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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options August 24, 2010

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Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
York Factory Complaint  Shivering Phalanx   Options Sentiment  Robert & Leopold    *   0:00:00 ()
Crescent Shield  My Anger   Options The Stars of Never Seen  Cruz Del Sur    *   0:06:51 ()
GISM  KI-2   Options Sonicrime Therapy  Beast Arts      0:10:24 ()
The Wankys  Don't Make Me Laugh   Options Split 7" w/Lotus Fucker  KW    *   0:14:22 ()
Poobah  Mr. Destroyer   Options Let Me In  Ripple Music    *   0:17:08 ()
Sex Church  209   Options 7"  HoZac    *   0:27:19 ()
Hallogallo 2010  Blinkgurtel   Options 7"  Vampire Blues    *   0:31:35 ()
Henry Hynes  Giving Up With the Who in 2006   Options The Portal  Cryptic Carousel    *   0:37:12 ()
Test Department  In Uniform   Options Ecstasy Under Duress  ROIR      0:40:10 ()
Les Frisson Des Vampires  Violent Library   Options   Finders Keepers    *   0:47:43 ()
Squid            0:48:12 ()
Dire Wolves  Excerpt   Options Jams and the Giant Peace  Stunned Tapes    *   0:53:06 ()
Tom Connors  Squid Jiggin Ground   Options thanks Henry!        0:55:44 ()
Twinsistermoon  Then Fell the Ashes   Options Then Fell the Ashes  Blackest Rainbow    *   0:58:48 ()
Jonathan Halper  Leaving My Old Life Behind/I Am a Hermit   Options From Kenneth Anger's Puce Moment        1:01:02 ()
Alastair Galbraith  Trees   Options Mass  Siltbreeze  Siltbreeze's Tom Lax guest DJ on the show next week!  *   1:06:23 ()
Rangda  Waldorf Hysteria   Options False Flag  Drag City  coming to the Knit Friday, Cake Shop Saturday w/Major Stars    1:17:18 ()
Solo Banton  No   Options No/Dancehall Nice Again  Jahtari    *   1:19:13 ()
Asiko Rock Group  Shadow of the Boogie   Options Asiko Rock Group  No Label    *   1:22:08 ()
Ernie Tucker  Excerpt   Options Everything You wanted To Know About Grand Funk Railroad      *   1:27:13 ()
Gitar  Historical Investment   Options Stuffed  Seeland    *   1:31:50 ()
Wire  Spent/Read and Burn   Options Send Ultimate  Pink Flag    *   1:33:52 ()
Khaki Squirts  Bluffs Acid   Options 12"  Echo Resonance    *   1:40:42 ()
Hallux  The Vulgar Herd   Options Hallux  Phantom Ear    *   1:50:56 ()
JPT Scare Band  Time To Cry   Options Sleeping Sickness  King Bomar    *   1:54:53 ()
Raspberry Bulbs  The Horror   Options Lone Gunman  R.B.    *   2:07:20 ()
Wendy's  Cold Drinks Instruction   Options     here    2:14:45 ()
Wendy's   Hot Drinks Instruction   Options     here. Thanks Twinkle and Craig    2:15:30 ()
Chinese Restaurants  Nunca Jamas   Options Summer Romance 7"  S-S    *   2:17:56 ()
J. Biebz  U smile 800% Slower   Options       *   2:28:16 ()
Islaja  Pimeytta Kohti   Options Keraaminen Paa  Fonal    *   2:28:48 ()
Mama Bea Tekielski  Les Pissenlits   Options La Folle  Isadora      2:31:54 ()
Nina Simone  Feelings (live)   Options     amazing You Tube    2:36:45 ()
Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg  La Chanson de Slogan   Options Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg  Light in the Attic    *   2:46:27 ()
J.O. Mallinder  Degnahc Ev'ouy   Options Various: Love Records Anthology 1967-1976  RPM    *   2:48:32 ()
PVT  Crimson Swan   Options Church With No Magic  Warp    *   2:54:40 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/24/10 3:07pm Ziggy Vomit:

Yo! When does those hardcore guys come on?
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

GISM -- now these guys are speaking my language!
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:20pm Cecile:

Do you have Downer Rock Genocide at hand? :D
Some Flying Hat Band would rule.
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:23pm Cecile:

Ziggy, you missed the HC guys.
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:36pm Ziggy Vomit:

I can't catch a break. I get fucked over by Reagan, by my parents, by my teachers and the pigs. And now WFMU screws me?!!
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Fucked Over By Reagan...yeah...
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:48pm Cecile:

there's the archive, zig.
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:50pm old skull:

  Tue. 8/24/10 3:50pm Marshall Stacks:

Humboldt squid... we *eat* Humboldt squid around here.
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:50pm don:

i like squid
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:51pm Pat in Philadelphia:

Is that one of the Wilson brother's wrestling that squid?
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Humboldt squid, jelly-cradle, critter-cam, jigged-up, so many great band names in this 2nd-rate "squid hunter" show.
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:51pm Marshall Stacks:

Our next episode: Sponge Attack!
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:52pm henry:

Follow this up with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz3MZrsSeUc
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Marshall: where do you live, by the Humboldt current in N. California, or somewhere further north? How does Humboldt squid compare with, say, fried calamari?
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:56pm Bubbeleh Bashi:

Got any those prairie squid?
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:56pm Cecile:

Smelt attack!
  Tue. 8/24/10 3:58pm henry:

no prob
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:00pm Marshall Stacks:

Monterey Bay, N. California. Humboldt squid tastes like calamari (since that's what it is), just bigger. None of those yummy little tentacles, though. Just steaks.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

squid steaks sound really gross to this vegetarian's tastebuds
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:04pm Matt from Springfield:

@Marshall: Thanks, sounds good! I'll see if I can order it at any seafood place in the DC area.

@Brian: Thanks for Twinsistermoon, haunting stuff.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:04pm Marshall Stacks:

DCE, yeah, sorry. At least they're not, you know, bloody.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:08pm brendan:

Alastair! perfect!!
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: At least you're not the only one in WFMU-Land; there seem to be quite a few self-identified vegetarians in the playlists (or those who want to look like they are online--as for myself, I'll openly gripe about the lack of good lamb in American cuisine).
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:14pm Marshall Stacks:

He who smelt it, dealt it?

Couldn't resist, Cecile.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Slow zombies are better by far--the "demons" in Dario Argento's "Demons 2" are more like fast zombies, and pretty hard to fight compared to traditional slow zombies. For albums, I nominate any Black 'N Blue album (way too many in the record stores, people are trying to get rid of them), any Mick Jagger solo albums, what else?
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I truly hope Rangda decide to come to the CLE soon
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:22pm tj:

i will be seeing rangda next mon in rochester ny. i'm excited, as it's always a treat to see chris corsano on the drums.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

There are a lot of good zombie-chucking records featured in Dan Bodah's "Breaking Records!" show from Feb 21, 2010. Enjoyable show.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:25pm Cecile:

Blondie - the Hunter, that's a classic zombie chucking record
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:31pm Marshall Stacks:

Your show is sheer genius, Brian.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: Eww, I see that--last albums from a band's peak era are usually good only as projectiles--The Hunter comes complete with a rejected Bond theme!
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Great sound collage going on, Brian!
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:53pm Cecile:

I didn't know that. I didn't get that far into it, I guess.

You used to be able to find old Bee Gees records in quantity, but then people figured out they were pretty good.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Agreed--in fact I rather like the pre-disco Bee Gees.
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

You can still find lots of Loggins and Messina records that can be hurled quite nicely at passersby
  Tue. 8/24/10 4:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or zombies, if you're under seige
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:00pm Cecile:

Brian, I'd love to hear both sides of that Ernie Tucker record someday. It is kind of a unique artifact....
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:01pm BT:

It May be on the blog??
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:02pm Joe:

Hey, Cecile--you can get it here:
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:03pm Cecile:

thanks, Joe!
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Good one, DCE! Hurl these records at zombies if your life depends on it, but hurl them at someone regardless!
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:16pm Joe:

@Cecile: If Grand Funk isn't enough, you can also get the Osmonds, David Cassidy, and others: http://www.philxmilstein.com/erniet/downloads.htm
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! Can we download these instructional tracks from the FMA?
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:17pm Cecile:

Great. Wow. Now I know how to serve cold drinks and Wendy's too. And what the bands used to do at the Freezer Theater in 1982. WFMU is so informative.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:17pm boil:

Wendy's coffee. You rule.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Brian!
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:19pm Candace Caprice:

  Tue. 8/24/10 5:19pm BT:

Its all about public service
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:19pm Cecile:

Givin' back.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:20pm Candace Caprice:

It's all about the beverages
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:20pm Cecile:

Damn. I want Chromeo to cover the hot drinks song.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:29pm Candace Caprice:

  Tue. 8/24/10 5:32pm Candace Caprice:

maybe. might be an enzyme.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:33pm BT:

Craig, my friend who provided that video worked at Wendy's, with Carrot Top.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:33pm Cecile:

  Tue. 8/24/10 5:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh, is this Nina Simone live at Montreux? I enjoyed this a lot when you played it last year.
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

But you would have give all these cool YT links the week after my work shut off the YouTube valve here (again!)
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:48pm Violet:

Loving this show! Thank you!
  Tue. 8/24/10 5:48pm Candace Caprice:

J. Biebz is tha bomb
  Wed. 8/25/10 12:36pm khaki squirts:

thanks for being the 1st radio station to ever play our stuff.
  Fri. 9/3/10 5:34pm Poobah:

Thanks for playing our band's songs on your station. You people rock! The Poobah band.
  Sat. 9/4/10 3:55am JPT Scare Band:

Brian, thanks a lot for playing our stuff on your show, you kick ass brother! Dr. Bomar
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