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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options July 31, 2009

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
Pharoah Sanders  Elevation   Options Elevation  1974  0:00:00 ()
Sonny Sharrock  Peanut   Options Black Woman  1969  0:18:33 ()
Bobby Hutcherson  Dialogue   Options Dialogue  1965  0:27:38 ()
Muhal Richard Abrams  The Bird Song   Options Levels and Degrees of Light  1967  0:38:05 ()
Fred Van Hove  Almost Indian Song   Options Passing Waves  1998  1:03:11 ()
Denman Maroney  Artemisia   Options Hyperpiano  1998  1:09:34 ()
Mark Dresser & Frances-Marie Uitti  Sonomondo   Options Sonomondo  2000  1:32:37 ()
Mark Dresser & Frances-Marie Uitti  Grati   Options Sonomondo  2000  1:40:15 ()
rhBand  [track one]   Options Third Order Parasitism  1996  1:49:37 ()
Flower-Corsano Duo  The Four Aims   Options Brute Force?  2007  2:00:09 ()
Flower-Corsano Duo  The Three Degrees of Temptation   Options The Four Aims  2007  2:10:45 ()
You Fantastic  Riddler   Options Riddler  1996  2:19:17 ()
Brise-Glace  In Sisters All And Felony   Options In Sisters All and Felony  1994  2:35:08 ()
This Heat  24 Track Loop   Options This Heat  1979  2:40:22 ()
David Moss  Tongue   Options Terrain  1980  2:50:48 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/31/09 12:06pm Carmichael:

Hi Bryce. Checking in from vacation!
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:09pm Cecile:

hey, carm! Hey bryce!
Do you have some Bobby Hutcherson?
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:10pm bryce:

no way, i'm actually broadcasting from the conference room at work during our weekly status meeting!
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:10pm Cecile:

really? That's cool...
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:12pm bryce:

it's all right. the account team shot me some pretty icy sidelong glances when pharoah got to honking.
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:14pm Carmichael:

Show the squares some class.
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:20pm bryce:

i might just show some cleavage
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:27pm Hugo:

Sonny! Sharrock! It takes about 5 seconds to hear that (if you're inattentive), no need to consult the playlist. Yummm ...
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:29pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/31/09 12:29pm Cecile:

  Fri. 7/31/09 12:29pm bryce:

how's alpha centauri?
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:30pm bryce:

no prob, c! forgot last time.....
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:30pm pauldepoeticpiperssoninprenzlauerberg:

bryce plays nice - champagne on ice - thrice she did say - a manage a thrice
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:35pm bryce:

hallo besten für Sie ab sofort hier!
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:42pm perrin:

wow, its friday again. Hi Bryce! what year is this Bird Song?
  Fri. 7/31/09 12:55pm bryce:

hey, perringtone! bottom of the week t' ye.

this one's from '67. so lovely....
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:08pm Hugo:

Actually, if you look at the original lp sleeve of "Levels and Degrees of Light" on Delmark, he was at that point in time (only) Richard Abrams. And it was the first record featuring a certain Anthony Braxton. A bit of trivia for ya ... (and it is lovely)
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:14pm pauldepiperssoninp-berg:

whats also lovely are the ladies of Berlin all looking fine in their summer attire on this beautiful sunny south central berlin summers day in the summertime where the art living is easy und ganz toll.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:19pm danny:

you're broadcasting from the weekly meeting - or the weekly meeting itself? i've always thought this is what board meetings might sound like...
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:20pm bryce:

sigh. gone are the art living days in the newyorkosphere..... zip-line to p-berg please.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:22pm Marshall Stacks:

In a word, nyce.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:23pm bryce:

danny, yes, i do have the floor now. i'm in the middle of explicating the new operational procedures for submitting retouching jobs to the studio. moving toward a paperless office, work must now be spec'd & requisitioned in my department via the arrays of rosined strings conveniently installed to the left and right sides of my desk.

and i might remind my colleagues that without a system, the studio cannot efficiently service your departments. thank you.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:26pm Chris:

Love this Maroney thing. I haven't dug this CD out in quite awhile, have to see if I can find it later.

Wish we had cool meetings like that.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:26pm Carmichael:

Bryce, don't forget to mention best practices, solution-oriented decision-making, and reinventing business.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:29pm joey:

im a new listener. is this the way your show always sounds? etherial music?
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:32pm joey:

so you dont play anything like kraftwerk or aphex twin???
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:33pm danny:

hey bryce, you don't have plans of pulling out that ju xiang comp, china/new sonic avantgarde, anytime soon do you? maybe next week? maybe week after? maybe never?
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:34pm Carmichael:

This is it, Joey.

Hey Bryce, I've been thinking 'bout Stan Kenton lately. Or better yet, Graettinger.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:34pm joey:

how about 'this mortal coil'
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:35pm perrin:

I don't know why, but somehow the year of a recording can help put things in conntext, if you have the dates, can you add them to the album column. I know I shouldnt care, and should just let the music move me. but Im a square
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:37pm joey:

well. etherial music didnt hit till the early to late 90's after the grunge scene died with kurt kobain
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:37pm pauldepiperssoninp-berg.:

yeah i heard new york is fucked up alright. I have friends who do/did interesting stuff, brooklyn based but havent spoken to then directly for a while. very sad to hear as i love the place. What keeps berlin safe for artists is that its a poor city so there aint enough money here YET to push the people that make the place very interesting out. if u ever berlin bound let me know. Pass on my hellos to Billy Jam, fellow irish man;)
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:38pm bryce:

hi joey. nopes, all depends on which edge of the granite slab i trickled over that morning. but yeah, i guess i have a bit of a thing for never-ending brain jello jamz. bizzorp.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:40pm Hugo:

Didn't go to P-berg this summer, more like Kudamm and Schöneberg (and Neu-Kölln doesn't have the same ambience, I suspect) ...
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:40pm joey:

well i love it. im going to download your shows and listen to them o n my ipod
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:44pm joey:

proper terms for the music you play bryce is of course etherial,experementale,trance, even ambient
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:45pm bryce:

look, perrin, how am i supposed to find time to press 5 extra keys per track and keep up this frantic barrage of punk 7"s???

paul, i'll tell william jam you said 'good afternoon'
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:46pm joey:

yesterday on troubles shoe she played a great tune by B Fleischmann called broken monitors it was pretty good
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:50pm Marshall Stacks:

I'd pay to see that.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:53pm danny:

bryce, you really need to put dates in your playlist if we are going to know exactly which festival the dead was playing when this was recorded
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:53pm joey:

this fmu schedule gets me nuts! just when you think something is on something else is on in its place
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:55pm Chris:

Thanks for this rh Band. Shame their stuff is so hard to come by now.
  Fri. 7/31/09 1:58pm Rampler:

hi bryce
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:00pm Jed:

play that thing that goes: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRnyahnyahnyahnyahnyahnyahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuOOm!
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:01pm zedprophfer:

you have the bassiest voice on fmu
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:02pm danny:

ok, now that sounded like a meeting. you sound very productive and efficient.

ps i miss you. email me.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:02pm Beevis or possibly Butthead:

Heh heh heh heh, you said "WXHD."
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:05pm Hugo:

Is that the one on Mount Slope?
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:08pm bryce:

•hi ramplor!


•zedprostheticamphorescentedcandlabracadabrachiosaurusticabinaryafreemoment: hi.

•danno, checka the handy! i want to come see you and possibly implant a microchip in your medula.

::: WXHD 4 LYFE :::
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:12pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

  Fri. 7/31/09 2:15pm joey:

you know i had a micro chip implanted in my brain:-) it stops me from saying anything bad about microsoft
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:18pm texas scott:

temptation has THREE degrees???
I thought there were 5 temptations.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:22pm Hugo:

That Flower Corsano thing was spacial ...
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:25pm bryce:

oh man, they are really something, those two. could barely bring myself to fade it out.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:27pm zefudprofghujrifdbndvns:

  Fri. 7/31/09 2:31pm Marshall Stacks:

Finally, one we can dance to.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:32pm bryce:

hahaaa :)
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:32pm danny:

this you fantastic has been really fun
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:35pm steve:

second that!
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:37pm bryce:

speaking of which, z,
does anyone have a (matrixed) quad setup? been thinking about a quad show for a bit now. pretty sure it'll work, but want to know there'd be one other person who could nerdily decode it over a turd salad.

temptation has 4 channels, texas scott.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:37pm Ike:

That bit with the drums, and just drums, a few minutes ago absorbed everything else in existence just momentarily. Oooh, and this one has a tasty hint of static glaze.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:40pm J:

This is hot. And now that I'm googling the name, I'm understanding why....
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:42pm J:

And now you've made my afternoon.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:42pm Mark:

Thought that was gong to be some Can 'Aumgn'
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:42pm Jed:

  Fri. 7/31/09 2:42pm Marshall Stacks:

Great is this brise-glace, Bryce.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:47pm Rev. Goodwrench:

The carburetor of temptation has four barrels.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:49pm Marshall Stacks:

In Heaven there are no 8-tracks?
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:52pm dei xhrist:

It may be raining outside, but there's no one else in my wing of the office and Bryce is reigning inside.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:52pm Cecile:

wear something sheer! LMAO!
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:53pm texas scott:

tongue sounds like dinner at my house.
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:55pm stingy d:

i'm late! hi!
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:57pm Hugo:

Sea food? Of course, the tongue of the cod is a true delicacy ...
  Fri. 7/31/09 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/31/09 2:58pm Cecile:

Stinge, was Scott waving his riding crop at you today?
  Fri. 7/31/09 3:01pm stingy d:

scuse me? i have been trying to move all day. what the hell is a riding crop? sounds mean
  Fri. 7/31/09 3:03pm Cecile:

It's a kind of whip. Bryce was talking about Scott riding roughshod on the volunteers today.
  Fri. 7/31/09 3:06pm stingy d:

oh! too bad for them. wish i coulda been there tho actually. it's always a rewarding experience!
  Fri. 7/31/09 3:07pm stingy d:

until bryce shows up guns blazin. he looks like yosemite sam.
  Fri. 7/31/09 3:14pm dei x:

"Jes cuz I wars ditherin' bout the name o' mah preemeeyum, don't mean youse varmints kin slouch et stuffin them thar on-vee-lopes"
  Fri. 7/31/09 4:54pm Shepherd:

Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.
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