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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options August 31, 2010: w/ guest DJ TOM LAX from Siltbreeze Records

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Nervous Tension  Hesitate   Options 7"  Whirled  Photobucket  0:00:00 ()
Lik  Total Krig   Options 7"  Likvider Plater  Photobucket  0:02:27 ()
Tam  G-Zet   Options 7"  ADK  Photobucket  0:03:32 ()
Snib  Jack Stack   Options 7"  Erkin  Photobucket  0:07:22 ()
Joy Rider & Avis Davis  No More Nukes   Options 7"  Monongo  Photobucket  0:09:22 ()
Belastungs Probe  Viel-O-Sophy   Options AE.T.Z.  Play Loud  Photobucket  0:11:13 ()
Sara Goes Pop  Arab O Habab   Options Double 7"  Warboys  Photobucket  0:13:27 ()
Sick Kidz  Radar Eyes (Godz cover)   Options 7"  BTCP   Photobucket  0:14:58 ()
The Door and the Window  Subculture Fashion Slaves   Options 7"  NB  Photobucket  0:18:44 ()
Perfect Strangers  Legs on Humble Vipers   Options 7"  Noli Me Tangere  Photobucket  0:22:14 ()
Sodom  Test Pattern   Options 7"  Wechselbalg  Photobucket  0:32:17 ()
Devo  Mechanical Man   Options Fan Club 7"  No Label  Photobucket  0:35:08 ()
Dementia Precox  Dead On 2 Legs Luncheonette   Options 7"  Hospital  Photobucket  0:38:29 ()
ALRN (Alternate Learning)  What's the Matter   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  0:40:23 ()
Usch  Ditt Eget Liv   Options 7"  Bellatrix  Photobucket  0:44:43 ()
EP-4  Untitled   Options Flexi 7"  Grimskip  Photobucket  0:46:29 ()
Concrete  Uranium Plant   Options 7"  Concrete  Photobucket  0:50:53 ()
Cyklon OG  Untitled   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  0:52:45 ()
Rejex  Niagara Baby   Options 7"  Small Axe  Photobucket  0:56:23 ()
Stripsearch  Hey Kid   Options 7"  Vinyl Repellent    0:59:53 ()
Destroy All Monsters  Assassination Photograph   Options 7"  Black Hole  Photobucket  1:07:56 ()
Stars New Seeds (sky Saxon)  Tired of Bein Poor   Options 7"  Expression  Photobucket  1:12:14 ()
Sardine  Sabotage   Options 7"  Mushroom  Photobucket  1:15:03 ()
Equal  Track 2   Options 7"  Heat Heart    1:18:16 ()
19 (juke)  Breakfast For R.B. Kitaj   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  1:22:56 ()
Zach Swagger  Empty Highways   Options 7"  Gone  Photobucket  1:25:23 ()
Chris Molin  Free Charlie   Options 7"  Fiction  Photobucket  1:28:36 ()
Auntie Pus  Halfway to Venezuela   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  1:31:30 ()
Flamingo  Neonbeat   Options 7"  Blue Wave  Photobucket  1:34:05 ()
Bill Direen/Soloman's Ball  America   Options 7"  Soloman's Ball  Photobucket  1:36:10 ()
Schizoid  (Whitehouse-)   Options 7"  Snotty Snail  Photobucket  1:44:50 ()
Zenith Effluveum  Lifeblood   Options 7"  Separate  Photobucket  1:46:43 ()
Sickness (pre-Kilslug)  Corpsemonger   Options 7"  Stinky Bicyle  Photobucket  1:51:24 ()
Doden  Sluten Psykiatrisk Vard   Options 7"  Karsudden  Photobucket  1:54:11 ()
Solger  Raping Dead Nuns   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  2:04:36 ()
Rancid Vat  The Frozen Dead   Options 7"  Pigface  Photobucket  2:05:55 ()
Credo  Don't Go Nutzel   Options 7"  Night of the Arts  Photobucket  2:12:15 ()
Parasites of the Western World  Politico   Options 7"  Criminal  Photobucket  2:19:00 ()
Ben Gash & Kerl Fieser  Unwucht Die Wichtung   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  2:22:27 ()
Raisinets  My Friend Sid   Options 7"  No Label  Photobucket  2:23:42 ()
Rain Parade  What She's Done To Your Mind   Options 7"  Llama  Photobucket  2:25:42 ()
Denizens  Frontier   Options 7"  Citizens Music  Photobucket  2:28:33 ()
Zombies (Japan)  Final Song   Options 7"  Rough Minds  Photobucket  2:32:38 ()
Die Neue Prachtigkeit  Du   Options 7"  Auch Du! Das Kannst  Photobucket  2:37:57 ()
Partizans  Goods   Options 7"  A-Noys  Photobucket  2:40:29 ()
Dugg Clark  To the End of   Options EP  Wonder  Photobucket  2:43:08 ()
Cortex  Jesus I Betong   Options 7"  Heartwork  Photobucket  2:44:58 ()
White Stains  The Energy   Options 7"  Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth  Photobucket  2:47:00 ()
Take It  Twenty Lines   Options 7"  Fresh Hold    2:51:18 ()
The Immortal Invisibles  Classical Music   Options 7"  Sauna Brothers    2:53:35 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/31/10 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

WFMU, what's up?
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:04pm 3puen:

poop on your mother
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Tue. 8/31/10 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@3puen: You're SO MEAN!
Seriously though, loving your videos on YT.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:06pm 3puen:

ick is a fish disease....wow and thanks
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:07pm 3puen:

speaking of fish Disease... Brian am I to understand you saw "Birdemic"?
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:10pm 3puen:

I'm almost done with "please kill me" Play some Television
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you should do a show of all bands with names with four letters or less, one syllable only
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:11pm 3puen:

or bands with silent numbers...
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

DCE, with all the tracks Brian plays marked "Untitled", he could probably do an entire show using them.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:13pm BT:

Hi all. Im happy to have ya here, Tom has some seriously great 7"s. Hustling to cue and type. I was gonna put up pix but maybe later
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I bet he just reaches into this big garbage can of cassettes and 7 inches
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:15pm common:

tj. it's jon in philly. nice to here you on the radio, dady-o! cherry coke.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Always enjoy hearing about the Lying O Habab. Oooh, the Sick Kidz too!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

But you don't have the asterisk column for new tracks this week. Is this Door and Window old or new?
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:24pm BT:

tis all old stuff today.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks. "Brian Classic".
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:25pm tommy turbulance:

I'm ScarEd
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:28pm Kacper:

Brian, maybe it be funny for Tom to have extra collum to write down how much old Magnolia Thunderpussy price tage say. You think?
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:30pm dan:

blatant obscurity and elitism, - great stuff!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:36pm Kacper:

the Sodom track comedy? I hear Eubank bass sife like on Leno!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:37pm BT:

It was Kevin Eubanks on bass.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:44pm Ryan M.:

play some Pregnant Neck!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:45pm BT:

Tom looks puzzled Ry, you guys will join forces on this one
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:46pm dw:

I'm delayed by hitting "pause" a bunch, but works nice with these sweet singles' sides. A Radar Eyes cover, dang! Thanks Guys!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:54pm 3puen:

isn't that devo track by "mechanical man" before they changed there name?
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:55pm Ryan M.:

also, good call on Dementia Precox....I have that Parts Unkown album they did in the 80's...total ripper of an album!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:55pm BT:

Nope was a Devo fan club record 78, we think it might be on that Hardcore Devo comp of basement 74-ish stuff that Ryko put out years ago.
  Tue. 8/31/10 3:56pm Cecile:

play some Cult Heroes. bwhahahahahah.
Actually, I have the "American Story" 45 and it's a good song.
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:04pm chad linghe:

the LIK 7" is on Likvider Plater
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:05pm Cheri Pi:

Dementia Precox-bringing me back to my teen years in CIncinnati
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:12pm BT:

Thx Chad! trying to keep tabs for Soundscan report so these guysd all get paid ;)
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:18pm ATP ticket holder:

Does anyone know if all or any of the artists playing ATP this weekend will be performing albums in full? TNX
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:19pm Cecile:

I only read about them. Ian Rillen's band after X.
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:19pm edmonde:

lax uber alles
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:19pm Cecile:

They have a whole chapter in one of Clinton Walker's books...
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@Sardine: No one said that "absence makes the heart grow fonder", someone just once misheard "abscess makes the heart grow, Fonda"
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:23pm lex dexter:

ATP Guy,
Stooges, Sleep, Scientists and Mudhoney are all playing albums, and I think there's a fair chance that the Papa M set will be "Live from a Shark Cage." I am very excited about these festivities -- my first-ever ATP!
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:25pm ATP ticket holder:

Thank-you Dexter guy! I am excited too. Hope the weather stays great
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Freaky "Empty Highways"! And is that timpani in the background?
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

662 + 4!!! It's a sign Brian, that all of the anti-spamming questions for your show should add up to that!
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:30pm lex dexter:

ATP Man (or Woman, for that bleeping matter!)
Enjoy yourself. But watch out -- I'll be the guy in the Cat in the Hat-style hat with the sport sandals and the housedress-sized Primus t-shirt.
- Lex
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:31pm Cheri Pi:

I'm going to ATP Friday night-I'm gonna get all the FMU staff I can't find to sign my t-shirt- or something goofier
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Ramones x Kinks = Chris Molin
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:33pm BT:

Cheri we'll be at the stages recording Friday, but will have a booth in the hall Sunday all day for b'cast come by!
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:34pm Cheri Pi:

Thanks BT! I can't wait to meet my heroes.
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:39pm Cary Loren:

Thanks for playing ASS PHOTO!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, Zach Swagger is from the MD-DC area? Our highways aren't so empty, though farther away from the city at night, you can find some spooky highway areas.
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:54pm lex dexter:

And by the way, thank you to all parties - BT, TL, etc - for an amazing succession of life's-worth-living-ish punk-art slabs.
  Tue. 8/31/10 4:59pm Todd 76%:

Love, love, love these BT/Tom Lax shows! Always look forward to 'em. Just the dynamic duo that could properly DJ my funeral...it's not too early to start planning. How much,guys? Let's talk...
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:01pm BT:

Tom asks if you can serve Elk at the funeral, we're down.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:03pm blacktooth:

Would someone please pass the goat-bladder full of wine? Please? I need another pull....
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:03pm Ryan M.:

holy shit...this Doden 7" is amazing, keep it coming!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:04pm heep:

Doden? Septic.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:04pm common:

hey tj myspace.com\horsey75

let us eat some crab at some point.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:05pm nathaniel:

syeah- this Doden is SUPER GOOD!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:05pm Father's Child 'X':

please post the cover of "Free Charlie"
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:09pm Todd 76%:

BT/TL:There will be a hand-carved game table...One catch: I'm a raw foodist.
A gallery of dioramas of "sexual fetishes I never tried but found hysterical" is also in the works...
Thanks for these brain-scrambling 7"s, you guys!!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:14pm BT:

Sounds like the greatest funeral ever!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Todd 76%: I just checked, sure enough Tom Lax comes around about this time every year! This is a great show, so I've got to check out the Archives for the others. Thanks Brian! Thanks Tom!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:17pm hesske:

New Raven "Back to Ohio Blues" II >>>> late period Sky Saxon. Also BRIAN play Clyde and the NIghtswingers next week when you regain the t-table. Lax is TERRIBLE. Awk, the cacophony.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:19pm jason martin:

hi tom lax its jason from brown cuts neighbors havent talked in years and want to send love to you guys -- digging the show xoxoxo
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:22pm Todd 76%:

H Jason. I think we just met the other day @ the BBrains Knit Factory show. Todd 76% =Todd/Nix Pickler from hat city intuitive.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:23pm BT:

Todd sorry i missed yr show this weekend, hope it went great
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:23pm efd:

wow, this Parasites of the Western World is great! Can't believe I've never heard them before, this is definitely going on the want list. Great show Brian & Tom!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:26pm jason martin:

todd! heeey that was AWESOME really liked the set
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:27pm BT:

Yeh Evan check the LP (we have a CDR in the wall), the LP will be in the new bin next week....its killer.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Great follow up to "My Friend Sid" with something jangly (Rain Parade). Fab!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:30pm Gene Cawley:

Hi Tom. Great to hear your voice again. Don't know if you remember me; I cleaned up some Simon Finn artwork. Anyway, fantastic show. Thanks for continuing to spotlight great obscure music. Take care.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:31pm heep:

doden, doden, bo-doden,
Banana-fana fo-doden
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:33pm Todd 76%:

Thanks, Jason ! It was great to experience the Bunnybrains extravaganza and see all the other performers too. Great to gab w Pat G a bit and hear Zaimph for the first time...
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:35pm Kenzo:

Jason Martin! Thanks for that bunnybrains joymess!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:36pm Cecile:

LOL! They're called the Zombies, but they sound like The Only Ones, kinda.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:40pm jason martin:

thanks kenzo. for BB i was just the bass man, hahah...THE ZOMBIES are rocking me right now
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:42pm hjmaiere:

  Tue. 8/31/10 5:43pm Kenzo:

Jason, check your spam folder in case my recent love letters aren't reaching you.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:44pm jason martin:

really? i didnt get that.. looking
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:44pm Cecile:

I can only imagine how many lousy singles you two have gone thru to find the cream of the crop here.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:44pm Kenzo(DB):

Hear ye WFMU website faithful:
Parts of our site, including all audio archives, are going down at 6pm ET (right after Brian's show). The outage might last a couple of hours. Live streams will keep working! Check homepage for updates.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:45pm BT:

Oh its all tom's job today....
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:49pm Gene Cawley:

This is truly incredible shit! I haven't heard a single remotely boring song yet.
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:49pm mike from hell's kitchen:

awes show fellows!!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:50pm Kacper:

Finally! A record I have! Best guitar solo ever!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:52pm Dyslxeic Fan:

I don't remember "Night in White Stains" sounding like this...
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:55pm jason martin:

ok yes that was a hott guitar solo.... todd 76% i cant find u guys online how do i c u play next time?
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:56pm cranley:

So many awesome tunes I've never had the pleasure of hearing. Thanks for going above/beyond and scanning all these great sleeves. So when is Tom getting his own show?
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, I guess I'll have to listen to those Archives another time then! So many great singles - another show for the Ages!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:58pm Cecile:

another great show!
  Tue. 8/31/10 5:58pm Todd 76%:

Jason: Hat City Intuitive has facebook/myspace pages. newish LP on Esctatic Peace...
  Tue. 8/31/10 6:01pm jason martin:

thanks todd! and thank you brian and tom this was amazing.. i usually just listen but today i just had to type. much love!
  Wed. 9/1/10 7:49am kaWOWski:

BT & TJ FUKN Legends !!!
  Wed. 9/1/10 8:23am kaWOWski:

bt tj legendz
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