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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 12, 2010: Week Two of the 2010 Marathon with co-host Frangry

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Artist Track
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Music behind DJ:
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Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/12/10 12:38pm bryce:

oh hey.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:38pm dc pat:

  Fri. 3/12/10 12:38pm Cecile:

  Fri. 3/12/10 12:39pm Pete:

Umm, Yeah!
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:39pm andy cohen:

You call this "music"? We want to hear the music of Frangry's voice!
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:40pm Pete:

How do you pronounce the name of this band?
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:40pm bryce:

don't worry, i'll untie her soon.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:40pm stingy d:

pull suh yama??
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:41pm paul:

its pronounced DONATE MONEY TO WFMU!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:41pm bryce:

pete, you can say it like "pulsallama"
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:41pm Late start guess:

The New Jersey Transit tracks were flooded out and you had to swim the rest of the way.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:42pm stingy d:

hi bryce, i'm sorry wfmu... but i can't afford you right now. and i have been avoiding you because i feel guilty about it. i still loves you tho.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:42pm BSI:

this place reeks of cash!
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:42pm The Man:

"I am punctual", eh? We'll see about that, my dear boy
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:44pm Golden Sours:

  Fri. 3/12/10 12:45pm Pete:

Pants. No job, but here's a few bucks. Your cleverness compels me! And the awesome tunes.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:46pm Troubelmaker:

Please behave erratically. TIA
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:48pm Show Title Suggestion:

Bryce, Bitch, and Booze.

Actually, that's Bryce's weekend motto.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:48pm bryce fan:

Bryce i want your dj premium--how do I ask for it????
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:51pm ?:

now we know how he got the nickname "stingy"
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:54pm stingy d:

no. you don't know anything actually.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:55pm coelacanth:

hi Bryce ! i'm sorry, but i'll be pledgling on Dan's show tomorrow, (unless unfairly teased)...and i have 18-19 FMU t-shirts... and you dont EVER have a premium, do you?
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:55pm Marshall Stacks:

Bryce, remember last Marathon when you played 44444444444444444 by 444444 444444? Good times, my friend.
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:57pm dc pat:

Marshall: I remember that--pissed me off!! I still want to know how those 4's get in there..
  Fri. 3/12/10 12:58pm ?:

  Fri. 3/12/10 1:01pm mike noble:

  Fri. 3/12/10 1:01pm coelacanth:

(the tastiness of the meal depends on the plate)... p.s. i miss Charley
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:02pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/12/10 1:03pm Lisa:

Bryce - I noticed something last night. You're not as tall as I thought you were. Have you shrunk?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:06pm bryce:

i can't play drums in heels.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:06pm coelacanth:

Lisa,maybe your thoughts have grown.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:06pm !!!!!!:

Nice Splong!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:08pm BSI:

...but you can play drums WITH heels. I recommend it.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:10pm maria:

ok, go see this, and then pledge in honor of this performance by The BUG who also is your dj right now
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:11pm Anonymous in Essex Co. NJ:

Stingy, I hope you're not listening online since each stream costs FMU more bandwidth $$$. If so then either get yr radio antenna working or give up the dog treats and alcohol for a while and pledge $15. Don't gotta pay now. They'll bill ya.

Or else the 12:51 commenter was right.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:13pm Marshall Stacks:

Hi Maria! Alas,

"This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings."
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:13pm mike noble:

crap, i missed my thank you. what is the update on the aphid bong?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:14pm dc pat:

lay off stingy, he's a devoted listener/commenter and volunteer and he's as funny as hell.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:16pm bryce:

plus, stingy sold me 3 ounces of DMT for half what i usually pay
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:17pm Lisa:

THIS is the noise that Keili was making as her request. NOT the one Frangry made...
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:21pm Cecile:

count me in the stingy camp. I probably gave enough for both of us.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:22pm north guinea hills:

I hope the taxman is nice to me this year (I still owe from 2 years ago), this marathon has made me do strange and wonderful things w/ my money.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:23pm coelacanth:

t's true, nobody knows anything,and things can get REALLY bad... also true that if one has and can run a computor, one can pledge 15 bucks. ..i've done it, and had a no frills diet for a month or 2...'probably was good for me...Other years i really couldn't.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:23pm coelacanth:

t's true, nobody knows anything,and things can get REALLY bad... also true that if one has and can run a computor, one can pledge 15 bucks. ..i've done it, and had a no frills diet for a month or 2...'probably was good for me...Other years i really couldn't.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:24pm coelacanth:

(sorry- 'sister's computor sucks)
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:25pm north guinea hills:

I love yoshi wada!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:25pm Cecile:

I LOVE that bagpipe piece.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:26pm Lou Gramm:

That double vision!!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:27pm Brian:

Yes. Love those pipes.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:27pm jesse:

I'm a winner!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:27pm .:

double vision
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:29pm Cecile:

Yay! You're getting drunk again this week!

those are you guys' best shows. If you're ever in Mpls, I'll take you out!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:33pm Julius:

What is this Blackshaw music again?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:35pm bryce:

hey, julius, it's "sunshrine," really really beautiful cd.

it's actually up for grabs now, with a pledge!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:36pm julius:

what label? Thanks, but I have already pledged all I can...
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:37pm coelacanth:

by 3, Frangry will either Like, or HATE bagpipe music.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:39pm bryce:

hey, it was just reissued on Tompkins Square. julius, thanks!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:40pm Cecile:

Can we get a tally for funds so far? I like stats!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:43pm Stats:

  Fri. 3/12/10 1:43pm TC:

What was the bagpipe record? Love the pipes.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:44pm dc pat:

bryce, move back from the mic; frangry, move closer.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:44pm and:

clap like trained seals!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:46pm mike noble:

raekuurojen Suomi!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:46pm bryce:

the mic's up my left sinus. no idea where frangry's is, she blindfolded me.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:47pm Golden Sours:

I just missed the last 45 minutes. Explain, in detail, what has happened please.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:47pm mic:

's not true
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:48pm frangry:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MORE MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:48pm Cecile:

Stats, please translate into actual things that my small little brain can understand.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:49pm mike noble:

i have $15 left to give. should i give it to the bryce i have already adopted, or save it for shut up weirdo?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:49pm fishmonkeystew:

That last tune reminded me of the Mothra song for some reason.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:49pm Cecile:

@Sours, Bryce and Frangry are going to make a little mutant baby. It's a beautiful thing.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:49pm Stats:


You didn't request specific proprietary stats.

Oops, too late now.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:52pm bryce:

we're doing it for the tax break
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:53pm Cecile:

Ah, c'mon Stats....puhleeeze?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:54pm bryce:

i think we're at $49K. is that right, frangry?
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:54pm Frangry:

So far, we've only made $15. SO PLEDGE MORE!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:55pm bryce:

cool, that's $8 more than my goal
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:55pm chris in madison:

who is this we we're just a second ago listening to? amazing!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:56pm bryce:

chris, this is kuupuu, which we're about to give away. before was "Au."
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:57pm Cecile:

Frangry, you lie most delightully.

I need to know the moneys total!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:58pm Cecile:

CARM you are a hero.
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:58pm Cops:

Watch out! She has a GUN, and she's IN THE BUILDING!!!!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 1:59pm Carmichael:

<blush> Naah, I'm just a guy ...
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:01pm Cecile:

Get out the mouth harps!
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:01pm dc pat:

I only pledge to hear my name on air.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:04pm mike noble:

anyone going to see maher shalal hash baz on saturday? i'm thinking of bringing my mouth harps to see if they want me to participate.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:12pm andy cohen:

check the turntable. I think the needle's stuck.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:24pm stingy d:

hey duke of essex, can i do this even though i don't have abnk account?
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:26pm stingy d:

and for what it'$ worth, i'm not listening to the radio at all.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:29pm bryce:

dude, me neither
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:30pm frangry:

wake me up at 6
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:30pm stingy d:

don't have a bank account? or not listening to the reddio?
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:32pm Frangry:

GIVE US MORE MONEY! We are 2K away from out goal!
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:32pm Duke of Essex:

You don't need a bank account. Call 1-800-989-9368 and they'll send you a bill. Or pledge online with Paypal or a CC if you have one.

(Thanks for the new name.)
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:34pm Frangry:

  Fri. 3/12/10 2:34pm stingy d:

ok... i gives you a call now. no paypal, no credit card... no job.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:38pm stingy:

hold on, now i'm on the phone, but not with you..........
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:42pm Cecile:

  Fri. 3/12/10 2:46pm bobby:

missed it...who won the last prize??
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:47pm Golden Sours:

Another meeting has come and gone and another 50 minutes of smooth Bryce flavor has escaped me. How can I capture this lightening in my own bottle?
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:49pm frangry:

last winner was Steve from Philadelpha
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:50pm fuckin hell:

for real fuck ya'll man. but not ya'll but ya'll tho.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:50pm bobby:

  Fri. 3/12/10 2:52pm John McCabe in LA:

I'm in yk3(that's $1000 right?) territory now do you want more?
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:53pm TCJimmy:

What was that song BEFORE the Cromagnon song playing now? Killer!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:53pm Cecile:

Okay, now I hwant to hear AC/DC's "It's a Long Way to the Top" with the bagpipe solo
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:53pm bryce:

i don't know about what's-her-face.....

but >> I << LOVE YOU, JOHN MCCABE!!!!
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:54pm frangry:

i always want more.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:55pm dc pat:

hmmm. can you play World Peace is Dead by Missing Foundation?
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:55pm stingy d:

i'm killin me.
  Fri. 3/12/10 2:55pm Chico:

Was this song played on Stans show on Monday?
  Fri. 3/12/10 3:01pm bryce:

hey chico, what's up!!!

yeah, man, i'm almost positive he did play it! it's "cro-magnon"
  Fri. 3/12/10 3:03pm Pearly Sweets:

Feed me to the fire.
  Fri. 3/12/10 3:06pm Chico:

Awesome, I havent really had a chance to delve into his show until that night and Im really glad I did! Really dug the mix he had goin that night, good stuff right there!
  Fri. 3/12/10 3:09pm stingy d:


i'm number 22.
  Fri. 3/12/10 3:15pm north guinea hills:

stingy, is that SFW?
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