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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options September 7, 2009: SKOOL IS FOR MENTALS.

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Artist Track Album
Marilyn Manson  Lunchbox   Options Portrait Of An American Family 
Babes In Toyland  He's My Thing   Options Painkillers 
Aquila  Dude In The Dark   Options  
Monotonix  Simmers and Autumns   Options Body Language 
Nirvana  Come As You Are   Options Nevermind 
Sonic Youth  Teen Age Riot   Options Daydream Nation 
Los Campesinos  This Is How You Spell "HAHAHA, We Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux-Romantics"   Options  
The Mighty Handful  Pistols and Doves   Options  
Replacements  Kiss Me On The Bus   Options Tim 
Schocholautte  Gone   Options  
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7" 
Blur  Park Life   Options Park Life 
Modern Lovers  Girlfriend   Options Modern Lover 
White Stripes  We're Going To Be Friends   Options White Blood Cells 
Weezer  Only In Dreams   Options Blue 
NiCad  Quaker Gun   Options  
Iggy Pop  I'm Bored   Options  
Bikini Kill  Rebel Girl   Options Pussy Whipped 
Runaways  School Days   Options  
Bikini Kill  Reject All American   Options Reject All American 
X-Ray Spex  I Am A Cliche   Options Germfree Adolescents 
The Hives  Untutored Youth   Options Veni Vidi Vicious 
Black Flag  Nervous Breakdown   Options Nervous Breakdown 
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts  Reputation   Options  
Violent Femmes  Kiss Off   Options  
Sex Pistols  Holidays In The Sun   Options Nevermind The Bollocks 
R.E.M.  Stand   Options Green 
Louis XIV  Hey Teacher   Options  
Richard Hell & The Voidoids  Blank Generation   Options Blank Generation 
Death Of Fashion  Soldier's Soldier   Options  
Asa Ransom  Crystal   Options  
Sigmund Droid  Maximum Grind   Options Maximum Grind 
Pora! Pora!  So Cinematic   Options  
BangBangBang!  Fashion Victim   Options  
Tones On Tail  Go! (Club Mix)   Options  
Dogboy  All My Friends Stay Awake 2   Options  
Cramps  Goo Goo Muck   Options  
The Ramones  I'm Against It   Options Road To Ruin 
The Ramones  Rock 'n' Roll High School   Options Hey Ho Let's Go! Ramones Anthology 
Chills  I Love My Leather Jacket   Options  
Libertines  The Good Old Days   Options  
Urge Overkill  Dropout   Options  
Decemberists  Apology Song   Options  
R.E.M.  Sad Professor   Options Up 
Flaming Lips  Brainville   Options Clouds Taste Metallic 

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:05pm hristo:

marilyn manson beastin the airwaves!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:06pm Keili:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:11pm hristo:

i wish i could be friends with marilyn manson. or you be his friend and introduce us, since hed like you better.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:16pm Keili:

I wish I could apply his make up for him and molest his chest and lick his stomach.. But that's just me..................
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:18pm indygokid:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:18pm rim:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:19pm rim:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:19pm Keili:

Wow Kurt Cobain?
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:20pm Keili:

One more time, Rim, and I'm blocking you. FOR SRRIOUS.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:21pm indygokid:

No, you and M&M
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:21pm rim:

LOL sorry keili it said that i made the calc wrong...but hey, only thing kurt ever did wrong was that gus van sant movie, and he didnt even make it!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:23pm Keili:

Hahaha, I'm just messin' with ya rim.

And IndyGoKid- Oh, I'm serious. And-- HI!!!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:26pm indygokid:

Blah! Hi back though! Can you ask Adrock why he never put out another incredible BS2000 album?
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:27pm Keili:

Well, maybe next week, when he might be HERE.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:28pm indygokid:

Simply Mortified might be in my top 10 of all time. Yeah, It is in like 2 weeks right?
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:29pm Keili:

Nooo, next week!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:30pm giddy oink:

Oh and rim... Last Days kicked a$$. and Michael Pitt kicks a$$ and he is on Thurston Moore's label. boo ya
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:31pm indygokid:

oh. my bad shortie
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:33pm indygokid:

I went back a playlist on accident and there you are reading a mag.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:34pm Keili:

Yeah! I put up photos of the band I had on that day, NiCad. But I sneaked myself in there.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:36pm Keili:

Oops. My bad, "sneakeded".
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:36pm indygokid:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:46pm hristo:

  Mon. 9/7/09 11:47pm Kendall!:

I was right up in there at the Monotonix Sirenfest show too. Most outrageous show I've ever been to (including Spank Rock afterwards). Monotonix guys were real sweaty and it was gross when they bumped into me and it all rubbed off but it was a blast so I didn't really care.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:51pm Keili:

Kendall! We were probably right next to each other and didn't know it!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:52pm coalhard:

there is a town near me called BIG UGLY in west virginia--and yes i married a BIG UGLY woman-life is good!!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:53pm Keili:

Honeh, I'm sorry, but have you ever seen that man without his makeup? U-G-L-Y. He ain't got no alibi.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:55pm cheese:

Keili - dont know you, but I love this playlist
where's that boyfriend application again?
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:55pm Keili:

Jonathan, fill out an application.
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:56pm Keili:

Cheese- If you go to wfmu.org/playlists/KH, theres a link to the application. Thankssss!
  Mon. 9/7/09 11:57pm rim:

giddy oink no. none of that. I mean yeah all true and whatnot but there was too little mevlins and earth and too much michael pitt in that movie.and more CL hate woulda been appropriate!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:02am giddy oink:

true. but the mumbling was on point
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:03am cheese:

Found it - excellent questions. I see you are looking for a thinker
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:04am Keili:

Cheese, you're soundin' more and more like my guy. Do you like ceeeereal?
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:06am coalhard:

i think he is after your lucky charms
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:08am Keili:

Silly Rabbit, trix are for kids.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:11am indygokid:

or your Yummy Mummy
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:12am Danne D:

How good is Keili, I mean here it is a holiday and she's still working hard to entertain us :)
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:12am indygokid:

I didn't know you liked cereal so much.... you are either gonna love or hate one of my songs on the CD
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:13am cheese:

only granola (with fruit) Seriously, do you remember the milk after Fruity Pebbles? The Best!!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:13am Kendall!:

We probably were, Keili! They're playing in NYC again 10/16 and I'll probably go to that since Sirenfest was so fun.

Also there's an ice cream truck here that I hear late night. Once at 2am, even. Hearing it in the background of your show is bugging me out.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:15am Danne D:

The Ice Cream truck noise has me wanting to dial extension 28 to tell my co-worker the ice cream man is there for her.

But I'm not at work.

And there's no ice cream man there.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:16am rim:

melvins on friday, 35 dollllurrss!!woooohooo
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:21am Irwin:

I'm against boredom.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:23am Keili:

I'm pro-Irwin.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:24am coalhard:

i have two words against boredom--DILLY BAR---drinks on me
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:32am Don:

Will there be some Le Tigre to go with our Bikini Kill tonight? I hope so...
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:37am hristo:

i always picture the whole shrek/donkey vs soldiers fight scene when i hear it
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:37am coalhard:

make that two le tigres to go--i want mine in paper bag shacken not stirred
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:37am Keili:

word hristo
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:39am Danne D:

Yay, Modern Lovers and Violent Femmes in the same show :)
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:40am Irwin:

Nervous breakdown -- I'm against it!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:40am coalhard:

somebody hold my fonzie-i have to go pee
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:41am Irwin:

Violent femmes -- against!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:42am Keili:

Irwin, I bet you're against holidays, too.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:43am Don:

I wonder if Johnny Lydon is at Morrissey's house in L.A. listening to this show online???
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:45am Keili:

Did everyone hear about how Johnny Lydon announced a PIL reunion?
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:46am Danne D:

Keili has set a new FMU record (all DJs) for playing music I own. :) Keili is cool enough to get away with such things :D
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:47am Keili:

I know! I was just thinking this is such a regular FM radio show tonight...
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:47am Don:

How many reunion tours does it take to get to the middle of a Johnny Lydon??
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:48am coalhard:

YOU GUYS AT WFMU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:48am Danne D:

Surprised ya didn't play Ice Cream Man as the Modern Lovers tune, though.
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:55am Keili:

I had it on the playlist! But then I took it off...
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:57am cheese:

Danne D - I agree - me too - most owned music by far
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:58am Don:

Just watched the Amos Poe flick about Richard Hell also entitled "Blank Generation"...
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:58am Keili:

You don't own THIS, cheese!
  Tue. 9/8/09 12:58am Danne D:

never can have too much Jonathan on a playlist, Keili :)
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:00am coalhard:

I HOPS around when i listen to WFMU
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:05am coalhard:

  Tue. 9/8/09 1:07am Keili:

  Tue. 9/8/09 1:09am coalhard:

  Tue. 9/8/09 1:09am Danne D:

Keili, how does it feel to be so cool?
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:13am cheese:

maybe I do...?
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:14am Keili:

Danne, I have to tell you, it feels PHENOMENAL!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:14am dogboy:

great songs ttonite ........and chance of some ramones
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:14am Keili:

Cheese, NO.
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:15am Keili:

  Tue. 9/8/09 1:17am ?:

daniel ash used to hang out in a bar here in columbus, ohio in the early 80's called "Crazy Mama's"
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:17am dogboy:

sum cramps too
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:20am Danne D:

I'm fading fast. Hope you guys have a good night and thanks for yet another wonderful show Keili! And all props to DJ Mama of course :D
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:22am cheese:

me too - thanks - look for my app
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:22am dogboy:

i love you thankx
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:23am Keili:

This better be Mike....
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:25am dogboy:

oh my my ,,,,your to good to me
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:27am Danne D:

Oops, this must be in honor of Irwin.
I'm for "I'm Against It" :)

And yet more stuff I own :)

Anyhow, goodnight for really reals now :)
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:27am Keili:

That's right! Goodnight!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:27am Don:

RAMONES! So many great ones to choose from...what's your favorite Kelli??
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:32am dogboy:

im not mike ...its chuck .....but thankx anyway
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:35am dogboy:

ramones are the best band ever .....there 70s stuff sounds alike ...but their 80s albums rocked ....like pleasent dreams or animal boy
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:37am Keili:

Chuck, you're not allowed to call yourself Dogboy. There is already a Dogboy. I'm calling you Catboy. And frankly, I didn't like Animal Boy too much.
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:39am Don:

The Chills! Hooray for the New Zealand sound!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:40am Keili:

Yeah, my old next door neighbors were from New Zealand. They had awesome music.
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:41am dogboy2:

i been dogboy longer !!!!!!catboy?????r u crazy woman-----i love the ones that everyone dont ...like brain drain and halfway to sanity ,,,,,animal boy is outta print anyway,,,,,,,
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:42am Don:

The Bats,The Verlaines,The Clean...all great bands! You're lucky to have had NZ neighbors!!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:49am dogboy2:

anyway ,,,,thanks for the tunes .....to bad you thought i was someone else!!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:51am Keili:

No! The person I thought you were is awesome! You'd be very happy for me to think you were him!
  Tue. 9/8/09 1:57am fred:

Wow, Kathleen Hanna will be on your show! I'm beyond impressed. I was wondering whether you like her Julie Ruin project.
Anyway, thanks for another cool show, and a shout out to DJ Mama!
  Wed. 9/9/09 10:54pm WHTSNAnnodam:

I listen to your show for inspiration for my own Internet radio show. I'm mandated by the parents to go to bed at 11:30 (even though, junior year, YUCK) so I can't listen live, but I listen to the shows while doing homework.

You, mademoiselle, win.
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