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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options August 31, 2009: w/ special guest NiCad!

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Cold Cave  Youth And Lust   Options Love Comes Close  Heartworm  Photobucket 
Kate Bush  Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)   Options Hounds Of Love     
Wooden Shjips  Frisco   Options Contact  Mexican Summer   
The Lava Children  The Green Word   Options The Lava Children  Graveface   
Blank Dogs  Slow Room!   Options Slow Room!     
Tussle  You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 2   Options You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 2  Geographic North   
A Sunny Day In Glasgow  You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 1   Options You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 1  Geographic North   
Tamaryn  Weather War   Options Weather War  Hell, Yes!   
Pumice  The Dawn Chorus Of Kina   Options Persevere  Soft Abuse   
Psychedelic Horseshit  We're Pink Floyd, Bitch   Options Shitgaze Anthems  Woodsist   
Animals & Men  Driving Stupid   Options Animals & Men  Convulsive   
Prince Rama of Ayodhya  Beast of Jewels   Options Threshold Dances  Cosmos   
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7"     
Skipper  You're So Charming   Options Cold Pizza 'N Pop! 7"`  Chocolate Covered   
Radiohead  All I Need   Options In Rainbows     
Music behind DJ:
        NiCad live @ WFMU!! Photobucket 
Music behind DJ:
Thee Oh Sees  Tidal Wave   Options Tidal Wave  Woodsist   
Nodzzz  True To Life   Options True To Life  What's Your Rupture?   
Pink Reason    Electric Bunnies/Pink Reason Split 7"     
Outernational!  Eyes On Fire   Options      
Dinosaur and the Missing Link  After The Fashion, the Revelation of God unto the prophets   Options After The Fashion     
Ty Segall  Cents   Options Cents  Goner   
The Western Dark    Brutal Knights/The Western Dark Split 7"  Classic Bar   
Andrew W.K.  Oh Canaduh   Options A Wild Pear     
The Mantles  Don't Lie   Options Don't Lie  Mt St Mtn   
Care Bears On Fire  Baby Animals   Options Greasy Kids Stuff 3: Even More Songs     
Spider-Man  The Mr. T Experience   Options Greasy Kids Stuff 3: Even More Songs     
Music behind DJ:
Gloria Balsam  Fluffy   Options      
Le Tigre  Deceptacon (DFA Remix)   Options Le Tigre Remix     
        Photobucket Thanks to Glenn Luttman for Engineering! Photobucket 

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/31/09 11:06pm indygokid:

Intro was NICE!
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:07pm daniel:

I HAVE been
to listen
for the longest time (MANY MONTHS)
and now i am.
and i am OVERJOYED.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:09pm Keili:


Hey Daniel! Thanks for listeninggg!
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:15pm indygokid:

I made one for you but it is to weak.... right now at least.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:19pm Keili:

Oh, Indygo, nothing you make could be weak. THANKS YOU. And btw, theres something I've been meaning to tell you about. It's about your track Creepy Neighbor Upstairs. Whenever I play it now, the music just disappears off the track. You can only hear the voice talking. It's really weird and I don't know what happened...
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:23pm indygokid:

Yeah, I listened to one of your older shows and noticed that it became an acapella too. Maybe MP3s really do fizzle over time
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:26pm indygokid:

Oh, I can send you some CDs e-mail me your info or I can send it to the station if you likes
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:31pm hristo:

please, you know everybody listens for you and not for the music. you should just make this show devoted to you.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:35pm Keili:

Thanks, Indygo, that would be awethome.

And no, I'm gon' make it devoted to you, Ha-ristooo.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:41pm dan in falls church, VA:

Just tuning in...sorry I missed the Bush but I really like what's playing now -- Tussle, if the playlist is up-to-the-moment.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:42pm Keili:

Hey Dan!!
Thank you!
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:47pm dan in falls church, VA:

hey keili, i just had a look over on amazon, is there one tussle disc you might recommend over the others?
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:50pm Keili:

I actually don't know enough about the other Tussle albums to say. The one I've been playing for a while is called You Can't Your Love Forever 2. It's pretty good. It's part of a 2 part set. Part 1 is by A Sunny Day In Glasgow.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:51pm Danne D:

The Beastin' Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

Hi Keili :) Hi Everyone :) There's a very high population of Dans on the board tonight :D
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:52pm coalhard:

i felt a vibration on the internet--i'm drawn to vibrations
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:57pm dan in falls church VA:

thanks K.

uh-oh, coalhard's here.
  Mon. 8/31/09 11:58pm will:

Oh heavens, another might-be-essential FMU show, I am starting to lose track and I am sorry to not have heard you before now...WJ
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:00am coalhard:

hi dan--put your hard hat on!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:08am indygokid:

Skipper sounds like The Apples In Stereo
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:08am Keili:

Will Will Will... I am so essential.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:08am Danne D:

Here's the link to the application:


WARNING: Allow 6 to 8 week for boyfriend application processing. All applications become property of Beastco enterprises who has full discretion as to promotional and all other uses as they see fit. Use of such materials without the express written consent of Beastco Enterprises, Ken Freedman, DJ Mama, and Keili are expressly forbidden. Side effects include giggling, head strain from profound though and an overall sense of euphoria. On rare occasion, inappropriate commentary may occur. If this happens, one should seek medical attentional immediately so as they can have their head removed from their butt. Void where prohibited by law or DJ Mama. No warranty implied or stated. Caveat Beastor!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:09am dan in falls church, VA:

hey coalhard, maybe if K. plays something really outre, I'll get another avant-gardon.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:10am coalhard:

sounds like she made her smores out of harshmellows
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:10am Danne D:

"profound though" was supposed to be "profound thought" in that warning :(

And will - Keili is well worth the time investment :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:11am dan in falls church, VA:

"caveat beastor"

that's funny.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:12am Danne D:

again that's: http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/LB/Beastin_Boyfriend_Application.doc
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:12am dan in falls church, VA:


that's funny.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:12am Danne D:

thanks Dan, I try :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:15am danomatika:

does this boy fiend application have an age limit?
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:17am coalhard:

i think IQ limit more imporntant in your case
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:17am danomatika:

I am a "fiend" after all
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:17am Danne D:

That's a DJ Mama question, I think. I listed my age as "old" on the application so I tend to think my application will serve as a liner for the bottom of the pile :D

And yet another Dan!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:20am dan in falls church, VA:

i'm not a dan. i'm a dan in falls church, VA.

right, coalhard?
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:21am danomatika:

well, we just have to write enough city witticisms to make up for age, at least it works for the new yawkers every time im there ....
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:22am coalhard:

god dan it -i don't know
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:23am dan in falls church, VA:

"city witticisms"

that's funny.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:23am Keili:

Boys, this is an "all ages" show. I do an "all ages" show.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:25am Danne D:

Thanks for straightening us all out Keili :)
Enjoying the show, btw.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:27am danomatika:

yes good show, keeping me awake at 6:30 am, must keep working
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:28am Danne D:

Good Morning Dano! The global appeal of Keili is always such a cool thing to see.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:29am Keili:

Where are you listening Danomatika? Everyone else, for that matter...
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:29am Keili:

Danne, you've become my PR rep.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:30am coalhard:

keili--might be a child scholaster--she scholasted my son last week--THANKS!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:31am danomatika:

I'm in Linz Austria right now, I'm from Alabama though
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:31am dan in falls church VA:


>Where are you listening Danomatika? Everyone else, for >that matter...

I am listening from falls church, VA.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:31am coalhard:

keili--might be a child scholaster--she scholasted my son last week over the airwaves
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:31am Danne D:

LOL, Keili your legend leads people to seek and find you all on their own, I merely try to make a welcoming presence :D I'm here in North Jersey, Keili, but you probably already knew that. I'm pondering getting Jets-Bengals tickets for January and taking my nephew.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:32am dan in falls church, VA:

  Tue. 9/1/09 12:34am danomatika:

I like "austrobama"
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:34am indygokid:

The mean Streets of Alexandria/Del Ray/Rosemont/Old Town, VA
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:34am danomatika:

which is pretty close to our president in space
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:34am Danne D:

  Tue. 9/1/09 12:35am dan in false church:


that's funny.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:35am coalhard:

OBAMA RULES--but needs our help!!!!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:36am dan in falz choosh:


that's funny.

it really is.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:37am danomatika:

"Astrobama" will be my new side project,

maybe songs about searching for birth certificates on the moon?
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:37am dan in falls crhuch:

i want to help obama!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:37am Danne D:

Dano, how about new age versions of Alabama songs? :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:38am danomatika:

Join the Astrobama Space Corps.

Transition from "dan in falls church" to "Astrobama Ranger Dan, First Class".
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:39am dan in falls church, VA:

I understand that many birth certificates from the time period in question were misfiled on the moon!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:40am "Astrobama Ranger Dan, First Class". (in falls ch):

I love it! I'll take it!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:40am danomatika:

Danne D,

I thought Amanda firmly took hold of the "Alabama new age songs" category.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:42am Danne D:

lots of folks from Jersey City have to go to Trenton for birth certificate related inquiries as there was a whole big mess of a scandal:


That's quite possible - was reading the Astro and bama parts separaetely - you'd think the political guy would catch the Obama in the middle :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:45am indygokid:

I lost my license and needed my birth cert. to get it. Didn't have a birth cert. needed my license to get it.
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:45am Danne D:

jeez you learn something new every day - the Jersey City case is cited by the nutball birthers:

Anyhow, we now should all resume focusing on the legend in our midst: Keili :)

Btw, even though I'm asking 5 weeks ahead of normal processing time did you see the application I filled out Keili?
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:45am Patrick:

Hey Keili, great show tonight so far!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:47am Patrick:

Was listening on my way home - great stuff as usual
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:49am coalhard:

THANKS NiCad--WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Tue. 9/1/09 12:53am coalhard:

they are evidently star trek fans---I LIVE FOR STAR TREK
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:03am coalhard:

william statner should be here--anyone have his number?and don't say 1701--that was number on toy ship
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:08am danomatika:

1701D plz
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:10am Danne D:

Just blew a bunch of dough on what I think are like 2nd row Jets tickets :) But my Bengals don't come to town too often and I want treat my nephew the Jets fan :D

I don't have any questions for NiCad but I'm totally enjoying this - Keili always delivers for her fans! And no convenience charges even unlike the tix I just bought!
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:12am coalhard:

  Tue. 9/1/09 1:26am Danne D:

how's DJ Mama doing, Keili? Gotta do the shout out to her :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:30am coalhard:

a lot of dj's have mom listening--i'm a dad--i know how it is--stay safe keili
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:31am indygokid:

5 Bands you all should check if you dig Keili KICK ASS SHOW!
That 1 Guy
Benji Hughes
The Voyces
Head Like A Kite
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:32am hristo:

  Tue. 9/1/09 1:33am Danne D:

awesome Spiderman cover. I actually listened to the Ramones version (from Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits) today :)
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:38am Danne D:

Greasy Kids Stuff Archives:

  Tue. 9/1/09 1:40am Danne D:

This show was one where Fluffy was played:

  Tue. 9/1/09 1:43am Danne D:

  Tue. 9/1/09 1:48am coalhard:

we are passing out---(one ear at a time)--bye--love you wfmu!!!
  Tue. 9/1/09 1:52am Joshua K:

I went to WFMU at the museum of tv and radio a couple times with greasy kids stuff etc.... Like a decade ago. Were you there Keili? Thats weird to think I could have ran into you as a small child. That one time we ate chocolate covered grasshoppers.
  Tue. 9/1/09 2:00am Danne D:

Night Keili and everyone!
  Tue. 9/1/09 2:05am Joshua K:

I was late to the party.
  Mon. 9/7/09 7:10pm Lenny:

hello Keili , would you please play "Suspended in Gaffa" by kate Bush....I am a artist too, check out some of my work at Flickr.com/username:lennyhobdy.
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