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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 25, 2010

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Robbie Basho  The Falconer's Arm   Options Băshovia  Takoma    0:00:00 ()
Peter Walker  Meditation Blues   Options Long Lost Tapes 1970  Tompkins Square    0:09:09 ()
Hiralal Yadav and party  Kajri   Options India: North Indian Folk Music  UNESCO    0:16:34 ()
Mr. India  Saora Geet: funeral song   Options Voices for Humans, Ancestors and Gods  Topic Records Ltd.  Orissa  0:21:08 ()
Samba Dev  Wedding Procession and Apothecary / Radio Nepal V   Options Harmika Yab-Yum: Folk Songs from Nepal  Sublime Frequencies    0:26:30 ()
Kamalesh Maitra  Raag Deen Todi   Options Melody on Drums  Smithsonian Folkways    0:36:56 ()
Bhagavan Das  Khanjri   Options India: North Indian Folk Music  UNESCO    0:46:02 ()
Frank Bretschneider  A Soft Throbbing of Time   Options Rhythm  Raster-Noton    0:48:28 ()
Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree  Half-Mute / Bluetime   Options Balance  Mille Plateux    0:56:29 ()
Christina Kubisch  Hommage with Minimal Disinformation   Options Five Electrical Walks  Important Records    1:07:07 ()
Rolf Julius  Drum Piece   Options Music for a Garden  Mattress Factory    1:12:04 ()
Ghédalia Tazartès  Voyage à L'Ombre   Options Voyage à L'Ombre  Démosaurus    1:37:23 ()
Michael Snow  Mbowunsa Mpahiya   Options The Last LP CD  Art Metropole    1:51:54 ()
Walter De Maria  Ocean Music   Options Drums and Nature  Walter De Maria    2:01:09 ()
You Fantastic!  Riddler   Options Riddler  Skin Graft Records    2:21:30 ()
Brise-Glace  [track 1]   Options When In Vanitas...  Skin Graft Records    2:37:36 ()
U.S. Maple  My Lil' Shocker   Options Purple On Time  Drag City    2:44:32 ()
Slint  [track 1]   Options [untitled]  Touch and Go    2:49:39 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/25/10 12:08pm Carmichael:

Zzzzooooooooooo ......oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:09pm Scott W:

Please don't try anything funny.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:12pm hamburger:

singin' tralalala in the land of the gypsies
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:12pm bryce:

there is so much evil coming of this coment
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:12pm bryce:

(scott's, that is)
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:13pm Tuffz McGruff:

Now that is a bell jangle I can tap my feet too.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:14pm Tuffz McGruff:

Now that is a ball jungle I can tape my fleet too.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:14pm Julie:

I have been Bryceless for too long!
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:14pm BSI:

how's the metabolism?
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:15pm bryce:

well actually, this morning i was just thtMLAAAAAGRHGHRHRHIOARGRAIRYWE%&*RYBRH&*W#$&(ER&T&Et
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:16pm aaron in chicago:

HIOAR GRAIRY. couldnt have said it better myself
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:17pm Tuffz McGruff:

I got that low down, deep ditch, crater in the earth meditation blues.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:17pm doug in dc:

My rybrh is feeling hioar grairy today, too.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:20pm Cecile:

$&(ER&T&Et to all that.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:21pm Cecile:

Bryce, would you be up for playing three Necks discs in a row some week? That would be amazing. Also, the easierst show you ever did...
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:23pm BSI:

Q: is that a nervous habit?
A: no, I'm having a great time.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:23pm Nat:

I didn't know the United Nations had a record label.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:25pm Cecile:

Yeah, that and black helicopters, nat.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:29pm annie:

listening but not commenting.. :)
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:30pm Tuffz McGruff:

Annie just created a conundrum.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:31pm Tuffz McGruff:

A real "well actually, this morning"
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:48pm annie:

.... did i really?
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:52pm Hugo:

For doing "easy" shows, there's always the La Monte Young option ...
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:52pm annie:

(actually, i really wasn't going to comment; i have this paint-stripping project, but the stripper is a new kind which takes HOURS!!! not minutes, to work. so. )

  Fri. 6/25/10 12:53pm Cecile:

Another good one, Hugo.

But in the summer, the Necks make me think of dangling my legs off a pier and looking at the clouds. And falling asleep and waking up with second degree burns.
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:54pm jk:

<insert stripper joke here>
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:55pm north guinea hills:

A nice thrumming Frank Bretschneider track!
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:57pm aaron in chicago:

thrumming or throbbing?
  Fri. 6/25/10 12:59pm north guinea hills:

more thrum!

(not quite a throb)
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:02pm annie:

if it were a job paid by the hour, it would be an ecdysiasts dream, eh, jk?
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:17pm βrian:

I second the Necks request. For sure.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:17pm maisons_atomisees:

Inside my brain.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:19pm jk:

yeah, minimalist slowmotion striptease could last for days
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:23pm Hugo:

I have some concert recordings of Fushitsusha. One is six hours, the other five, if I remember correctly. Not something that would make you fall asleep, though ...
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:31pm BSI:

lovely stuff here, space captain.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:33pm bryce:

i love mr. julius. he's made some really beautiful installations with lots of speakers....
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:34pm joe voltage:

Hi Bryce!! I'm currently nursing a chipmunk back to health suffering from dehydration.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

how do you make a chipmunk drink?
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:37pm Carmichael:

You can only lead him to water.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:37pm Parq:

DCE, you make it watch Fox News all day.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:37pm βrian:

How do you make a chipmunk drink? Play "What's new, Pussycat?" over and over again.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:40pm joe voltage:

I put in a glass bowl and put a little molch
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

all good answers, but we were looking for "Mormons"
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:41pm Looms:

God bless Tazartès! Dig this song, thanks!
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:42pm joe voltage:

with some oj in the lid of a jar
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:43pm Parq:

Brian wins.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:44pm jk:

Bryce, this is awesome!
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 6/25/10 1:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"YOU CAN" read the comments under the link above
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:51pm BSI:

  Fri. 6/25/10 1:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the most holy and high Rev BSI
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:53pm Cecile:

I will be the worst vestal virgin ever for this cause.
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

where's Matt from Springfield so he can add "worst vestal virgin" to his bloglist of band names?!?
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:56pm aaron in chicago:

put "ecdysiast's dream" on there while you're at it
  Fri. 6/25/10 1:59pm Everybody:

  Fri. 6/25/10 2:00pm Body Y Ever:

  Fri. 6/25/10 2:00pm wk:

I play free improv with Michael Snow,
this album is a brilliant hoax!!
Thanks Bryce
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:00pm jk:

more vuvuzela fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkhJKAkau2A&feature=player_embedded
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:01pm Devin:

"dehydrated chipmunk" http://www.jpgmag.com/photos/2493873
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so this is not "performed by Kpam Kpam Tribe, Angola, West Africa"?
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:03pm Cecile:

I never knew about this. This is brilliant! LOL!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:03pm wk:

No....it was all Snow to my knowledge. he made everything up.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:04pm osvi:

thanks for making a furlough morning a good one, Bryce! WFMU kicks ass!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:05pm wk:

at the end credits on the album, you have to hold it to a light and it reads backwards that all of the recordings were done by him. invented all the tribe names too!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:05pm Cecile:

this has been a record day listening to 'FMU.

I've sent no less than four links to my home email with downloading info.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

secret decoder ring inside the box!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:06pm Carmichael:

This sounds like the begining to an Andre Kostelantz album of Hawaii.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:06pm Tuffz McGruff:

I want to nap to this. I will buy it to nap too.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Cecile, I do that all the time too! I think I'm gonna get in trouble soon! (our managment reads ALL of our emails)
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:07pm aaron in chicago:

reminds me of a guy I know who made a bog mummy of himself and surrounded it with fake metal implements and disintegrating ceremonial clothing
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:09pm Tuffz McGruff:

Will you play cricket music next?
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:10pm First Mate:

How long is it sir?
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:10pm annie:

i used to write everything down, artists, song titles...
pages and pages.. so overwhelming...i had to stop but my youtube is impressive.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:11pm Captain Dick:

oh, i'ts long, Mate.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:11pm joe voltage:

thanks devin for the pic. The chipmunk seems to be gettin better.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:11pm BSI:

....we haven't eaten since the fifth day...
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:12pm v k:

in the fight against sleeping at my desk today, this wave music - though lovely - is aiding the enemy.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:13pm bryce:

GIVE IN. innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:13pm Snackcake:

I'm getting sleepy.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:13pm Tuffz McGruff:

Bryce you are teasing me. This ain't no darn cricket music gosh foghat.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:13pm Snackcake:

is this NEW WAVE?
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:14pm Tuffz McGruff:

This is ocean music. Cricket Music has the FURY OF DRUMS!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

might be "new no wave" or "ancient minimal wave"
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:15pm Cecile:

It has as very "wet" sound.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:15pm BSI:

which tide of the record is this?
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:15pm Tuffz McGruff:

  Fri. 6/25/10 2:16pm annie:

ok, you've convinced me. i'm gonna go have a really hot bath and a glass of wine, to boot! so there. thanks bryce, see y'all
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:16pm Cecile:

A hot wine bath would be interesting.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 6/25/10 2:17pm Hugo:

I think the ultimate solution to the "easy" programme option is the 24-hour stretch version of Beethoven's 9th. Of course, it would only have to be excerpts ...
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

get marinated!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:20pm βrian:

Mull while you're mulled.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:27pm Tuffz McGruff:

Bryce is so handsome with his musical selections.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I hear he smells of lavendar and fresh basil...
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:32pm BSI:

all women love him and all aphids fear him.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:37pm aphids:

it's true, I have to turn the volume down when he speaks
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:38pm βrian:

His is the voice of soapy water.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:47pm BSI:

This is large sea-mammal dental dream stuff. Like right when the walrus is going down for the big oral surgery, man, he flashes on these sounds, and like....
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:49pm Tuffz McGruff:

Remember that time when Bryce went all skin graft.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:49pm BSI:

DUDE! I coulda been a NARWHAL!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:55pm Looms:

I'm considering the fact that i haven't played Brise-Glace and Slint on my cd player for years. Thanks for remembering me.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:56pm bryce:

oh my, look at the time!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:57pm Looms:

I don't wanna look!
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:57pm BSI:

Narwhals do not believe in time.
  Fri. 6/25/10 2:58pm Looms:

How lucky they are!
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