delicious bowl of pasta and gave me a chocolate egg. I owe her big.
Mark: Say hello to Eriek for me....
Jesse: Glad you liked the Acid Stocks!
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:04pm tonyc:

Dedicated to Kellie the cat.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:05pm Hugo:

This should get me started:


Of course, some of the info might be outdated ...
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:10pm Ricardo Montalban:

Whenever I think of Belgium, I think of the movie Man Bites Dog.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:13pm tonyc:

I prefer the sequel: Mussel Bites Fry.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:14pm tahomajohn:

Great song... where'd you get this record? ;)
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:15pm Ricardo Montalban:

A big plate of mussels...
Sea, Sea, Sea, O cruel mother,
Oh, say, can you see...
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:16pm tonyc:

Tahomajohn: It is a great song! I got the LP in a second-hand shop in Brussels, called The Collector -- for around 5 euros.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:18pm Tardy Ricardo:

Lucy, you got some spleenin' to do...
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:18pm tahomajohn:

Hey Tony...I am aiming at an Istanbul trip by the end of the year... you have inspired me to go digging in the used record stores. If i find some oddities i will send em your way
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:19pm tonyc:

Thanks very much, Tahomajohn!!!
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:22pm tonyc:

By the way, the text of this Louis de Meester thing is by Isidore Isou.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:23pm Brian in UK:

@ tahomajohn Lale Plak in Tunel is a must. Selim Sesler plays in a bar once a week just round the corner.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:24pm tahomajohn:

Thanks for the info Brian.. i will take note and aim accordingly.. very much looking forward to this trip:)
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:28pm tonyc:

Another by the way: This Thursday I'll be posting more Belgian finds on Beware of the Blog, plus a link to the show I did on Antwerp's Radio Centraal.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:32pm Brian in UK:

@ tahomajohn You will not regret it but like so many places these days there are lots of undercurrents from groups dissatisfied with government. You must try the Kurdish food in Kadikoy go to Siya Sofrasi or the sister restaurant opposite. Both are in the market. I can taste it now.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:39pm tahomajohn:

hey Brian..tahnks.. awesome info..Turkish food.. omg.. i just talked with the significant other.. we are moving Istanbul up to May-June.. i CAN'T WAIT!
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:40pm tahomajohn:

i meant Kurdish food, pardon. AND Turkish food:)
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:44pm Drummer Some:

There's nothing like hearing a DJ say, "Stay tuned for human flesh"!
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:45pm tonyc:

Well, you know, all that talk about ossuaries....
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:45pm tahomajohn:

Yeah, especially after a cultural stumble burp about food on the comments.. :p
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:46pm Brian in UK:

We went in May and that was just right. I would recommend the Lonely Planet Guide to Istanbul.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:47pm tahomajohn:

Hey Brian... just watched a couple youtubes of Selim Sesler ... wonderful.. and just bookmarked Lonley Planet Istanbul... thanks!
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:52pm Ike:

As for bookmarking LP, unfortunately I'm not sure they put the most useful info on their site (unless it's changed) -- check the hard copy -- maybe at yr local library! The hard copy is often indispensable.
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:55pm tahomajohn:

Thanks Ike.. i will proceed to LP via Amazon directly:) That way i will be able read it on the plane sitting on the tarmac for hours and hours:)
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:57pm tonyc:

'Tis about it for today's trip to Belgium. I will see you all in two weeks (next week is a rebroadcast).
  Tue. 3/29/11 2:58pm tahomajohn:

Great show Tony... really enjoyed it!
  Tue. 3/29/11 8:59pm mike tp:

hello tony was in portland for ten days visiting my 2 girls. great place to eat is abbys table609 s. e.ankeny st portland.
  Wed. 3/30/11 9:47am peter from Belgium:

great show Tony! surprising what you found in our twisted country :-) ... will keep you informed on musical rarities over here. by the way: Belgium -Adzerbeijan:4-1. we're back into world soccer!! haha
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:37am iker:

oh, the great, great, great, great kaa antilope.......
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