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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

Tuesdays Noon - 3pm (EDT) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options March 8, 2011: Marathon, Week Two

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
THE DECAYES  Close Enough for Jazz   Options Accidental Musik  1979  0:00:00 ()
LE BLANC & LALANCETTE  Hory Dory USA   Options Words & Music  1976  0:08:04 ()
GEILE TIERE  Geile Tiere   Options 7"  1980  0:11:52 ()
AUTOMATIC PILOT  Prelude to a Quaalude   Options Live On Broadway -- San Francisco 9/1/82  2005  0:15:26 ()
PATRICK CHEMIN & PERSONNEL  Personnel   Options Premiere Urgence  1980  0:18:55 ()
GREENFIELD LEISURE  Sally   Options MY PREMIUM  1981  0:23:56 ()
THE LIVIN' END  Time to Leave   Options MY PREMIUM  1969  0:33:11 ()
SVENSK  Dream Magazine (1967)   Options V.A.: Piccadilly Sunshine, Part One  2009  0:35:18 ()
THE SPINDLE  Til the End of Time   Options MY PREMIUM  1968  0:37:56 ()
CHRIS ANDREWS  Birdy Style   Options Hedgesongs  2011  0:40:55 ()
QUANTUM  Childhood Fancies   Options New World  1976  0:43:11 ()
TRACKS  Bottleneck   Options The Very Best of Tracks, 1969-1974  1991  0:47:48 ()
MOBY GRAPE  What's to Choose   Options '69  1969  0:52:12 ()
THOMAS EDISUN'S ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND  Common Attitude (196?)   Options V.A.: Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things, Volume Fore  2007  0:54:20 ()
FANTASY  Silent Mime   Options Paint a Picture  1973  0:57:06 ()
BILL GOODWIN & SHARON ROBERTS  Lonely Rider   Options MY PREMIUM  1968  1:09:08 ()
PEOPLE LIKE US  Ne Me   Options V.A.: Windpipe Moods  2004  1:11:31 ()
LARY 7  Casino Echomatic   Options V.A.: Links Outta Here  1997  1:12:46 ()
ONE  Overture Ab Ovo   Options Creation Earth: Who Am I?  1977  1:16:02 ()
THE STROKE BAND  Green and Yellow   Options Green and Yellow  1978  1:21:52 ()
ANTOINE TOME  Nord   Options Les Chants du Coeur  1977  1:24:35 ()
ADRIAN ZARATE  De la A a la Z   Options De La A a La Z  2008  1:27:41 ()
LE BLANC & LALANCETTE  Intro   Options Words & Music  1976  1:29:29 ()
AVALANCHE  Cola-Tik   Options Perseverance Kills Our Game  1979  1:30:57 ()
FRIENDS  Here It Comes Again   Options MY PREMIUM  197?  1:38:15 ()
PHILAMORE LINCOLN  The Plains of Delight   Options The North Wind Blew South  1970  1:42:54 ()
JIM SPENCER  Boys and Girls Come Out to Play   Options The Most Beautiful Song in the Forest  1977  1:46:12 ()
KATHLEEN BAIRD  Morning Song #1   Options Lullaby for Strangers  2006  1:48:52 ()
WILDFLOWER  It Was Only Yesterday   Options MY PREMIUM  196?  1:52:15 ()
MIKE TINGLEY  See the People   Options The Abstract Prince  1968  1:54:28 ()
OVERBY  No One Sees Me   Options Bullets to Bite On  1980  1:56:41 ()
EMILY'S SASSY LIME  Viscosity Breakdown [part of]   Options Right Is Here  1995  1:58:04 ()
STARS NEW SEEDS  The Queen   Options MY PREMIUM  1977  2:11:13 ()
SASHA CARO  Never Play a B Side (1968)   Options V.A.: Piccadilly Sunshine, Part Two  2009  2:15:26 ()
THE LEAVES  War Of Distortion   Options Hey Joe  1966  2:18:12 ()
LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE  Ha (Ho)   Options Presenting....  1968  2:20:21 ()
OLYMPIC  Jen Buh Vi   Options Zelva  1968  2:23:54 ()
CREAM  Pressed Rat And Warthog   Options Wheels of Fire  1968  2:27:28 ()
APOLLO  Symboli   Options Apollo  1970  2:30:46 ()
WARLUS  Good Night the Day   Options Songs  1977  2:33:21 ()
ALVARO  Lost for Words   Options Drinkin My Own Sperm  1977  2:42:18 ()
TANGUITO  Natural   Options Tango  1973  2:48:42 ()
THE HOPE  News Report 1972   Options MY PREMIUM  1968  2:50:52 ()
TIREZ TIREZ  Scenery   Options MY PREMIUM  1979  2:54:29 ()
HAWKWIND  Mirror of Illusion   Options Hakwind  1970  3:01:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/8/11 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

aaaaand here we go!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:00pm tonyc:

Hello all. Just like last week, I won’t be doing much on-air pitching today, as I have no on-air co-host … so I’ll do my beseeching here: PLEDGE, PLEDGE, PLEDGE.!!! A pledge of any amount helps out WFMU, and it shows your support for this show and Give the Drummer Radio. To Web in your pledge, use the insta-pledge box at the top of the playlist. To call in your pledge: 1-800-989-9368

If you pledge $75 or more, you’ll get my premium CD “SINGLE-MINDEDNESS,” a collection of rare and fab 7” tracks, from the ‘60s to the ’90s. And, of course, there’s always THE SWAG: http://wfmu.org/marathon/tch.shtml

If you do pledge, please indicate in the comment box that you are PLEDGING FOR THIS SHOW and Give the Drummer Radio. My electronic co-host, the mighty Doug Schulkind, who is waiting in the station’s computer room, will let us know you pledged in order that you may receive your hearty THANKS!!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:03pm tonyc:

In case you don't have time to read the long message above, here's the Cliff Note version: Pledge!! We'll love you for it!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:05pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

The energy in the phone room here at WFMU is as crisp as deep-fried bacon. And as pungent, too. Make a pledge in support of TONY COULTER's brilliant show!

MAKE SURE TO SAY THE PLEDGE IS FOR TONY when you make your pledge. If you send your pledge online, look for the comments box. If you phone in a pledge, tell your very attractive phone volunteer.

Let's go streamheads!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:06pm tonyc:

Greetings, Doug! Doug is waiting to thank you for your pledge....
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:06pm listener james from westwood:

mornin tony & mc doug! get pledgin', all!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:07pm holland oats:

i be pledgin' baby - keep stream alive!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:07pm tonyc:

James speaks words of wisdom -- a pledge for one is a pledge for all
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:09pm tonyc:

THANKS, Holland!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:10pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

We have our first pledge of the day:

Big ups to Listener Kent from Crystal Falls, Michigan with TONY COULTER PREMIUM sized pledge.

Thanks Ken!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:10pm tonyc:

Don't forget that I'm offering a premium for a pledge of $75
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:11pm tonyc:

Hurray, Thanks Kent!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:13pm Kent:

You da man, Tony! Thanks Doug for bringing back my favorite DJ!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:13pm GordonMac:

Great to have Tony C back!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:14pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

And what a premium it is. Tony is sharing rare 7" slabs of wonder from his magnificant record collection. Hand-selected, hand-sequenced, handcrafted for you by the man himself. With love. Call 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online here:


Make sure, if you're pledging online to mention TONY COULTER and/or the Gie the Drummer Radio stream in the comments.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:14pm tonyc:

Thanks, Kent & Gordon!! And thanks, Doug, of course -- I'm really glad to be back.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:15pm Danne D:

For the split personality types you can pledge $180 which gives you your choice of 3 DJ premiums :) Then you can get Tony's Diane's and Doug's for good measure :D
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:17pm tonyc:

$180 sure would be great -- but any amount would be peachy, as a show of support for the whole concept of Give the Drummer Radio.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:18pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

All hail Listener GordonMac from Scotch Plains for pledging to the mighty Tony Coulter. Huge THANKS GordonMac!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:19pm tonyc:

Gordon! Gordon! Gordon! You are the Mac Daddy indeed!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:22pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Give the Drummer Radio would not exist, nay wouldn't even have been a dream in the fitful sleeps of WFMU's visionary leadership had the station not received your pledges in previous years. Just imagine what amazing things your pledges THIS YEAR will help us do in the months to come.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:22pm Kent:

(And I have to give my proper respects to Tony's WFMU Beware of the Blog postings, especially his rare album covers and art finds.)
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:23pm tonyc:

PLEDGE-O-PLEDGE-O-PLEDGE-O!!! For Dog and Country Music...
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:24pm tonyc:

Cut now playing is on my premium....
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:25pm tonyc:

Thanks, Kent. The next blogpost will be at the end of the month...
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:30pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Damn right Tony. I am poised to supplicate myself typographically to all pledgers who come through during your show. Speaking of which...
Ridiculous gobs of love to Listener Robert in NYC who pledged for Tony's premium.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:34pm tonyc:

ROBERT!! ROBERT!! ROBERT!! Thank you so much, kind sir....
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:34pm tonyc:

Robert: Need a tissue to wipe those gobs of love off?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:37pm tonyc:

By the way, even if you can't pledge today, do please pipe in -- it's always nice to know you're there.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:38pm holland oats:

mike janson wants me to tell you that his pledge was for drummersome/doug/tony but he forgot to comment along those lines
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:39pm tonyc:

Once again, my premium is a collection of rare and great 7" tracks, like the one you're hearing NOW. 'Tis yours for a pledge of $75
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:40pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Remember that this new stream needs to make a good impression on the decision makers at WFMU. We are looking to cement Give the Drummer Radio's healthy future by doing our part to help WFMU during this once-a-year fundraiser.

Everyone listening must pitch in! PLEASE be sure to enter TONY COULTER or GIVE THE DRUMMER RADIO when you make your pledge online or call it in.

  Tue. 3/8/11 12:41pm tonyc:

Thanks, Mike!! You can simply spraypaint that it was for this show on the outside of FMU's building. Ken will see it.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:42pm holland oats:

done and done
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:44pm tonyc:

THANKS Holl & Oats!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:45pm listener james from westwood:

Let your social networking pals know that Tony Coulter is back on the air and bringing decades of fine music with him! F FarmTown or Trending Topics or whatever; flood Twitter and Facebook with links to Tony and all yr fave FMU DJs' playlists during their shift to hep 'em to the tunes they can hear!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:46pm tonyc:

Thanks, James! And fans of Charlie and Doug should do the same....
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:46pm Dan B:

God bless you Tony and Doug for giving us the Give the Drummer Some radio stream!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:48pm tonyc:

Thank you, dear Dan. By the way, it's nice to be able to play full sets during a marathon -- but don't forget to PLEDGE!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:49pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

And may Yahweh bless LISTENER KEN from NYC for making a pledge for the stream, the station and Tony's premium!!

We will cheerfully appreciate pledges of all sizes. A gift of $75 automatically gets you Tony's premium.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:50pm tonyc:

Thanks, Ken!!!!

Hey -- where are the female listeners?!? Am I losing my appeal to the ladies?
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:52pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Commenter "Dan B" is none other than WFMU luminary Dan Bodah, host of the wonderful Airborne Event on WFMU (9-mdinight, ET)

His playlists here:

I only mention this because Dan has PLEDGED FOR TONY'S PREMIUM!!!

Thanks a ton, Dan.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:53pm tonyc:

Hail the Bodah-satva!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:56pm tonyc:

  Tue. 3/8/11 12:57pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Quite a few people pledged for WFMU even before the marathon began. Many of these "pre-marathon" pledgers specifically requested Tony's premium. Listeners Melissa and Jim from New York DID JUST THAT. And we love them for it.

Please let us love you, too, and make a pledge. (OK, OK, you can already tell we love you by the way we make ecstatic, blissful, from-the-bottom-of-our-hearts radio.)
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:59pm tonyc:

Fundraising experts with fancy degrees all say that moody music like what's on now will produce precisely $0 in funds. Prove them wrong!! PLEDGE!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:59pm Brian in UK:

Just pledged by 'phone, Doug. Missed you but gave the stream a shout out.
  Tue. 3/8/11 12:59pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Phoning in a pledge from Watford, UK is the simply marvelous listener Brian S.

We are seriously CHUFFED, Brian. Thanks!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:00pm tonyc:

THANKS, Brian!! And Melissa & Jim too....
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:00pm tonyc:

Thanks to BOTH Brians!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:01pm tonyc:

Chuff, chuff, chuff....
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:01pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Wish I knew it was you on the phone, Brian. I was just a few feet away. I could feel the good vibes levitating the phone-room floor.

Thanks Brians everywhere. Thanks everyone who LOOKS like a Brian!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:03pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Bah bah bah!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:04pm Brian in UK:

It's beer o'clock over here.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:06pm Brian in UK:

I'm still stuck outside the 'plane but it keeps the beer cool.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:07pm Dan B:

It's get some serious work done o clock here, unfortunately. On the other hand, a set of headphones plugged into the computer and Tony's magic carpet make the time just fly
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:10pm tonyc:

Help warm the bones of the lonely rider with a pledge!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:13pm Dan B:

My corrugated steel shield also protects me from boring animals.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:13pm tonyc:

Help protect from random, unwanted electrical impulses with a PLEDGE!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:15pm Dan B:

My corrugated steel WFMU protects me from boring MUSIC. Scientists have demonstrated that LARGE PLEDGES prevent TERRIBLE MUSIC from oozing into the cable.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:17pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Our own WFMU colleague and the station's tireless Listener Services Poobah JOE MCGASKO has pledged to get Tony's premium.
Joe's SURFACE NOISE can be heard on WFMU every Sunday night, 12-3 (ET): http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/SN.

Thank you Brother Joe!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:19pm tonyc:

Thank you, thank you, JOE, JOE, JOE!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:22pm Ricardo Montalban:

That "Who Am I?" thing almost sounds like the same guy from that Perspectives iV album. Johnny Gunn?
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:23pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Here in the WFMU phone room, I am chowing down some absurdly good beef brisket, made by — ho hum — another extraordinary volunteer. So much of what keeps WFMU humming is done by volunteers. Everyone behind Give the Drummer Radio is 100% a volunteer. (But you knew that.)

Make a pledge to support the incredibly collective effort that is WFMU, Give the Drummer Radio, and, of course, your estimable host TONY COULTER.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:23pm tonyc:

Anybody out there?? Even a tiny, teeny pledge would be fantabulous right about now
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:24pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

I think the laugh-worthy phrase "incredibly collective" in my previous comment is worth at least one pledge!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:25pm tonyc:

Hmm. Perhaps Johnny Gunn did become a new age guru...
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:26pm tonyc:

I play so much French stuff on my shows, I expect a Franco-flurry today. PLEDGEZ!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:28pm Dan B:

Maybe some Seguin will draw the Québecois?
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:30pm tonyc:

As Richard Simmons would say, just say no to a mid-show slump. Work those pledging fingers, ladies...
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:31pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Stalwart listener-supporter IKE will be getting Tony's premium, thanks to his pledge. Let me spell it out for you:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:31pm tonyc:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:38pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Wow, Tony. Where did you come up with a Richard Simmons reference. That's kinda scary. But only kinda.
Only 90 minutes left to pledge your support for Tony Coulter's radio show and the webstream that brings it to you (and the radio station that brings THAT to you).
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:39pm Ike:

You are most welcome!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:40pm tonyc:

Pledge in support of semi-comatose fundraising! I'd be a terrible door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman -- but I do love FMU, and if you do too, pledge what you can!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:44pm tonyc:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:46pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

>>>>>> !!!! <<<<<<<
That was the sound of me, cheeering.
Listener Paul from Chatham has made a Premium pledge the size of Tony Coulter. Wait, I mean has made a Tony Coulter premium-sized pledge.

Yeah, that's what I mean.

¡Gracias, Paul!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:47pm tonyc:

Thanks, Paul!!!!

Boys and Girls, come out to play....
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:48pm tonyc:

Pudding in half an hour -- assuming we get enough pledges!
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:49pm Ricardo Montalban:

The woman's singing on this track reminds me of the horrid record they used to put on during naptime in Kindergarten (how I still remember that after all these years is amazing/scary).
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:50pm tonyc:

No pudding unless you take a nap.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:51pm tonyc:

But no nap until you pledge.
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:51pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Scrolling back through the comments, I realized I missed Holland Oats' comment that Mike Janse\on's pledge that came in to the phone room was for Tony.

So here, officially, is our down-on-one-knee thanks to LISTENER MIKE JANSON. You are one of the "good ones."
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:53pm tonyc:

  Tue. 3/8/11 1:56pm tahomajohn:

Love your shows Tony and Doug! Am very happy for Give the Drummer Some... wish i could support you guys with a pledge but I prematurely pledgaculated last week...oh what the heck.. what is the minimum?
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:58pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

And you can bet that Ike likes Mike.

Tahomajohn, the typical entry level pledge is $15, but you should give whatever you feel is right for you (and you're hungry family).
  Tue. 3/8/11 1:59pm tonyc:

Yes, Tahomajohn -- a pledge of any size would really be appreciated!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:00pm tahomajohn:

can i pledge 20 and not have to figure out the swag stuff till later?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:00pm tahomajohn:

should i call in?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:02pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Friendly streamers, if you have already pledged, the next best thing you can do is tell a friend about this stream and WFMU. (In fact, a lot of WFMU fans aren't even aware of this stream yet.) Tell everyone!

Go to your windows and scream: "I'm as happy as hell and I AM going to have it some more!"
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:03pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

@ tahomajohn

Sure call in (1-800-989-9368) Make sure you say who the pledge is for.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:03pm tonyc:

Tahomajohn: Yes, swag can be sorted out later. Calling is fine...
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:06pm tahomajohn:

okay .. i screamed out the window "WFMU and Give the Drummer Some rules heaven above and all 9 levels of hell below!" and am now clicking on my cell phone... cheers!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:06pm sirhc:

Ah DIY heaven!! I pledge my life and my afterlife....
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:09pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

The seemingly ubiquitous Listener Jim of Columbia, South Carolina, pledged during pre-marathon to get Tony's premium. We take this solemn moment to say in hushed tones:

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:12pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

I made the pledge to pledge and now he has done so...

Entering the golden circle of groovy is Listener TahomaJohn. Thank you for your support. Tahomajohn says:

"Glad Tony and Doug are broadcasting on Give the Drummer Radio!"
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:12pm tonyc:

Thank you Glistener Jim!! And sirhc and Tahomajonn as well!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:13pm tonyc:

And once you're inside the golden circle of groovy you're there for life...
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:14pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Tony, you played this Stars New Seeds on your show a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. You sent me the MP3 (thank you, Sir) but I will be getting it on your premium since my wife pledged to you last week.

It will sound even better on your premium!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:16pm tonyc:

Ah -- hear it in golden grooviness, you two!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:17pm tonyc:

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:21pm tonyc:

Taking a moment to thank everyone who pledged this week and last, and pre-marathon. Thankee, thankee, thankee!! Every bit helps....
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:21pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

If you don't pledge to support Tony/Give the Drummer Radio/WFMU now, when will you? Please don't put it off until next year. Your pledges now are what will make next year possible.

We really need your help to keep this amazing radio experiment going.

Pledge by calling 1-800-989-9368 or going to https://www.wfmu.org/marathon/pledge.php

  Tue. 3/8/11 2:23pm tonyc:

And there are only 40 minutes left of this show
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:24pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

My friend Tim was/is a pal of one of the Hand People.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:25pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

(Which of course makes ME incredibly cool.)
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:25pm tonyc:

My Pal Foot Foot & the Hand People ask you to PLEDGE!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:26pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Speaking of incredibly cool....

The right honorable PETER from Kirkcudbright, UK has requested a copy of Tony's premium and sealed the deal with a pre-marathon pledge.

We bow low to you, Peter.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:28pm tonyc:

For that pledge I do name you SIR PETER!! Thanks much!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:30pm tonyc:

30 measly minutes remain for me .... please pledge in support of hose ... I mean WFMU and Give the Drummer Radio!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:31pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Unless of course you actually have the measles. Then you are exempt. Everyone else, kick some WFMU pledge butt! (Please.)
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:33pm listener james from westwood:

Chores call me away from the house and the stream (wish I had an iPhone to listen via the FMU app!), but thanks to Tony for the great pledge-day show, and Doug for MC'ing live from the stately FMU tower hard by the mighty Hudson.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:34pm tonyc:

Thanks to you, James!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:36pm tonyc:

Calling all pledgers: Gotham City needs YOU!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:36pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

When WFMU does not fade to silence next January, you will have Larry in Damascus, Maryland, largely to thank. You see, he has pledged to get Tony's premium.

Danka schön, Larry!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:37pm tonyc:

Hats off to Larry!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:38pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

It is impossible to put into words the level of appreciation for the support Listener James from Westwood has giving WFMU for ages — and recently to Give the Drummer Radio. So let me just say..........

...... and I mean every damn word.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:43pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Tony, the audio fidelity of your mic breaks this show have been the best yet. Keep doing exactly what you're doing.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:44pm tonyc:

Good to know, Doug. Will do. Though coating the walls with peanut butter does get expensive....
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:44pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Because this stream is not regulated by the censors at the F.C.C., Tony was free to announce the title of this song. Over the regular WFMU airwaves, not so much.

Please in support of the even freer freedom we have here on the stream
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:46pm tonyc:

Would love to get some last minute pledges, as this is my last chance this year to raise money for FMU. Pledge, pledge, purty please!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:46pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Hot off the InterWeb computer.... pledge from Matt in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, His comment:

"Pledging for Tony Coulter's streaming sounds and all the rare cilia-tickling shares on the blog. Thank you Tony (and all WFMU).

Well put, Matt, well putt.

Thank you very much.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:47pm Jason Elbogen:

Hey Tony/Drummer!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:48pm tonyc:

Thanks indeed, Matt!!

Hey Jason!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:48pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Listener Brian in Brubank, California, will be enjoying the fact that he pledged to WFMU. How do I know? He'll be bopping to Tony's premium. Thanks Brian.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:49pm tonyc:

Thanks, Brian!! (There's something about Brians!)
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:49pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Jason, there is a box of records for you in the off-air DJ mail box here at the station. Looks yummy. Come and get it. And howdy!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:50pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

From Chicago, the City of the Big Pledgers, hails Peter, who will be getting Tony's premium.

Thanks Peter!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:51pm tonyc:

Peter is a Saint!!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:52pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

C'mon!! Will someone be moved to get one or two last pledges in? We really, really need it. This is your last chance for an entire year to say thank you to Tony for his hard work in preparing this show. (You have NO idea how much work it is to produce this show.)

Give Tony a big pat on the back with a small pledge. Or a small pat with a big pledge. You choose.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:53pm tonyc:

And talking of my premium, the track on now and the track coming up are both on it. Pledge $75 and it's yours!
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:55pm tonyc:

Pledge to FMU and I will pledge my love to you.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:57pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Jason Elbogen just pledged a rather nifty quantity. Thanks a million Jason. (Not that nifty, but plenty nifty.) Jason, email me and let me know how you want that pledge counted.
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:57pm tonyc:

Hullo dere?
  Tue. 3/8/11 2:59pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

My pleasure, Tony. Please keep pledging dear listeners!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:02pm tonyc:

We're into overtime, yes -- but that doesn't mean you can't still pledge!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:04pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Can I just say that, on average, WFMU's listenership is way more attractive than you'd expect. Maybe it is the rosy glow of joy that comes from pledging.
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:04pm tonyc:

Whether you pledge or not, thanks for listening! And, of course, hearty thanks if you have already pledged!! See ya next time!!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:06pm sirhc:

Could only scrape the basic pledge this year-ah Hawkwind, my first concert experience in Clacton-on-sea. :)
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:08pm Doug in the WFMU phone room:

Every bit helps, sirhc. Thanks!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:08pm tonyc:

Yes, thanks indeed!
  Tue. 3/8/11 3:10pm tonyc:

I'll be back with a new show on March 29 -- see you then!
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