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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 18, 2010

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Olivier Messiaen  Visions de l'Amen: Amen de la Création   Options 0:00:00 ()
Olivier Messiaen  Visions de l'Amen: Amen des Étoiles, de la Planète à l'Anneau   Options 0:07:07 ()
Krzysztof Penderecki & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra  Actions for Free Jazz Orchestra   Options 0:12:40 ()
Pierre Berthet & Frédéric Le Junter   Balancement   Options 0:29:31 ()
Pierre Berthet & Frédéric Le Junter   Trompe et Ressort   Options 0:40:05 ()
Adam Bohman  Metal Mushroom   Options 0:59:21 ()
Akemi Ishijima  Time Drops   Options 1:07:35 ()
Denis Smalley  Wind Chimes   Options 1:13:07 ()
Henri Sauguet  Aspect Sentimental   Options 1:20:06 ()
Lê Quan Ninh  Autres Distorsions Élémentaires   Options 1:28:15 ()
Malcolm Goldstein  Gentle Rain Preceding Mushrooms   Options 1:37:18 ()
Frances-Marie Uitti  Choral Spectra (to JH)   Options 1:51:37 ()
Jani Christou  Enantiodromia   Options 1:57:53 ()
Toshio Hosokawa  Ferne-Landschaft II   Options 2:11:15 ()
Trevor Wishart  Aqualung   Options 2:25:34 ()
Douglas Quin  At the Sea Ice Edge   Options 2:30:58 ()
Alan Lamb  Last Anzac   Options 2:47:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/18/10 12:07pm annie:

yes, this reminds me i should get more coffee
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:07pm bryce:

brb, i have to get my chainsaw.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:08pm annie:

wait i meant beer..
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:10pm Bad Ronald:

Beer? Yes please.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:10pm BSI:

Bryce's own Aphid Ale (tm) is a heady brew, goes with all manner of carrion.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:10pm zoot:

Any chance of Quartet for the End of Time one day?
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:11pm Cecile:

BSI, I particularly like the delicate aftertaste of creosote.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:14pm Parq:

What we need is beer with caffiene. That'd get you through your Friday afternoon workload.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:15pm BSI:

Parq: funny you should mention that. A friend just hepped me to this
....which frightens me very deeply...
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:16pm Cecile:

Surly Coffee Bender or that stuff Rogue makes are pretty great.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:20pm annie:

i might just skip to the wine...
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:26pm still b/p:

I'm hearing Draggin' the Line adapted to Skip to the Wine.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:30pm from quebec:

End of Time? check Dan Bodah archives May 30 ...
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:34pm perrin:

La Fin Du Monde beer rocks..
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:34pm zoot:

Thanks, Quebec!
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:41pm BSI:

Agreed on La Fin du Monde.
Breakfast of cham-peens.
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:44pm pauladepipersdaughterinprenzlauerberg:

great great show. thought id tell u im mixing you set into a live set of mine, sampling wr-mysteries of the organism over the mix. tasty. thx
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:52pm joe voltage:

triumph brewery in n.j. sometimes makes this coffee and cream stout. Big favorite
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:53pm perrin:

is a "tasty" mix better than a "cruncy" mix?
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:55pm "Out there":

What, no aleatory gamelan?
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:58pm bryce:

i could arrange for a kitchen accident....

hallo berlin!
  Fri. 6/18/10 12:59pm pauladepipersdaughterinprenzlauerberg:

hallo jersey city
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:07pm Tuffz McGruff:

  Fri. 6/18/10 1:07pm bc:

so far so gooooood
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:08pm "Out there":

Or, Fibber McGee's closet. Gotta get that cleaned out one of these days.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 6/18/10 1:14pm BSI:

oooh...... Guinness......
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:29pm bartelby:

There is a malt beverage/energy drink ffor sale at the liquor store in penn station. There was one called Sparks which now is just an alcohol beverage
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:30pm bartelby:

oh, hi bryce!!!
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:31pm bryce:

if you weren't into fluorescent sputum, there was also...Molson Kick
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:35pm seang:

  Fri. 6/18/10 1:37pm bartelby:

that is penn station newark not penn station nyc
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we have a penn station here but it's only a sub shop
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that's funny, that's exactly what I do when you put a mic in front of me and I'm on mushrooms. must be universal.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:45pm ?:

I've always imagined what it would be like if Bryce's show was being blasted through mall speakers lol.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:47pm bartelby:

my speakers are pretty small, I't still pretty good though
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think ? meant he'd like to see the reactions of your typical mall-goers. That would be a wonderful social experiment.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:50pm ?:

It would be awesome people wouldn't know what to think. They would probably go crazy or just leave lol.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:51pm perrin:

one of my goals is to put a HUGE sound system on alcatraz, and broadcast music to the whole bay area. Bryce would need to be a part of this.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's probably not good for consumerism
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:52pm stefica:

wow. that 'gentle rain' was wonderful.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:52pm Chris from DC:

Perrin I hope you get your wish. I'd travel for that.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Yeah, Perrin, I'd like to hear about your other goals! Mine are a bit simpler for this life.
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:53pm bryce:

if he can phase-cancel disneyland's fireworks in the air while they're happening — which he can — perrin can do anything
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:59pm bryce:

south africa needs you, perrin
  Fri. 6/18/10 1:59pm mike noble (@wfmu):

Hello dear bryce
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:00pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/18/10 2:01pm bartelby:

I had the chance to converse with the electrician who launches the NYC fireworks a few times while on the ferry to my job at a museum in the harbor. Interesting guy.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is his nickname "Sparky"?
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:05pm perrin:

wired magazine had thoughts about using a couple of parametric notch filters. I've been meaning to try this. maybe in 1/2 hour during england/algeria game
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:06pm ?:

I'm glad to see your time slot is not changing bryce. I always thought Avant-Garde music is better at this time of day lol.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:06pm bryce:

especially if you're deli-slicing human heads
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

deafening vuvuzela.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:08pm ?:

Those world cup horns would be perfect for a 10 minute drone piece
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:08pm perrin:

put anything in liquid nitrogen and you can slice it or shatter it. must be something on you tube by now....
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:10pm still b/p:

Leave the slicer unplugged for now. Heads held up at Little Rock cargo facility. Really. Check it.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:11pm bryce:

i knoww — i'm fucking LIVID
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:11pm bryce:

promised von hagens those slices last week
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:12pm Bad Ronald:

Mmmm Heady Goodness!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:13pm bartelby:

Nobody remembers when those horns were marketed as toys called "moose calls?"
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:14pm perrin:

thats it! we release a bunch of horny moose's in SA, and then probably no more horns!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:14pm jk:

sorry Bryce: http://tinyurl.com/379th6d
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:14pm still b/p:

One of the real headlines: "Airline Workers Stumble Across Box Of Heads."
Head trip.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:16pm bartelby:

Cape buffalo could take them out no sweat
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh, they have those on St Patrick's Day and they're green. Silly vuvuzelas...
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:18pm bryce:

jk, you....just quadrupled this show's entertainment value
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:19pm perrin:

jk: brilliant!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:20pm BSI:

HAHA! jk, Good lord this is wonderful.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:22pm Kenzo:

(pleased. very pleased)
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:23pm still b/p:

A floatin' tattoo!
...when you do that vuvu that you do so well..
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:27pm βrian:

Breathe it in!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:29pm (¸.•´ (¸.•[]`•.¸.•´¯`•:

Awesome Aqualung track!

Those vuvuzelas sound like locusts, no?
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:30pm stefica:

the vuvuzela man, what a gift!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:31pm bryce:

hey, you!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:36pm maisons_atomisees:

Love this track...
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:40pm bryce:

hey, it's YOU!

....would you believe this is all mr. quinn and a hydrophone, no synths?? antarctic glaciers, if i recall, leopard & weddell seals, and orcas.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:46pm maisons_atomisees:

Yes, ME!, and yes, the hydrophone seems an incredible thing to possess - I've heard some recordings of Icy lakes melting which were also magic.
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:47pm michael:

kewl stuff by douglas quin , new to me that artist
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:51pm bartelby:

I think this is approximates the sound a cape Buffalo hears from the cloud of flies hovering around the top of its head
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:52pm bryce:

yeah, he's done amazing field recordings. could listen to his and chris watson's stuff alllll dayyyyyy

m_a.......you can always dip a http://bit.ly/bKt7li
in some http://bit.ly/7058Ho
iff you don't mind a little MMMMMMZZMZMMMMMM
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:54pm billy kreutzman:

If I was Bryce- I'd be doing whippits all afternoon playing this stuff!
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:55pm bryce:

apparently you are me. and i love kenzo
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:55pm BSI:

lord knows where bryce been puttin' his piezos...
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:56pm Kenzo:

oooh bryce, who is extremely awesome, almost godlike, really, with the comment edit
  Fri. 6/18/10 2:58pm maisons_atomisees:

Thanks, I'll remember that. Appropriately enough, I just laundered my phone minutes ago, so...
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