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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 5, 2010: Week One of the WFMU Marathon with co-host Kelly

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Artist Track
$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$ $$$$$$$$$$   Options
$$$$ $$$$  $$$ $$ $$$ $$$$$$   Options
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$$$$$   Options
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$$$$$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$ ($$$$$)   Options
$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$   Options
$$$$$$ $$. $  $$$$$$$ $$$$$$   Options
Music behind DJ:
$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$$ 
$$$$$ $$$$$  $$$$$$ $$$$$   Options
$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$$$$$   Options
$$$$$ $$$$$$   
Music behind DJ:
$$$$$ $$$$$ 
$$$$ $$$$  $$$$$$ $$ $$$$$   Options
Music behind DJ:
$$$$ $$$$ 
$$$$$ $$$$$$  $$$$$ $$$$$   Options
$$$$$$$$'$ $$$$$  $$$$$$$   Options
$$$$ $$$  $$$$$$   Options
$$$$ $$$  $$$$$$ $$$$$   Options
$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$$$$   Options
Music behind DJ:
$$$$ $$$$$$$ 
$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$ $$$$$$ $'$$   Options
Music behind DJ:
$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ 
$$ $$$$$$ $'$$   Options
$$$$$$ $$$$$  [$$$$ $]   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/5/10 12:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/5/10 12:08pm jgiles:

RON PATE!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:08pm Brian:

Ah, Fred!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:09pm jgiles:

Rev. Fred Lane is one of my favorites!!!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:10pm jgiles:

Bryce... now you will see how much you audience loves you!!!!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:10pm dei xhrist:

I heart bryce so much that I have to pledge next week. SORRY
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:11pm bryce:

hahaaaaa :)
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:11pm mike noble:

bryce my dear, where should i leave your aphids when i'm back there on wednesday?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:12pm north guinea hills:

woohoo! half-day work week! (or 6.5 day weekend).

Can I pledge now and pick my swag later (sort of busy at work)?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:12pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Why isn't the phone ringing? WHATCHA WAITING FOR? Fred Lane or somethin'? Call now, punks!
-Your Phone Friend
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:14pm jong:

I already did a mouse pledge, but I love Bryce's show soooooo much I am gonna pledge again!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:15pm bryce:

mike, i want to do a ladybugs gone wild-style aphid bong.

just bring a funnel. i have the hose....
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:17pm BSI:

adopted right out from under my sleeping nose! I'll have to pledge as some sort of insectoid-support.... but I still get visitation on alternate weekends!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:18pm jgiles:

was that Wendy on the phone?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:19pm jgiles:

bryce, sounds like the sax player is blowing his nose...
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:20pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Sure was, J! Thanks again for your pledge. Now, the rest of youse... CALL ME UP!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:20pm Jeff from St.Paul:

So...it sounds like a sax player?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:21pm jgiles:

Call Wendy now and keep Bryce on the air!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:21pm bryce:

blurrrrrrrb blurrrrrrrb blurrrrrrrb
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:21pm jgiles:

yes Jeff... Gary Windo probably.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:22pm jgiles:

do you have a cold bryce?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:23pm unlearny:

loving $$$$$$$ blurrrb....
1rst I was like... pharoah sand... nooo... blurrrrrb
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:24pm Jeff from St.Paul:

Whats the proper way to send the station some money making ideas?
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:25pm jgiles:

It needs to be sooooo loud that everyone will have to call... People must have so much sound in their heads that they are compelled!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:25pm bryce:

scrawled on a c-note!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:25pm unlearny:

@jeff male stripp-o-gram
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:26pm Wendy on Phone #1:

We also have Jeff and Andy on the phones and Ike handling on-line pledges. Let's keep the fellas busy. Keep it comin'.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:27pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Jeff: make a pledge and include it in your comments.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:27pm Carmichael:

When the playlist reflects the actual music info, I'll insta-pledge $100.00.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:27pm Martin:

fanf.....tastic number!! just blew all my money in Doug's show but will find a way to use the kids' saving ;-) great show as always
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:28pm bryce:

thanks, carm! :)
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:29pm mike noble:

i can only imagine the dance party going on in the phone room right now.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:30pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Mike, it's pretty violent. No need to call the cops, though. We're handling it.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:31pm mike noble:

kelly, you can't use the word evacuated that way. that is unless bryce made a little mess on the chair.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:31pm andrew:

It was Pharoah Sanders! Wow!

That pledge was 4 Bryce Cubed and PS... me too
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:32pm Kendall!:

  Fri. 3/5/10 12:33pm Brian:

WFMU gives good glyph.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:37pm Kendall!:

  Fri. 3/5/10 12:37pm Unlearny:

That was an eery mimesis of the bulb horn.... I want to be in the running, and streaming on air recognition. Personally speaking.
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:39pm Vicki:

nice honk tune
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:46pm bryce:

holy crap, kendall, you're an alchemist
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:48pm Bookkeeper MC Kelly:

Get in the running for the Por Por Honk Music of Ghana by pledging NOW damnit. Call me, call Ike, call Wendy, call Jeff @ 800-989-9368 or wfmu.org INSTA PLEDGE and get yourself some goodness!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:51pm Jeff from St.Paul:

People - Cancel your cable TV and move that money to a WFMU Swag for Life plan!
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:53pm Kendall!:

=) it's computer speak
This takes sum of all multiples of 3 or 5 from 1 to N
+/(∨⌿0=↑3 5|¨↓⍳N)/⍳N

and this is gibberish
⍉⍨(⌷WA,¨↓⍳100) ∘.×⍳200
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:53pm north guinea hills:

Never mind, I ignored my work and got the pledge in. (so much swag to chose!)
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:54pm Kendall!:

oh my gosh I know any time I explain WFMU to people, and that all the DJs are volunteers they always ask "oh so are they just doing it in the hope that they can get a job at a real radio station."

palm -> forehead
  Fri. 3/5/10 12:59pm what about me? Unlearny:

What about my pledge am I chopped liver?
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:00pm north guinea hills:

Where's the pledge map? I can't find it.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:01pm unlearny:

rhetorical question, nuthin wrong with chopped liver.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:01pm dc pat:

I heard a co-worker the other day say "Oh don't bother, there was NO good music in 2009". I almost fainted. How do you even talk to people like that?
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:03pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Unlearny, it's coming! We read 'em in batches.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:04pm Wendy on Phone #1:

DC Pat, you just take pity on people like that. Sigh loudly in their face.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:08pm Bas, NL:

Hi Wendy!!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:09pm Wendy on Phone #1:

BAS!!!! My friend!!! So nice to see you on here :-)
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:09pm champion of bryce:

NO good music in 2009? that ignorance does not sound blissful.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:09pm dc pat:

HI WENDY! not saying I'm superior or anything just working on a completely different planet than them--no common language.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:10pm Vicki:

The Horse Hospital is a very good music/film/art venue in London, and yes, it used to be a Horse Hospital.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:10pm north guinea hills:

ngh is aaron. (shhh...)
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:13pm mike noble:

i stepped away, bryce, did you answer my funnel question?
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:13pm BSI:

horse spittle?
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:14pm Little Joe:

Hoss piddle.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:14pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Hey DC Pat! You're much kinder than I am. Ha ha.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:15pm mike noble:

if anything, yoko SAVED the beatles
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:17pm Wendy on Phone #1:

Mike, damn right. To that I would add, "from themselves."
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:19pm Cecile:

I now have a good boss. He's been trying to learn a couple of pieces off Kensington Blues for his own enjoyment...
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:26pm still b/p:

I decided yesterday upon a commenter's prompt to follow Yoko's tweets -- I only follow 2 others. We'll see.

She's taking questions today. Maybe we should ask her if she'd pledge something to the station that must be one of the primary radio players of her material.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:32pm dc pat:

Could you PLEASE put Ike in the Glutton and take a picture??
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:33pm BSI:

gluten? ... ooh, must go have curry gluten now. damn you!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:37pm dc pat:

BSI: where do you get curried gluten in DC??
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:39pm Jeff from St.Paul:

Yeah come on people, give up smack for WFMU!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:40pm BSI:

DCPat: Malaysia Kopitam, M street near 18th... it's my newest addiction (of many)
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:40pm Brian:

Ah, yes! Paneer Masala!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:40pm dc pat:

thanks! see you there... actually I'm making some miso soup here at home.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:41pm Ike:

Glutton? I quaver in fear at the prospect of garbage juice. Unless it's curry-scented garbage.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:43pm dc pat:

get in that thing IKE!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:52pm mike noble:

i hear those crowds cheering on the brypocalypse.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:53pm C:

stay away from the kebab place next to kopitam. i went last week and really wish i hadn't.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:55pm Cecile:

I love $$$$ $$$
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:56pm dc pat:

YES $$$$! I still haven't checked out the $$$$ interview...
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:57pm Wendy on Phone #1:

The $$$$ $$$ interview was awesome. $$$$ $$$ is a national treasure, in my opinion.
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:58pm -max-:

Greetings All! Hi Wendy! Just called in a pledge. Andy did a good job of taking my info down. Carry on The Great Work!
  Fri. 3/5/10 1:59pm BSI:

Duly noted on the kebab place. But if I'm lunching anywhere near the Malaysian place, it's gotta be THAT. The hot sauce in there is worthy of its own religion.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:00pm Cecile:

Wendy! You're back from the moon!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:00pm BSI:

HEY, BRYCE, I thought the razor-wall was OUR LITTLE SECRET! What gives?!?!?!?!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:01pm Wendy on Phone #2:

Hi Max! Andy is a seasoned professional!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:05pm Wendy on Phone #2:

Hi Cecile! The trip to the moon was spectacular, and Maria was a great traveling companion.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:06pm Glenn L:

Hi Wendy!
I love youuuuu!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:09pm mike noble:

you guys list CBS as a matcher. i work for them (sort of) and no one will answer my question about how exactly matching works.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:09pm Wendy on Phone #2:

Hi Glenn!
I love you, too, Baby!!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:13pm BSI:

the Kenneth Anger DVD is a marvelous thing: the films look great, restoring-wise (invocation of my demon brother, esp.). Pledge to win that sumbitch.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:14pm dc pat:

hey Wendy, I'm making a souffle for a "brunch off" tomorrow--really just a liquor soaked excuse to eat. I'm going to dump gruyere and emmentaler into it with some decent parmesan. Sound ok?
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:16pm Cecile:

I'd eat like six servings of that, dcp...
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:17pm dc pat:

Cecile: yeah really--I'm going for the win. It's a statue of a stupid looking chicken. Been going around the 'hood for years.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:18pm Wendy on the Mic':

DC Pat, sounds great, but I might add the Parm RIGHT after removing from the oven.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:19pm dc pat:

hmmm, INTeresting. I'm combining recipes and one says to butter than dust the pan with parm before adding mix...
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:19pm dc pat:

thanks Wendy.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:21pm DJ Fancypants:

Mike -- regarding your question about matching gifts, you should ask the HR contact at CBS. A bit more info here:

By the way, hi Bryce
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:21pm Cecile:

Deferring to Wendy's judgement, maybe do both? You would get that roasty-baked parm taste, and that sharp fresh parm taste together.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:24pm Joe Skirkie:

What do you think, Wendy, could the studio use more pretzels?
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:25pm dc pat:

Yes you're right Cecile: roasty+sharpy = take home the chicken
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:26pm Cecile:

Next year I should earmark a pledge just for DJ food. Start a food fund.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:26pm Wendy on Phone #2:

DC Pat and Cecile -- Hmm, I like the dusting the pan idea, as well as adding grated parm at the end. You both are super chefs!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:26pm Wendy on Phone #2:

Joe, YES, more pretzels please. :-)
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:27pm mike noble:

@DJFancypants alas, i work for a CBS subsidiary, and my HR dept has deemed my email to them about this too unimportant to respond to
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:28pm Cecile:

you are too kind.
But lately I have picked up the chef's trick of cooking an herb in a dish, and then garnishing with the chopped fresh herb at the end for a nice contrast...
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:28pm TC:

What is this Xenakis piece again?
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:30pm Brian:

Mom used to sing this to me.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:31pm dc pat:

alright 'Cile and Wendy, thanks. I'm off to the "grocery"
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:33pm Joe Skirkie:

Got it, but let's not go typecasting me as "The guy who always brings pretzels" though.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:33pm DJ Fancypants:

Mike -- It's possible there's a form or something that you can access. A person who might be able to help you is assistant station manager and marathon honcho LIz Berg, whose email address is lizb@wfmu.org
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:35pm north guinea hills:

The Xenakis piece is "La Légende d'Eer".
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:37pm Ike the Phone Slave:

Let's have a pledge in honor of chocolate whizzways.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:37pm dc pat:

I thought Ike's voice we be more, I dunno, baritone..
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:37pm J-Mar:

So if I pledged on the Internet just now, do I get to be in the running for the prize drawing?
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:39pm Joe Skirkie:

Yes, internet pledges do get you in the running for the prizes.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:41pm Ike the Phone Slave:

J-Mar, yes, if you pledge online now, you'll be in the running for Karuna Khyal: "Alimony 1985." Note that it takes a few minutes to fill out the pledge form and then sometimes there's a paper jam, so don't delay, or you might end up in the following prize drawing.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:42pm J-Mar:

Sweet! I'm proud to make a pledge on Bryce's show. Whenever I listen to it at work, and I turn my computer's speakers up loud enough, it makes my co-workers really worried and/or curious about me.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:43pm vcb:

ohh heavens that was a nice track!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:43pm bryce:

ngh, yes! thanks!!,,,,,,got my paws full over here.....
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:47pm Vicki:

this has been great listening - thanks, both - and Kelly, get ON the AIR!!! I don't care about your runny bottom, you need to do this.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:49pm Cecile:

Is annie there? Right on!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:51pm TC:

Thanks NGH
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:52pm Cecile:

  Fri. 3/5/10 2:52pm Ike the Phone Slave:

You mean you could hear that, DC Pat?!?

Very few people like their own voices and I'm not among that rare few. I sound goofy. But I don't know how to interpret "baritone" in this context. That's above bass and below tenor, right?
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:53pm Cecile:

Like Lucille, with a SUH!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:54pm J-Mar:

I figured that "Cecil" had to be you, "Cecille."

Let's hear it for us pledgers in the fly-over states!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:55pm dc pat:

Ike: "whizz way"

With all your tough talk I thought you'd sound more scary. I think I could take you now...

I jes keedding!!
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:56pm dc pat:

ok, gotta go to store. Bryce I'll catch you next week. Later all.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:56pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/5/10 2:57pm PMD:

Glad to know when you volunteer you can comment. That will be cool.
  Fri. 3/5/10 2:58pm Vicki:

Bryce, that video you made of the leaf machine, it made me give up art forever.
  Fri. 3/5/10 3:01pm msp:

can you post how to spell "$$$$$$ $$$$$ [$$$$ $] " here? that's nuts and awesome.
  Fri. 3/5/10 3:02pm Ike the Phone Slave:

PMD, not always; got squeeze oneself in front of the little laptop with the squinchy keyboard, if the MC is not using it.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:37pm w:

this is some fine stuff you're playing today, bryce. I hope you'll decrypt the playlist, some day 20 years from now.
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