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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options April 12, 2011: Amphibian Facelift

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
CLIP  [intro from SPARK's "Biology 2"]   Options     0:00:00 ()
LIONELL HORROWITZ & HIS COMBO  Children   Options Au Bain Marie  1998  0:03:25 ()
THE SCENE IS NOW  1150 Lbs (1984)   Options The Oily Years  1995  0:05:42 ()
BANZAI  Try   Options Hora Nata  1975  0:07:46 ()
LUNA SEA  Everybody You Ever Met   Options Luna Sea  197?  0:15:27 ()
JO LEMAIRE & FLOUZE  Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais   Options Pygmy World  1981  0:19:26 ()
ERGO PHIZMIZ  Open Your Head   Options Music from "The Shoes of Fulcanelli"  2011  0:26:51 ()
FRIAR TUCK  Louis Louis   Options Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar  1967  0:31:15 ()
DINOSAURS WITH HORNS  Totally Gone   Options Dinosaurs with Horns (cassette)  1983  0:35:51 ()
BLACKLIGHT BRAILLE  Cincinatti Horn Dance   Options Songs for the Longhaired Suns  1995  0:37:22 ()
THE RASCAL REPORTERS  Guns for Prohibition   Options Freaks Obscure (cassette)  1980  0:40:53 ()
DELETED  Fat Is Fashion   Options Deleted (cassette)  1988  0:46:44 ()
KENNELMUS  I Don't Know   Options Folkstone Prism  1971  0:49:46 ()
TRISTES TROPIQUES  Untitled 1   Options V.A.: B9  1981  0:52:13 ()
BELINDA WU  Facelift   Options V.A.: Just West of Something Big  1987  0:58:30 ()
MONITOR  Amphibious   Options Monitor  1981  1:01:11 ()
THE VILLAGEMEN  007 Stomp   Options We're Gonna Stomp at a Party with the Villagemen  1966  1:04:24 ()
SAVANT  The Radio   Options V.A.: The Palace of Lights EP (7" EP)  1981  1:06:53 ()
ENSTRUCTION  Keep Out of My Body Bag   Options 7"  1982  1:09:45 ()
JOHN DOWIE  It's Hard to Be an Egg   Options 7"  1981  1:11:24 ()
JEAN PIERRE MADER  Souvenirs   Options Outsider  1986  1:14:28 ()
PARTY BOYS  The Spring Street Shuffle   Options Daddyland  1986  1:22:59 ()
DISTRICT TRADITION  Voices from Below   Options V.A.: 91X: Rock to Riches  1983  1:26:18 ()
CHINAS COMIDAS  Snaps   Options 7"  1979  1:28:26 ()
DIRK VEULEMANS  Artikulationsorgane (2007) [part of]   Options V.A.: Flemish Tape Music Since 1950 (book + CD)  2010  1:31:46 ()
KOWALSKI  Liliom   Options Schlagende Wetter  1982  1:35:36 ()
GHOSTWRITERS  Emotional Momentum   Options Objects in Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear  1981  1:41:12 ()
ST. MICHAEL'S, BRONX  Give Me Love   Options V.A.: Son-Shine on My Shoulder - Album One  1974  1:49:14 ()
JANE KITE  Why Me Lord   Options V.A.: Son-Shine on My Shoulder - Album Two  1974  1:52:22 ()
ST. GREGORY THE GREAT  How I Rejoyce   Options V.A.: Son-Shine on My Shoulder - Album Two  1974  1:55:08 ()
HOOVER & CLARK  Praises   Options Two Good Hands  1972  1:57:17 ()
SALT & LIGHT  A New Beginning   Options Salt & Light  197?  2:02:22 ()
THE RANDOM SAMPLE  He Died on the Cross   Options The Random Sample  1970  2:05:12 ()
CHRISTI CRUX CHORALE  Amazing Grace   Options On Tour  1975  2:08:56 ()
THE 7TH ADDITION  By My Side   Options The 7th Addition  197?  2:12:18 ()
THE SHIVER  Hey Mr. Holy Man   Options Walpurgis  1969  2:15:42 ()
ASCENSION  Oh Sinner Man   Options V.A.: Son-Shine on My Shoulder - Album One  1974  2:19:01 ()
MONITOR  Phosphorea   Options Monitor  1981  2:22:33 ()
TOM RECCHION  Herself a Cocoon   Options V.A.: The Lowest Form of Music: L.A.F.M.S.  1996  2:30:50 ()
WENDY WOLF  One Chain of Brass   Options V.A.: When You Are Young (7" EP)  1968  2:34:52 ()
COLLAGE  Halb Sirp   Options Kadriko  1974  2:37:05 ()
SOUNDS OF PURPOSE  Young Once   Options Life  197?  2:39:30 ()
ANGELA (SIMPSON)  Lenox Avenue   Options Angela  1972  2:40:45 ()
RAYMOND VINCENT  Les Plutoniens   Options Metronomics  1972  2:44:45 ()
TRANSISTER  Trip to China   Options Zig-Zag  1979  2:48:42 ()
700 CLUB  Smog Heaven   Options 700 Club (12" EP)  1984  2:52:20 ()
THE MUSICAL MOORES  What a Friend   Options Who Did It  197?  3:00:18 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 4/12/11 12:01pm tonyc:

Hullo dere!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:02pm Carmichael:

Hiya, Tony! Looking forward to this.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:04pm tonyc:

Thanks, Carmichael!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:05pm Ricardo Montalban:

Greetings, Tony!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:05pm tonyc:

Now playing: The Belgian Yes.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:06pm tonyc:

Hola, Senor!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:08pm Carmichael:

This sounds a LOT like Caravan!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:08pm tonyc:

Can I get anyone else a slice of cake?
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:08pm Ricardo Montalban:

This IS rather Yes-like, oui?
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:09pm tonyc:

Yes -- Yes, with a twist of Caravan, I'd say.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:14pm tonyc:

And now: Nebraska prog
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:14pm marcury:

Good Morning, uhh afternoon.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:15pm tonyc:

Mornernoon, Marcury!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:18pm tonyc:

The rather tepid video for this Belgian cover of Gainsbourg is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9_GpNM_SyQ
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:18pm marcury:

  Tue. 4/12/11 12:20pm tonyc:

Virtual cake, sure -- i've got plenty....
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:24pm marcury:

Belgian or otherwise?
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:26pm BSI:

.........carrot cake?
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:27pm tonyc:

Whatever you want it to be -- just think of your favorite cake and it's yours
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:27pm marcury:

Ahh the magic of internet radio.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:27pm BSI:

i love this place of music and infinite cake.....
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:30pm tonyc:

We don't gotta go now....
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:30pm marcury:

In honor of Fulcanelli, make mine gold
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:33pm Ricardo Montalban:

I hear distorto Optigan samples!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:34pm Carmichael:

In honor of Marie Antoinette, make mine plain ol' crappy cake.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:35pm tonyc:

Ricardo -- I believe you are Optiganally right!
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:38pm BSI:

Optigans and magic cake. It's a pagan wonderland in here.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:39pm Ricardo Montalban:

I grew up in an Optiganally equipped household.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:40pm tonyc:

Ha -- won't be pagan for long. I brought along a batch of Jesus records, which I'll be getting to later.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:41pm Ricardo Montalban:

Sweet jesus! It's a miracle!
If ya feel, ya heal...
Put your hands on the radio, er, computer speakers...
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:42pm tonyc:

Optiganally equipped? Really? All I had was a melodica -- which the cockroaches liked to nest in...
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:43pm Ricardo Montalban:

we inherited on from a gadgetty, rich uncle. He got bored with it so gave it to us. We really abused it, sadly
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:44pm Ricardo Montalban:

I recently scored a ton of the discs from a garage sale. Someone thought they were records. I guess they sell for a lot now.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:45pm Ricardo Montalban:

I'm lovin' this cassette stuff, TOny! I think cassettes are one of the seldom mined treasures of days gone by.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:46pm tonyc:

Yep -- long live the cassette underground! Physically, most '80s cassettes hold up surprisingly well...
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:47pm BSI:

yay, jesus records!
.....& I lived for a time in the '80s in an Optiganally equipped house, recorded some noise with it. Miss that thing terribly.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:47pm Ike:

  Tue. 4/12/11 12:48pm Ricardo Montalban:

I saw an Optigan at a Goodwill here near Portland recently but the thought of hauling it home and selling my wife on integrating it into our house made me not buy it.
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:51pm tonyc:

What I'd love to find in a thrift store is a Chamberlin -- the red-white-and-blue mellotron
  Tue. 4/12/11 12:53pm Ricardo Montalban:

The Optigan was sort of the poor man's Chamberlin/Mellotron. They certainly built more of them, too.
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:00pm tonyc:

Great Monitor vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=konoLrWMGuY
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:05pm BSI:

...well that lunch was entirely too healthy. I need to wallow in something wretched. What you got?
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:05pm tonyc:

Jesus is still in the wings. Another set or so and he'll hit the decks.
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:06pm BSI:

yay to jesus wing decks!
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:06pm marcury:

If Jesus had had an Optigan it would be different world
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:06pm tonyc:

Cassette tape and Optigan disk stew, with ketchup?
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:07pm nablatnom odracir:

that Monitor clip is great. It's from New Wave Theater. Bootlegs abound
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:12pm nablatnom odracir:

this is a great show, Mr. Coulter!
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:13pm tonyc:

And a John Dowie clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrq0KHszojo
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:14pm tonyc:

Thanks, Nablatnom!
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:25pm marcury:

If I have to leave before Jesus appears do I still get cake?
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:26pm BSI:

..... and instead of the sacramental wine, can I get a porter or brown ale?
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:26pm tonyc:

Cake in Hell!! (He'll be handling the next set.)
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:30pm tonyc:

BSI: Sure -- I've got sacramental beer on tap
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:31pm marcury:

Cake in Hell!! Good band name
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:32pm Drummer Some:

Ach! Just made it home to catch the second half. Sounds great (great sounds) Tony!
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:33pm Ike:

I especially like this tape music.
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:34pm tonyc:

Hey, Drummer Doug!

Ike: I'm sure the tape music likes you too
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:35pm tonyc:

By the by, this Kowalski LP was produced by Conny Plank
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:40pm tonyc:

Jesus is up next....
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:46pm tonyc:

MC Jesus I meant to say....
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:47pm nablatnom odracir:

oooh! I love the Shaggs-like intonation!
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:49pm tonyc:

I love the sound of massed out-of-tune acoustic guitars
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:50pm marcury:

Well Jesus does forgive
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:51pm nablatnom odracir:

wow! This is great!
I pass on way too many small run gospel records.
Not sure why.
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:53pm tonyc:

There are a surprising number of great ones out there -- both goofy-good and good-good
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:53pm nablatnom odracir:

I did find an all-marimba gospel album that was apparently one family.
On the back, everyone is wearing sombreros
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:55pm tonyc:

... and, of course, many are goofy-good and good-good at the same time
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:56pm nablatnom odracir:

I also found a great one (still in shrink wrap) by Dwayne Friend called The Four Horsemen that was a sermon that was so rapid fire and crazy, I swear he was on speed.
(my math captcha was one away from being 666. Coincidence?)
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:57pm BSI:

..... not to mention goofy-goofy, which is always welcome as well.
  Tue. 4/12/11 1:59pm tonyc:

Drumming funky for the Lord...
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:02pm Drummer Some:

Jesus is now standing up holding a lighter aloft in honor of this set (after lighting a heavenly spliff and passing it around, of course)
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:03pm tonyc:

The Random Sample = The Christian Free Design
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:07pm BSI:

I need more brown suede things in my life.
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:07pm nablatnom odracir:

Like, amazing grace, man!
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:08pm J J:

Amazing Grace? This a new one to me. Who wrote it?
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:09pm tonyc:

Damned if I know....
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:09pm sirhc swerdna:

nice groove:)
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:10pm J J:

damned if you do?
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:13pm marcury:

The Crux of the Christi is the Asterisk
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:14pm BSI:

Why does "Christi Crux Chorale" put me in the mind of breakfast cereal? What's going on here?
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:15pm tonyc:

Some covers for you:

Christi Crux Chorale:

The Shiver:
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:16pm J J:

"no need for the formalities, my boy. Just call me George."
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:18pm marcury:

Giger surely the most Christian of artists
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:22pm BSI:

That Ascension track was the goat's knickers!
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:27pm tahomajohn:

great show tony! i am glad i can catch your show live today:)
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:28pm tonyc:

Thanks, Tahomajohn!! Glad you're here....
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:31pm Brian in UK:

Hello TC. The memory still lingers on. Ain't Walpurgis a great word.
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:33pm tonyc:

Hey, Brian!! Happy Walpurgis Day to you!
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:38pm Brian in UK:

Didn't Procol Harum do something with the W word in it. Repent Walpurgis perhaps.
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:39pm tonyc:

Yeah, I think so, Brian...
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:41pm tonyc:

Her loving days are through....
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:42pm tonyc:

The Plutonians arrive on Lennox Avenue
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:48pm nablatnom odracir:

I hear a Roxy influence. Sprinkle some Ferry dust on this..
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:53pm marcury:

Shouldn't 700 club gone in the Jesus section?
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:58pm tonyc:

The 700 Club actually have a disclaimer on one of their records that they have nothing to do with the TV show....
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:59pm tonyc:

See you in two weeks everybody! Thanks for listening....
  Tue. 4/12/11 2:59pm nablatnom odracir:

Fun show! Thanks, Tony!
  Wed. 4/13/11 5:04pm Suga Teet:

a huge fan of your sets, T.
always a worthwhile journey...
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